Gateways of Potential

Everywhere I turn I am reminded of our potential and hear the invitation to stretch just a little bit more.

There’s almost no need to write much about the messaging that comes through, as I feel the photos reflect a lot on their own – like the above one I snapped while out skiing on a beautiful day recently.

The sky was so bright that I couldn’t see everything when looking toward the vista, but I felt the energy before me and knew to just aim and snap. Later, I discovered the hearts filling the sky and hidden between the trees and terrain – reflecting to me the feeling I had of my heart expanding, as I took in the peace and brilliance.

I’ve always felt the heart to be the gateway to so much potential.

It heals. It integrates. It transmutes. It expands. It makes so much possible that otherwise seems out of reach.

That was the inspiration for the name, Emerald Bridge, many years ago – to represent the path and offerings I flowed through me.

I wrote this, at the time, about that:

Emerald Bridge, which was divinely inspired as a reflection of the Heart Chakra. The Heart Chakra is the source of powerful, creative and unconditional love energy that acts an energetic “bridge” and balancing integrator between opposites: body and spirit, male and female, persona and shadow, ego and unity, lower and upper chakras. It is symbolized by a lotus of twelve petals and the color green, with emerald as one of its associated gemstones that match its frequency. It is from this place of peaceful centeredness that love emanates as Divine power. And so Emerald Bridge (a compassionately conscious business) was born as a merging of body and spirit through the heart with visionary healing arts services that would help spread unconditional love across the globe. It’s been my hope to inspire a return to natural harmony within and without and to help cultivate authentic self-expression, bring people together in joyful co-creation, and support a remembrance and embrace of your own Divinity.

There may even be more hearts than I outlined below, but this gives you an idea of what was all around, even if I couldn’t see it with my eyes.

Love always awaits our presence. And it’s not a fluffy kind of love, but a unifying cosmic force that both hovers in a space in between and dances like crystalline snowflakes all around the energy field – potent, but untethered, grounded, but mutable, still, but boldly all-encompassing even in the tiniest of reflections.

When you try to define it, it disappears…melts away upon your desire to hold it close when its nature is simply to be.

The Heart Chakra feels to be a vortex of untapped territory, so vast that if we were to fully immerse into it we would find ourselves catapulted into a whole new realm and navigating uncharted expanse like Pilgrims of the Cosmos. But first we may need to travel through a Black Hole of unknown with the deepest trust ever fathomed.

The heart as a gateway to The Great Mystery.

We have yet, I feel, to fully understand this kind of love. And even to name it such, feels limiting. Yet, for now, our ways of connecting to it – the symbolism and reflections – the pieces of its alchemy – are keys to enter its gateway….and discover so much more.

Indeed other realms await us, and the winter landscapes I find all around me feel to echo pure, new terrain we have opportunity to explore and create from.

I love immersing in the stillness and purity of snow because it feels supportive of a reset and creating a sense of being neither here nor there – suspended in potential.

This was me on our recent Cancer Full Moon – such an opportune time for explorations within. And what greater space to explore than the vortex of your heart.

Note the heart portal block printed on my dress – actually a bone, arrow, and element print creating a meeting of spirit and flesh, and wood carved Hunab Ku earrings.

I do love to literally invoke doorways and intentional focus.

Hunab Ku Symbol is a gateway to life beyond, calling us to realign with the Cosmos and live in balance with all things. Also known as the Galactic Butterfly or One Giver of Movement and Measure, is said to represent all consciousness that has ever existed in this galaxy.

One might say it is harmonic resonance embodied and the creative impetus of potential as wholeness.

These days my focus has shifted and much of the time lingers in the spaces in between, while engaging anchors above and below, within and without.

I do not choose to only journey on the outskirts of this realm, nor in this realm alone, but to unite realms through the vortex of my heart and tweak the elements to create the alchemy of potential. To bridge all consciousness through One universal language is a frequency that beckons my heart to refine.

I use mirrors constantly to understand the depths and hidden riches contained in the secrets only whispered by outlanders to the spaces most inhabited.

The reflections we receive from each other are a beautiful mirror for us to see our wholeness when we don’t, and to realize our potential when we’re stretched.

