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This is Your Time – Early 12/21/12 Wishes


Visions of Atlantis by Tania Marie

As I make final preparations to depart tomorrow on a journey that’s been in the making for longer than can be accounted for by standard time calculations, I am feeling many things at opposite spectrums all at once – excitement, nervousness, strength, vulnerability, emotions, release, embrace, high and low energy, but most of all it is culminating in a greater sense of peace, trust and love.

Tomorrow I will be heading out for the first leg of our journey to Bimini and the Atlantis Vortex where our group will be working with the 12/21/12 Winter Solstice and Stargate energies in support of creating a new collective reality, activated through our hearts.

Between 12/16 and 12/22 I will be away on this retreat with 16 other beautiful souls. The 17 of us will be immersed in the energy of aqua waters and sun, dolphin brothers and sisters, Reiki, raw vegan foods, yoga, meditation and heart connecting to not only activate personal empowerment, but to assist collectively in shifting energy vibrations into a new state of being. We come together to courageously face truth, fears, and integrate deep healing, so as to find the power and wisdom at the core of our hearts.

This will be the last post until I return. I will be offline starting tomorrow until 12/23/12. So if you have any questions or requests, please understand I will not be able to be in contact until the 23rd. You can direct all inquiries to

Once in a Blue Moon orig

Once in a Blue Moon by Tania Marie

I want to wish everyone an amazingly beautiful 12/21, shared in the way that most befits your heart resonation.

I also wish everyone a beautiful holiday season.

I look forward to connecting with all of you on this powerful day in the ethereal realms and will share upon return, of the experiences that took place while we were connecting.

I know everyone is exactly where they need to be and that we will all be connecting at the collective soul level in co-support and co-creation of the highest good in both Earth and Cosmic alignment.

I am grateful to be able to assist this shift of ages and to support in the ways I am able to give in service. Thank you to all of you for showing up and being here right now.

The time for a return to natural harmony is here. Everything you need is, and always was, in your heart. You simply need to trust and believe.

Those who really know me, know that I am a child at heart and that while I may have complexities and feel and think deeply, it always seem to channel through me in simple ways. As truly I believe that it is only we that make things complicated. And in honor of that little girl who is moved by the simple things ūüôā I wanted to share this very pure song’s message that has a meaningful place in my life, of which I will save for another story.

I feel the message is very appropriate for where we are at and simply shares the powerful things to drive home to your heart right now if you are feeling doubts, challenge, or fear.

This is your time. You are powerful beyond measure. Believe it to be so.

In Peace and Love


(I finished writing this at 1:11 pm) ūüôā

Once in Every Lifetime by Jem from Eragon

Last Few Hours & Days of December Stargate Specials for Gifts of Empowerment, Renewal, Hope & Love

We are just 2 days away from December 2012’s first Stargate of 12/12/12 and 11 days from 12/21/12. Time flies or becomes eternal, as we accelerate our experience as Galactic Humans and bridge the separation of timelines we no longer need to experience.

This has been an impactful and definitive year for personal and global change. We’ve all felt and experienced it in our own ways. December is just kicking that acceleration up several notches and holds these two powerful gateways – 12/12/12 and 12/21/12 – that will provide opportunity for all that you have been consciously creating to come into being.

This is a time of mindfulness, re-evaluation, cleansing, crystal-clear focus, heart opening, and renewal. A new world paradigm has begun and fear no longer lives here. Empowering yourself and conscious creation will bring you the joys of your heart. The gospel of yourself is what you are looking for Рtrust this and release the need for external validation.

As we vibe up the end of 2012 and ground down for the beginning of 2013, here are some reminders of the specials I’ve been offering to support individual and collective renewal in meaningful, inspirational and powerful ways.

If you have any questions or requests you may contact me at to assist with any of your needs.

  • hunab-ku-temple6 Days Until Embarking on Our Bimini 12/21/12 Journey: There is only a matter of days if you want to still join us. We are finalizing all details, arrangements, and travel, so if you really feel drawn to be there with us and assist both personal and collective shifts at this Atlantis vortex power spot on Earth, please don’t hesitate any longer. You can register between now and Wednesday the 12th.

             Visit this link for details: Bimini 12/21/12

  • activationReceive Extra Support and Activation on 12/12/12 for Only $12: Only 2 more days!¬†I am offering a Reiki Healing Attunement with very specific focus and combined with my personal ceremony for individual and collective support, to you at the discounted price of only $12. ($50 Value and savings of $38 = over 75% off regular price). It is my way of being of service to the powerful changes we are consciously creating as a global community.

             More details here: 12/12/12 Reiki Support

  • panda keepsake_boxHoliday Gifts of Art from the Heart – Save 15% Off Orders of $50 until 11:59pm tonight 12/10/12: Unique items featuring art that conveys compassion, awareness, and insightful wisdom that each animal shares. Great gifts for the animal lover in your life, as each item features a unique animal, most of which are endangered species. Items include:¬†t-shirts, baby clothes, bags, yoga pants, yoga mats, tea light candles, keepsake boxes (an all-time favorite with my friends and clients), mugs, Sigg water bottles, calendars, greeting cards, key chains, jewelry charms, animal companion heart tags, stuffed animals, cell phone, kindle and ipad cases, and more.

             Shop here for meaningful gifts of inspiration for self and loved ones: Heart Creations by Tania Marie

  • labradorite2 Powerful Crystals for Spiritual Transformation Attuned to the New Energies Available at 12% off & Discounted Pricing until 12/12/12:¬†The Lemurian Seed Crystal Sphere Bridging Activator has been sold, but there are still these 2 powerful beings available: Giant, rare Kuan Yin Aquamarine – Regular Price $1600. Special Price after 12% discount $1408 plus shipping good until 12/12/12 and Temple of the Stars Labradorite for $555 until 12/12/12. Regular Price $700.

             For more photos and all details about the energy of each of these visit: Aquamarine and Labradorite

  • Rainbow Jaguar AgateMore Hot Holiday Savings on Joyful Earth Crystal Pendants and Jewelry at Reduced prices and 12% Off Until 12/12/12: All healing crystal pendants are now only the reduced price of $99 plus you can receive 12% off on this reduction for two more days. All other crystal healing jewelry is 12% off until 12/12/12 only.

             To choose a supportive gift for the holidays please visit, explore and shop: Joyful Earth Crystals

  • KitiruaFoster an Orphan African Elephant or Black Rhino for Christmas & 10% Donation Offer to The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust:¬†You can foster both elephants and rhinos for one year, which can be an extremely¬†rewarding and educational gift for any adult or child. Or for every purchase of the original, prints, or gift items of Temple of the Sacred Heart – #2 painting in my series – I will donate 10% of sales to The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. I created this painting to both honor the endangered elephants and share their wisdom for our spiritual evolution.

             Temple_of_the_Sacred_HeartTo foster an orphan please visit: The Gift of Life.

For artwork visit: Temple of the Sacred Heart. 

             To find more unique gifts with this painting on them visit: Heart Creations by Tania Marie

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