Full Moon in Gemini Energy – December 17th, 2013

full moon in gemini

Took this photo early this morning and loved the symbolism of the Full Moon in the background and this partnering reflection of illumination in the foreground. Sun and Moon, duality of Gemini, and simultaneous singularity of inner and outer vision and expansion.

Here we are at the last Full Moon of 2013 and interestingly we find it to be illuminating the Gemini energies of flexibility and adaptability – which are powerful tools to approach all of the shifts we have been experiencing, leading to this New Year of opening experiences.

Gemini is an Air sign and symbolizes our thirst for knowledge and experience. To understand this energy let’s briefly review some Gemini qualities which include communication, being light-hearted, learning about life through a multitude of experiences, teaching what’s been learned, the constantly changing truth, curiosity, being wide open, and the symbolism of the butterfly who flies from flower to flower and enjoys each and every one of them.

Gemini tends to live from the neck up, in the chatty throat and inventive mind – speaking and thinking in continuous flow, which can sometimes lead to spaciness or over-analyzing. There is the tendency then to over-think and talk more than listen, or actually do what we say, so when this energy is illuminated with the Full Moon you need to be sure to listen as much as it is your desire to communicate. As well, it would benefit you greatly to be willing to commit to taking action to fulfill those words spoken, otherwise they remain as empty space filled with unfulfillment.

This is a time to find your voice and appreciate life’s diversity with an open mind that allows new things and surprises into your experience. But also, as mentioned, to remain committed with patient restraint while the old is cycling away, in order for the new to appear on the scene.

Gemini’s ability to easily change from moment to moment is wonderful in allowing for those natural cycles to take place, but if you unknowingly or knowingly use this kind of flexibility to avoid commitment, or out of fear of verbalizing your stand, at any given time to others, then it becomes another denial tactic by which you use this to avoid shining your brightest and living fully.

What you do speaks so loudly that I cannot hear what you say. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

This full moon also has the duality of Gemini Moon and Sagittarius Sun in action, which can add to some confusion in feeling pulled in different, and sometimes opposite, directions. You have the ability to shift directions easily by embracing that inner flow of feeling that can help to subdue the overactive intellectualizing. The Air element provides breathing space for the emotional freedom craved, but it also can produce the “hot air” of either misleading words (leading to misunderstandings) or simply “talking the talk” as we wonder about options, question over and over, and flip-flop constantly. So it’s important to stay on top of your worries, fears, and self-doubts and be conscious of how you are communicating intentions with hesitancy or clarity.

You may feel both full and empty simultaneously. Walking, movement in general, and deep breathing can help to move the energy through so it doesn’t get stuck or over-stimulated and produces congestion, heaviness and nervous anxiety. Striving for balance is key with the Full Moon in Gemini.

Taking those faithful leaps will help you to overcome the duality Gemini presents and will be a way to put your wisdom into action. Moving past heavy limitation with a heart with wings to fly high and go more public with the things that are self-nurturing to you will help you to be more fluid. This may bring higher responsibilities to your life, which is something we’ve been trying to embrace more of, and in fact will provide greater freedom.

I’ve talked before about things feeling like they’ve been on hold and with this Full Moon you may feel extra restless or experience increased anxiety that things aren’t moving as fast as you would like or “think” that they should. This is where breathing in the acceptance of what is here now will be helpful in releasing that mental stress and tension and getting you more unified toward what is being created, rather than scattered.

If you can become aware of the dual ways your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors are running a muck, then you’ll harness that inefficiently spread energy that is not only sending out mixed messages to others and the Universe, but working against you and what you are working towards creating.

Mental stress is a leading proponent of sleep deprivation, nervous and compulsive disorders, fear and worry, and compromised health. And it will take you out of your heart and suppress the voice of your inner guidance that would be of assistance to you if you could hear it over the loud mental chatter. So it’s really important to strive for flexibility, to gain that balance, to be the breath of fresh air that you seek from others, and to speak to yourself and others from the heart.

The Full Moon in Gemini supports reflection and inquiry into your emotional field of experience and asking yourself how you are feeling, THEN using your insightful wisdom to understand so that you can implement actions with all of your parts working together.

The heart of the Galactic Center (where the Sun is sitting during this Full Moon) is singularity and yet Gemini is about duality. So this makes for some interesting energy to work with when we have been focused on transcending duality. Again, it takes us back to that balance needed, the ability to observe all parts, and to be able to step in and out of them without attachment, but with the realization and respect for the value each embodies as an integral part of the whole. And with Sun in Sagittarius, this assists our ability to expand our mind and go further than the limitations of black and white.

This becomes the complexity of energy with this Full Moon, as we are working at understanding the larger picture and utilizing the mental faculties of Gemini to broaden our point of view to see more of what we are each here to do and to redirect our energies in the ways that will align in support of that.

This “reorientation” is a big theme for this Full Moon which utilizes our individual, mental and spiritual energy in new ways that will support the now and future at large, simultaneously.

This may be a time of receiving unique and expansive insights, not to mention unexpected gifts – if you are able to see and work with the energy as such. This can also be a time of extra tension because of unexpected events that you aren’t able to be open, flexible and adaptive to – hence the innate gifts then become unwanted challenges.

This Gemini Full Moon activates the Galactic Center, which can be seen as an awakening burst of energy supporting new thoughts, ideas, and ways of being in the world, as you release all limitations with full trust that you and your efforts are completely being supported.

Yes, all things new are abound. Engage expansion of your horizons, which will include having the optimism and willingness to commit and dedicate yourself with utmost faith. This will lead to new ways of living and being. Moving, exploring, and traveling to distant lands or even just journeying farther in your mind’s visualization and imagination “eye” will initiate the creation of dreams into being.

Believe that resolve is at hand.

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