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Support for these Intense Times & Transitions

These have been intense times for everyone, including for those of you who are healers, empaths, and have a usually easier flow with things. I’m hearing, seeing, and feeling how this is throwing a curve ball for many and creating behaviors, dialogue, and challenges that aren’t the norm for you and creating stress, anxiety, health challenges, as well as confusion around your path or a halt on feeling clear with the choices you’ve been pursuing.

I believe this is why I got the loud message to review my ability to open up some time to start offering the Intuitive Energy Guidance/Coaching sessions once again.

I opened the 6 session/5 week intensives to start in March with just 2 clients per 5 weeks, as I felt that was the balanced and most effective way at this time I could provide to anyone really feeling a need to move through current energy streams, move through the undercurrents at work personally/collectively, and get more grounded and empowered with things once again while moving toward your personal goals.

The March and April spaces are full, but you can reserve May if this work and timing feels resonant.

The link below provides details about the focus of this work, what others have shared about working with me, along with options of Pay-As-You-Go (with 6 session/5 week commitment) or One-Time Package Savings:

Intuitive Energy Guidance

And if you have questions, please message me here:

Contact Tania Marie

Update on Available Spots & a Dream

This is just a brief update that the March spots I opened for the 5 week intensive of Intuitive Energy Guidance are filled and I may only have 1 spot left to start the next 5 week intensives beginning April. If you feel called to this and resonate with working in partnership with me, you can reserve that now at this link, which provides details and options of Pay-As-You-Go (with 6 session/5 week commitment) or One-Time Package Savings: Intuitive Energy Guidance

I can only support 2 clients per five weeks and am going by my own intuitive guidance on how long I’ll continue offering this.

If you have any questions you can message me here: CONTACT

Last night I had an amazing dream about several winged horses flying through the sky and a large group of people, myself included, were being fitted with our own “wings,” so to speak, to be able to fly. And then I watched as people were practicing and facing their fears of heights and such, as they tried out their wings.

I remember one of the people fitting the wings saying to me that they thought perhaps my fear of heights would keep me flying low. Little did they know that when it comes to flying, fear doesn’t have any place within me. And off I went proving them wrong, as I flew to great heights.

I loved this dream, as it felt to symbolize a new consciousness and paradigm arriving, of more people beginning to and continuing to reach great heights, greater freedom, ability to harness magick in the material plane and manifest dreams and intents, greater balance and sense of true empowerment being harnessed, and more grounded transformations unfolding.

And I loved the mirror of that involving the offering I’ve put out again, as it feels connected with more people ready to step up and out…ready to fly…and will.

I hear so many wonderful shifts taking place for so many collectively and that is where I choose to focus my efforts and energy and helping as many as possible to be free.

RV Journey Updates for Soul Friends & Clients

We are finally at closure in California, as tomorrow we head off and won’t be returning for an unforeseen time.

Seems like it took a while, but all of the journey is necessary and has been perfect to what was needed. I’ve learned not to rush things in order to flow with divine alignment.

So, unless there’s business or an event we need to be a part of, in which case we’d fly in, we’re heading out of Blythe, CA in the AM and off to Arizona.

The first portion of our RV living has been focused on settling into the new life changes, waiting for all things to align and release us into total freedom, grounding the new, assimilating the changes, doing upgrades and work on the RV, and family events that were scheduled last year.

So although we have been living in the RV since October 13th, traveled up the coast of California, and ventured in the Reno/Tahoe area, we officially headed out, once and for all, of our starting point in Orange County on my birthday this past Friday, 2/26.

First taking us to Palm Desert for the weekend and then on the Colorado River in Blythe since then.

I’ve been sharing the journey on my blog here, providing insight to this way of life and sharing all of the experiences, insights, and changes that take place for me along the way, as I know the power of mirroring reflection and how we are all collectively connected.

This has also been a way for me to let friends who may want to connect while I’m in your area, know when I’m traveling through.

And for those of you who have been, and may be, interested in setting up a Private Immersive Retreat while I’m nearby or in an area that calls to you, I’m also providing these updates as quickly as I know them so that that can be arranged. I do need to know these somewhat in advance to ensure I have availability and can get the needed things in order to accommodate you most supportively.

My schedule fills up pretty quickly with personal projects, my own explorations and personal needs, and visitations with people, so I can only do my best to synchronize dates, but which is why if you have this desire to experience a private retreat with me, please let me know ahead. I trust always these will align if and when important.

Here is more detailed info on that: Private Immersive Retreats

We now have a greater vision of our path, although this will fluctuate a little due to following inner guidance, weather, and unforeseens.

Since my March newsletter I put out a couple of days ago we’ve shifted a couple of days around and added to it a bit. Here is our current schedule for the next month:

Leaving Blythe, CA tomorrow 3/3 and heading to AZ

Prescott Granite Dells, AZ (about 4 miles from Prescott) – 3/3 – 3/6 

Sedona, AZ – 3/6 – 3/20 

Grand Canyon, AZ – 3/20 – 3/23 

Marble Canyon, AZ – 3/23 – 3/24

Zion National Park, UT 3/24 – 3/27

Bryce National Park, UT 3/27 – 3/30

Capitol Reef National Park, UT – 3/30 – ? to be scheduled

Canyon Lands National Park, UT – to be scheduled


A Couple of Quick Reminders:

I am only available on a very limited basis for Intuitive Guidance/Spiritual Coaching Sessions and Private Immersive Retreats – all subject to changing if the energy guides me as such.

