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This is Your Time – Early 12/21/12 Wishes


Visions of Atlantis by Tania Marie

As I make final preparations to depart tomorrow on a journey that’s been in the making for longer than can be accounted for by standard time calculations, I am feeling many things at opposite spectrums all at once – excitement, nervousness, strength, vulnerability, emotions, release, embrace, high and low energy, but most of all it is culminating in a greater sense of peace, trust and love.

Tomorrow I will be heading out for the first leg of our journey to Bimini and the Atlantis Vortex where our group will be working with the 12/21/12 Winter Solstice and Stargate energies in support of creating a new collective reality, activated through our hearts.

Between 12/16 and 12/22 I will be away on this retreat with 16 other beautiful souls. The 17 of us will be immersed in the energy of aqua waters and sun, dolphin brothers and sisters, Reiki, raw vegan foods, yoga, meditation and heart connecting to not only activate personal empowerment, but to assist collectively in shifting energy vibrations into a new state of being. We come together to courageously face truth, fears, and integrate deep healing, so as to find the power and wisdom at the core of our hearts.

This will be the last post until I return. I will be offline starting tomorrow until 12/23/12. So if you have any questions or requests, please understand I will not be able to be in contact until the 23rd. You can direct all inquiries to

Once in a Blue Moon orig

Once in a Blue Moon by Tania Marie

I want to wish everyone an amazingly beautiful 12/21, shared in the way that most befits your heart resonation.

I also wish everyone a beautiful holiday season.

I look forward to connecting with all of you on this powerful day in the ethereal realms and will share upon return, of the experiences that took place while we were connecting.

I know everyone is exactly where they need to be and that we will all be connecting at the collective soul level in co-support and co-creation of the highest good in both Earth and Cosmic alignment.

I am grateful to be able to assist this shift of ages and to support in the ways I am able to give in service. Thank you to all of you for showing up and being here right now.

The time for a return to natural harmony is here. Everything you need is, and always was, in your heart. You simply need to trust and believe.

Those who really know me, know that I am a child at heart and that while I may have complexities and feel and think deeply, it always seem to channel through me in simple ways. As truly I believe that it is only we that make things complicated. And in honor of that little girl who is moved by the simple things 🙂 I wanted to share this very pure song’s message that has a meaningful place in my life, of which I will save for another story.

I feel the message is very appropriate for where we are at and simply shares the powerful things to drive home to your heart right now if you are feeling doubts, challenge, or fear.

This is your time. You are powerful beyond measure. Believe it to be so.

In Peace and Love


(I finished writing this at 1:11 pm) 🙂

Once in Every Lifetime by Jem from Eragon

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