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Whimsical Wednesdays ~ The Artist’s Corner: The Art & Creative Life of Pamela “Pixie” Colman Smith

pamela pixie colman smith

In staying with the theme that kicked off this week of influential and inspirational figures, today’s Artist’s Corner is dedicated to the mystical and incredibly fascinating Pamela “Pixie” Colman Smith. I shared this blog over three and a half years ago, but with new friends and followers, along with some profound insights this past weekend about her, I felt to resurrect this blog again. It seems no coincidence this week’s Whimsical Wednesday’s series aligns with the New Moon in Scorpio today, as we delve into the world of such a complex and deep soul who felt at home exploring the Otherworlds and Underworlds of creativity and magick. Pamela illuminates the seen and unseen from a unique perspective that indicates a blurring of veils and her ability to dip in and out of realities and dimensions that disintegrates the illusion of separation. It also seems synchronous that this share aligns with the day after elections, as her life’s work and passions are a way to honor women’s creative contributions that have gone unnoticed or devalued, and a reminder to step up things to shift into a new paradigm that no longer suppresses and hides the Sacred Feminine’s value.

A rebirthing opportunity is available to the collective and Pamela was one of the influential leaders helping to shift realities. It is quite common for visionaries to go unseen during their life’s work, but the wave of their efforts lives eternally as the seeds to new generations and the greater ease to which a domino effect gains its momentum.

Another woman of my heart who creates “life as art.”

I’ve never known anyone else who sees their art in music, which you’ll learn in the article. I also love how she stressed intuitive talents when teaching art, was passionate about immersing in story-telling and surrounding herself with other creatives, and created a “mad room out of a fairy tale” with her work space.

You can read the full blog here:

Pamela “Pixie” Colman Smith ~ A “Rich” Soul Whose Works & Life Continue to Inspire Millions

Sacred Journeys Have Far-Reaching Effects – I Honor All Courageous Souls & One in Particular

Baby photo

My brother and me

I’ve written in the past about the powerful experiences that take place on sacred journeys, not just for the individual who physically travels there, but also for the collective in direct ripple effect of the energetic shifts experienced.

What is integrated into your life from a sacred journey is priceless. Having experienced many sacred journeys in power spots across the globe, I can personally attest to how empowering these experiences can be and they continue to work their magic in unforeseen ways, long after the experience itself.

Not everyone will feel called to make the physical travels, and still can do the remote work and benefit, nonetheless, however some can greatly benefit from the in-person experience and are actually meant to be part of the “hands-on” work as part of our soul contracts. It is always an experience not personally isolated, but also collectively integral, even if it doesn’t seem so. The work we each have uniquely contracted in to do, as well as the energy we each represent and hold, is valuable to the collective, evolutionary journey.

Since we are all connected, then when one soul taps into, opens and embodies an experience and potential, that experience and potential becomes available to us all.

So, again, the reasons we may be called to do something or go somewhere isn’t just about us, but can greatly support others close in our lives, along with the rest of the collective.

me and brother few days after birthI’ve come to see how this plays out with people closely connected to me and their having major transformational and Kundalini experiences taking place directly connected to the exact times I’m working in the sacred areas of the Earth.

It’s happened in the past on many of my sacred journeys in very interesting and synchronous ways, but more recently was during the last two Solstice trips in Bimini in the Atlantean energy. Both times, I learned that someone very close to me got extremely sick from the exact moment I stepped foot on the island and then got better the exact time I set foot back on U.S. soil. (Since I am out of contact from the outer world during my travels, I don’t find out about the synchronous pieces to the unfolding puzzle until I return.)

This may not sound like a great experience – to go through immense physical illness – but being that all things are energetically based, and we each have a choice in how to experience things, it really isn’t a bad thing. Our minds just easily wrap around a judgment, but everything is simply a cycle and through the depths, we are able to reach new heights.

In both cases, both people had hugely positive and expansive openings and shifts take place, as a result – catapulting them into the next leg of their journey.

This last time was of particular interest to me, as it had to do with my brother, whom I’m extremely heart and soul connected and has had an interesting journey in this life. I learned that he went through a very dark night of the soul, which was a huge energetic Kundalini experience that was releasing very very deep emotional and ancient stuff, while I was away over the Solstice retreat. This manifested in extreme physical illness, as result of the energy purging moving through (something I have experienced myself several times this life when I moved through and made huge frequency shifts). It helped release a lot of old emotions and things having hold on him and with each shift like this, I’ve come to experience his openings as result.

It was not surprising to me to learn of this, as I know the depth of our connection/sensitivities/telepathy between us, as well as his ties to particular energies that were being focused on. Not to mention, I had been sharing about my brother on this trip and discussing his particular role and energy in things, in direct relation to someone at the ARC that has always reminded me so very much of him. He is also someone to whom I am very connected and he shared having an energetic resonance and connection with my brother as well. And interestingly their birthdays are only 5 days apart, although a few years different.

The things that I saw lighting up and connecting with the spiritual conversations we were having over the course of the journey, was definitely far-reaching and the expansion that has been going on with souls of similar energetic footprints and contracts that were present on the retreat, were/are equally receiving the energy keys that they’ve been holding space for.

Needless to say, I am happy that my brother was able to have this healing experience.

me and brotherI love to see how this all plays out and for me, it is deeply moving and special to be able to support souls that have been supporting me/us behind the scenes, in big ways that go unforeseen, but are energetically integral. You all know who you are. Not to mention, I am grateful for the way my brother has held the energy for me, especially in our earlier days, pushed me when I was getting off track, and has triggered the perfect buttons necessary to assist my own shifts.

Everything is a choice, and while his journey has not been easy and not one most would want to take, and he has his own inner healing to do, his heart is pure and he’s always been tapped into his role.

I take the gift he and others have provided, to heart, and do not tread lightly on the commitment I will see through for the greater good as well. I hope to continue to gift others exponentially for the sacrifices and strengths demonstrated, despite the judgments, solitude, and ridicule that may have been experienced in doing so.

Today and always I honor the souls that courageously hold the energy. It is not an easy role and while I know you do as well go through the challenges and evolutionary healing we all do in your own ways, I do find a deeper appreciation and honor each day for the souls who contracted in on all levels of the experience spectrum, as it is assisting the collective in ways that only are grasped when we step into our expansiveness to view it – a theme that came up also yesterday in the Reiki class I was teaching.

I also honor all of the courageous souls that embrace and take the journeys, as well as the souls that dare to create and lead with new visions when no one else can see or understand what you do. Everything you are embracing is not going unnoticed.

I love you all.

And a special acknowledgment and extra gratitude to my brother (pictured in this post with me). I love you. You are one of the integral keys to everything I am today and what I am able to share with others. It’s an honor to reciprocate and hold the space for you now.

I’m grateful to every day be seeing things more and more clearly.

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