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Private Immersive Retreats are currently not available while I am traveling around the country in an RV and focusing on creative projects.


I have been guiding sacred journeys and retreats for many years now, which have been focused on a group experience to do personal and collective work across the global grid.

I’ve now been called to shift the format of these offerings to reflect the nature of who I am and what reflects how my life is focused at this time.

So I will continue to offer these as private immersive retreats only now.

The experience will remain the same – that of focusing on opening and deepening the heart, conscious awareness, self-empowerment, personal growth and exploration, discovering your gifts, integrative healing, creative self-expression, manifesting your heart’s joy, and activating and accelerating your brightest truth, which helps you to connect with the rhythms of you, as you come into an experience of natural harmony within and without.

Basically, “creating life as a work of art” that YOU create each day so that you may experience the magick in every moment.

I am simply refocusing these to optimize my personal gifts and how I work most effectively, which is one-on-one or in a very intimate and connective way.

Plus, sharing my love for Nature, as we explore her rich gifts and messages, and having this reflect in the simplified, naturally magickal and balanced way you’ll learn that life can be.

How these private immersive retreats will work is that they will be an OPEN INVITATION for those of you who have felt called to one of these experiences, when YOU are ready to step into it. These will be offered only as long as I am traveling around, living in the RV.

So again, if you want to experience this, as many of you have shared desire in working with me and enjoying one of the retreats I offer, it does have a time of closure and won’t be offered indefinitely.

The invitation is there.

You simply need to take the action in honor and support of your commitment to yourself and the life you want to be living.

“I can’t begin to tell you how amazing my private retreat was! Tania and I clicked while working on the phone together before, but this was the first time meeting her in person. I also met her loves Dave, Joy, Cosmo, Sweet Pea and Boojum. The magick bus is full of love and great energy. Tania made me feel so very loved, nurtured, supported, fearless, free, full of life, beautiful and so very special. Our conversations were easy, I spoke about things I wanted in life, things I wanted to change and things I struggle with. Tania is so great at listening deeply to what is said, she is calm and so full of knowledge and love when talking through these things. Asking me the tougher questions to arrive at an answer and making sure I am not hiding things from myself. I took a lot of notes while I was there, not wanting to forget what we spoke about. She taught me of many ways to reach out to my support system. To go inside and listen. How much nature and movement help move energy. We spoke about the food she was making, what was in it and how to make it. Let me tell you, the food was full of energy and sooooo delicious. I made all kinds of yummy noises while eating all of the delectable things she made, with love and her creativity and her dance through the kitchen. Thank you Tania, for showing me a different side of myself, for pointing out the things I already do and how to expand on them, for walking me through the meditations where I found so much to grow with, for making beautiful sound with me in our sacred circle, for walking beside me in a huge part of my journey to move forward. “The Littlest Faery”, very much appreciates you and your beautiful soul! I so wasn’t ready to go home and now I am home and am carrying all of the things you taught me in my heart and mind to reach into and use in my growth. I will cherish our time together, always. Oh, and I can’t forget about the perfectly intuited gifts from Tania at the beginning of my retreat. They were perfect for what I needed during the retreat and for the rest of my life. You rock Tania.” ~ Kathleen Kirshy, Irvine, CA

Many people have contacted me over the years wishing to join a retreat, sharing the timing wasn’t right, they couldn’t take off on those particular dates, they needed to save up, etc., but that they so, so wanted and needed the experience.

Well, all of those factors are remedied and supported by the way these custom retreats are set up.

And as for the financial investment…this becomes a personal choice of what’s important TO YOU, as I always assist people in any way I can to support committed hearts. I feel that those who are meant to join, do. And that has always included people who didn’t have the means at the time, but it came together magickally because they made the commitment to themselves and aligned with their higher self in action, rather than waiting, pushing aside the calling, or distrusting.

Now that I will be journeying across the United States and into Mexico and Canada with my new nomad lifestyle as an RVer for a while, I will be doing less travel abroad since traveling will be a constant in my life.

This creates the opportunity to connect with me and receive guidance, inspiration, greater clarity, and renewing support where ever I’m stationed, which also makes it easier if I’m passing through or near where you live.

Since I’ll be posting my whereabouts via this blog, you can keep in touch and find out where I am and where I’ll be to see if the destination calls to you, or is close by to make it even easier to join me.

