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Sacred & Wild ~ Expect the Unexpected

While robin mom and dad sing sweet calls to each other from the railing just under their new nest in the eave of our front door, coyote continues to cross my path. It appears to be the same coyote, as I recognize the beautiful thick creamy coat she has and those pointy ears and bushy tail. This is about the fourth time recently she pays me a call telling me to “expect the unexpected” and remember that all and yet nothing is sacred within The Great Mystery. This shape-shifting both great and foolish one sings of illumination by way of seeing the humor in things and remembering primal connections.

A neighbor had recently pointed out where a coyote den is for one of the packs in the area – one of the large, sacred stone outcroppings we have in the forest. It just so happens to be a two minute walk across the forest, in direct line to the side of our house. No wonder we hear them howling so loudly. It’s such an eerily beautiful and mysterious call that awakens an ancient connection within.

It seems to be in alignment with that feeling of stripping away more and more layers and being both more vulnerable and stronger in the process. Likely why I have been receiving the contrasting messengers that embody each of these, separately or in unison.

There’s a desire to shed skin and be in silence…almost embryotic in the moist, enriched darkness, while things swirl all around me.

Meanwhile the wild essence of things call to me, like the primal howl of coyote. I’ve been ever-more drawn to all the wild flowers and everything found in the nooks and crannies of the forest. I’ve been yearning to create, do, and move things with my hands and having nostalgic memories of life simplicity and my days in the animal and elemental realms.

Just two days ago this led me to make some manzanita blossom jelly in the faery kitchen. It was my first time making this from the prolific blooms on our our wild manzanita bushes surrounding the house.

It felt so good to forage gingerly for these blossoms, taking my time to hand pick with conscious intention and connection to only what called that spread evenly so as not to remove more than any one bush wanted to give so that the pollinators still have plenty to enjoy.

I only brought home enough to make two jars full and so enjoyed getting my hands into the process, thanking each little blossom for their gorgeous juice.

I documented the process because it was so pretty and felt called to add a little infusion of lavender because I love creating intuitive faery blends. I was pleased with the result, but got ideas for little changes if I end up making it again sometime, including a syrup. The fragrance and taste is subtle, but lovely, and feels connected with the heart chakra energy that is so lit up as vital these days.

The sweet yet wild essence feels aligned with that depth of primal sacredness I’m venturing through. The two being perfect, complimentary ingredients to one another as part of that personal alchemy I mentioned in my last post I’m needing to drop into and create.

Synchronously, yesterday we got to enjoy a cloudy, drizzly Spring day in the middle of sunny, Summer-like beach days we’ve been experiencing.

We were unsure of what hike we wanted to do, but let our hearts do the guiding. We ended up at a new, off-the-beaten track trail we’ve never done that wasn’t too far from our house – maybe eight minutes drive. Our eyes spotted it rather than a map.

And between the cloudy, darker skies and being on our own, it ended up being the perfect immersion for the current navigated energies.

I called it a “deep forest” day.

Dave said it was the perfect trail and day for something “supernatural” to appear. (No joke, Astrid just gave a loud, single thump as I’m writing this part and is on high alert).

We followed the softened trail into thicker forest that brought us upon old remains of likely when settlers, miners, or tree loggers were in the area, including rusted tins and metal parts, and remains of old pathways and small dwellings.

Old stone path to something – perhaps a dwelling
Wood framing lodged in the ground perhaps as foundation to a dwelling or structure – interesting reflection to the Algiz Rune upcoming

The trail led us along a creek to a small, extremely enchanted and mysterious little waterfall area that Dave said reminded him of a small grotto.

The energy here touched a chord with my inner nymph and sybil energy. Perhaps an ancient song and vision may spark from this journey.

The trail didn’t go much further than crossing over it to another old remains area, and upon circling back I then found what you see in the photos below, in the order you see them in.

The second, smaller whitish silver Algiz came after I showed Dave the first, larger one and started to share about some of its meanings, including how its name literally means Elk and how the White Elk was a Norse symbol of divine protection and blessings.

To make their appearance more “supernatural” for Dave’s sake 😉 I had been connecting with the devas and elementals of this area upon entering and asking for some specific signs and help with things I continue reflecting upon, as well as asking for permission in passing through in harmony.

This is the Algiz Rune in perfect form – one of the Runes I wear on my skin. This particular one is part of the Runic coding that lines the spine of my dragon tattoo on my left arm, as you can see.

If you look up the Algiz Rune, you’ll see how perfect this sign was for some of what I mentioned.

