Dreams, Snow Enchantment & a Thank You

As big snow storms continue here, my nights also remain consistent in messages blowing through. Dream visitors reflect daytime ones with recurring themes that point in the same direction of hope, opportunity, and major life changes of promising potential.

I can’t help but feel that these themes are collectively woven, and not mine alone, although I do understand directly what they point to in my own life. A most recent dream helped reiterate that feeling, which I’ll share briefly in a moment.

I waited to share this post until today’s Full Moon, as the energy felt connected.

A series of nearly back-to-back dreams have brought golden bears, rabbits, tortoise, and frogs all carrying similar energies.

I already shared my golden bear dream. Golden bears in dreams carry meaning of transitional stages in life, harmony, and joyous spirits, where as the gold can also be linked to the higher/greater self, good fortune, and hope. The gold particularly stood out as that alchemical process one refines and transmutes. Perhaps a whisper of a Golden Era or the potential expansion that hovers within reach.

Rabbits showed up as well in personal storylines, but connected me and others in dreamtime too. Astrid, Nestor, and Cosmo were prominent bridge workers for heart healing in others. Of course, we are entering the Year of the Rabbit as well, which is thought to be one of hope. There is renewal, good fortune, and abundance in rabbit’s presence. And don’t forget that “spring” in their step that carries joy and promise.

I also had a visitation dream from my tortoise Gaia. Although she’s always working hard behind the scenes with her impeccable cosmic navigation, to have her more upfront was a sweet surprise. In the dream I found a tortoise that had her essence and I knew Gaia had returned. You might recall how she disappeared into Deep Earth years back. So, this felt significant of something with her work and the core being ready for the next phase, but also that it’s here already.

I then had a dream that I came upon a pond in the snow where many large spotted frogs were swimming and hopping about. One of them hopped into my hand and filled the size of my palm. Frogs, too, symbolize hope, good fortune, renewal, transformation, new beginnings, opportunities, making leaps, and major, personal transformation and life shifts.

Waking life abundance of turkey vultures, chestnuts, and chickadees have been on the same wave length. Turkey vultures brought to me patient renewal as a message. Chestnut trees have become a symbol of perseverance and hope. And chickadees sing of hope, good fortune, contentment, and bravery.

While there indeed is work ahead and layers of recreating and rebuilding to do, it feels promising if we can stay the course and summon up the courage and trust of the heart for the journey.

This brings me to the most recent dream that punctuated a collective tapestry message. It took place in the wee hours between the 3rd and 4th of this week.

In summary, the dream had me involved with others in what seemed like a significant tipping point potential, but not without concerns and uncertainty. I found myself in a large, dark community-like room that felt to be half inside and outside, with a group of people. There was the sense of something looming, a presence, or energy that was closing in, after a period of continuing to be held off by the people in the room. I found myself observing this energy and the people around me, as if I was assessing and trying to understand the relationship between them and what could be done to change things. In short, people were frustrated not knowing what more they could do and felt on the edge of hopelessness. Then something came to me. I shared what I was feeling…”If we bring the power of our gift together at the same time, this will change everything. We only need 35 people to do this together at once. But it must be done together. And what is meant by the gift that has power, is not the gift you think of easily about yourself or that you’ve been expressing more prominently in your life. It’s the gift you’re most humble about. The one you dismiss easily or don’t think it yet to be a power of yours.” I knew in the dream that I had no evidence or proof to provide the people of what was coming through and they did ask how I knew this…I couldn’t answer more than it just is a sense and that we didn’t have anything to lose in trying it. However, it was still not felt to be an easy task, as some people didn’t know what their power gift was, couldn’t see or acknowledge it, or were afraid to step into it. I could tell it partially gave them relief in theory, but there was still doubt and fear flowing strong in the emotional and subconscious realms. After that point, I remember people running about, trying to evade this looming thing or energy. The more they ran, the more it came. A elder man saw me and grabbed my hand, pulling me with him, and without words I knew he wanted to keep me safe. He took me through back hidden doors to this other room that went down secret passageways and into a hidden area behind the large kitchen. Back there, as we stayed in a separated reality, there was a sense of him nurturing me and the creative alchemy within me that was growing while things continued on “out there”. End of dream.

I always receive very specific numbers, words, places, snippets of exact flashes like remote viewing in dreams. The number 35 stood out. It points to significant and beneficial life changes that come with a transition and re-evaluation period, but the changes will receive divine support to help with the challenges that may come on that path.