You’ll want to make sure you’re subscribed to receive blog updates and notifications here, if so, by adding your email where it says FOLLOW at the right: Stay Updated

This all provides a lot of flexibility and spontaneity, as well as creative customization to your retreat, while enjoying nature in ways you love, have dreamed of, or perhaps never have or have the time to.

It also creates a very unique opportunity for a completely personalized, custom experience with intimate guidance, and the ability to learn with me some of the things I teach only in workshops or via distant work by phone and email that I offer, which will leave you feeling like the amazing soul that you truly are.

These are “immersive” retreats, so it’s about really committing yourself to opening to and “immersing” in the experience.

My goal is to make sure that what you receive while on this journey with me, includes you having the tools and guidance to know how to implement what you experience into your daily life when you return back home.

It’s not simply a bubble, exclusive to the rest of your life, but a means of learning to integrate balance and make the enrichment gained, an inclusive and natural part of your daily experience.

Here’s a video share to feel from me what this is all about:

So here’s how these private immersive retreats work:

  • These are private, which means I am offering these for one to two people at a time only – this includes individuals, couples, you and a friend, or you and your son or daughter.
  • The retreats are offered as 3 or 5 day immersions
  • They will be intuitively customized to your desires and needs (more on that below)
  • They will be focused on being in nature – you’ll have the option of camping alongside our RV (we have a tent or bring your own), staying in accommodations nearby, or commuting from your home if you’re very close by (I recommend the camping, second option the accommodations if possible, to take you away from your regular schedule and life and take advantage of the experience optimally)
  • Accommodations included if you choose the camping option, which includes use of bathroom. You’ll just need to bring your own sleeping bag and pillow.
  • You will receive 24 hour attention from me, minus sleeping time of course and any personal integration or reflective time needed
  • All of your food will be included – 3 meals a day, snacks, and beverages (This to be 100% vegan and may blend both cooked and raw depending on what I’m guided. I have a Sun Oven, Fire Pit/Grill,VitaMix, Food Processor, Ice Cream Maker, Athena Alkaline/Ionize Water Machine, Toaster, Stove Top, and Convection Oven, and more, so I still can create all the yummies I’m known for)
  • All facilitation by me included (more on that below)
  • They must be booked in advance – at least 2 weeks – to ensure I have time to get everything together for you. This will be easier when I know the destination I’ll be at and share that ahead of time. Again, that’s why making sure you’re receiving my notification updates will be important, if in fact you are interested in this. If I know far enough in advance, it would be helpful to book these with me a month or so out, but I understand it will be somewhat spontaneous and so the people that are able to be flexible will find this supportive to that. Things will be on a case-to-case basis, as there may be times I can accommodate within a week’s notice.
  • These private immersive retreats are on a first-come-first-served basis, as I won’t be in each location for hugely extensive time periods. Some longer than others. So, if you in fact REALLY want to share one of these experiences with me, and are open to the location or have particular desires – say national forest, mountain, beach, etc. area in mind you’d like to be in – you can let me know and book early and I will block off time for you in a place I know we’ll be heading that matches with your desires. We’ll make it happen!
  • And, you’ll get to meet the bunnies, Joy and Cosmo, along with the whole fur baby family including Sweet Pea and Boojum the kitties, as well as Dave Simon – my partner and author of Meatonomics!

Here are possibilities of a custom retreat we can co-create together for you that can include one of or a combination of several possibilities:

  • Nature immersions – I will guide you in exploring nature in ways that create a deeper relationship with yourself and Mother Earth – this to include strolling, hiking, kayaking, biking, walking or sitting meditations, going inward, sacred ceremonies, learning to listen, animal spirit guides, receiving messages from Nature’s reflections
  • Renewing, clearing, relaxing, being, and nurturing – receive body and soul pampering
  • Receive your Reiki training in nature – all levels 1, 2, and 3 available, provided with certification and ability to become a Reiki Master Teacher
  • In-person Intuitive Energy Guidance/Coaching for any needs you may have – for both individual needs or couples wanting to deepen their relationship and to include receiving Reiki and energy work in a variety of forms from me to support the process
  • Crystal Magick exploration and discovery – learn about crystals and work with them in nature – we’ll create some crystal grids
  • In-person Reiki sessions
  • Creative expression through art – we’ll explore painting as a medium to access, heal, and connect with deeper parts of yourself, or simply open yourself up to the artist within through expressive painting out in nature
  • Sound healing – I will provide intuitive sound healing experiences to open, release, activate, and integratively heal at a cellular level
  • Exercises and meditations to connect more with your multi-dimensional/cosmic self
  • Movement, dance, playing in nature
  • Tarot card readings
  • Story time and sharing
  • Light and fun mentoring
  • Explore vegan cooking and how, if it resonates, you can easily integrate it into your life in a way that is simple
  • Enjoy nights around the fire, roast vegan s’mores, star-gazing and Cosmic connecting, communing with the Elementals, and almost anything our hearts can come up with to enjoy in the great outdoors
  • And more! You share your desires and we’ll create something perfect together. Or, if you’re open and just want to gift yourself this special time, we’ll let the moment guide us.

