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Sleeping Rainbows

20160408_162446_resizedYesterday was a really special day of exploring the Petrified Forest Trail, but my favorite was the Trail of Sleeping Rainbows, which is an extension loop to the first trail. You must do this extra loop if you visit, as this is where you’ll find the most concentration of these rainbow beauties greeting and guiding you along the way.

It was like walking on the rainbow wood road…instead of the yellow brick road.


There were incredible specimens of stunning petrified wood everywhere – 5 1/2 million tons of fossilized wood to be near exact.

They are over 135 million years old – that’s pretty ancient. 😉

20160408_154459_resized20160408_154639_resized20160408_155811_resizedThe trail is lovely taking you first through an area of balanced rocks, desert varnish rocks, Roundleaf Buffalo Berry shrubs, beautiful multi-colored lichen on rocks (blues, yellows, greens..), a pygmy forest, views of the town of Escalante and Wide Hollow Reservoir, black volcanic boulders and of course tons of beautiful and ancient petrified wood.


One of the nature trail markers speaks of the “Land of Imagination” when you come to the largest single deposit of petrified wood along the trail.


The guide pamphlet says:

“Imagine yourself in a large low floodplain similar to the Mississippi Delta area but with less foliage. To the northwest you could see towering volcanoes such as Mount St. Helens. To the east would be a large mountain range similar to the Sierra Nevada. It is the ancestral Rockies. You would be surrounded by large conifer trees, some more than 200 feet high. Nearby would be cycads, the ancestors of palm trees and some ferns. One hundred fifty million years ago this region was near the equator, but our continent has since drifted north.”

And of course dinosaurs would have been roaming the land.

Simply amazing to be in these ancient areas and to see the petrified wood of the towering trees that once stood here. You can tell they were huge by the size of the stumps, trunks, and branches remaining…like nothing that exists in this area now.


I’d never seen petrified wood like this before with so much brilliancy in color. It was truly stunning and mystical.

At the end of the trail you come to “one of the most remarkable petrified wood specimens in the park.” It shows “the subtle color changes from the outside rings to the center, which only a few petrified wood specimens in this formation are sufficiently preserved to be recognized.”


So just how does the petrified wood form?


Here is a brief explanation of the evolution of petrified wood that Scott, the Escalante Rock Shop guy provided me with my beautiful little specimen:

“Over 135 million years ago, the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument was closer to the equator and tropical. Dinosaurs roamed the area and the plant life mostly consisted of cycads, ferns, and conifers. The earth was geologically unstable. Floods and erosion would uproot trees and plants depositing them in flood plains and along sand bars. Later, volcanic ash covered the area.

In order for the trees to petrify, they had to be buried quickly with mud and silt to eliminate oxygen, which would cause them to deteriorate. Ground water rich in silicon dioxide and other chemicals would saturate the buried trees. The reds, browns, and yellows result primarily from compounds of iron, while manganese and other minerals account for the purples and dark blues.

Through a mineralization process on the cellular level, and by silicon dioxide acting as a cementing agent, the wood became petrified. This process takes millions of years!

This area lies within the Colorado Plateau, which has been uplifting for about 40 million years. These upheavals of the earth’s crust break the logs into irregular sections and exposes them to the forces of erosion. After being exposed the logs are further cracked and broken by the effects of freezing and thawing water that seeps into the cracks.”


I fell in love with all of these ancient spirits and was just in awe of the amazing colors and energy, as I stroked my hand over their surfaces.

20160408_160938_resized20160408_160946_resized20160408_161008_resized20160408_161014_resizedWe had gotten our first rain just about an hour before we headed out on this hike, which made the trail perfect, as there was just enough water that didn’t make it challenging to do the hike, but drenched the petrified wood bringing out the colors with wonderful vibrancy.


It sprinkled on and off while we hiked the rainbow wonderland and we were even greeted by a group of deer that surprised us, just as we had turned onto the Trail of Sleeping Rainbows….coincidence?

These deer frolicked right across our path and around us….I was so taken by their graceful leaps and could see why flying reindeer are part of Santa’s story as we know it. They literally looked like they were flying, as they barely touched the ground with each leap and then floated along their way.


It all happened too fast to capture any photos or video, so I just took it all in and took a few photos of a couple of them peeking back from in the distance after they flew through.


I so loved it.

And here and there you’d see piles of the petrified wood placed like cairns along the way from other hikers over time.


And upon completing the magickal trail, we headed to the Escalante Rock Shop, just below the park where I ended up finding the perfect small piece I was hoping to find.


I kept telling Dave that I wanted a rainbow piece of petrified wood to bring home and that is exactly what I discovered at the shop….and it was the only rainbow piece there, as the others were mono-colored mostly or had a couple of colors at most, or more in the browns.

Mine is delicately shaped like a long fern leaf, which I love too.

We only had five minutes to explore, as we needed to get back for Dave’s work, but it only took me about two minutes to survey everything and this piece was literally one of the first I saw.