Astrid is such a powerful mirror for me. She helps me to know myself better and to see where I am capable of more. She’s very good at the reflection process and even uses it effectively for herself.

I love her darker coat that has shades of everything in between, then lined with silver toes, tummy, and tail, as well as highlighted in her shapeshifter furry aura. She reminds me of silver linings, but also that depths are a beautiful journey when approached as an adventure.

The “courage of her/(the) heart is very rare”, but as Nicodemus from the Secret of NIMH imparts, “the stone has a power when it’s there.”

She’s also especially good at reflecting when it’s time to move forward and let go of parts of my life, especially in terms of my path and offerings. Astrid will often get restless, tug at my pant legs, nibble on my socks or slippers, chew her castle, or leave the room altogether to get my attention and let me know, “enough is enough…time to move on…hop to the adventure that’s been calling.”

She’s no stranger to change and reminds me not to dilly dally because life doesn’t wait. Something wonderful may be just around the corner, but one who decides to stay put, doesn’t have that potential to experience. Although all experiences are perfect, I do have a soft spot for the wonderly! So, off I follow my magick rabbit down every hole she jumps in.

She is a gateway by sheer embodiment and when I drop into the space of purely being with her, there’s a sense of transcendence unfolding in the timeless moment of all-encompassing heart energy.

I’m also so grateful for all the incredible mirroring souls I’ve had the honor to work with as students and clients over the years because they’ve helped me to listen even more deeply and constantly evolve. It doesn’t matter if I’m facilitating. I’m a constant student and receiver of the invaluable gifts each moment with them provides me as opportunity.

One of the reflections I’ve been receiving is how intertwined our ever-shifting paths are to each other, as I witness so many continuing to evolve and move into new spaces themselves. It’s a synchronized puzzle that brings space and piece together at just the aligned moment. We each support the opening of spaces just as others are ready to adventure in and strengthen them.

As example, I already mentioned how I’ve continued phasing out aspects of my previous work and offerings and saying “no” regularly – something that was harder for me to do in the past, but now feels like a reciprocating gift. And as I have done that, I’ve noticed others saying “yes” to similar spaces – ready to recreate it with the addition of their uniqueness. Each of our frequencies finding their new landing spots and no longer fitting the familiar ones.

Rather than hold tight to staying put and not wanting to give up what we’ve built, it’s a gift we provide each other in letting go and embarking on a new architectural adventure that the gateways invite us to experience.

I know far well what happens when I have one foot in and one foot out…or even two feet in, but one toe left behind. A little fracture, or splitting of experiences, takes place. I choose to bring ALL of me on board now and I know this is the way to create what I feel in my heart is possible. So, that’s why I’m making things clear with what I’m leaving in order to move fully on, as I sense the gateway is here and timing is of the essence.

So many things, like the Reiki training I mentioned recently, have been an ongoing part of my life. Teaching and sessions since 2007 and in recent years has been in an on-and-off-again phase, as I listened to collective needs. And, now, as my birthday’s new cycle approaches, I’m morphing with transformations again.

I’ll honor any sign-ups that have taken place before decisions are made on this, which I sense my birthday month will clarify. I will also have referral teachers ready to pass on to you, when things evolve as I sense. The link below has details if there’s been a strong sense our cocreating the Reiki journey together is important, and also provides reflections from others about the online training, in case they mirror something for you too:

Reiki Certification Training

I’m so grateful for the ongoing mirrors all around me. It’s not always easy to listen objectively, but it gets easier.

It also increasingly gets more fun.

I used to feel, like many of you I imagine have or do, that living on the outskirts of knowing was an unstable place to be. That wasn’t my nature, but the barnacles of voices and fears around me, attached nonetheless.

As I’ve examined and removed each barnacle, one at a time, the true terrain of my inner world has been allowed to enrich itself, sprout, and blossom without constraint of the other things growing in and around my own garden.

I’m grateful for the gifts those voices imparted, as what I grow now is more fortified because of them, and more resilient from the cross-pollination of hardy elements I was able to retrieve in the cultivation process.

My Aquarian and Mars energies don’t want to conform, although my Pisces energies love to find balance between any conflicts and easily morph with the here and now. I’ve always marveled at the dichotomies within that also stir a melting pot for potentials beyond and inclusive of either/or – collective energies we’re all exploring and refining into our own strand of golden thread.

