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The Art of Giving AND Receiving


This is a tough one for many, especially when the giving and receiving is directed toward self, but also when we’ve erected protective boundaries that have us challenged to open our hearts again to others. The art of giving and receiving (our natural state of abundance) is another of the great lessons I have had to learn to balance in my own life, which prompted a blog post a few years ago, which this share is from, but rather than simply reblog it I decided to create a post out of it with the points from then to be in “new energy” all around.

I feel that it can be a challenge for many to balance giving and receiving in a healthy way and especially in terms of opening to receiving and embracing your own value and self-worth that comes along with that. I know that there is a lot of conditioned victim or martyr energy we have learned and this is an essential aspect to look at integrating, as self-denial and self-worth will have a direct result on your ability to tap into your natural abundance innately available to you.

Just like Reiki teaches us, everything in the Universe is energy and naturally, energy just wants to keep flowing and cycling, as is its innate “beingness” to do. It does not judge, attach, or stop and block the flow – we do. We are the ones that block it and this is what creates challenges and dis-ease in our lives.

Giving and receiving are two parts of a whole that coexist, are essential, and create natural balance. When we only focus on one more than the other – never allowing receiving to take place, or never freely giving – we are blocking the flow of energy to cycle through us both ways, and we then create energetic imbalance that manifests as challenges in our lives on any or all levels – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

As we grow spiritually, this often presents experiences of greater receiving and giving in our lives to embrace. Since both are energetically equal, coming from the same Source, they increase mutually. So it doesn’t make sense that giving increases while receiving decreases, does it? They will both naturally increase together, which means receiving well entails giving well and giving more means we must be open to receiving more – ultimately supporting and embracing what serves the greater good and well being when we do so.

In order to have a fulfilling life, your giving and receiving must be in balance and rhythmic harmony. Balance is essential to every aspect of life and we are constantly in practice of creating what that harmony means for each of us, as there’s no one formula that will work for everyone since we all have different strengths and limits.

Stress can be a result of over-giving (this can also be a result of not having boundaries in place and energy vampires able to suck our energy easily, as we haven’t put in place healthy assertions), which can lead to other effects as a result, including damaging emotions that can build like resentment and anger, and the same can happen if you are receiving in imbalance.

So if you are feeling you are receiving too much, start giving now, and if you are giving too much start finding ways to appreciate what you receive and have. Keep on top of not overburdening yourself with the responsibility of giving, as well as be mindful of creating guilt, or not being grateful, for all of the receiving you’ve been gifted.

Simply recognize where the flow may be blocked and on a one way street, then start making adjustments to balance out the energy with either some random acts of kindness, donations, and offerings, or with more thank you’s and allowing to mirror your new found self worth.

In doing so, you will tap into the limitless and abundant being that you are and this will be reflected in all ways in your life to enjoy.

Flowing with Change Creates a Return to Natural Harmony

Change is abound with yesterday being our last day in Helena, Montana, as today we make our way to Kalispell where we’ll call a spot on the scenic Flathead River our home for the next full week. From there we’ll be only 30 mins from the West Entrance of Glacier National Park and only 20 mins from beautiful Whitefish – all three areas of which we’ll be exploring over the course of our time between Sunday to Sunday. I’m so excited!

The drive has been gorgeous on our way to Kalispell and once again, my theory (at least in terms of all six of the states we have journeyed through and that we’ve seen as potentials for our future homestead) has been proven that the northern ends of the states are energetically and physically most aligned, invigorating, and beautiful in terms of our personal needs. It really is incredible to see how that unfolds each time and now we find Northern Montana to also be quite resonant in these ways, so I’m looking forward to our destination to see what awaits us.

This coming week and the following one more week after at the East Entrance of Glacier will end our time in Montana. Then we are off to Canada for nearly 4 months.

We originally had booked time in Missoula and Great Falls, Montana for this coming week, but the energy shifted and we’re being redirected for the highest good (some of which I have some inklings about alongside the fact it will also be 10 or so degrees cooler, which helps this Faery much since I don’t fair well and melt in humid heat that’s been building in some of the previous areas).

So we cancelled our reservations and made a new one – there was only one spot open at the lovely rv park we found in Kalispell (totally meant to be).

I feel Joy is part of that shift of plans along with Uni (as I lovingly refer to the Universe as) and as always we follow where we are guided.

I visited Montana only once before, very briefly, 20 years ago. It was actually my very first trip on my own, which kick-started my solo travels there forth. I decided to take a train ride up the West Coast from Los Angeles to the first stop outside of Glacier National Park.

My goal was to see Glacier, a place my brother had told me about from his many solo travels, and to just have some integrative and reflective time on my own during a transitory time in my life then and on my spiritual path.

