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Host or Co-create a Life-Enhancing Workshop Event in Your Home Town: Opportunity to Receive FREE Reiki Training Plus Big Group Discounts for Locals

reiki-handsTo continue from yesterday’s post, The Power of Reiki Healing Attunements and Teaching Reiki, even if you don’t ever see yourself practicing Reiki as a profession, learning Reiki and receiving an initiation attunement will completely transform your life in beautifully supportive ways, drawing in mirroring experiences that reflect your new vibration.

Plus! You will be able to support yourself with ANY thing – helping to put you back in control of your own life – AND you will be able to effectively support your friends, animal companions, loved ones, global peace and healing, all while tapping into a bit of magick to infuse your life with.

As with anything, the key is to make it a natural part of your life and to practice it so you can refine your skills and learn to make it uniquely your own. Cultivating it in combination with any other gifts and healing modalities you already use will not only be fun and empowering, but you will come to understand how everything is a tool you can mold into unlimited creation to mirror you. Foundations provide you a place to build upon, but then your heart will lead the way.

Because things happen naturally and will coincide with your unfolding path, the effects are not always easily traced back to the origin without consciously doing so, as it really is a synergy of all things coming together perfectly that takes place. Yet, if you do pause for a moment and take a look at it all, it’s an interesting story that you have written by embracing the process.

The energy of Reiki kind of sneaks up on you and as you continue to integrate it into your life you find things blossoming beautifully in ways you never imagined. Many who never thought they would practice, or teach for that matter, (including myself) will discover a whole new lease on life that supports powerful shifts mirroring innate qualities you had forgotten you had.

As promised yesterday, today I am sharing an opportunity to receive FREE Reiki training while gifting others a hosted workshop that will be powerfully life enhancing. Plus, some big group discounts on local workshops.

With the evolution of things I always follow where I’m guided and in seeing and experiencing how powerful everything continues to shift for my students, clients, Reiki-practicing friends, and even myself, I am always on board with supporting enhanced ways to help more people through these experiences, while spreading harmony globally, and sharing the Reiki love and healing energy to all who feel called to this path.

initiation attunements reiki1

That brings us to the opportunity I mentioned yesterday of being able to host a Reiki workshop or event in “your” home town while receiving FREE Reiki training yourself.

I can customize the teaching and add any additions as well, based on what  the needs of your group are. And if you would like to combine the workshops into a fun event that fuses with your own offerings, I would love to collaborate with you on that to co-create an event of partnering synergy.

An example would be like the Reiki and Yoga workshops I will be doing in New Jersey with the lovely Venus Banguela. For details on it see: Opening to Living and Giving from Your Heart

The following pertains to hosted groups outside of my local Orange County and Los Angeles area of Southern California. For locals, please see below for special group rate packages available.

The Reiki classes offered are part of the Traditional Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Certification Training. Each level takes this knowledge to a much deeper and more refined level and frequency. For more information on Reiki and the classes offered please visit: Reiki

To Host a group Reiki workshop/event in your home town, whether out of state or out of country, these are all the fun details.

What I contribute:

  • The host receives FREE Reiki training up to the level I am teaching for the event (if all 3 levels this is a gift of  $1221, which is the regular price of taking the classes separately)
  • Thorough manuals and certification to each participant
  • Personalized workshop to meet the needs of your group (any additional things you’d like to focus on, your wish is my command)
  • Special rate packages created for your group

What you contribute:

  • Book the workshop/event at least 1 month in advance
  • Have at least 5-10 people, depending on where you’re located and the associated travel expenses (we can discuss)
  • A space to hold the workshop/event
  • Registration fees collected from your group 1 week ahead of event  

If you are local to my area, there’s also opportunity for special big discounts on receiving your Reiki training when you have a group of two or more people. These discounts are only available for local students.

This can also be of benefit to massage therapists and any of your fellow students you went through school with, as Reiki is a highly beneficial compliment to take your massage practice to the next level.

The workshops can be taught either at your location or mine. Groups of more than 6 will need to be at your designated location.

Group discounts off of regular Reiki workshop prices for the Los Angeles and Orange County areas of Southern California:

The discounts below apply for both workshops. You can take the two workshops separately or as a weekend workshop. If you book both workshops together, you can apply the per person discount shown that corresponds for your group number x 2.

Pre-payment due for your group at least 2 days in advance of class. Please book your group workshop at least one week in advance.

Reiki 1 and 2 Workshop (regular price: $500)

Reiki 3 Master Teacher Workshop (regular price: $666)

  • Sign up in a group of 2 – Receive $100 discount off regular price per person ($200 off pp if book both workshops)
  • Sign up in a group of 3 – 5 people – Receive $150 discount off regular price per person ($300 off pp if book both workshops)
  • Sign up in a group of 6 – 9 people – Receive $200 discount off regular price per person ($400 off pp if book both workshops)
  • Sign up in a group of 10 + people – Receive $300 discount off regular price per person ($600 off pp if book both workshops)


If you have any questions about Reiki, what each workshop entails, would like to register for one of the current workshops, set up a private or group workshop here locally, or have a group you’d like to host in your home town, please contact me at so I can be of assistance.

I look forward to supporting your journey.

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