However we each show up and choose to explore the web, I strongly sense the presence of incredible gateways before us at every new twist and turn…each opening and closing between intervals of tweaks and shifts in our frequency.

I’d like to now end with the little painting side project I mentioned in my last post, as it reflects the gateway energy prominently voiced in this one and is very special to me.

The vision for it came on the Full Moon of the 6th and I completed it on the 8th. Its manifestation was fluid and revealed the threshold before us.

As I mentioned, I felt the need to move creative energy during this transition period where I’m integrating the next phase, and what better way to honor and anchor that than with an actual gateway creation. It emerged, as a result of the sound channeling meditation I shared, “Opening the Stargates.”

This plain wooden tray came to me recently and Dave actually said, “maybe you can paint something on it,” which resonated instantly like a huge heart click.

A tray symbolizes new offers and opportunities. A tray with golden anything on it symbolizes rich rewards and invaluable and magnificent achievements that are possible to manifest from the opportunities presented.

Golden cosmic tree nebulas merging into a gateway to another realm.

Take a look at the details of this enchanted space and inner sanctum castle made of entwined roots and golden vines, the vast vernal landscape, and the merging cosmic rabbits leaping from one world to the other. One reflects the joy, sovereignty and expanse. The other peers at us with glints of invitation and mischievous knowing, even in the in between.

What are your takeaways from viewing the creation below that channeled through?

I took various photos of it – close-ups, full scope, and angles in different lighting reflect how it shifts and the golden paint comes alive depending on perspective.

The tray is 11 1/4 inches by 18 1/2 inches by 5/8 inch. It’s not complete, as I’m awaiting varnish to arrive to seal it properly so it can be used as a lightweight serving tray, as a potent holder on an altar where sacred objects can be placed, or can be displayed in a mini decorative, tabletop easel or sit atop a shelf or mantel.

I am also feeling I will affix tiny stones and crystals around the outer edge, once the varnish is set, framing the gateway as a form of activation that will be both grounding and uplifting in energies.

It wanted to be shared now, so I am posting it for anyone meant to see it.

I wasn’t sure if I’d be keeping it or offering it, but I’ll know once it’s complete and either way, I’ll post a photo of it in its final embodiment with any information on its possible availability then. That will likely be some time next week.

In the meantime, I hope it inspires your journey onward with heightened sense of wonderment for the potentials that lie on the other side of the gateways you are navigating an invitation to.

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Creating life as a work of art with a magick rabbit by my side. I remember my song. Do you? Artist, Author and Reiki Master Teacher with over 30 years' experience in creative healing arts and metaphysical studies. Tania inspires people globally to return to natural harmony, draw forth imagination to manifest dreams, embody creative empowerment, and live more magickally and abundantly from their most natural frequency – in essence, Tania helps you to remember your song.

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  1. “Love always awaits our presence. And it’s not a fluffy kind of love, but a unifying cosmic force that both hovers in a space in between and dances like crystalline snowflakes all around the energy field – potent, but untethered, grounded, but mutable, still, but boldly all-encompassing even in the tiniest of reflections.” -TM So beautifully said, so beautiful Tania Marie. Many blessings to you! Julie

  2. Thank you for the beautiful reminders and photos to light the path of heart, love, and integration. May this be a year of more fully embracing our potential. Big hugs dear Tania. 💕

  3. I love the tray! Also, hehe, your dress ties into one of your gifties that just kept whispering “Tania.” You’ll see.

  4. I love the tray! Also, hehe, your dress ties into one of your birthday gifties that kept whispering “Tania.” You’ll see

  5. Desiree Bergeron

    I love so so much the many hearts that showed up in your capture…..!! 💓And the beautiful reflections that you shared 🫶
    Your exquisite painting (Ooooooo I just LOVE IT!! 😱) for me, feels like a direct connecting//reflective mirror and invitation to constantly drop into my heart via ‘The Emerald Bridge’ you were speaking of! It’s very soothing to me, it visually represents how connected the unseen and seen is………portals so close and connected and all we need do is stop and drop into heart awareness!! Thank you so much for sharing it!! 🌟🌟

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