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Full Circle Serendipity

ice quartz.jpg

This is a fun full circle story… I’ve been experiencing a LOT of full circle things recently, but this was interesting. This Ice Quartz (with major rainbows inside you can’t see here) pictured in the water, was one that I had back when living in Orange County, CA. I loved it so much, but it disappeared immediately after having it for like only a day or two. I was sad, but figured there was meaning and embraced letting it go.

Well, it showed up about 2+ years later.

The friends of ours that were renting our place are selling the washer and dryer they got from us because in Austin, TX (where they now have moved to) they only do electric dryers, not gas, and the machines didn’t fit in their new house anyway. My friend texted me a photo last week asking if this crystal was mine.

I immediately knew it was that crystal and was so surprised.

They found it in the rubber ring around the washer. I guess it must have been in a pocket of mine and stuck there when I washed clothes. It’s been there ever since.

And for whatever reason they thought to look and there it was before selling the machines off.

She sent it to me and it arrived just yesterday in time for the Full Moon.

This is it in Lake Tahoe’s crystalline waters receiving a recharge in the sun and liquid love. When it went in the water I noticed the time was exactly 4:44 and immediately after I turned around and behind me where I was this lovely goose feather was sitting.

goose feather

Lots of angelic support and good vibes activating!

This crystal has gone through many cycles of cleansing, hehe!!!

And has been on quite the adventure, like me!

Now we are reunited at a beautiful and synchronous time of change and new creations unfolding.


Growth Involves Contraction & Expansion


Our choices and growth cycles come with times of contraction, in order to create huge spurts of expansion.

Within the contracting may be pains, discomfort, facing fears, and feeling the challenges to their depths, but then that naturally comes with the counterparts to all of these, as we partner in the dance of life and make leaps forward, sideways, and ALL ways.

And this natural pulsing of going within, then emanates more largely with each cycle, as it begins to remember and experience the fullness of All That Is while still enjoying every unique expression within that Source field.


I’ve come to a place of vulnerability and being okay with making fumbles, stumbling, looking awkward as I grow, or saying something that makes no sense in my spiraling efforts to keep moving energy in order to flow into the next phase of my growth expansion and experience.

And while I do this, I also do my best to support others to do the same and remind myself that they are merely spiraling along their own contractions and expansions to embrace more of their own pulsing hearts.

Robert Wilkinson:

“As Eternals, we’ve seen many things fall apart across many lifetimes. It’s a very human experience. And every loss creates the space for something new to come at exactly the right time…

“Just keep in mind that if it actually IS a time of many things fracturing, don’t be impatient for the new to present itself before the fracturing is done. We need a clean slate if we’re going to write a new symphony (and it’s hard to write one when the ground is shaking!)”



“Springing” Back Into Your Essence & Branching Out


While it may be Spring, there are pockets of areas, like where we are, that are experiencing a slower transition from Winter, with snow still making an appearance and brisk days and nights still our companions.

It’s a beautiful thing experiencing the Spring snow while still seeing all of the wildlife celebrating, offspring enjoying their first immersions of life, and trees, plants, and flowers all peeking through.


I love the contrast and I love how it mirrors our own unique journeys that at times will be both inward and outwardly focused, need introspection mixed with action taken on the guidance received there, and may seem like not much is happening on some levels when a whole lot actually is and is getting ready to leap forward.

Because of these reflections today and the sights I saw on yesterday’s hike on Sheep Creek Trail, which we started in the evening at 5pm and ended at about 7:30pm due to the extension of light at this time of year, I was moved to share the message I wrote for April’s newsletter on this 1st of the month.


So for those of you who don’t receive my newsletter, here is the message, accompanied by some photos from yesterday that show contrasts of light and dark…Winter and Spring:

We just celebrated a change of seasons this month with the Spring Equinox on the 20th and are now experiencing the Full Moon Eclipse in Libra on this day of the 23rd. And don’t forget the Solar Eclipse in Pisces that took place on the 8th.

A powerful month of revealing revelations indeed that can uncover the seeds of your soul’s true path.

Words that come to me are surrender, equilibrium, integrity, trust, and renewal.

In what areas of your life can you surrender and stop trying to do and control it all? What can you let go of to make room for allowing and receiving?

How can you maintain your equilibrium, and remain balanced? Are you fortifying your source of energy and learning to shield yourself from all externals that knock you off your axis?

Are you being consistent with the integrity of your life and making it a priority as to your vibrational resonance you embody? Where might you release things, people, and situations that aren’t reflecting the same integrity? Are you ready to invite higher discernment into your life with the choices you make? Are you living authentically in expression of your inner truth and essence or is false ego running the show creating illusions and lack of self love and self worth?

