Shifting Into New & Freeing, Vulnerable Processes – Powerful Insights from Matt Kahn

I feel this is such a powerful and worthwhile hour to listen to by spiritual teacher and intuitive healer, Matt Kahn. As always, it is up to each person to feel what is your own heart’s truth and to filter things by resonance. I only share things that resonate or reflect my own feelings and, to me, Matt so beautifully and simply expresses something that has also been on the forefront of my class teachings and contemplation, in the last 7 or so months.

It’s amazing to observe the evolution we are continually experiencing.

This weekend, while out in nature I was synchronously discussing how more and more I am being energetically turned off from much of what I once found interesting, used to use as my processes, or that come through the teachings of others that has become far too elaborate and unnecessary to my innate, childlike ways. This does not make them invalid to me, but merely not in resonation with my current personal frequency.

For me, the searching is no longer there, nor the wordiness, over-mentalizing, and spiritual jargon that feels entrapping to methodologies and the pursuit of sameness that produces righteousness.

The processes people have become conditioned with and well-versed in, subsequently going out and teaching to others, in many cases has become outmoded. They worked fabulously in the 3D phase of experience, but we aren’t there anymore and so, as Matt shares, they just aren’t going to work anymore. Many are discovering and wondering why things aren’t happening for them like they used to, or why the same stuff is coming up. This is why.

We need new, simplified processes and insightful perspectives to free ourselves from the vicious circles and entanglements. The only complexity will be your feelings of discomfort with the vulnerability needed, but vulnerability is truly a simple energy at heart – the basis of telepathy and deep connection/communication.

Much of the complex processes are part of what’s keeping us in an endless cycle. I feel the new processes are leading back to the vulnerability, real connection and heart, authenticity, true intimacy, and unconditional love and compassion at its finest, which isn’t the kind you’ve likely come to embrace, but the kind that you recognize from your holding the wholeness of your personal frequency in honor and love of its light.

It involves the courage to see your weaknesses as gifts to your strength, and how you can instantly create that transmutational healing.

So when a dear friend shared this video, I smiled to hear that others are also feeling similarly and are constantly embracing the evolution of experience that is needed.

We can lead by example with these newer processes, which is always the best way to create change. And much of the time you may feel like you’re the only one doing the new, which may feel awkward or even weird at first, but this is part of how change will take form. We each need to step out of our comfort zones and lead in our own ways.

I do believe that the powerful shifts come from having your learning environment be out in the real-time world. Controlled environments don’t mirror real experiences, nor the type of vulnerability needed.

It truly is about “LIVING THE EXPERIENCE” and processing “OUT LOUD”.

There are some really powerful things you will find in the video talk, but as with anything, and as Matt shares:

“This isn’t the whole journey, but it’s how we begin to step to the forefront of our evolution and use every day and conversation as a chance to transmute the cellular debris without getting in the cycle of endless modalities.”

Anyway, I hope you enjoy Matt’s heart-full insights:

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  1. Thank you Tania for sharing this. I will re-share on FB. I listened to this while I laid down in bed before I went to sleep last night. Very helpful info and a different tone from what has gone before. I had not heard of Matt before, so thank you for bringing him to my attention at least. I fell asleep thru the last third, and will continue to listen tonight. This is a keeper. Hugs Dawn!

    • you’re so welcome. i’m glad that you found it supportive dawn. yes, a very different tone indeed, which i feel is much needed. things are evolving and so too will our processes. this is a way to begin the new journey. hugs and love! ❤

  2. Reblogged this on Reiki Dawn and commented:
    Had to share this one from Tanie Marie….it’s a keep for the NOW. Lots of good information and a new perspective to what and how to navigate through all the changes.

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