So I booked an Amtrak ticket from LA to the first stop at the end of Glacier, after going through the whole park. I can’t remember the city, but I do remember it was just one tiny little building in the middle of no where.

I remember being the only one getting off the train and others looking on as I got off, as if confused as to why, since everyone else was going on.

Needless to say, I did, and just before the train station keeper was closing up. He was of the Blackfeet Indian Tribe, as many Blackfeet live in this area, and when he learned I had about 8 hours of waiting until I would take the next train back, he invited me to his home to be with his family, share a meal, and get a city tour. They were very excited to have a visitor.

It was an interesting experience for me on my first journey alone. One I won’t forget. And it reiterated the strong resonance and past life connections I had in my many Native Indian lifetimes I’d already connected dots with at this point in my life.

And now, I return 20 years later to a place I’d energetically anchored for the future.

There is a sense of full circle experience and something awaiting me here. It may also come to be Joy’s resting place, as I listen to where her ashes would be of highest good to spread.

Our time in Montana so far has been very supportive in these times of transition and expansion. I’m grateful for the beauty, inspiration, healing integration, and deepening into inner peace received here.

It’s enabled me to flow gracefully with change and has been part of the alchemy of inner harmony with it all.

Even little Cosmo has been doing incredibly, which makes mom very happy. I’ve been concerned about how he would take losing Joy, and while I know he misses her snuggly presence, he is also embracing the forward movement of life along with mom.

And the enchanted stuffed rabbit that Joy brought to life and has infused with her energy, is Cosmo’s constant partner now providing warmth, comfort, and a little extra magick to match the magick he embodies and imparts.

Here he is loving, snuggling, and cleaning his rabbit friend…the rabbit that reminds me of The Velveteen Rabbit who was brought to life by love in its most pure and innocent energy.


I feel that he and I are meant to have this time together on our own, as there is alchemy for us to create now and I anticipate more of his magick and gifts will be revealed in the days to come.

I’ve had alone time with each of my bunnies and my tortoise, Gaia, but now it’s Cosmo and me time.

And I have to say that it’s increased the already deep bond he and I share, taking our connection to a whole other level. We can read each other’s minds, our time together has become even more precious (if you can believe that), and he’s just really flourishing and looking/feeling very vibrant.

All that even after his recent minor surgery, which came a week after Joy’s transition.

I am always having to make intuitive decisions that take into account the highest good and support my little ones’ soul path and wishes, so things like any kind of surgery, minor or not, where they have to go under anesthesia at their age, is a challenging one.

But after running blood and xrays, we had the physical support of knowing he was strong and could handle it, so I made the call on these preventative procedures so as not to run into similar challenges like Joy and Nestor had, especially not knowing when the next good rabbit doctor would be around. And to support a more fluid and pain free experience for the next leg of his journey.

Anyway, when I picked Cosmo up from his dental surgery he didn’t even look like he’d been under and he immediately got his eating and digestive system right on track, the antibiotic for his nose congestion is already working (still waiting on his eye meds to kick in more), and I’m now adding vet tech to my repertoire, as I’m administering needle injections of Adequan to support his joints and arthritis.

That’s a scary thing, but Cosmo is helping mom to do something I don’t like even receiving myself, let alone giving it (a needle that is).

But both Joy’s doctor and this one highly recommended these injections and I’ve heard from others of the amazing results. So I’m looking forward to seeing him having more mobility and less pain, as the injections help with inflammation and more fluidity.

He won’t walk, but he might be scooting around much more vibrantly and have that peace mom so wants and intends for her little ones, rather than simply accepting pain as his experience.

I am grateful to be able to make the journey for him much more harmonious.

And I am grateful that my own journey is so harmoniously flowing, despite, or I think, because of the challenges I’ve embraced with love and the complete understanding on an embodiment level of the beauty and invaluable gifts in it all.

I’ve truly learned, not just in theory, but in actualization, about flowing with the natural rhythms and cycles of consciousness moving through me and my life.

And so, when change shows up, I don’t fight it, ignore it, or try to manipulate it otherwise. I simply engage my creative faculties and inner guidance to harness and support the highest good, which takes into account personal and non-personal always.

Cosmo has been and continues to be a guiding force with this, as he incredibly embraces the natural flow of unfolding life experiences with such grace and ease.

I continually say that he has become one of my greatest teachers and is such an example for us all on so many levels. I am constantly in awe of this little rabbit, which such a large soul presence.

He is unassuming, humble, vibrant, and love filled in unlimited abundance to mirror his enlarged physical heart.