Do you operate solely in your head and forego the knowing in your heart? Are you willing to cultivate more trust in that gut feeling, or are you more happy allowing all of the “stuff” out there to determine the course of your life? Is fear your friend or enemy?

Can you commit to letting go of the old with love, gratitude, and compassionate understanding for the way things have been, but no longer need to be? What are you willing to release in order to have the new experiences you want? Do you talk about things rather than do them?

Renewal is yours if you are willing to lovingly close doors, take action, and open to receiving new portals of experience.


It all boils down to how seriously you are willing to make different choices and back them up with action. The first step is the most challenging, but it all gets easier from there.

We are just like energetic coils, spiraling through the cycles of our life and able to “spring” back and regenerate ourselves.

You are more resilient than you think.

What you believe and the actions you take in support of those beliefs are shaping your experience and either bucking the natural harmony of your coiled embodiment or flowing gracefully with that spiraling essence.


Asking questions right now feels even more potent than simply sharing inspirational words, as it engages you to partner more in the empowerment you seek.

If you are willing to honestly answer the hard questions, then the next question is, are you willing to take the actions in support of helping you toward different answers you perhaps may seek to experience?

Only you can do the work.

Only you can make the changes.

I can’t do it for you and neither can anyone else.

We can only help guide you back to you, if, and only if you are ready to go there.

There is no wrong. There’s only choice and free will.

There is no timing to meet except your own soul’s gauge.

To reclaim your sovereignty you’ll need to reclaim it.

How that looks is up to you.


If you feel you’ve lost your way, yourself, your innocence….you can always choose a different spiral of experience. True, it may take time and it may not be easy, but neither of those are reason to turn a back on yourself for.

Nature has many mirrors for us of challenge and resiliency, of symbolic death and renewal…and yet it goes on as that is the nature of its reality that knows what it is here to do and doesn’t judge it against anything else.

The nature of your reality is that you, too, are powerful beyond measure, are beautiful in all of your seasons of inevitable change, and no matter the roads your journey takes you, you are and always have been an embodied miracle.


The truth of it is, there is no magick.

Magick is simply when you are surrendering to your essence.

Magick is when you express your creative piece of life force energy moving through you.

Magick is simply you being you.

And when you are embodying your essence expression and trusting in the knowing of that beyond all else, everything you touch is a process of alchemy creating alignment, abundance, and grace.

That’s the “magick”. It’s a natural process.

When you aren’t being natural you don’t experience this.

It’s that simple.

From being in the core essence of you, you are then able to branch out into new things from a stable, solid, and sustainable energy source that isn’t being depleted by having to manage frustration, inner torment, or having to support inauthentic, contrived, conditioned, or illusory ideas of you, what you think you should be doing, or how you think you need to look to others.

For myself, I have come to a place of great clarity through letting go of personal stagnation I was feeling, although to the outside world would not have been detected.

This has resulted in cultivating and nurturing those key themes I mentioned at start: surrender, equilibrium, integrity, trust, and renewal.

And setting off on our RV adventure is the literal and symbolic vehicle for moving the energy I chose in action to take to support the needs I had personally of embodying my essence to the fullest possible.

This has come with knowing what I need to do without knowing and seeing any outcome whatsoever.

It’s come with letting go of EVERYTHING that doesn’t mirror the integrity I’ve become ultra sensitively discerning about.

It’s like a complete update and upgrade, which ultimately is a total renewal.

So, not only is it Spring time for the next quarter cycle of the year, but this whole year feels for me to be a year of allowing new blossoms to open from the work done all of these years, while also planting tons of new seeds and working them fully.

I’m trusting and surrendering to “knowing” solely, branching out by following new aspirations, and creating ultra focus and mega boundaries due to exponential sensitivities arising – all in response to life shoving me up to passion in all areas of experience.

We left Sedona on Sunday the 20th (the first day of Spring) and once again she’s proven to be the manifestor and regenerator that I’ve known her to be in my life and for anyone who is ready to embrace her potent energies of potential.

I’m cleaning my spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical house literally and symbolically.

I’m living from a place of saying “yes” to my inner truth.

And I am tending to my inner garden of blossoms, while planting like crazy.

Time to branch out into new areas that aren’t tied to anything but essence ecstasy.

How about you?20160331_194337_resized

Life is Both Fragile & Miraculous

Life is both fragile and miraculous.

I’m reminded of the miracle that each day presents us, as I think of all the things we take for granted and cast aside in favor of a race towards something more.