We went to go pay for it and the guy gifted it to me for $1 because we didn’t have the right change.

We pulled out a twenty and a one, and because he had no change on hand, he said, “it’s your lucky day…just give me the one dollar bill and we’re good.”

That was very sweet of him and I was feeling the faeries and ancient ones shining upon me.

However, Dave found change in the car after we got back to it and before we drove away, he decided to bring it to him just because and to make sure of clearing any potential karma.


There are stories about the petrified wood here.

You are not allowed to collect or take any specimens from the trail. You can only purchase what is offered from the rock guy that he purchases through the park. Anasazi and Fremont Indians gathered petrified wood here to use for tools.


Some believe in an ancient curse on the area and whether this is true, or the power of guilt and belief have made it so, about a dozen times a year the park receives letters apologizing for taking the petrified wood and in the envelope is the returned piece, asking that their wrongs be made right, as they’ve had nothing but bad luck since taking it.


I took tons of photos of this amazing ancient garden of imagination…a place the dinosaurs once roamed, feeling the perfect piece would be at the rock shop and that knowing was actualized.


Releasing the Crimson Dragon

To recap my last post for better understanding of how this sound channeling came to be, we were exploring the Dinosaur tracks yesterday and after doing a tuning in and receiving of the energy, I then encountered the Crimson Dragon.

I took my shoes off to feel the ground on my bare feet, as the dinosaurs would have, and laid back with my head to the ground and my hands palms down to the ground.

I received what ever wanted to come through…after a couple of minutes of some sporadic visions, I then saw what felt to be a Crimson Dragon behind some rocks and trapped – only parts of his head were visible to me.

He peered through a small opening at me with his golden eyes with black slits in the center.

He was huge. I wondered at first if it could have been a Dinosaur, but no, that is not what I was getting….it was a Dragon. He was unable to release himself from this prison and here I was coming to his assistance.

I approached him delicately and investigated his intentions and nature. He was indeed fierce, but with a gentle heart – easily misjudged and feared by others, but without malicious intent. Perhaps this being why he’d been trapped, or that someone did not want his powers used with the good intent they were meant for.

He then squeezed one of his front clawed arms through the crack and pointed to my right. I felt he was directing me.

I knew then that my thought about doing sound channeling would come to be, as it would be sound that would help release him, help to direct energy that would open a door. And likely would also help release any other trapped energies or help realign things.

I opened my eyes and Dave was done too. He started making his way back down.

I took my time. I got up and realized that we had been sitting right in front of some amazing footprints. Oddly, when I first sat down I had surveyed and didn’t see any, thinking that’s interesting we found an area that was clear.

But in actuality there were quite a few, unless I was only now able to see them. One in particular seeming very much like could have been a Dragon’s.

I started walking to the right, which also happens to be the way out.

And stopped at a certain point just instinctively. I caught the last glimpse of Dave’s head disappear down the rocks and on his way to the car.

I got that this was where and when to begin.

I decided to video it, as it felt like it would be very different. And it was.

I wasn’t sure, at first, that I would share it, as it has a different energy, but I feel it is a very important expression of energy to share for complete understanding of the totality and power of all expressions of All That Is.

It shares the haunting and powerful ability of sound to direct flow and create portals that can sound both at times beautiful and ugly.

Afterall, all things ride that fine line of both, as that is Oneness.

The sound that came through reminded me of keening that is like a mourning and wailing that the Celts do. Something I’m quite familiar with and did myself when Nestor transitioned.

It can be guttural and sound like a release of pain and moaning.

I felt this to be both my channeling the Dragon’s energy directly and the key to unlock the door to free him.

It was very intimately moving and deep, which was another reason I wasn’t sure if I’d share, but decided it important to reveal this type of sound and energy expression, as we are here to work both the shadow and light and to walk all worlds with empowerment.

After all, if I had feared the Dragon, as others may have in the past or tried to abuse his powers, I would not have come to know his gift.

His gift was a sweet release that also provided a deep deep healing for me, as after I finished channeling the sound I was a bit shaky and felt like I’d moved a huge amount of energy (Kundalini) through me that cleansed and released parts of myself along with him.

I love the rawness of the video, the sound, and even me in a different state than people see me as, and it was the first time I started moving in one.

I began with my eyes closed and then drawn to open them and start walking…perhaps the intensity of energy needed to be moved through or I was being led to where the Dragon pointed.

The video is very emotional and intense for me to watch and in the end you can see there is like an awakening breath after the movement of energy has completed through me.

It’s as if I take a breath of freeing life for the first time and emerge from the dream walking between worlds in which this song, this Dragon’s story, and the key frequency to open the portal came from.

And when I saw it for the first time was then taken back immediately at how my Dragon tattoo shows up so clearly in this one and I didn’t even realize that at the time – talk about divine perfection.

It was amazing to be on the rocks there alone with this energy, as Dave was back at the car. I slowly made my way to him, climbing down and following the path of his footsteps.

I felt my work here was complete and we made our way to Devil’s Garden.

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