Last Chance Holiday Gifts Starting At Only $38 + Free Gifts

Still looking for a special and unique Christmas gift for someone, or perhaps even yourself? There’s still time to order your unique Crystal Illuminations painting, rare crystal, or enchanted crystal necklace and receive it in time for Christmas.

There are only 10 crystal essence pieces of art left, only 2 crystal necklaces, and 2 crystals still looking for the right person to welcome them into heart and home. All of which have been hugely reduced by up to 50% off, and include some of my all-time personal favorites.

Each piece holds its own unique energy signature frequency and commands a particular person to resonate with what they have to offer.

This is a Closeout Sale, as I will no longer be offering any more crystals and crystal creations for sale. So what you find in the shop are one-of-a-kind pieces and some of the special and powerful ones that have been looking for their perfect partners.

Items start at only $38. Several are under $50.

All are WAY under their value since shipping is also included FREE if in the U.S.

Everyone that has received their Crystal Illuminations painting have all shared how the beauty and energy is unmatched by any of the photos I am able to take of them and have also shared that they can feel the essence that comes through the crystals right away (both in paintings and stand alone pieces), as being different from any others they have experienced.

I do choose them intuitively and lovingly infuse each crystal and creation with Reiki. Like with the Faery-infused crystal necklaces I made, you will experience an enchantment that emanates from each.

The larger crystal items have been marked down to below cost. You won’t find a giant Lemurian Seed Crystal or Aquamarine like the ones available. And for the right person, there is the option of a payment plan on these.

So don’t wait too long if you’d like to receive one of these by Christmas, as you know how busy the carriers are at this time of the year and aren’t always able to make any guarantees, but do their best to make sure your package arrives in time.

You can read about all of the energetic support each of your potential new friends and sacred meditational pieces will bring to your life, as well as place your Christmas orders here:

Crystal Illumination – Holiday Giving Closeout Sale

FREE gifts will go to the first 3 people that place an order.

These are surprise Santa gifts that you will receive in your package sent out for Christmas. 😉 Isn’t Christmas fun?! You shouldn’t know everything you’re getting right?! And if you’re purchasing for someone else, your giving energy should be reciprocated with some receiving. At least I think so.

Here are the 10 Crystal Illuminations paintings you can choose from below. They each have either metallic silver or gold paint sprinkled around the crystals that will light up in person under the light. Please check out the link above to read about them, see more photos, and to also check out the crystal necklaces and crystals.


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