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A Walk Along the River


Yesterday we enjoyed a late evening hike, getting out at 5:30 pm to explore the river a bit on a trail to Escalante Natural Bridge. Since it stays light until nearly 8 pm, we have all day to adventure about when feeling called.


Our timing was met by complete solitude on this four mile round trip hike that was simply beautiful and serene, taking us across the river to our destination of the stunning and natural carving of Mother Earth.


On this hike you get to cross Escalante River four times, which made it not only fun, but cleansing and invigorating.


Here’s another fun, short video of the river experience.

The river is home to otters and although we didn’t see any, the running water created a beautiful flow to the energy we experienced here.


The timing of day also created a mystical feel with the sun behind some clouds, peaking through only when we arrived at the bridge in welcome and when we left the bridge in farewell.


A lovely hike worth doing if you’re in the area and quite moderate, only challenged by hiking in deep sand. There are walking sticks left at the banks to help you in crossing too.

We are discovering more and more how remote and more untouched Escalante is, creating a feel of rugged wilderness that is deeply healing.


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