It was also perfect for what I did not mention.

On our return back on the same trail we saw a forking trail going off in another direction that we followed until its end at some stone outcroppings.

Here we saw this tree portal, quite the stone outcropping fortress across the way with two window portals at the top right, and a perfect altar creating a heart shape, rabbit ears, chalice, or even a slight version of Algiz again? Even the top of the tree portal was in the shape of Algiz. Hmmmm! Curiouser and Curiouser.

Seeing the altar mirrored a vision I had received several days ago about a space I’m to create.

The days and energy have been an immersion into the sacred and wild and even as I’ve been redecorating my office, I’ve been called to create a designated altar area that houses the natural wonders and mystical treasures that have found me over time. Right now, I have many scattered throughout in intentional places and some I keep in boxes stored out of sight, but they are to be gathered together and brought “out of the closet”.

Lineages spanning the ages are being called up, integrated, and transmuted.

I feel a calling to anchor more deeply in the ancient and also honor the primordial…the Earth and the Cosmos…the wild heart within that is all powerful.

While messengers continue to whisper “expect the unexpected,” signs also continue to point to support, guidance, and protection assuring me to keep trusting without knowing, no matter what unfolds.

A Look at My Newest Sacred Tattoo

tania marie tattooI forgot to post this last night, so I’m quickly sharing since I’m really in the flow right now of the current, very powerful sacred tattoo design I’m working on and wanting to get back to it because it excites me so.

I share a lot about the designs I help create for others, and so here is a glimpse into the newest potent piece I now adorn on my own “spiritual skin”, which was a surprise that evolved for me and happened really fast. But when I get the hit something needs to be, it happens, shifting whatever thoughts I had before if that’s most supportive. This piece fills an open energetic hole I had between two tattoos on my right arm that wasn’t energetically flowing with my left anymore and suddenly spoke to me it was time.

Likely due to what I activated and integrated on my Iceland and Peru journeys (since it does in fact hold energy of both) that was awaiting initiating into embodiment in my life – energies that I’d been holding etherically as my essence and journey, but hadn’t come fully into manifestation readiness until now.

That speaks big for me and knowing the new has and is emerging.

This tattoo combines the energy of the amazing Cicada, a Diamond, and Bindrunes.

I mentioned in my post yesterday about the insect energy in one of my dreams and how the leg grew out of me. That was the night before this tattoo came to life.

The Cicada, as I’ve written on once before, symbolizes metamorphosis/rebirth/renewal – shedding of skin, longevity, protection, timing, patience, strong communication, reward from patience and persistence, callings showing up later in life, partnership, working together, love, sensuality, illumination, and self-expression – especially so, the self-expression and communication that comes through music, since they teach communication through music. Their song is very recognizable and noticed by others so they inspire you to share your unique voice with the world and to break free from the shadows/or your shell and express yourself authentically. This is perfect considering the creative energy that has been moving through my voice in terms of energetic sound in the form of essence music from the soul and other creative expressions to be communicated.

Cicadas produce noise in their stomach with tymbals and make vibration in huge crowds, buzzing in harmony for the highest good of the collective through their individual voice.

One thing I really love about Cicadas is that they choose their own time to be born. Cicadas live underground as nymphs for most of their lives and can lay dormant a year or up to 17 years some times, before they emerge from their Earthy cocoons. This feels soooo me – speaking to that energy of walking to the beat of your own drum and understanding the cycles/aligning with them in the way your intuition guides you, regardless of what others think. It speaks to individual timing through patience, instinctual connection, using and listening within to all of the senses, and aligning with the natural harmony and rhythm of the Earth and Cosmic collective.

The Cicada cradles a Diamond that emerges from between its wings. It is seen from above rather than a side view. We chose this version because of its unique quality that has several layered symbolism. It not only is the Diamond essence of Clear Energy that is the most powerful and purest form of energy, but it also appears as a fractal Mandala, and contains the symbolism of the headdresses/crowns of the Inca Magicians/Gods/Goddesses I saw in my visions while in ceremony in Peru adorned in gold and like the Sun. (Perfect balance to the Full Moon tattoo I have above it). Since Cicadas are connected to Solar energy, this is perfect and in the image, it also appears somewhat as if it is adorned with a Solar Crown as well, representing how we initiated the Sun and embodied it during our journey, and how it symbolizes that illumination, radiating and shining your light, bringing forth the warm passions that stir your heart’s fire, revealing the shadow, bringing forth your personal expression, and personal nourishment (since the Sun and Light support our growth).