So when change shows up, like our travel trajectory shifting, physical transitions taking place, surprises in all shapes and forms, and new paths presenting themselves and inspiring my attention despite my current focuses, I am ALL IN.

And because of this, my life IS peace. And what I’ve been focused on for as long as I can remember, HAS become a return to natural harmony.

Letting Go Allows What’s Truly Meant To Be Flow In & Out


I lost my Lemurian Seed Crystal pendulum yesterday on Spring Equinox…my favorite and only one I have these days, which I got about 8 years ago.

I searched everywhere, especially all around and under the bed because I had put it on the bed while we traveled with other things so they wouldn’t move during transit.

Right now I just found it on the floor next to my side of the bed out in the open fully.

Hmmmm….a little mischievous Faery work at hand maybe?

Synchronously, two days ago I had received a request for a big order of Lemurian Seed Crystal pendants that I used to create, which I had stopped doing.

I always know that when I release parts of my life – the old – that there will be a surge of cleansing that takes place, which includes calling up more of that while I’m releasing it.

This just means I’m/you’re on track and to continue forward with the releasing.

And funny thing is, I had released my pendulum fully last night and felt it could be part of the letting go and cleaning out of things and was completely fine with a new one finding its way into my life, or perhaps no longer having one at all.

When we are not clinging to things nor attached, and let go with ease, that is how things/people can freely have opportunity to flow back into our lives, if they are truly meant to be in it.

I guess this special one is meant to be with me still, for now, and received its own renewing upgrade while away, perhaps to match my shifts. 😉

Life is a Sacred Art that Turns Awareness into Rhythmic Being – Gabrielle Roth

I have shared this before, but it has recycled its way back energetically as feeling important once again.

Today’s reblog comes from Gabrielle Roth – I just love her! – an incredibly influential teacher of meditative dance, creator of the 5Rhythms movement practice, and a shaman in her own right.

Gabrielle felt that physical movement was an integral key to unlocking spirit and integrating spirit with your sacred temple body. She was dedicated, heart and soul, to exploring ways to engage spirit and creativity through movement, but ultimately to “create life as a work of art” (something we both share) and to access unity of experience as a cosmic dance:

“Mine is the art of inspiring people to turn themselves inside out, transform their suffering into art, their art into awareness, and their awareness into action.” ~ Gabrielle Roth

Perhaps her words shared below may provide impetus to ignite your spirit to move through you:

“We all share the wound of fragmentation.  And we can all share in the cure of unification.  Healing is the unification of all our forces — the powers of being, feeling, knowing, and seeing.

I look in the mirror and I look out the window and I see myself and others struggling to be in our bodies.  Struggling to know who we are and what we need.  To like ourselves, rather than wanting to be somebody else, or somewhere else.  I see our inability to relate, to communicate from the heart, to overcome our distance and alienation from one another.  I see us avoiding each other’s eyes, at a loss to know what others need.  I see people searching for direction, trying to summon up their personal power, longing for the strength to be independent.

The wounded healer in me knows that healing our driven selves comes from our ability to empower our bodies, hearts, minds, souls, and spirits once more, bringing them into vital unity.  Spiritual healing means taking responsibility for being a whole person.  We have to take responsibility for being a body, for having a heart, for possessing a mind, for awakening our soul, for opening to our spirit.  We need to do right by our body, purify our relationships, use our mind for creative freedom and not enslavement, free the soul from the ego, and undertake the spiritual journey.  A whole person is an inspired person, one who embodies the spirit.

Disease is inertia.  Healing is movement.  If you put the body in motion, you will change.  You are meant to move: from flowing to staccato, through chaos into lyrical and back into the stillness from which all movement comes.

If you let your heart be moved, be open to the risk and the adventure of feelings, letting them work through to completion, you will change.  Tears turn into smiles, anger into embraces.

If you free your mind to experience and complete each of your life cycles, integrating their teachings and tasks, you will change.  It’s when you stop moving through life that you get caught out of place, that you react to adult situations with childhood emotions.  Moving completely through your life makes you whole.

If you awaken your soul, you will change.  Engage your characters.  Watch yourself act them out.  Master them, and you’re free to be, feel, think, and act as your distinct self.

The spirit in motion heals, expands, circles in and out of the body, moving through the layers of consciousness from inertia to ecstasy.  Open to the spirit, and you will be transformed.

Movement is my medium and my metaphor.  I know that if a wave of energy is allowed to complete itself, it yields a whole new wave, and in fact that is all I really know.  Riding these waves means joining the cosmic dance that, as Dante says, ‘moves the sun and the other stars.’ 

