A Look at My Newest Sacred Tattoo

tania marie tattooI forgot to post this last night, so I’m quickly sharing since I’m really in the flow right now of the current, very powerful sacred tattoo design I’m working on and wanting to get back to it because it excites me so.

I share a lot about the designs I help create for others, and so here is a glimpse into the newest potent piece I now adorn on my own “spiritual skin”, which was a surprise that evolved for me and happened really fast. But when I get the hit something needs to be, it happens, shifting whatever thoughts I had before if that’s most supportive. This piece fills an open energetic hole I had between two tattoos on my right arm that wasn’t energetically flowing with my left anymore and suddenly spoke to me it was time.

Likely due to what I activated and integrated on my Iceland and Peru journeys (since it does in fact hold energy of both) that was awaiting initiating into embodiment in my life – energies that I’d been holding etherically as my essence and journey, but hadn’t come fully into manifestation readiness until now.

That speaks big for me and knowing the new has and is emerging.

This tattoo combines the energy of the amazing Cicada, a Diamond, and Bindrunes.

I mentioned in my post yesterday about the insect energy in one of my dreams and how the leg grew out of me. That was the night before this tattoo came to life.

The Cicada, as I’ve written on once before, symbolizes metamorphosis/rebirth/renewal – shedding of skin, longevity, protection, timing, patience, strong communication, reward from patience and persistence, callings showing up later in life, partnership, working together, love, sensuality, illumination, and self-expression – especially so, the self-expression and communication that comes through music, since they teach communication through music. Their song is very recognizable and noticed by others so they inspire you to share your unique voice with the world and to break free from the shadows/or your shell and express yourself authentically. This is perfect considering the creative energy that has been moving through my voice in terms of energetic sound in the form of essence music from the soul and other creative expressions to be communicated.

Cicadas produce noise in their stomach with tymbals and make vibration in huge crowds, buzzing in harmony for the highest good of the collective through their individual voice.

One thing I really love about Cicadas is that they choose their own time to be born. Cicadas live underground as nymphs for most of their lives and can lay dormant a year or up to 17 years some times, before they emerge from their Earthy cocoons. This feels soooo me – speaking to that energy of walking to the beat of your own drum and understanding the cycles/aligning with them in the way your intuition guides you, regardless of what others think. It speaks to individual timing through patience, instinctual connection, using and listening within to all of the senses, and aligning with the natural harmony and rhythm of the Earth and Cosmic collective.

The Cicada cradles a Diamond that emerges from between its wings. It is seen from above rather than a side view. We chose this version because of its unique quality that has several layered symbolism. It not only is the Diamond essence of Clear Energy that is the most powerful and purest form of energy, but it also appears as a fractal Mandala, and contains the symbolism of the headdresses/crowns of the Inca Magicians/Gods/Goddesses I saw in my visions while in ceremony in Peru adorned in gold and like the Sun. (Perfect balance to the Full Moon tattoo I have above it). Since Cicadas are connected to Solar energy, this is perfect and in the image, it also appears somewhat as if it is adorned with a Solar Crown as well, representing how we initiated the Sun and embodied it during our journey, and how it symbolizes that illumination, radiating and shining your light, bringing forth the warm passions that stir your heart’s fire, revealing the shadow, bringing forth your personal expression, and personal nourishment (since the Sun and Light support our growth).

And then below, emanating and radiating from the emergence/birthing of the Cicada, are two Bindrunes that came to me while in Iceland. I’d been searching for a while, particularly for one of these, and then was gifted the answer to my search on my first day in Iceland.

Bindrunes bring the inspiration of the legacy of the Norse culture together in a method that creates symbols through binding Runes – individual Runic letters are overlapped to make single words or names. These particular Bindrunes I have are from the younger Icelandic Futhark, which has been felt to be most representative of ancient culture and custom in Iceland.

These Bindrunes symbolize “Music” and “Creation”.

Music: to inspire the soul “The Icelandic word Tónlist means Music. This symbol is special because music is universal, and has such an important role in all societies and cultures. Those who choose this symbol not only show their love of music, but their connection to all other music lovers around the world.” It’s the resonant vibration of the universe.

Creation: for an innovative outlook “The Icelandic word Skapa translates as Creation. Skapa can refer to a view of the world that is large in scope, but it can also represent a personal creative vision. This symbol is for those who carry within them the impulse to create, and those who wish to recognize the creative forces active in the world.” It’s the impetus for sacred and sovereign creation.

I think you can see how all of these symbols merge together to create a specific essence being embodied and, as the Cicada, to birth forth in my life at the divinely aligned timing. I always have known since young, that my life truly began later in years after 40, which is why I spent the first part of my life processing through as much as I could. So in fact it is as if emerging from my Earthy cocoon of recent.

I wore my new silver Rabbit necklace I’d been gifted as a belated surprise birthday gift for my session and while in session, something wild happened. The only other time I remember something energetic outside of me taking place was when I got my sacred key design on the same arm done, in the same tattoo studio. That time all the lights went out in the building for several seconds right as the design was completed, which he said never has happened.

tattoo by james spoonerI returned again to James Spooner, the vegan tattoo artist in Los Angeles at Monocle Tattoo, to do this piece. I was his first appointment upon his return, as he was returning from doing a run as a guest artist out of state and happened to be able to fit me in. 🙂 It was all done in one needle point work, so very tedious, but super cool. In the middle of him working on me I’d been looking at the frames and art around the room, particularly in front of me.

One frame had a photo of his baby daughter in a skeleton costume for Halloween (reminded me of the unusual beings in my dream also the night before with the insect leg and hermit crab). In front of it was a pyramid crystal – not sure of the stone. It was propped up against the wall on the shelf.

I’d looked away and was immersed in the energy of the work, and suddenly the frame literally through itself on the floor. Nothing else moved. There wasn’t an earthquake. And how it fell without bringing the pyramid down with it, is unknown. It literally would have had to sort of propel itself and fly off the shelf, the way it was situated.

We both were thinking how bizarre that was. I remarked that I’d just been looking at it, but can’t figure out how it fell, to which he replied “jokingly”, “You didn’t know you had new powers.” LOL! hmmmm

Anyway, I hope you enjoy a little piece of my own personal sacred tattoo journey. I’m loving the piece and feeling really excited.

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Creating life as a work of art with a magick rabbit by my side. I remember my song. Do you? Artist, Author and Reiki Master Teacher with over 30 years' experience in creative healing arts and metaphysical studies. Tania inspires people globally to return to natural harmony, draw forth imagination to manifest dreams, embody creative empowerment, and live more magickally and abundantly from their most natural frequency – in essence, Tania helps you to remember your song.

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  1. Divine and Beautiful! I love the synchronicity this brings as cicadas have been very prominent within my meditations recently. ,<3

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