These are the people that are called to a retreat like this and to work with me in this way:

  • You are ready to change your life in a big way for the better
  • You want to align more with your essence
  • You want to connect with and express the gifts you were born with
  • You have been stuck and need that boost that will catapult you into the new
  • You want to experience more of the magick life has to offer and the magickal qualities inherent in everything including yourself
  • You have lost that wonder and want to reconnect with your inner child
  • You want greater clarity, grounding with your direction, and to explore possibilities beyond imposed limitations
  • You want to experience the nature of who you are
  • You want to connect more with Nature and need more balance in your life
  • You want to find ways to manage stress, understand your processes, and move beyond your past and past hurts
  • You need a soul reset
  • You need to learn how to nurture yourself and haven’t taken time for you
  • You are a writer, artist, musician, creative, healer, or visionary needing to ignite the spark of inspiration, have hit a block, would like the renewing time to channel the new wanting to birth forth, or need some reflective guidance if you’re feeling lost
  • You want to follow your dreams and don’t know how to start
  • You just quit your “job” and are trying to find direction
  • You need a break from the 9 to 5 and never gift yourself something like this, but it pulls at your heart
  • You want to connect with a like-minded soul that “gets” you in a safe space you can let go in , just be, and express who you are freely
  • You’re ready to go to another level in life and learn tools to assist you into greater empowerment
  • You’ve always wanted to learn Reiki, explore crystals, learn how to paint from your heart, and be an artist of your own life
  • You are ready …..

Everything shared above in a customized package created for you is included in your 3 or 5 day Private Immersive Retreat. The only things not included are:

  • Travel – getting to me and back home
  • Accommodations – if you don’t choose the camping option or if you don’t live close enough to drive in each day
  • Sleeping bag, pillow, and anything you want to bring along for the journey
  • If we happen to be in an area that offers activities such as kayaking, boating, etc. of which I don’t have equipment for that you desire to do, these are also at your discretion if you choose to do them and you’ll need to be able to handle paying for them yourself – we can discuss these possibilities, based on the location, when you book with me

Your investment into the enrichment and abundance of you:

If you choose to camp with us, and receive all of the above private and customized possibilities, including all meals prepared by me (3 a day, snacks, and beverages), you’re looking at these options below. Factor in the items listed above that are not included.

Three Day Private Immersive Retreat:

$1999 for an individual


$3777 for two people together/couple (savings of $221 which is $110.50 savings per person if you bring someone with you) – this makes it $1888.50 per person

Five Day Private Immersive Retreat:

$3333 for an individual


$6000 for two people together/couple (savings of $666 which is $333 savings per person if you bring someone with you) – this makes it $3000 per person

If you already know that you’re committed to this experience, are open to the where’s and when’s, and want to go ahead and book with me so that you get priority choice of location and my availability, you can do so below with a deposit, and we can then see about scheduling the perfect retreat experience for you:

Please hold a Private Immersive Retreat spot for me! – $555 Deposit

Buy Now Button with Credit Cards

Having had the incredible opportunity to not only personally, but within the retreat formats I’ve guided, experience the impact and transformational shift these kind of immersions can have, it’s become evident to me how powerful these offerings are.

There is a rich potency that such an intentful adventure and commitment of heart can have on completely enhancing and catapulting your life for the better.

I can’t ever capture in words the possibilities that await you and that will continue to unfold in your life long after the experience.

If you’d like to hear what others have to share about the guidance and experiences they’ve shared with me, please visit: Testimonials

May your heart guide you on your  journey and may all possibilities be open to you.

Please direct questions and retreat registration requests to CONTACT TANIA

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