Movement is the movement of change. In my experience, if you put your psyche in motion it will heal itself. Movement is the medicine. Each of us has the power and responsibility to heal ourselves, to be our own medicine man or woman. Awakening our innate powers of being, loving, knowing, seeing and healing involves ongoing work at all levels and in all dimensions of our self. In your deepest center, you are the stillpoint. You are the rhythm beyond stillness, the feeling beyond compassion, the sexual energy beyond celibacy, the life force beyond death, the vibration beyond inspiration. The moving center is within you.

…Our soul, our true self, is the most mysterious, essential, and magical dimension of our being.  In fact, it is not a separate reality, as traditional Western thought views it, but the cohesive force that unites our body, heart, and mind.  It is not a ghost trapped somehow in the physical machinery of our body but the very essence of our being.

Each soul is unique, and we are called upon to break out of the minimum security prison of conformity and mediocrity to experience our soul’s true magic and power.  Like a plant it needs to be nurtured to grow and blossom, and to be freed from the entangling, obscuring weeds that tend to take over.  The soul is an artist.  Its nature is to create, and its natural expression is in the sacred archetypical roles of the dancer, the singer, the actor and the healer.  Life is a cabaret, and our challenge is to act out our essential self on the stage for the world.

Though the soul is not a thing, it is our beingness, that which gives us being.  So its presence and absence are visible.  Its presence manifests in being awake, attentive, energetic, alive.  It is the spark of life.  It is absent or dampened when we lack vitality, elan, energy.  It is the true self we are seeking in all our explorations, and yet it is not somewhere “out there” but right here now, underneath the false roles we’re always casting ourselves in.

Freeing the soul, freeing ourselves to be soulful, means empowering ourselves to really see what’s going on in ourselves, in others, in our lives.  This seeing is not the ordinary sort of looking we’re habituated to.  Looking operates on the surface; seeing probes beneath to discern the essence, the motion, the energy.  Looking is just a matter of regarding things things according to our preconceived, static ideas.  But as the new physics and biology have clearly shown, our surface impression of the nature of reality as static naively misses the truth of the constant motion and infinite space that truly constitute reality.

Carlos Castenada in “A Separate Reality”, gives an arresting example of the difference between seeing and looking.  Don Juan describes the death of his son who was crushed by rocks on a highway.  “The workers stood around looking at his mangled body.  I stood there too, but I did not look.  I shifted my eyes so I would see his personal life disintegrating, expanding uncontrollably beyond its limits, like a fog of crystals, because that’s the way life and death mix and expand.  Had I looked at him I would have watched him becoming immobile and I would have felt a cry inside of me, because never again would I look at his fine figure pacing the earth.  I saw his death instead, and there was no sadness, no feeling.  His death was equal to everything else.”  Later he tells Carlos that seeing is “hard work.”

Seeing implies detachment.  Looking implies attachment.  Looking is with the eyes.  Seeing is with the whole being.  Looking at myself in the mirror, I think that my nose is crooked and too big, my eyes too small, my hair too fine, my hips too wide.  I judge.  I assess myself by some external criteria that have by now become part and parcel of how I look at people.  But if I stare into my left eye in the mirror I see only a still, perfect little doll-like figure of myself in the midst of a deep pool of subtly changing reflections, probably an image much closer to the truth.  It is when I can see myself with interpretation that the magic of being, the pure wonder of existing is revealed…

… Life is sacred.  Life is art.  Life is sacred art.  The art of sacred living means being a holy actor, acting from the soul rather than the ego.  The soul is out of space and time and hence always available, an ever-present potential of our being.  It is up to each of us to celebrate and actualize our being, and to turn each meal, conversation, outfit, letter, and so on, into art.  Every mundane activity is an opportunity for full, authentic self-exploration.  The soul is our artistic self, our capacity for transforming every dimension of our lives into art and theater.”

Gabrielle Roth


Music Was My Reminder

If ever I feel in a momentary funk, stuck, or unclear in any way, music is the answer.

That can be listening to music that resonates.

That can be singing or making music of my own.

That can be expressing myself through whatever sound that moves through me.

It is all to me, a form of sound healing.

It all acts as a way of igniting my vibration into its nature of origin.

When I couple that experience with my bunnies or being in nature it simply amplifies it all.

And it moves the energy through me, may spark physical movement, but in general, creates flow once again.

So it’s no wonder that when I pulled one of my “Healing with the Fairies Oracle Cards” today that I was reminded of this fundamental need in my life that nourishes my soul and makes the work I do possible.

And indeed it worked.

Sometimes we think the answer to things has to be something profound in an amazing package, when in fact the profound is a simple reminder of what you already know.

What is your reminder that helps you to flow again?

If you feel stuck, think about the things that make you feel free, inspired, and that move you.

Then DO that!

oracle cards


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