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October 2018 Energy Update with Lee Harris ~ Identity Shifts, Rebirth & Kundalini

Oh yes! It’s no surprise this energy update resonates hugely and after hearing from all of the participants of our Equinox gathering, I imagine for many many others too. Today, for me has rebirthed a new era, which indeed includes an identity shift, but more so, a complete frequency shift into my soul song signature. I forgot that on each first of the month Lee puts out his energy updates, and so when I heard it this morning it was another confirmation of everything that added to the big smile in my heart.

Astrid has been so excited this morning, running around and jumping on our bed with bursts of energy. I actually caught a small video of it I’ll be posting on Instagram shortly. I also began my feminine cycle this morning igniting a full new cycle in every and all ways and indicates full alignment of this rebirth I’ve been supporting and following.

Key points you’ll discover in Lee’s energy update includes talking about soul contracts changing – something that anchored in for me even more this past week on every level personally and inter-personally, along with the reflection he goes on to discuss that may take place with the identity shifts and soul contract changes.

He shares that this is also a time of inner work before the outer manifests.

A time for working hard on bringing new dreams and visions forth in this next cycle.

That there’s opportunity to shift faster than ever out of the old in every way right now and that new realities are beckoning.

He ends with some thoughts about life force energy rising and how this is an era of kundalini. Synchronously this was a topic spoken about in our Equinox workshop a bit and with a participant after, where I briefly shared my own experiences around this.

This energy is wanting to birth new and Lee poses the question, are you feeling or thinking your way through things when you’re hesitant about them? You can listen to the video for some good advice around this and to understand the natural movement of this energy that is heralding big and new things in.

Once again, nurturing yourself is important and Lee shares how this invites your soul in and creates a synergy of working with it, rather than against it.

A perfect message for this day and new cycle.

I also love the snippet of his sound channeling at the end – another topic very dear to me that I brought through for the Equinox gathering and I sense will eventually be coming through more in the future.

Happy October and new beginnings!

Sacred Journeys Have Far-Reaching Effects – I Honor All Courageous Souls & One in Particular

Baby photo

My brother and me

I’ve written in the past about the powerful experiences that take place on sacred journeys, not just for the individual who physically travels there, but also for the collective in direct ripple effect of the energetic shifts experienced.

What is integrated into your life from a sacred journey is priceless. Having experienced many sacred journeys in power spots across the globe, I can personally attest to how empowering these experiences can be and they continue to work their magic in unforeseen ways, long after the experience itself.

Not everyone will feel called to make the physical travels, and still can do the remote work and benefit, nonetheless, however some can greatly benefit from the in-person experience and are actually meant to be part of the “hands-on” work as part of our soul contracts. It is always an experience not personally isolated, but also collectively integral, even if it doesn’t seem so. The work we each have uniquely contracted in to do, as well as the energy we each represent and hold, is valuable to the collective, evolutionary journey.

Since we are all connected, then when one soul taps into, opens and embodies an experience and potential, that experience and potential becomes available to us all.

So, again, the reasons we may be called to do something or go somewhere isn’t just about us, but can greatly support others close in our lives, along with the rest of the collective.

me and brother few days after birthI’ve come to see how this plays out with people closely connected to me and their having major transformational and Kundalini experiences taking place directly connected to the exact times I’m working in the sacred areas of the Earth.

It’s happened in the past on many of my sacred journeys in very interesting and synchronous ways, but more recently was during the last two Solstice trips in Bimini in the Atlantean energy. Both times, I learned that someone very close to me got extremely sick from the exact moment I stepped foot on the island and then got better the exact time I set foot back on U.S. soil. (Since I am out of contact from the outer world during my travels, I don’t find out about the synchronous pieces to the unfolding puzzle until I return.)

This may not sound like a great experience – to go through immense physical illness – but being that all things are energetically based, and we each have a choice in how to experience things, it really isn’t a bad thing. Our minds just easily wrap around a judgment, but everything is simply a cycle and through the depths, we are able to reach new heights.

