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Partnering With Me To Optimize Your Life ~ December Session Specials

For the month of December don’t forget that anyone who schedules either a Five-Week Intensive of Intuitive Energy Guidance Sessions or a Clarity & Guidance Package of sessions you will receive a complimentary 1/2 hour session you can either use for yourself or gift to someone else (worth $111 or $94 depending on which package you choose).

And just added, the next person who schedules a Five-Week Intensive will also receive the 20″ x 20″ with 2″ border set of prints from my In Lak’ech series, I was offering in the Holiday Crazy Blow-Out Art Sale (the only pieces remaining). This includes Earth, Water, and Air! (Originally valued at $199 each)

Both of these Guidance session options, as I prefer to call them (others may refer to them as Coaching sessions) include unlimited email support during our time together.

All sessions and packages that I offer are available as gift certificates to others as well.

Details can be find here about how these can assist you with your life:

Intuitive Energy Guidance/Coaching

And here I am sharing about these from a more personal level, so you can get a feel for me better and how I work with each individual. I thought this especially helpful for those of you who haven’t worked with me or don’t know me and are thinking about exploring this kind of partnership:

The spiritually guided process that I provide in partnership with each individual helps to unlock and ignite your own personal empowerment for conscious integration, and a return to the creative power and essence of who you really are.

If you’re interested in making big shifts and are tired of getting in your own way, you can contact me to see how I may be of assistance with any of your needs at this time.

After working with people over the years, I’ve come to know my strengths and gifts and how they are best optimized to reflect for others their own.

If you have any questions and would like to explore the potential of this partnering process with me, you can contact me here: Tania Marie


Thoughts & Reminders Before Heading Out 7/9 – 7/12 ~ Last Chance Opportunities Through August 31st

Many things to celebrate these days. Perhaps for many of you too, from what I am hearing and feeling. So much is coming to fruition for many and a deepening of happiness experienced because of your dedicated work.

Today not only have I shared the happy news about Joy and Cosmo, but I am feeling Gaia in my heart strongly, as it would have been our 7 year anniversary together.

I miss your strong physical presence Gaia, but am grateful for your continued love and support you surround me and Terra with. Thank you for your committed service and responsible compassion you share.

I’m also celebrating some personal milestones of transformation and renewal taking place. How about you? Are you feeling this to be a rich opportunistic time period in your life where things are, or are about to flourish?

I’m experiencing a very creatively fertile time period where everything keeps shifting daily, there are no end results seen, and only each moment to paint as I desire. I can feel how much things are going to change over the course of the next 4 – 6 months and right now I’m anchoring in my authentic reflection of what that feels like to me. I’m also enjoying a shift of focus in my life and drawing upon my true nature more and more, by welcoming in things I’ve been desiring for a long time, and also declaring my personal essence, without worry about how that may feel to others.

Even though at times things seem on stand-still, I know that everything is aligning and percolating to unleash itself and that’s because I keep moving forward with conviction to my truth and action to support that. I feel that is key if you want to manifest things, along with making sure you are acting consistently on all levels of emotion, thought, belief, and action.

As I take moments to have gratitude and share honor for these special things I recognize in my life, I hope it is a reminder to each of you to do the same in your own lives. We often don’t acknowledge how far we’ve come, give ourselves loving encouragement, or take time to cherish each of the treasures, both hidden and obvious in our lives.


Tomorrow I head out to British Columbia to immerse in the land there, the farmhouse, and the beautiful energy of Hillary’s horses, and will be away through Sunday the 12th. I feel this will be a very potent activation of energy in all of the lives whom are coming together for this, including myself.

I’m very much looking forward to this long awaited journey that has gone through many transformations and shifts of its own. I’m also excited to connect with Hillary, the owner of Epona Rise Retreat Centre, finally in person.

Our extended four-day retreat has morphed into a mini two-day retreat, due to personal matters that evolved in Hillary’s life. Amazingly, we were able to still create the space and we have shifted into more of a private, intimate experience that will be shared by a beautiful, small gathering of women sharing the energy of this time and space. This will include Reiki training, time with the horses and Hillary, and sacred intentional work that organically flows with the energy, as it always does.

I’ve been away so much this year for both personal and work journeys, but this marks the last trip for now (at least that I have planned). This has made things quite full in my schedule and along with energetic processes being more deep, has extended the length of time needed for a lot of my work recently.


