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Musings for this Full Moon in Sagittarius – June 12th/13th

Wow! We’re already at another Full Moon. This one really snuck up on me and feels extra accelerated in the way we arrived here. But HERE, we ARE. And, it’s a Full Moon in Sagittarius! My natal Moon, so I’m liking this a lot. Interestingly, during this period in between work, I’ve been working on my travel plans – pretty fitting for a Sag focused energy.

And I do have to say that I’d rather have been traveling than doing the planning, as it’s a lot of work and I found myself getting very antsy in the process of focusing on details, especially when I have other things at hand I’m involved in. It was feeling confining when all I wanted to be doing was either exploring or channeling my energy more flowingly.

Good thing I have a very magickal and flowing sacred tattoo design I’m working on currently. So that is providing me the perfect outlet to journey into other realms. I also spend time journeying with my music and been dancing kangaroo style on my rebounder – all with little miss Joy staring wide-eyed in wonder and amazement at what mom is up to when I do. LOL

So, yeah, I’m definitely focused on the inspiration to expand and have been talking non-stop about taking big risks and just going for it all.

It’s interesting to have this expansive Full Moon during a Mercury Retrograde. But I’m definitely exploring the possibilities that feel right and the Retrograde can be a good time for disciplined exploration to the depths within. One need not have to outwardly make a journey, as the inner journey is truly the most valuable. This time period, if you take advantage of it, can help to really cut to the point and unearth what the heck is inhibiting your growth in all ways you feel restricted. And when discovered, these treasures of information can help you to align with your authentic and deepest soul self.

You can make plans, but being flexible to the surprises that come along will help you to keep full of vibrant vitality, as you won’t be trying to force something or stay stagnant – constant evolution!

We keep hearing about freedom and truth and this is just another illumination of the importance these are to realize, access, and embody. Higher consciousness, higher heart, and higher mind…all focusesnow, but are accessed by fully embracing and being willing to journey into the body and emotions. There is a sacredness within our very sensuality of senses that reveals to us our ancient truths and memories.

By birth, I was born with an abundance of optimism and hope…it’s seeded in me and and supported by my Sagittarius Moon, but it also supports some really fiery emotions that can be felt to the extremes. I do know how this can feel and it has taken most of my adult life to finally get to a place of balance with this, and understand how to get back on track so I don’t blow out one way or another and don’t have to be afraid of the depth to which I feel.

It’s been quite some time since I’ve had an emotional outburst. Yet, I share this because during these Full Moons when things are heightened, and especially with all of these other influences, Retrograde, and Sag energy, there can be a lot of emotional reactions and erratic behaviors.

So just be tuned in to this and figure out ways to channel your energy if you feel yourself building inside. Allow yourself to explore what you are feeling and the inspirations nudging you. These blow outs remind us of things to look within about, as if we truly engage ourselves vulnerably, we won’t be adversely surprised or experience the physical ailments that creep up on us as manifestations, simply to remind us.

It’s definitely a great time to be looking at how everything you are doing, who you are…is all aligning with the bigger picture. There’s always the need to narrow and widen our vision, expand and contract, when working with the whole macro experience of you.

Let’s get those emotions flowing and those ideas expanding. Explore the possibilities and challenge yourself with wider and deeper perspectives. Be ready to expand in ways you never have. We’re stretching and exercising our energy centers so that we can more fully activate their potentials.

And you, me, we, are magnificent potentials just barely realizing the possibilities.

I’ll be tuning in with you all this evening, but joining a Full Moon celebration on tomorrow’s Friday the 13th.

In the meantime, I thought this blog post was pretty cool from Sky Maiden Musings (I somehow oddly came across) and loaded with super in depth and magickal musings indeed on the energy of the 13th, Celtic and Pagan insights, and this coming Full Moon. Included is information from the 19th Century Astrologer, Seer, and Clairvoyant, Charubel, whom I had not heard of before. Never seen such detail and interesting insights on a Full Moon. Wow!

You can read Astrologer and Spiritual Counselor, Dikki Jo Mullen’s article in its entirety here:

Full Moon on Friday the 13th – Friday, June 13th, 2014 

Until then, tonight, let’s dream a little dream and as Dikki Jo shares, “expect the unexpected.”


Interesting Q & A with Drunvalo Melchizedek

This is an interesting Q & A with Drunvalo Melchizedek that a dear friend of mine just shared. If you aren’t familiar with some of Drunvalo’s teachings you may find some of it to be new information or harder to understand, as well as some of it to open a Pandora’s box of expanded thought processes, but he shares some insights about several topics of interest including timelines of world affairs/experiences that he is asked about.

But perhaps of most interest you’ll find is at the 36:45 mark, where someone from Brisbane, Australia asks Drunvalo about anything new that has happened. Drunvalo continues to then share about what he finds to be the absolutely most amazing and positive thing ever to recently take place, which he says demonstrates proof of our ascension and the power of our hearts. More information is to come on this when he releases an interview with a scientist who has done the research on it.

As with anything, search your own heart for what resonates and what doesn’t.

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