In both cases, both people had hugely positive and expansive openings and shifts take place, as a result – catapulting them into the next leg of their journey.

This last time was of particular interest to me, as it had to do with my brother, whom I’m extremely heart and soul connected and has had an interesting journey in this life. I learned that he went through a very dark night of the soul, which was a huge energetic Kundalini experience that was releasing very very deep emotional and ancient stuff, while I was away over the Solstice retreat. This manifested in extreme physical illness, as result of the energy purging moving through (something I have experienced myself several times this life when I moved through and made huge frequency shifts). It helped release a lot of old emotions and things having hold on him and with each shift like this, I’ve come to experience his openings as result.

It was not surprising to me to learn of this, as I know the depth of our connection/sensitivities/telepathy between us, as well as his ties to particular energies that were being focused on. Not to mention, I had been sharing about my brother on this trip and discussing his particular role and energy in things, in direct relation to someone at the ARC that has always reminded me so very much of him. He is also someone to whom I am very connected and he shared having an energetic resonance and connection with my brother as well. And interestingly their birthdays are only 5 days apart, although a few years different.

The things that I saw lighting up and connecting with the spiritual conversations we were having over the course of the journey, was definitely far-reaching and the expansion that has been going on with souls of similar energetic footprints and contracts that were present on the retreat, were/are equally receiving the energy keys that they’ve been holding space for.

Needless to say, I am happy that my brother was able to have this healing experience.

me and brotherI love to see how this all plays out and for me, it is deeply moving and special to be able to support souls that have been supporting me/us behind the scenes, in big ways that go unforeseen, but are energetically integral. You all know who you are. Not to mention, I am grateful for the way my brother has held the energy for me, especially in our earlier days, pushed me when I was getting off track, and has triggered the perfect buttons necessary to assist my own shifts.

Everything is a choice, and while his journey has not been easy and not one most would want to take, and he has his own inner healing to do, his heart is pure and he’s always been tapped into his role.

I take the gift he and others have provided, to heart, and do not tread lightly on the commitment I will see through for the greater good as well. I hope to continue to gift others exponentially for the sacrifices and strengths demonstrated, despite the judgments, solitude, and ridicule that may have been experienced in doing so.

Today and always I honor the souls that courageously hold the energy. It is not an easy role and while I know you do as well go through the challenges and evolutionary healing we all do in your own ways, I do find a deeper appreciation and honor each day for the souls who contracted in on all levels of the experience spectrum, as it is assisting the collective in ways that only are grasped when we step into our expansiveness to view it – a theme that came up also yesterday in the Reiki class I was teaching.

I also honor all of the courageous souls that embrace and take the journeys, as well as the souls that dare to create and lead with new visions when no one else can see or understand what you do. Everything you are embracing is not going unnoticed.

I love you all.

And a special acknowledgment and extra gratitude to my brother (pictured in this post with me). I love you. You are one of the integral keys to everything I am today and what I am able to share with others. It’s an honor to reciprocate and hold the space for you now.

I’m grateful to every day be seeing things more and more clearly.

Pieces of Egypt

I was contacted by the author of “The Healing Power of Trees,” Sharlyn Hidalgo of Alchemical Healing Arts a couple of days ago who was needing some information about my Egypt journeys and experiences with Mohamed Nazmy, the President of Quest Travel (a premier ground operator for tour companies in Egypt), for her upcoming book.

In relaying and recalling the information, I was just so moved as if it was all happening again in the now, that I felt like sharing pieces of the experience here as well. It felt important for some reason and while what I share isn’t even 1/10th of what was experienced, perhaps it will be poignant in some way or synchronous to something others are feeling, experiencing, need, were looking for, or answers a question or intent in some small or big way.