And then below, emanating and radiating from the emergence/birthing of the Cicada, are two Bindrunes that came to me while in Iceland. I’d been searching for a while, particularly for one of these, and then was gifted the answer to my search on my first day in Iceland.

Bindrunes bring the inspiration of the legacy of the Norse culture together in a method that creates symbols through binding Runes – individual Runic letters are overlapped to make single words or names. These particular Bindrunes I have are from the younger Icelandic Futhark, which has been felt to be most representative of ancient culture and custom in Iceland.

These Bindrunes symbolize “Music” and “Creation”.

Music: to inspire the soul “The Icelandic word Tónlist means Music. This symbol is special because music is universal, and has such an important role in all societies and cultures. Those who choose this symbol not only show their love of music, but their connection to all other music lovers around the world.” It’s the resonant vibration of the universe.

Creation: for an innovative outlook “The Icelandic word Skapa translates as Creation. Skapa can refer to a view of the world that is large in scope, but it can also represent a personal creative vision. This symbol is for those who carry within them the impulse to create, and those who wish to recognize the creative forces active in the world.” It’s the impetus for sacred and sovereign creation.

I think you can see how all of these symbols merge together to create a specific essence being embodied and, as the Cicada, to birth forth in my life at the divinely aligned timing. I always have known since young, that my life truly began later in years after 40, which is why I spent the first part of my life processing through as much as I could. So in fact it is as if emerging from my Earthy cocoon of recent.

I wore my new silver Rabbit necklace I’d been gifted as a belated surprise birthday gift for my session and while in session, something wild happened. The only other time I remember something energetic outside of me taking place was when I got my sacred key design on the same arm done, in the same tattoo studio. That time all the lights went out in the building for several seconds right as the design was completed, which he said never has happened.

tattoo by james spoonerI returned again to James Spooner, the vegan tattoo artist in Los Angeles at Monocle Tattoo, to do this piece. I was his first appointment upon his return, as he was returning from doing a run as a guest artist out of state and happened to be able to fit me in. 🙂 It was all done in one needle point work, so very tedious, but super cool. In the middle of him working on me I’d been looking at the frames and art around the room, particularly in front of me.

One frame had a photo of his baby daughter in a skeleton costume for Halloween (reminded me of the unusual beings in my dream also the night before with the insect leg and hermit crab). In front of it was a pyramid crystal – not sure of the stone. It was propped up against the wall on the shelf.

I’d looked away and was immersed in the energy of the work, and suddenly the frame literally through itself on the floor. Nothing else moved. There wasn’t an earthquake. And how it fell without bringing the pyramid down with it, is unknown. It literally would have had to sort of propel itself and fly off the shelf, the way it was situated.

We both were thinking how bizarre that was. I remarked that I’d just been looking at it, but can’t figure out how it fell, to which he replied “jokingly”, “You didn’t know you had new powers.” LOL! hmmmm

Anyway, I hope you enjoy a little piece of my own personal sacred tattoo journey. I’m loving the piece and feeling really excited.

Mendocino/Fort Bragg Vacation

This is an intro to the story I alluded to in my “Neverending Story” flashback post today, dedicated to Laura. She reminded me she had posted a bit about our magickal experience back in September of 2009, from which my today post: was inspired. I didn’t have a blog back then, and forgotten she’d written this, so I share it with you now.

Here’s a fun little trip down memory lane with Laura and I, which but scratches the surface of what took place. The story went on quite a journey that continued more than was shared here and took us down a winding road after our second 5-hour sit-down, and even into dream time that night that we woke to.

The way Laura ends her post is perfect:

“Two fair maidens met a werewolf on Full Moon’s Eve” or “the shaman and the faeries walked together and down the road” or “a person’s word is bond.”

But I think I’ll just say, “we tiptoed into the Pomegranate Garden, tasted the fruit and smiled.”

Laura Bruno's Blog

Yes, it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything! Last week, my friend Tania Marie and I traveled to the Mendocino Coast for some much needed rest and relaxation. She had just finished the fourth in a series of five major paintings, and I still hadn’t officially celebrated the release of Schizandra and the Gates of Mu. I only had a few days for this getaway, so we picked somewhere close and dear to my heart. (Some of you may remember how much fun I had in Fort Bragg/Mendocino on my birthday last year.)