All other services are on hiatus while I focus on my creative projects and self nurturing. If you desire training in Reiki or more, this is only available as a Private Retreat at this time.

Free video and blog inspirations continue to channel through and there will be more developments with the videos to come, as I delve deeper into my own origins, continue with new creative projects, and future inspired offerings.

You can subscribe to my YouTube Channel here: Tania Marie

And you can of course receive notifications via email of my blogs here: Creating Life As A Work of Art

Implementing Changes That Honor You & Myself More Fully

tania avila beach2

With great time spent in reflection, I have come to the decision of putting several services on hold, as right now I am feeling to focus my energy elsewhere that both allows my full creative expression wanting through right now and that challenges me.

I’m not one to stay complacent and want to always expand my horizons.

I also am committed to following the flow of energy moving through me and the things I will be focused on are necessities to my heart and soul thriving right now…and in return, this makes me able to give that much more.

This means I am going to be full time immersed in my creative projects and only very minimally part time focused and available on a couple of services at this time.

So, for those of you who don’t receive my newsletter, I just want to let you know briefly about the things that have shifted, although I don’t know when they will be available again.

I am not accepting any more new clients for sacred tattoo designs at this time.

I am also not available to teach any of the workshops I was offering, unless it’s part of a Private Immersive Retreat experience or you are a past student wanting to complete your Reiki training.

I am taking a break from offering distant Reiki sessions, which means no in-person or distant work available. Again this will only be available if you join on a Private Retreat and if you are a coaching client.

I am now focusing, funneling, and fine-tuning my energy and time elsewhere, as well as to the people I do work with in terms of Intuitive Energy Guidance Coaching and any Private Immersive Retreat clients.

I’m feeling to focus only very intimately and in depth with those called to work with me, who seek me out at this time, and who are truly courageously committed to their path and making changes. I am there to assist those leaps, which involve a much more immersive experience.

This is where my role is taking me and there are others who can assist with different roles and support.

And so I am available to the path of personal responsibility you’d like to partner on where we equally show up.

I do have to limit the amount of clients with these however, in order to be able to provide quality support to each individual, along with also honoring and providing quality time to the things in my life.

That said, I am able to support a maximum of only 2 new 5-Week Intensive clients per month, 3 Individual Clarity & Guidance sessions a week, one 3-day retreat a month at most, and three 5-day retreats a year at most.

Again, this is the max I can support, although am at peace and happy with this or less, as I have gratefully manifested what I need to fully be engaged in my creative projects alone, if that ends up being the case.

A doorway of opportunity has been provided for me and I’d be a fool not to say yes right now.

Thank you so so much for your understanding and thank you to all of my amazing clients for such a beautiful journey we’ve shared.

If you have any questions please message me, as I’ll be happy to help with those.

Give Away Fun to Honor You & Your Courage

I have two give-aways going on right now.

This first one is the “Tell Your Story” Give-Away and it ends March 3rd:

tell your story

I love hearing about the changes in people’s lives that have become so near and dear to me through the work we’ve shared together.

If you’ve joined on one of my retreats over the years, taken some of my workshops, worked with me in intuitive coaching sessions, have received Reiki support, experienced shifts and changes because of a sacred tattoo design we co-created and you now wear, or went through energetic changes because of a crystal I supported into your care or a painting that has helped you through your processes….I’d love to hear your stories.

You can either write to me here: Contact Tania Marie sharing how your life has changed because of the experience or thing, where you were, where you are now, and the steps in between that were part of the process.

Or, you can send me a video sharing the same. This needs to be sent in to me by 3/3/2016 – that’s Thursday, March 3rd.

The recipient will be announced on Friday, March 4th.

Everyone who shares a story or video will receive a one card Tarot reading on any one focus in your life or for generalized support on what is most key right now for you. This will be provided to you via email with a photo of the card and my take on the energy for you.

Everyone who shares a story will be entered into a drawing where one person will receive one free – one hour Individual Clarity & Guidance Session (worth $188) over the phone, plus a 33% off voucher toward a 5-Week Intensive of Intuitive Energy Guidance Sessions.

I will also feature your story, in an upcoming blog, granted you’re okay with that, supporting you for the courage you’ve embraced and highlighting your gifts for others that you may be sharing in terms of your path and work.


And here’s a reminder on the second give-away.

The Big 2016 Give Away:


Inspired by all of my wonderful clients, as a way to reward and honor your commitments and courageous shifts, as well as provide extra support to help you into those manifestations and life alignments, I’m gifting a free 3-Day Private Immersive Retreat worth $1999 to one of you.

This is available to all of my clients who already HAVE or WILL be working with me on a Five Week Intensive of Intuitive Energy Guidance Sessions.

The only thing I ask from those of you who are automatically entered by choosing to commit to your personal empowerment, is that you either send me a quick 3 – 5 minute video (which I would prefer but understand not everyone has tech abilities) of why this would mean the world to you and how you think it would support your path, or you can share your thoughts in a message to me here: Contact Tania Marie

These need to be in by May 31st.

I will then review and intuitively choose from all of the messages received, announcing the recipient on June 1st, 2016.

(Travel to me not included, nor accommodations if you choose not to camp out – details on all that IS included, which is a lot, you can find at this link: Private Immersive Retreats)

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