The number 3 is about development, creativity, joy, optimism, spiritual expansion, and growth.

The number 5 is about significant changes, freedom, curiosity, adaptability, resourcefulness, and a bright future.

The number 8 – the sum of 3 + 5 – is about victory, overcoming challenges, prosperity, infinity, completeness, harmony, and also strength, material/financial abundance, and even professional success.

So when you put 3 and 5 together you have the support, spiritual guidance, and energy to help you to achieve dreams and be successful with endeavors.

Again, felt both collective and personal so I’m sharing, as I do with other things where one can draw upon more than meets the eye from the surface of stories told.

A word that’s come to me recently is refinement. One that also feels to carry weight for me this year and the course I’m navigating. Refining things as a form of purification as well.

And nothing could feel more purified than fresh, crystalline snow.

I mentioned in my last post that our recent snow shoe in the forest when we broke first tracks had us journeying through areas where many a gnome, creature, and being could be seen in the trees, but also the presence of unseen realms was strong. I shared a couple of those photos so that you could see for yourself if anything showed up while viewing them, but now I am sharing more and how my eyes see things.

I made these fun, quick images on Instagram, using these photos from that day to visually bring to life what I saw in the forms around me and the space between things.

I thought you might enjoy them and perhaps they will spark your imagination – putting you in the realm of curiosity and potential – a space we can invite in at any point in our day.

I know it’s tough out there these days…just as it is inside your heart sometimes to feel it all. We want answers, but sometimes we have to find that kind of resolve within ourselves alone. Sometimes the simplest of things can be the answer. Sometimes we may be asked to step into trust one more time and then we’ll see the next step, but not before then.

Is there something about yourself you’ve been afraid to acknowledge or that felt insignificant because it was more of a secret hope or wish that you wouldn’t dare allow yourself to state out loud?

Is there something others, society, or circumstances didn’t support about you, but it was once – even if just for a second that you dreamed – a passionate beat of your heart?

Like the snowy enchantment images I just shared from my own imagination or experienced reality – depending on perspective, is there something within you that rustles like a seed deep under the snow, mud, rock, and earth with desire to see the light no matter how silly, uncomfortable, or strange it might seem?

When we are willing to curiously and light-heartedly acknowledge these things, no matter how bizarre they may feel or appear, we find a new reality aligning to conspire with us, step-by-step.

I am willing to face the voices and fears with you to bring forth my power gift.

And together, I know that we can build and move realms, let alone mountains.

I know my way and childlike heart isn’t everyone’s way or resonance, but I’m still enlivened by the possibilities I sense.

On a side note, I wanted to send gratitude to those of you who reached out and shared such lovely messages about the sound channeling meditation I posted at the end of the year. I’m so touched to hear how it moved so many of you and helped release and open areas of your life you’ve been working through. It’s one of those things that works behind-the-scenes and can be revisited – each time peeling layers away. It was a way for me to share a piece of my multi-dimensional self with you and streams of the beyond that we are each connected to when we surrender.

Also, I completed many things in the last couple of weeks of 2022 and thought it was powerful closure to the year initiating a dear soul to the third level of Reiki in a Master Teacher attunement just 3 days before the New Year. I share this because although I’ve made these trainings available online except for the sessions together at completion of each course that are live, I’m not sure yet how long I’ll continue offering them. I may even remove them by my birthday – permanently or temporarily. Just something to keep in mind as I continue saying “no” to requests for past offerings coming in and I’m feeling into this one as far as if it still works with the new ahead for me.

I will keep up the Empowerment Series, which includes the Everyday Reiki workshop (great for people who’ve gone through all levels) for longer since they do not require any extra time on my part.

I’m currently working on a little painting, side project as a transition into the next phase that may actually become available as an offering upon completion. I love to move energy in the in between instead of just jumping from one thing to the next. There’s a huge energy shift I need to prepare for with the changes, so channeling creative energy feels supportive as a conduit of the new and making the move more fluid.

I have loved all that my life has been filled with up until now and how it’s connected me with so many incredible souls. I’m also loving the ability to recreate a new one.

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Creating life as a work of art with a magick rabbit by my side. I remember my song. Do you? Artist, Author and Reiki Master Teacher with over 30 years' experience in creative healing arts and metaphysical studies. Tania inspires people globally to return to natural harmony, draw forth imagination to manifest dreams, embody creative empowerment, and live more magickally and abundantly from their most natural frequency โ€“ in essence, Tania helps you to remember your song.

