Ask Astrid Fridays ~ The Rabbit’s Corner: Authenticity for Enrichment


Yesterday’s share from Astrid got postponed until this morning, due to a full day on both of our parts. But now I see why it is coming today instead, as it’s the 11 year anniversary of my twin soul rabbit’s transition back to the stars. It is Nestor who guided me to all of my bunnies, and even my Russian tortoise Gaia, after her departure. And it is Nestor whom Astrid is deeply connected to and is most like in her magickal essence.

Both Astrid and Nestor have been huge reminders to me of my own essence, and to be truly authentic to who I am, as well as to explore what that means for myself.

Recently I’ve seen a lot of spiders around, including a huge one on Astrid’s castle and one on my keyboard to my computer as I was typing.

Astrid has a special connection to spiders and they seem to come around at synchronous times.

While they do bring messages of transformation, rebirth, magick, shadow, mystery, and creation, they also speak to how you are weaving your own destiny.

And this seems to be both Astrid’s and Nestor’s message this week – to look at your choices, decisions, thoughts, feelings, and actions as effective tools that can lead you to more mindful weaving in order to envision and create a life that serves or enslaves you.

Synchronously, this week on Instagram, a new magickal friend of mine was doing an animal totem Tarot card free reading where she shows you three cards upside down to choose from by intuitive draw, and then reveals their messages the next day – right side up.

My card was the spider, which in this deck also was associated with the High Priestess, but the message spoke to authenticity and exploring the truth of that for yourself.

It is about not allowing others to tell your story for you, being (and honoring) truly you inside and out, not letting yourself be trapped by other’s versions of you, and knowing that the greatest relationship you’ll know is with yourself.

Everything else will reflect that and be enriched by that.

They also say that receiving a sign involving spiders can indicate “the need for writing with the intention of weaving together gossamer strands that beautifully support the sharing of gifts” – interesting that one spider was on my keyboard.


The photos here share Astrid with one of the Amethyst pieces from the giant Amethyst Rabbit (that’s actually in the shape of a laying rabbit and looks like her when she does so) I used to have and returned back to me. It channels Nestor and today is a day of honoring her.

Astrid seems to be drawing my attention to what Nestor had always guided me toward, which is to walk in the essence of who I am.

I believe both of them are coming through right now to share this message also with all of you, as the collective truly needs each of you to walk in that same energy, which will help to raise the vibration for us all and create new experiences and possibilities.

This comes with knowing the parts within that whisper or loudly speak to you, and honoring them.

It also involves bringing forth your gifts into the light and sharing them with others.

And it means to relax and surrender to your heart, and release the confines of definitions and stories others would rather see you as, or that you’ve accepted, but always felt restricted by.

Yes, it involves courage, but you are being supported by so many others who are also embracing that challenge.

Even though this Amethyst is a piece of the whole, it is still connected to it and still brings forth a uniqueness that is needed and enriches all of the others – a piece of the web that creates the fabric of life.


Astrid sees who I really am – who you really are – and she encourages us to not let a day go by that could be lived in greater fullness.

Things may feel scary and uncomfortable, but even a fracture that feels painful can lead to greater flexibility to discover new ways of joy to be that had otherwise been hidden by the illusion of security.



About Tania Marie's Blog

Creating life as a work of art with a magick rabbit by my side. I remember my song. Do you? Artist, Author and Reiki Master Teacher with over 30 years' experience in creative healing arts and metaphysical studies. Tania inspires people globally to return to natural harmony, draw forth imagination to manifest dreams, embody creative empowerment, and live more magickally and abundantly from their most natural frequency – in essence, Tania helps you to remember your song.

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  2. Reblogged this on Laura Bruno's Blog and commented:
    There’s a message in here for many. Plus, I was just thinking of Nestor (Nestie) this morning, including her passing. I wasn’t sure of the date and then saw Tania’s post. Also synchronous to Tania’s post, a spider startled me in the sink as I was washing up my palette from a day of portal painting. For me, painting, decorating, and gardening are when I feel most alive and at one with my essence. What makes your heart sing?