We truly experienced a magical, mind-blowing trip this time, much of which I am still processing. I’ll give you a bit of a recap here, though:

The Food

OK, first and foremost, Tania and I wanted to eat. We had originally planned to go to Santa Cruz, CA, but when we learned that their raw…

View original post 2,256 more words

“Dancing Spirit” Sacred Tattoo Design Enhancements for Greater Flow & Empowered Self- Awareness

I had a lot of fun working with and creating the energy of these pieces for my lovely client. They were created to enhance simple Lotus tattoos that she already had at the back of her ankles, which she wanted to shift the energy of (more representative of her now and what she wants to embody and create), as she hadn’t been satisfied with the pieces when they were first executed.

I am pleased to share that she now looks at the designs in a whole new light and shared, “I actually didn’t think they could look so beautiful!! I never thought I would love the Lotuses again, and thanks to you I can’t wait to have these beauties inked up!!!! I can’t stop looking at them..”

It brings me great happiness to hear this and honored I could assist her with what she wanted to create.

lotus tattoosYou can see the original designs in the image here, that I was given to work with. The rest was a process of her sharing and me tuning in.

The way I created these were like mirror images, since the Lotuses she had were already as such, but with a couple of modifications that would make each their own unique energy. I first had to make a rough sketch of the Lotuses to the measurements I was given, in order to be able to work with them and create a flow. So I did that first and then started integrating the new extensions and additions to each that would embody the energy that was coming through and felt to be most empowering for her.

The one that flows to the right, of course is for the right foot/ankle and the one that flows to the left is for the left foot/ankle. I integrated four Runes within the designs. Each design has two Runes embedded in them and each design also has a different little being.

The left foot has a Faery and the right foot has Kokopelli. Both Faery and American Indian energy was very strong for my client, something she has been in tune and working with. It came to me right away that both of these images would be part of how she walks through life, and would assist the energy she is working with and carrying “forward” as she moves through her journey.

The designs are in a Mehndi design flow to work with the Lotuses and to go with the design quality she is drawn to. I wanted anything that was put in as symbolism, to blend in and only stand out, if you know to look for it. So everything is hidden and “encoded” so to speak, in unique stylized versions. I wanted each to be similar, but unique, so just a few changes to each of the little beings was done to make them connected, yet different.

Sacred Tattoo Designs (1)The Faery felt good for her left foot, since this is the side connected to the right brain and the intuitive, creative and healing qualities she has within. So the Faery energy can communicate with her more via strengthening these aspects of herself. And I felt Kokopelli for her right foot because it is connected with your left brain which is more action oriented and putting energy out in terms of the work in how she expresses herself, whereas the other is more inward.

Kokopelli is a source of wonder, music making, dancing and spreading joy. He is known as a healer, prankster, story teller, and fertility god. His hunch back is said to represent a sack he carries that contains seeds for the harvest, as well as songs he carries and beautiful rainbows. His flute symbolizes the music that shifts seasons from winter to spring – symbolic of our own embrace of change – as well as brings the rain for successful harvest – again supporting our own journey in productive and beneficial ways.

He felt important to support her major transitions she is going through and the journey she is taking on her path to bring good fortune, lightness, joy, her creative self-expression, aid her in dancing through life more and transitioning with greater ease and harmony. Also to help lighten things up so that she can embrace being here on Earth more, find things more fulfilling with a new perspective, and help her to let go easier and find the humor and fun in things.

He will also help her connect to the Earth and be in “rhythm” with it. The designs themselves are very Earth Mother connected, as they embody the roots, blossoms, and foliage of her embodiment. And as they flow down from the back of her ankle and around the sides to her feet, they ground, root and keep her balanced and in flowing motion of the “dance of life” – just like Kokopelli and Faeries know so well to do. The spirals of course are about the cycles of life and flow.

So the right one has Kokopelli, whom you can find near the tip, and he will come to rest on her foot. He has a Lotus head and plays a Lotus flute, his body made of vines/roots and more Lotuses, as well as his arms that support the Lotus flute. His core body is comprised of two opened, blossoming Lotuses, which again speaks to something in fruition and the “actualized” experiences supported through the male channeled energy of the left brain.

From his flute comes the rune Raidho – which is about the journey of life and travel in a physical or spiritual way. Runes have many ways to interpret their meanings and these here are only part of the story that is shared from info gathered to give a little insight into their energy potentials that can be explored. (Laura Bruno is really adept at Runes if you’d like to learn more about them. We received a lot of interesting info from a Druid we met once, but she retained and explored the info more than I did.) 😉

But in simple terms, Raidho provides having the foresight to make the right choices, the rhythm of you being connected to the rhythm of the world, and the forces of life moving and dancing. It also governs living in the present, access to inner advice and following the inner compass of the heart, movement within your natural abilities, consciousness of natural processes, mastery of circumstance and control of situations, taking the lead, creative rhythm brought into your activities, protection while traveling, clear connection and follow thorugh between decisions made and immediate actions.