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  1. We continue to receive similar dream messages–gold, alchemy, being led to a safe haven while the world undergoes its more traumatic shifts, being prepared for a major change in life. This feels collective, but also very personal. โค

  2. I admire your vivid imaginations, dreams, and commitment to conscious living Tania. To light-hearted living. ๐Ÿ’•

  3. Happy New Year Full Moon Tania!
    I enjoyed the dream reveals, magickal photos and the gentle wisdom you always impart. Regarding 35, did you know that 8 is associated with Capricorn? It is also connected with Scorpio ( and of course the Pluto ruled 8th house). I know you are Pisces but I have a few Saturnian Pisces folks in my circle lol!
    When I gazed at your wondrous winter photos, I imagined if perhaps some of those objects ( for lack of a better word) could be thought of as creatures that can be seen with the inner eyes, in a different dimension? Just a thought!
    I am excited for the future projects and activities coming into your life. This lunation can be so powerful because the moon loves to be in Cancer. So great for inner exploration through dreams, telepathy, tarot, and more. Also for leaning into our nurturing aspects, as you do naturally.

    big hugs,

    Linda โค

    • Hi Linda! Happy New Year!!! Thank you SO much for all these yummy morsels of insights and goodies you imparted. I did know about the 8 link with Capricorn, but am loving your extra mention of it, as it highlights things even more coming from you. It’s very fitting, as I think I mentioned to you I have a lot of Capricorn placements in my chart including my north node.
      I LOVE that you framed the “objects” as creatures to be “seen with the inner eyes!” Big yes and resonance with that! ๐Ÿ™‚ And also fitting for this Moon’s energy, don’t you think?
      I couldn’t be more grateful for your supportive words about the changes I’m moving into and inviting. I feel a lot of relief and also a lot of overwhelm, but in a growth kind of way that is good stuff. I’m treating it like I do my skiing, where instead of looking at the wider picture that could deter me or freeze me up, I’m just following the energy flow a step at a time and focusing right in front of me to make it manageable. That Capricorn approach for sure…steady and patient. My Pisces self usually takes the broad approach with things, but the Capricorn parts of me have learned when to pull back to the here and now.
      Thank you for your great insights on this moon too! So helpful and easily grasped for readers here who have challenge with the complex astrology…you lay it out simply and no surprise with your background and what I sense to be down-to-earth astrologer approach. I love that you mentioned tarot, because I was just sitting down to do a reading lol! We’re so in tune.
      I hope that this Cancer Moon will be nurturing for you too sweet friend. Sending you huge hugs and love!!

  4. Desiree Bergeron

    Iโ€™m inโ€ฆโ€ฆ.!!!!! (35) ๐Ÿค— ๐Ÿ’ž weeeeeeeeeee!!
    I know this to be true: that one of my favorite-est things//energies about you, is that pure and powerful inner child connection you haveโ€ฆ.itโ€™s something too, that Iโ€™ve always nurtured in myself and even deepened because of your beautiful exampleโ€ฆโ€ฆand I canโ€™t help but think and wonder sometimes about how incredible this world could be if more souls reclaimed their connection with that source of light~ to be in that space of un-programmed pureness that effortlessly exists with pure love and true discernment!! And JOY~FUN~PLAY!!
    If youโ€™ve never seen the animated cartoon The Little Prince~ you must watch!! Gabriella adores this movie and we bought it for her as a gift and all the girls and I watched it together over the holidays!!
    Itโ€™s def a Tania movie!! ๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ’“
    Always love your dreams xx
    Actually thought of your sweet Tortoise Gaia while watching that film The Mystery Of The Maya as one of the Temples has Turtles around the top of it, and has powerful symbolism w/the Mayans so of course was thinking if you!! xx
    LOVE xx ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ

    • Yay!!!! So grateful to have your beautiful and powerful energy part of the shift point! Weeeeeee indeed! I’m truly grateful that you join me in that space of inner child purity. I couldn’t agree more. It WOULD be quite a different world! And at the same time, we wouldn’t know the freedom or difference if we didn’t have the other energies around us, right? At some point we won’t need the contrasts or will simply move in and out of energies without thought, but for now there’s so many gifts we take for granted including the energies that don’t feel as fun. I didn’t used to feel that way, but I sure do now.

      I have The Little Prince book…so I am sure I would love the movie. Love hearing that Gabriella adores it so much โค

      Thank you for sharing about Gaia! She definitely is tapped into the Ancient Mystery energies of civilizations on and off planet. I love that you think of me with the Mayans!

      Big love!

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