Orca Dream Plea ~ Singing the Song of Our Cosmic Hearts

I had another dream last night about Orcas and I’m guided to share it along with this reblog that pointed to another very key dream Orcas had visited me in back in 2015. The blog reshare doesn’t talk about the specifics of that dream, but in part it was that dream that channeled my soul companion in rabbit body’s name – Cosmo.

Orcas show up when there’s something very important to impart and although not mentioned, they make themselves very clear to me on specific and rare occasions. This led me to getting a very special Orca pendant I keep close to heart.

The reblog shares about the potency of their message and symbolism, but in general cetaceans are direct connections and in some ways the clearest of connections to our Cosmic essence. I love the embodiment of Orcas as duality in One – their black and white creating a beautiful harmonic abstract that carries frequencies simply by viewing them. This symbolism speaks loudly to the evolutionary challenges we are being met with and that is at the root of much frustration even from many who have been on a more conscious path for some time.

But back to my dream..I’ll briefly share it here without any interpretation so that the reader can do that for themself.

In my dream, I was swimming out in the ocean with Dave and a few other people. I suddenly saw a large pod of large and smaller Orcas that were swarming around what appeared to be like a giant cargo boat because it was flatter, but had more of a military or scientific vibe to it…like a warship or an ocean laboratory.

I swam closer and amongst them and could feel that some were wild Orcas and some had been in captivity and were being released back, but these ones were smaller than the wild ones. The ones being released felt like they had been altered in some way and either created or were hybrids of some sort. There was a cry or plea I could hear from them and then I noticed one of them looked more human.

I recognized this man from somewhere even though he was starting to become more Orca or some hybrid version of something similar to this. I was able to recall where I knew him from and some details which I mentioned to him as a way of reminding him of who we was. He was barely able to form thoughts and words, but the ability was still there and with each thing I shared, it helped him to remember. But what ever had been done, was having a strong hold on him and pulling him into becoming something else if I didn’t keep up reminding him and helping him to awaken those parts of his DNA and latent, stored memories.

There was a sense from the wild larger Orcas of trying to help too, while also a feeling of loss and grieving, while trying to hold a loving vibration to be of assistance to the Orcas being released to them. They all seemed to be in process of evolving and in the shape of large pods, although you could see what was forming. My heart went out to them, but much more to what all of this was speaking to in a larger way…providing us a choice for how the new realities will look and how we want to be within that.

There was another blog I found that I wrote after this first one with an update, which you can find here:


But I am supporting the message to share this today after the dream and before tomorrow’s New Moon, as we have portal opportunities and support at such cycles to take active participation in a new unfolding reality.

Tania Marie

christian riese lassen swim in the moon Swim in the Moon by Christian Riese Lassen http://www.lassenart.com/

I posted this on Facebook, but feel guided to share it here as well.

I had such a vivid dream last night about Orcas and because of my connection with animals, I never take their messages lightly.

It definitely felt like a plea for help, with its disturbing elements, on both an individual species level and grander level collectively.

Their medicine is so potent as Animal Spirit Guides – see Spirit of Orca

While this dream felt collective in nature, there are always so many layers to dreams and I am embracing the personal through it as well.

Perhaps it also means I will be seeing them when in Iceland this February to commune in person.

Whatever it means, I have been carrying them with me all day and listening to what they have to share.

It’s interesting to note that…

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  1. I had a powerful orca dream on 12/6/2021. I’m sharing it here in case it relates to either of yours or to this potent time:


    Much more to this or other dreams, but I only recall these parts.

    I was involved in some sort of intrigue like in Star Wars or The Empire Strikes Back. There was a huge pool and canal. It was artificial, but so large that animals came into the pool via the canal system.

    On one occasion, I fell asleep in the water, and it seemed like two whales had cradled me — one on each side, possibly a parent and an adolescent. I could not recall details of this, but it stuck with me in the dream as I went about my various duties.