Each of the Lotuses also have a symbolic design above them. Each again are the same, but they have within them a different Rune that is embedded in the design. I’ll get to those after I show you where the Faery is.

The Faery is on the left foot, near the bottom, just like Kokopelli. They share the same Lotus head and vine hair, but the Faery instead has graceful vined wings rather than a hunched back, a Lotus bud at her Solar Plexus body core (which speaks to the feminine energy of the right brain in how it is cultivated from within and its power emanates from that birth origin, to be supported by the male into action), and lovely vined arms and legs, similar to that of a butterfly, or dragonfly.

Between her arms is the Rune Ansuz. This Rune is the rune of knowledge and communication, voice of the Universe, helps you learn and teach new things, helps you open your mind and speak things clearly. Ansuz also governs all powers of conceptualization, powerful and magnetic expression through communication and expression, acquisition of creative wisdom, inspiration, ecstasy and divine communication, the ability to reason and analyze, connecting and networking with others, listening to oneself and one’s own particular inner-voice.

Then back to the top above the Lotuses. I created a design/symbol to draw the energy up. So there’s the roots and stems/vines drawing the energy to the Earth and grounding, but also now we have the energy being moved up and also to receive from above, as much as from below. I see these as personal symbols (which my client had wanted created unique for her) of higher consciousness, extensions to her Crown/Lotus energy that are receiving, and as well to provide her with clarity and present awareness, to keep her feeling safe and providing the knowing of protection always.

Sacred Tattoo Designs (2)

A fun inversion of the design that I played with

The design incorporates an All-seeing Eye near the top, with spiral center that rests between the two extended arm vines of the very upper Lotus. And below each Lotus that has extended feelers/like lashes to the eyes – for sensory perception – there is an embedded Rune. The Right one has the Rune Algiz and the left one has the Rune Thurisaz.

Both assist protectively. Algiz offers protection, wards off so-called “evil”, and offers opportunities for growth. Algiz heralds that things are coming to fruition that you’ve been working on, new relationships and experiences to enrich your life with positive influences are coming into your existence, and the knowingness of always being protected with wisdom and vision as your allies. It governs your higher self and awakening, as well as aligning with the divine plan, activating the higher self, communication with divine entities and other worlds, facing fear with courage, protective teaching force, strengthening life force through courageous deeds, drawing energy from Source.

On the left you have Thurisaz and it gets its name from the god Thor. It offers powerful protection and assures you that you are not alone. You are supported, you just need to ask for help and it will be there to assist and provide you with what you need. It governs having breakthroughs, strength, destruction of enemies, awakening of the will to action, breaking resistance of blockages in body, mind and spirit,  increased potency in romantic relationships, focuses psychic energy clearly, synergizes right/left brain processes for generating powerful realization.

You can research these more and explore other uses of the Runes, as this is just surface scratching for some insight on how you can utilize symbolism. But these are the four Runes that loudly spoke for what my client was wanting assistance with and that would be empowering at this time in her journey.

I can’t possibly write everything, but I think this gives you an idea, and of course you may find hidden gems and things you see in the designs yourself, as everyone has different eyes they see with and it will speak in different ways to you at different times.

But what I see as themes are, “Dancing Spirit” which is a name my client shared with me as one of  her Indian Guides and how this speaks of an aspect of her, a journey she is on, power symbols unique to her, protection, guidance, vision, flow and joy, coming into her fullness, empowerment, approaching everything with lightness and being able to accept all parts of herself, having much support and wisdom all around and within, the dreams she is hoping to manifest, and the spirit guide energies that she works with for healing and service to others.

If you would like to partner in co-creating your own sacred visionary piece of artwork or tattoo design to embody the empowerment you desire, you can contact me at

There is currently a waiting list, which I am moving through as quickly as I can.  I can only provide a guesstimate on timing. You can easily make your deposit at the link provided below to embark on this journey in partnership with me.

For more information about the process and pricing please visit: What is a Tattoo Design Consultation

Some people have preferred to read my book, Spiritual Skin ~ Sacred Tattoos: More than Skin Deep, especially if they are new to sacred tattoo designs, before embarking on this journey.