Here are a few reminders, as I prepare to head out tomorrow:

  • I have availability for just one more tattoo design client between now and August 31st. If you’d like to have a sacred design created with me and need it before December, this is the last opportunity I can provide before I take my 3 month sabbatical. If you’re not in a rush and can wait until the end of the year or beginning of 2016, then you can still place a deposit here: Sacred Tattoo Designs and be scheduled in for then, even while I’m away. I thank you again to all current clients for your patience, as I’m running a couple weeks behind due to more time needed on designs and my being away. I also haven’t had time to post designs, so intend to share a montage of some of them soon, together.
  • I have availability for one more person to receive spiritual and energy guidance during a five-week intensive before August 31st. The last possible day to schedule is the week of July 26th for this, otherwise if you can wait until I return, we can look into scheduling you in then. Here is information on that: One-On-One Support
  • I have two, last Reiki workshop opportunities remaining for locals or anyone in the area, or wanting to travel here. There is an upcoming private Reiki 3 Master Teacher workshop that’s been opened to others on Tuesday, July 28th. You’re welcome to join if you’ve already received your Reiki 1 & 2 certification either by myself or another teacher, or if you’d like to come for free review, if you’ve already gone through this training with me. There is also an upcoming private Reiki 1 & 2 workshop that’s been opened to others on Sunday, August 16th. Otherwise, you are welcome to schedule a private workshop, but it must be scheduled before September 1st, at which time i’ll be on sabbatical for 3 months. Payment plans available.

If you have any questions, about the above, please contact me here: Contact Tania

Grateful for Crystals

It’s been a Crystal Magick kind of week and I’m getting ready to teach a full day crystal workshop today after giving two Crystal talks the last consecutive evenings at Chapman University. I love seeing people inspired by their relationships to Crystals, which connects them more to the heart of themselves and cultivates a stronger relationship with the Earth and Cosmos.

It was really synchronous and beautiful to be teaching about reverence and relationship to Crystals on Earth Day and felt like a way to honor Terra and her gifts through a passion of mine I could share with others.

It was awesome to see everyone so excited and engaged, especially since this is the next conscious generation coming up. Grateful that there are groups like the Chapman Health and Healing Club that are spreading the light and bringing a variety of topics to their members, to expose them to what’s out there so they can be aware and also ignite their own passions and resonance that will be the guiding posts of their journeys.

I’ve also taken a bunch of my Crystal elixirs over the course of the last few days to align me with the Crystals’ essence for sharing about them. So to say the energy has been on high is an understatement.

I loved seeing the students at Chapman experimenting with the elixirs. They were all very in tune with their bodies and senses, and immediately shared the shifts and feelings from the elixirs and the differences from one to another that they tried.

It’s always amazing to experience these powerful Crystal beings and just as with Reiki, simply talking about them gets things vibed and heated up. Hope I don’t blow out anything after this. 😉

I’ll be taking a break from the Crystal teaching until end of May when I’ll be co-teaching a workshop in Tampa, FL, although am still taking my elixirs and always have my Crystal friends around me daily for companionship and support.

Crystals are constantly moving in and out of my life, depending on the shifts I make, which are supported by their love, wisdom, and energetic presence. It’s been lovely to see Crystals move on again, and some of the students feeling so drawn to bringing them into their lives.

I was so touched by this one particular young woman who immediately was drawn to one of the heart-shaped Crystals I brought to the talk and literally was moved to almost tears by the comfort she felt when she held her.

She said, “I’ve never felt this with any stone or Crystal. I haven’t felt peace like this since I moved to this city. I love my new best friend.”

I knew that Crystal was meant to be with her, and got the message on why I had felt called to bring it at the last minute.

I love that.

And I’ve experienced much the same in my own life with them.

Yesterday, after the talk another young woman asked me how I got into Crystals and I realized there was really no “one thing” that took place, but it was a culmination of all things in my life when I was embracing the next level of my spiritual journey that brought many things into my experience all at once – like opening a floodgate and it just all poured in, as if it had just been waiting for me to be ready.

Since, Crystals have been one of the supportive ways I’ve worked with to completely shift my life experience. And for that I’m grateful and I’d like to shout out an extra special thank you in honor of them today.

How have Crystals been a part of your life?

Crystals Abound! Crystal & Reiki Deep-Shifting Support Sessions Special Discount Through May 15th PLUS Update on Crystal Elixirs & Events

There’s a lot of Crystal love energy a-flowin’ lately and that will kick into another high gear this week and over the next couple of months.

