Interesting Q & A with Drunvalo Melchizedek

This is an interesting Q & A with Drunvalo Melchizedek that a dear friend of mine just shared. If you aren’t familiar with some of Drunvalo’s teachings you may find some of it to be new information or harder to understand, as well as some of it to open a Pandora’s box of expanded thought processes, but he shares some insights about several topics of interest including timelines of world affairs/experiences that he is asked about.

But perhaps of most interest you’ll find is at the 36:45 mark, where someone from Brisbane, Australia asks Drunvalo about anything new that has happened. Drunvalo continues to then share about what he finds to be the absolutely most amazing and positive thing ever to recently take place, which he says demonstrates proof of our ascension and the power of our hearts. More information is to come on this when he releases an interview with a scientist who has done the research on it.

As with anything, search your own heart for what resonates and what doesn’t.

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  1. Love to hear the last statement that everyone makes it. Even if we just barely make it, to have everyone make it is worth the wait. It is discouraging hearing all the predictions where 2/3 of the population or more die. 😦

  2. global warming is caused by the use of Chemsprays, contrails…keep the atmosphere enclosed with the particulate that are being dumped on us…it is noxious and it bakes us and the earth ..can we stop these contrails and chemsprays…? the military has to be stopped also the use of haarp has probably caused these hurricanes, earthquakes…its horrible being in this world with psychopaths who are running us ( this world!) Can we get help to relive these psychopaths of their duties? Can we get spiritual guidance to remove this horrible world gangster bankers etc…we need help they will not let us go!

  3. I have a globe that I use for prayers around the world…and I work with storms and also radiation to bring harm to none and to steer it away from our planet and dissolve disharmony…this is great news and one I suspected all along 🙂 hugs

  4. There are plenty of great, noble people on this planet…enough in fact to change all predictions as they are never written in stone, they are created moment to moment. When we decide to work together in agreement …we are the most powerful force of this universe and exulted for the work we do, one person with another can improve any situation through intention and thought form…which then triggers the physical manifestation like a focused laser beam…Gaia is the jewel, the beloved as we are and will thrive….

  5. Tania, In this recording Drunvalo mentions that over the next month he hopes to put out another video after his meeting with one of the scientists who observed the nuclear radiation disappear in Aspen. Did you hear if this is out yet. 🙂 Thanks!

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