My first journey to Egypt was 4/23/07 – 5/1/07 for the Sacred Sound Healing in Ancient Egypt trip with Mark Patterson, renowned Sound Healer. We had a very small group of only 5, plus Mark and Sheila Reed of Luminati Egyptian Travel. My heart had been beckoning me to return to Egypt for as long as I can remember, always feeling strangely magnetized to its beauty and mysticism. At this time, I was in the midst of painting the 2nd piece of my In Lak’ech series, called “Earth.” This painting incorporated Ancient Egyptian symbolism (as each of the five paintings in the series corresponded to an ancient civilization and the messages and healing needed to be integrated and completed in the now) and this coupled with the deep soul ties I felt throughout life, and synchronous alignment of being led to find this journey, were the calls for my “return.” Many of the paintings and work I create have led me to the power spots around the globe in order to integrate the healing and energy I receive there to infuse into my paintings. The trip was perfect in every way, as an unfoldment of beautiful toning and chakra work at each sacred site and sanctuary to activate our personal empowerment, but my work was not only of a personal nature, but collective healing as well.

In beginning to awaken my own throat chakra and uncovering a lot of deep past life pieces that were needed to help me with the life’s work path I was on, this journey was everything I could have asked for and more. It is much too challenging to put into words the totality of experience it is to walk once again in this sacred land and it was extremely empowering, as well as helpful in connecting the dots of my own work and more of the service I would continue to do in life. It was like reactivation of my inner core being and power, to remember. And synchronously I had become a Reiki Master Teacher, earlier that year, which helped me to facilitate what was needed during the trip for others, the collective and myself. My parents and then husband had been initiated to Reiki 1 just prior as well and this enabled them to assist me when I went through a huge kundalini and deep soul transformative experience upon arrival to Aswan before embarking on the Nile cruise, to prepare me. I discovered sound and my voice, which instantly healed me. So it was a journey of empowerment for everyone involved as well as the humbling of receiving.

The story is so profound, it is too much to explain here. And as quickly as what came over me like a lightning bolt flash of severity, was gone the next day into peaceful bliss, just before entering Philae – The Temple of Isis.

On our last day in the Great Pyramid ceremony, Mark was toning for everyone as we took turns laying in the sarcophagus. But when it came around to my turn to receive, instead Mark was guided by the energies and beings he was channeling, that it was for me to do so instead. And so not only did I produce something amazing from my voice to give to those there and to emanate from the pyramid out to the collective, but I was in this experience, also receiving – receiving back the personal empowerment and recognition of who I was. One of the participants shared this:

“The sound that came from you, while you were in the sarcophagus of the King’s Chamber, is something I will never forget. I’m getting vibed right now. What came out of you was (magical, mystical, angelic, …..) words fail to paint the experience. I’m truly honored for the experience.”

I was chilled to tears and shaking from the activation. And when I heard and saw the reactions everyone had after, it was such the beautiful ending to a most magical and profound journey. To see my mom in tears and hear my dad voice what he saw in the darkness as they circled the sarcophagus I laid in while producing this sound (which was huge coming from someone who is more of a realist and skeptical) was extremely powerful and moving. I did not want to leave.

With just a small group of seven, our journey was intimate and personal and it is then that I first met Mohamed Nazmy, President of Quest Travel, although it was more like a reconnection and reunion. He and his staff are not only an example of heart connective, and compassionate, gracious generosity, but they are an invaluable encyclopedia of knowledge and spiritual depth that helped to make the journey an all-encompassing divine experience. Mohamed and his guide/Egyptologist, Sameh soon became family. I remember how challenged I was to leave Egypt that first time, crying to have to part, but knowing I had left a piece of my heart in what seemed like a second home to me. It was easily an unspoken remembrance and recognition felt for not only Egypt, but for the connection experienced with Mohamed and Sameh. The people of Egypt are beautiful and have a very deep, sacred knowingness you can see in their eyes and feel through their hearts. Mohamed is no exception.

Here is what Mohamed wrote to me after the journey:

“I am so grateful for your love and friendship. I was sure from the first time we have met that we are ONE family and I do also know and reconfirming that you will be coming back “Home” to Egypt many, many times in future trips. I honestly believe that your soul belongs here and you do have lots of work to start and to continue here in Egypt, in which case I will always be here for you and trust me, I will spare no efforts but to make every journey of yours a unique experience for those who are meant for them to join you and you can share your love for Egypt with. I have always trusted the Universe with our tomorrow and I know that we have a BIG role to play in this lifetime for the best interest of our Global family. So let us join each other and others, hand in hand to bring peace on our planet.”