If you are drawn to learn more about sacred tattoos you can order a copy of the book here: Spiritual Skin

It is also available in Kindle format here: Spiritual Skin

You can also order your personal copy here: Signed and Inscribed Copy of Spiritual Skin 

Fire and Spirit – Harnessing Your Firey Energy to Integrate Wholeness

Fire by Tania Marie

Today’s post is in energetic support of, and addition to, my dear Laura Bruno’s blog post for the day. It’s always so cool to see how aligned we are with each other collectively, as the energy of what she shares herself and through her repost of Lee Harris’ forecast, coincides with energies I have been focused on with my work and what I have felt drawn to bring to the forefront for others.

Here is Laura Bruno’s blog post: February 2012 Energy Forecast and a Rune for You

This fire, solar plexus energy, anger explosions and energy of “breaking through” to the other side to get beyond polarity, as Laura puts it, have been on my intuitive mind as well.

I’ve been working a lot with the solar plexus and utilizing citrine in my own personal work, as well as have done some of the techniques Lee speaks about, as in creating a vision board with many words and phrase intents I am choosing to create, and supporting myself with Reiki, with my hands over my heart and solar plexus and/or placing my citring there as well.

Another tool I have also been using to support the energies both Laura and Lee speak of has been my In Lak’ech paintings. These paintings, while timely when created for collective support from behind the scenes, are now coming to the forefront in a bigger and revealing way. I have come to see why they were so important to complete before 2012, as they are coming back around now with their messages that were ahead of their time. It’s as if they were needing to be anchored so that they could do the work with the collective at the timely unfolding – now – when they would be needed.

Spirit by Tania Marie

I’ve recently been focusing on specific pieces in the five series, based on my particular intuitive needs and have seen how whenever I put one up as my profile photo on Facebook, or focus on it at home, that I directly and instantly start moving through the energies it’s associated with.

Interestingly, the two paintings from the series I chose to have as part of the pieces in my 6 week art exhibit are Fire and Spirit, both pictured in this blog. I hung them up on 2/5 in Circa ’92 and they will be there for the 2/25 opening reception. Their energy is directly aligned with what Lee speaks of this month being about.

There are way too many layers to the symbolism of these paintings for me to share and for the most part I have stayed away from sharing them so that people can just “experience” the healing effects without direction from me. Aside from each containing potent Mayan Sacred Glyphs, ancient civilization symbolism through which the ancients speak through, and each being an activation portal, that’s usually been the extend of my sharing. However, I will share that one of the purposes each painting has is associated with transcending polarity and integrating the male and female energies. I intuitively chose different astrological signs (based on their placement on the cycle spectrum of evolution) from each of the elements that to me most represented the heightened potential for demonstrating the blending of the “new male” and “new female” energies that we are now integrating, at their highest potentials.

I see us at a place where the “old male” is now becoming an empowered male, by integrating the “new female” into their experience on all levels and vice versa, the “old female” is now becoming an empowered female by integrating the “new male” into their experience on all levels. A way of moving into the embodiment of integrated wholeness at its highest potential.

This was done through very carefully channeled images that portrayed what that would look/feel like when that missing piece was embraced. It is much more intricate than this, but to write it all out would be a book in itself, and perhaps it might be one day.

Suffice to say, Fire, is one such painting that would be very helpful right now in embracing this firey energy we are moving through and how to channel and integrate it.

Dagaz or Dea Rune from Spirit painting by Tania Marie

Then there is the last of the five in the series, Spirit. This one takes us beyond polarities and is full integration with transmutation inwardly and outwardly (and then some) 🙂 Interestingly, you’ll find the Dagaz or Dea Rune Laura speaks of anchoring the white hare/rabbit’s feet (possessing also other-wordly humanesque essence). I included a close up (a bit fuzzy) to unveil it for you. Each of these paintings in the series have tons of symbolism embedded both visually and energetically. Spirit holds some powerful energy and I’ll likely share more of the symbolism of why the hare/rabbit was chosen intuitively for the representation of this “beyond polarity” energy in an upcoming blog.

For now, I’d like to offer these paintings as another tool you can meditate with or have in your personal space to shift energy, alongside the tools both Laura and Lee shared, as they can be very empowering with the encoded healing symbolism they hold.

These paintings are available on my website here: However, for the 6 weeks of the art opening, until 3/18, this series and the other paintings in the exhibit are all being offered at huge discounts to make these healing tools affordable to everyone. 

If you’d like a listing of the new prices, contact me, as the website does not reflect the specials. The special prices are between 40-75% off the web prices for all sizes, both originals and prints. 

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