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Crystals Abound! Crystal & Reiki Deep-Shifting Support Sessions Special Discount Through May 15th PLUS Update on Crystal Elixirs & Events

There’s a lot of Crystal love energy a-flowin’ lately and that will kick into another high gear this week and over the next couple of months.

Beginning tomorrow I’ll be giving a Crystal Healing & Pendulums Intro talk, back-to-back nights at Chapman University in the Fish Interfaith Center for the Chapman Health and Healing Club Tuesday and Wednesday, followed by a Crystal Magick full-day workshop on Thursday – all here locally to Orange County, CA. Then on May 30th it’s another Crystal Love & Healing infusion with a workshop in Tampa, FL, followed by the June Summer Solstice workshop weekend on the 20th and 21st of Magick and Manifestation, which will combine Crystals on one of the days along with other goodies. (You can still register for these events – message me if interested)

crystal elixirsThere’s also been an explosion of Crystal Elixir energy that had me working the Faery Alchemy. I made such huge batches of the two magickal elixirs over the Full Blood Moon Solar Eclipse of 4/4 that I was able to create over 60, 1 and 2 oz bottles of both droppers and sprays of these powerful babies! Woo!! That’s a lot of elixir potency and fun, which had me feeling like the mad alchemist while processing all of these. And they ARE in fact quite powerful. Not only have I experienced them at work in my life, but have heard how they’ve been experienced as such by others.

After half already going off to do their service, I still have about half left to be able to offer during the upcoming talks and workshops in support of requests to do so.

So currently, if you’ve still been wanting some, I’ll have to place a hold on orders until at least after this week, to ensure I have enough for these events.

If you’re interested in one of the Elixirs, either in dropper or spray form of #1 (Herkimer Diamond, Orange Jade, Iceland Quartz) or #2 (Sacred Geometry Rose Quartz & Amethyst) you can message me so I can place your name on a waiting list and will contact you as soon as I know what I have available, which may be as soon as this Friday for starters.

I’ve been doing a lot of personal work with my Crystals, including working with several new Crystal friends that have come into my life, both in dream time work and in waking life, along with sacred & ceremonial meditations the last couple of months. And it’s been quite amazing, especially at night and in the meditational work.

At the upcoming events I will have Crystal Pendulums and some Crystals available for purchase and as part of your registration gifts, with the addition of some of my very own potent Crystal babies that are ready to move on to new Guardians, as our work is complete and I’m focused on work with the new wave that have come in. Any that don’t connect with a new Keeper, I’ll share here thereafter.

And that brings me to a special offering guided by our Crystal friends in support of the collective.


I have experienced not only for myself, but for my clients, friends, and my rabbit Cosmo, the powerful support that Crystals provide, and especially so when combined with things like Reiki for example – creating a holistic approach to the processes we are going through that is more energetically aligned in vibration to where many of us are currently.

I work with Crystals in combination with Reiki, as well as musical sound resonance at times, as it feels most natural to me and it’s quite potent for really getting deep with making transformational shifts.

I do this by distance, unless we’re together at an event or on a sacred retreat/journey, in which case in-person experiences take place.

Enhanced power sessions, especially including Crystals, work rapidly and penetrate deeply so this cuts out the need for long sessions, as the quality and potency is received quickly and with laser focus. It’s true that quality versus quantity is most beneficial.

I know a bunch of you are going through some big stuff, as I hear from you personally, I read what you share in your blogs and social media posts, as well as am hearing from you in my dreams EVERY night, as I continue receiving collective visitations from so many people where I’m seeing, hearing, and feeling what individuals are going through.

If you are interested in one of these distant Crystal & Reiki sessions, want to intentionally engage and take accountability in your life, and are undergoing some deep shifts, healing, and/or intentional processes into the new you’d like support with, between now and May 15th I’m offering a special on these due to the overwhelming influx of messages I’m receiving and being guided on.

So, between now – April 20th – and May 15th (that’s 26 days counting today) you can receive the following Crystal & Reiki session specials:

***** Simply click through to your choice of session and on the Paypal invoice please add to the message, days and times that would work for you between now and then, along with your intents for the session, name, and city, state, country you reside in. If you don’t have or know a specific intent, and just want an overall supportive session, please specify that as well. *****

  • One, 15 Minute Distant Crystal & Reiki Deep-Shifting Support Session: $55 (Savings of $20 – Regular Price $75)

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  • Three, 15 Minute Distant Crystal & Reiki Deep-Shifting Support Sessions: $111 (Savings of $54 – Pay for 2 and Receive 1 session for $1)

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The advantage of more than one session is continually bombarding oneself with supportive energy to chip away at pesky resistance, blocks, fears…especially if you know you’re a good self-sabotager, or you are feeling really stuck.

However, some people are ready for change and one session can be just the energetic kick to get you over the edge. It’s always an individual journey and results are always based on your partnering with conscious responsibility to your personal process and what is needed from you to engage and embrace for the change to happen.

There are no quick-fixes except each person’s willingness to do the work and the energetic support provides the supportive platform and loving flow, along with your current protocol, for those potentials with an infusion of a powerful jolt.

Sessions must be used and scheduled between April 20th and May 15th.

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