    • aw, thank you for sharing the nestie and astrid love ❤ was out all day yesterday celebrating in spring beauty by the truckee river walk. it is also dave's 11 year vegan anniversary on nestie's 11 year anniversary of transition, so it was a big day. so sweet that she popped into your heart and mind too ❤ spider fun continued into the night yesterday, as i mentioned, with a huge one on astrid's green chair. they are definitely wanting to get out a message 😉 so glad you've nestled (get it nestie) into your own joyous essence. ❤ love you!

  3. I admire how conscious you live Tania. I’ve grown tired of personal growth and spend my time in rather ordinary pursuits and distractions. 🙂 Hugs…

  4. Thank you Astrid and Tania for the message. As always, you are both spot on. Right now things are scary and uncomfortable for me, but I’m trying to embrace who I really am, and trusting in the Universe to support me.

    • you’re welcome ❤ i so get it!! i think sometimes we make it harder than it could be. at least i know i have. because even in the regular routines of life we have opportunity to just embrace the experiences from our own unique perspective and immerse in them from the approach that feels most aligned to us. sometimes it's not always about the end result of being you and that it must produce something tangible like a mission or product of creation, but perhaps is just you being you in ANYTHING you do and as that becomes more joyful and natural, something else might reveal itself and seem easier, or perhaps that will be enough. the smaller ways of infusing our truth into life will have greater effects and are much easier to embrace i think. i feel that anything i do on a daily basis is a chance to be me. sending love and supportive energy ❤

      • RJ in Truckee

        Thank you for the love and supportive energy. ❤ You're correct in that sometimes we make things harder than they need to be. I know I do that all the time, lol. You're also correct in that it doesn't always have to produce something tangible. I'm working on taking my power back and setting boundaries too.

      • you’re welcome! ❤ i hear ya!! i've done it all too! 😉 sounds like you're in a pivotal place right now. i'm so glad to hear you are doing what you need for yourself.

  5. Astrid is cute! Well, we can always find out something more from unexpected sources!

  6. Desiree Bergeron

    This message resonated so strongly with me! The past three days I have experienced a connection with spiders as well… seeing them, and feeling a connection while in each other’s presence, and even while I was reading from a book about faerie lore at the bookstore, a message came through from them! The amazing thing is, I am going through a MAJOR break-through which involves reclaiming a very potent amount of my personal power in my life, and by doing so, I have all these incredible doors of breathtaking opportunities opening up to me! Yes, this requires me to push through INTENSE opposition, fear, and discomfort… This is by far the biggest (and I do not say those words lightly at all) Goliath I have ever faced… but the shifts, the amount of energy freeing up inside of me, is worth every moment of what I have to experience in order to reclaim and be who I am meant to be…to move forward while completely in my power!!! I have Sooooo much more to offer, so much more to give! And doing this work so that I can be me in all of my present energy is truly empowering as I see me weaving a beautiful new life- more beautiful and rich than ever before! We must not be afraid to do this work! I FINALLY was able to have the courage to face what I needed to, in order to break through what I barely dared to dream I ever would! I love all you share Tania! Thank you with all of my heart…. Desiree xx 🙏🏻🕷🦋

    • oh wow desiree! thank you dearly for sharing all of this and how you have been experiencing the energy of reclaiming your authenticity. i can feel the impact and potency of how this is affecting so much for you, simply through your words here. i couldn’t be happier and more grateful to you for embracing the courage to face the challenges and empower yourself. the work you are doing is so beneficial to all of us. thank you!! i LOVE hearing this and am so moved by your strength to shine! love and huge hugs to you! xoox

      • Desiree Bergeron

        Thank you so much Tania! (For everything you do and are!! 🙂 ) You bring me so much energy of ALL things that help support me… on my journey. xx 🔥 (if you ever want to take a peek… I am roaringheartyogini on Instagram… It’s less than a year since I joined.) Part of this Goliath break through experience has me reaching out to others in ways I don’t normally reach out— and sharing what I normally wouldn’t share…💞

      • you’re most welcome desiree ❤ i'm so appreciative and touched by your message, especially knowing it hasn't been your norm, but is part of the big changes you are implementing to reach out. i found you on instagram and look forward to following along! it's so beautiful that you are feeling that tug of connection, as i do feel it is part of the new wave of shifts in opening to each other more, co-creating, and sharing more vulnerably. ❤ lots of love!

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