The breath I take, the way every cell in my body communicates to the others and knows just how to work together in synergy, the tiny heart beats of my little ones, how a baby grows within a mother’s womb, how I can choose anything I want in any moment to feel, how gravity allows me to walk on the Earth’s surface, the crystals that sit in front of me that somehow grew into these amazing Earth jewels, how each bird knows their own song, the way the seasons come and go, how Earth renews herself, how my plants shift from day to day and vegetables and flowers grow overnight…all of this and SO much more are miraculous experiences consistently happening in and around us.

Last night I received a message that a friend of mine I’d met in Bimini, 2009 on my first trip there to swim with the dolphins – who just so happens to interestingly share my same birthday of February 26th (different year) and is a fellow artist and spiritual healing arts facilitator – has been struck down with a rare and highly aggressive inflammatory breast cancer with bone metastases that has rapidly been wreaking havoc on her body in all ways. She’s only in her 30’s and lives quite a magickal and joyous life with her husband on one of the Hawaiian islands.

Healing prayers and support are going out to her to provide her soul with opportunity for another miracle in what ever way she chooses.

This reminds you of the fragility of life and while she may have her own soul path, which she only knows, it’s a strong nudge for having gratitude on all accounts and living each day with conscious awareness and from your heart’s joy.

In this way, you get to experience the richness of life always and get the most out of your time here on Earth. And when your time comes, as it will for all of us, you will be able to ride that wave with peace in your heart, feeling fulfilled.


So many souls continue to move on these days both in human and animal bodies, as a new paradigm reality is anchoring.

How do you want to be living your life while you ARE STILL here on Earth?

If the emotions you’re feeling are not fueling the life that truly would bring you peace of heart and soul, then maybe it’s time to move through them so that you can feel what’s on the other side awaiting you.

Holding on to and blocking your energy with anger, regret, repression, disappointment of what you don’t think you have, holding grudges, wishing for personal justice, drowning in sorrow, sadness, competitiveness, needs to prove yourself, holding yourself back until some perfect scenario happens…..isn’t going to create what you want, although has been the growth opportunity created to help catapult you into a greater, deeper, and richer experience of you.


sunflowersMy two Heirloom Mammoth Greystripe Sunflowers, which I planted from seed and transplanted from my Garden Tower out front, have flourished. One of the plants is 41 inches tall. It is actually holding up quite well on its own, although I noticed some drooping starting, so I harnessed it to a large stake to ensure it keeps reaching up to the Sun with ease.

sunflowerOne has fully bloomed, just yesterday.

sunflower3And the tallest one is just opening today. She’ll probably be in full bloom tomorrow.

Sunflowers are my favorite flower and it’s been incredibly fulfilling to grow these two beauties from seed.

sunflower2It’s my first time ever growing things from seed since my Garden Tower arrived and I also decided to plant some things out front. My Moonflowers and Malabar Spinach (from seed) are also growing well in the front yard, although are on a slower trajectory than the Sunflowers.

They have all taught me even more gratitude and daily presence, not to mention have anchored in more natural harmony with Nature and her cycles.

It’s also made me very aware of my own cycles and has all been very in sync with the big changes in my life. (I knew that my Sunflowers would bloom before I left here) 😉

I’ve supported, nurtured, cultivated, and watched how my plants have flourished and yielded their bounty, how some have had more challenges and needed more care, the passing and turn over of new growth, and the excitement and abundance of the natural beauty of Nature in her glory.

It’s the same with our lives and how we can support the cycles we pass through.


I haven’t decided yet on how long I have on Earth, and at times that has fluctuated greatly depending on how fully I choose to engage this reality.

All I know is that right now I’ve committed to an all-fulfilling ecstatic experience of living from a new found place of complete soul freedom.

And this is something I am engaging in fullness each and every day I choose to be alive in this body.

Nothing else matters except this.

It’s not about how much money I have, the things I own, a status to achieve, how many people I know, or even who I know. It’s not about having to prove anything, nor about needing to be approved of. It’s not about having the support of people believing as I do, or trying to change anyone. It’s not about being afraid to be me in all my quirkiness and bold differences. It’s not about how I look or if my body emulates other’s ideals. It’s not about superficiality on any level, so that I’m left with emptiness when alone with myself. It’s not about doing as many things as I possibly can cram into a day, but instead about doing the things I truly want to do with quality versus quantity.

Today I live each moment from the fullness of my heart without any regrets and with peace of soul that has no fear of what the next moment may bring.

Life is both fragile and miraculous.

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