Beginning tomorrow I’ll be giving a Crystal Healing & Pendulums Intro talk, back-to-back nights at Chapman University in the Fish Interfaith Center for the Chapman Health and Healing Club Tuesday and Wednesday, followed by a Crystal Magick full-day workshop on Thursday – all here locally to Orange County, CA. Then on May 30th it’s another Crystal Love & Healing infusion with a workshop in Tampa, FL, followed by the June Summer Solstice workshop weekend on the 20th and 21st of Magick and Manifestation, which will combine Crystals on one of the days along with other goodies. (You can still register for these events – message me if interested)

crystal elixirsThere’s also been an explosion of Crystal Elixir energy that had me working the Faery Alchemy. I made such huge batches of the two magickal elixirs over the Full Blood Moon Solar Eclipse of 4/4 that I was able to create over 60, 1 and 2 oz bottles of both droppers and sprays of these powerful babies! Woo!! That’s a lot of elixir potency and fun, which had me feeling like the mad alchemist while processing all of these. And they ARE in fact quite powerful. Not only have I experienced them at work in my life, but have heard how they’ve been experienced as such by others.

After half already going off to do their service, I still have about half left to be able to offer during the upcoming talks and workshops in support of requests to do so.

So currently, if you’ve still been wanting some, I’ll have to place a hold on orders until at least after this week, to ensure I have enough for these events.

If you’re interested in one of the Elixirs, either in dropper or spray form of #1 (Herkimer Diamond, Orange Jade, Iceland Quartz) or #2 (Sacred Geometry Rose Quartz & Amethyst) you can message me so I can place your name on a waiting list and will contact you as soon as I know what I have available, which may be as soon as this Friday for starters.

I’ve been doing a lot of personal work with my Crystals, including working with several new Crystal friends that have come into my life, both in dream time work and in waking life, along with sacred & ceremonial meditations the last couple of months. And it’s been quite amazing, especially at night and in the meditational work.

At the upcoming events I will have Crystal Pendulums and some Crystals available for purchase and as part of your registration gifts, with the addition of some of my very own potent Crystal babies that are ready to move on to new Guardians, as our work is complete and I’m focused on work with the new wave that have come in. Any that don’t connect with a new Keeper, I’ll share here thereafter.

And that brings me to a special offering guided by our Crystal friends in support of the collective.


I have experienced not only for myself, but for my clients, friends, and my rabbit Cosmo, the powerful support that Crystals provide, and especially so when combined with things like Reiki for example – creating a holistic approach to the processes we are going through that is more energetically aligned in vibration to where many of us are currently.

I work with Crystals in combination with Reiki, as well as musical sound resonance at times, as it feels most natural to me and it’s quite potent for really getting deep with making transformational shifts.

I do this by distance, unless we’re together at an event or on a sacred retreat/journey, in which case in-person experiences take place.

Enhanced power sessions, especially including Crystals, work rapidly and penetrate deeply so this cuts out the need for long sessions, as the quality and potency is received quickly and with laser focus. It’s true that quality versus quantity is most beneficial.

I know a bunch of you are going through some big stuff, as I hear from you personally, I read what you share in your blogs and social media posts, as well as am hearing from you in my dreams EVERY night, as I continue receiving collective visitations from so many people where I’m seeing, hearing, and feeling what individuals are going through.

If you are interested in one of these distant Crystal & Reiki sessions, want to intentionally engage and take accountability in your life, and are undergoing some deep shifts, healing, and/or intentional processes into the new you’d like support with, between now and May 15th I’m offering a special on these due to the overwhelming influx of messages I’m receiving and being guided on.

So, between now – April 20th – and May 15th (that’s 26 days counting today) you can receive the following Crystal & Reiki session specials:

***** Simply click through to your choice of session and on the Paypal invoice please add to the message, days and times that would work for you between now and then, along with your intents for the session, name, and city, state, country you reside in. If you don’t have or know a specific intent, and just want an overall supportive session, please specify that as well. *****

  • One, 15 Minute Distant Crystal & Reiki Deep-Shifting Support Session: $55 (Savings of $20 – Regular Price $75)

Buy Now Button with Credit Cards


  • Three, 15 Minute Distant Crystal & Reiki Deep-Shifting Support Sessions: $111 (Savings of $54 – Pay for 2 and Receive 1 session for $1)

Buy Now Button with Credit Cards


The advantage of more than one session is continually bombarding oneself with supportive energy to chip away at pesky resistance, blocks, fears…especially if you know you’re a good self-sabotager, or you are feeling really stuck.

However, some people are ready for change and one session can be just the energetic kick to get you over the edge. It’s always an individual journey and results are always based on your partnering with conscious responsibility to your personal process and what is needed from you to engage and embrace for the change to happen.

There are no quick-fixes except each person’s willingness to do the work and the energetic support provides the supportive platform and loving flow, along with your current protocol, for those potentials with an infusion of a powerful jolt.

Sessions must be used and scheduled between April 20th and May 15th.

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