And I did return, only 4 months later, for the 9-9-9 Circle the Pyramid Event – Creating the New Earth, as I felt called to help facilitate this potent gathering in September 2007, being aligned with what my life’s service is about. This time was a whole new experience for me. I realized why the first trip had gone as such, to prepare me for this one. Many on this trip had their own profound experiences and were in need of grounded support, which I felt I was helping to anchor, having already gone through my transformation and so this trip was one in which I was to be of service to everyone involved, as well as to infuse the energy and information I had received.

A group of 18 light-minded individuals (Masters) from the Global Spiritual Community joined together in the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid. We’d prepared for this day with intensive work and committed intentions in the days preceding, including a most powerful ceremony at the Step Pyramid of Saqqara. Then, led by Menita Ishmil, a 7th Level Composite Energy channeled by Shelia Reed, we participated in a Ceremony Meditation in the Great Pyramid, with the intention of connecting our planet with the higher dimensions. We were completing nine years of arduous work that had reactivated the Grid for Unconditional Love, to now activate the Planetary Merkaba for global peace and harmony. Forming and sending a powerful fusion of energy into the void of Creation would unlock knowledge into the physical, to further humanity’s enlightenment, thus moving Earth fully into the 4th Dimension, which allows for instant manifestation. At 3:30pm on 9-9-9, our ceremony commenced.

The beauty and magnitude of it cannot in any way, shape, or form be expressed. However, the energy was felt by all, including all those outside the Pyramid during our private 2 hours of meditation. We emerged vibrant and anew, feeling the lightness and expansion that engulfed us. Upon reaching the entrance to what was now a new world, we learned of a beautiful sign that had taken place during this powerful activation. And it was no short of chilling to hear. As we activated the new energy from within, we could feel the Masters all around us. Yet, they could also be felt surrounding the Pyramid with their light and brilliance. The guards, one of our guides, and a man named Tom from Germany (who we learned later had traveled solely for the same purpose, completely separate from us, after receiving a vision to come to the Great Pyramid on this important day), looked up at the top of the Pyramid and to their amazement could see a large falcon hovering just above in the sky. His wings spread wide, like an extension of the Pyramid itself, Horus hovered for nearly a half an hour before disappearing. This spectacular vision could not in any effort be caught on film though. Through the camera lens he did not exist, but to the eye he displayed his magnificence splendidly. It was most miraculous and symbolic of the completion of our work, embraced and supported by the Masters. We continued our journey to the mystical temples of Egypt to further strengthen the foundation of this new energy, rooting it firmly in our hearts and souls, and spreading it deeply to the collective consciousness. Another amazing journey and certainly not the last.

At the Giza Plateau, we all took time to meditate and be with the energy, and I remember tuning in, sending energy and connecting at the heart level with the collective through this portal vortex of powerful energy, tears swelling from the profound love, and I felt a loving and supportive hand on my shoulder from behind. Mohamed (who had joined us, as he often did in energetic support) had come behind me to join and we could feel the camaraderie of our heart’s intentions. And we shared a moment, an exchange, and a hug, as we many times had in recognition of our aligned intentions and service.

Writing all this brings me back, as if it were in the now, and I feel chills, overflowing love, tears and deep gratitude for the experiences, for the connections and for the beauty that remains in my heart and flows through the work I share.

It deepens the knowingness of the recurring themes that run throughout my life, the ancient connections, the responsibility of service, the signs, the messages about the work I do, the heart connection that is of utmost importance in life and the healing work to create a New Earth and new experience in totality for the collective to share and experience.

In remembering, I re-embrace with deepened compassion and understanding. Pieces of Egypt, and of every experience and sacred area I have visited or recall, are part of who I am, who we each are. And through unconditional embracing, we become empowered in the now and able to move forward with conscious knowingness.

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