    At one point, I tried to ask questions about what type of animals came into the pool. I didn’t want to say whales because I wasn’t sure they were allowed to be there. The first pair were — I thought — sperm whales. I think Bonnie was the person I spoke with. (Realtor who lives in the condos near us. A big gardener.)

    Then I was back in the giant pool area at night. It got late, so I lay on my back in the water and a mother and baby whale came right up to me, one on either side. They turned their heads so they were resting on my shoulders, and we all snuggled together in the pool.

    I could see this from above, too, and realized, “Wow. This is an incredible experience.” I needed to pee but didn’t want to move because the experience was so amazing. I was fully clothed in a dress, pantaloons and other things. I thought maybe I could just pee in the water, but I was concerned what that might do to the pH. I also didn’t want to disturb the whales in any way.

    When I looked from above, I saw that they were orcas, but without the white — just jet black whales cuddling with me in a pool at night.

    I ended up getting up to pee (in the dream), and when I returned, the whales had swum away. I hoped they would return. I then dumped things into the water — some white crystal type powder, followed a little later by activated charcoal — black. I tapped the containers on the sides of the canal, which were all slimy.

    There was more to this part, like someone witnessed me doing it. The next day, Michael Knight from Knight Rider came in to talk with me while I was at the pool. He was Knight Rider but also Michael Landon from Little House on the Prairie.

    We chatted casually and then he asked, “So what were you adding to the water last night?”

    I kind of hemmed and hawed. I did not want to say. In truth, I didn’t know what the white crystal stuff was or why I added it. The black activated charcoal I added to counteract whatever might have been in the white crystals.

    I gave a very casual non-answer, and he got called away. There was some urgency, and someone told me the equivalent of “Luke Skywalker now working for the Empire” was on his way here.

    I awoke thinking of those magical orcas.

    From Diana’s site:

    Orca’s Wisdom includes:

    Creator of the Cosmos
    Having the ability to create raw matter into stars, planets, etc.
    Freeing the soul from the physical body
    Controlling rainfall on Earth
    Using the vibrational energy of song to heal
    Assisting humans in finding their soul song
    Soul memory
    Seeing the unseen
    Teaching the ability to seal soul fissures and energy leaks

    END of dream journal.

    xoxo and here’s the link to Diana’s site:


    • Thank you so much for the additional Orca connections to add to the messaging coming through. In the second link I added it shares how you and I at that time were discussing Star Tek: The Voyage Home messaging kind of connecting to the Star Wars essence you mention in yours… plus yesterday’s Astrid post with Mandalorian and Jedi connection 😉 Diana’s info connects with the stuff I shared from finding at the time too so it’s all getting lots of underscoring alignment with all this weaving.

      • You’re welcome! Oh, fun that we were discussing Star Trek. I didn’t get a chance to read the other dream yet because I was just starting a session. I’ll look later. Definitely some Wonder Twin Powers Activating! ❤

      • I finally had a chance to read your linked posts. Oh, yes! I remember that Star Trek movie we talked about. I also noticed that both my dream and your note involved mother orcas and baby or adolescent orcas. We are definitely in a pivotal time on this planet, for several reasons.

      • For sure! And yes lots of wonder twinning in the process!

  2. I didn’t put this part into my dream journal, but Diana also includes this after the list about Orca’s Wisdom:

    “According to coastal Indians, Orca was created by the hunter who carved a “blackfish” out of yellow cedar and commanded it to kill his wicked in-laws. Orca tore the men to bits and returned to the Tlingit man, Natsalane, who then ordered the sleek animals never again to prey on humans. And, to this day, Orca, the top predator of the sea, doesn’t eat people. Indeed, the Tlingit people of southeast Alaska consider Orca a custodian of the sea.”

    • Awesome! 11:11 here! Goes with something I almost wrote but decided to leave out so I’m not interpreting so much… but included not only their duality within oneness, but how they embody contrasts of judgments.. being called killer whales and yet they are so cosmic and exhibit great connective and compassionate energies.

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