It’s Always Tea Time in Wonderland ~ Astrid’s Adventures of Late

Today’s share is a short peek out of the rabbit hole from Astrid and a little look into some of what she’s been up to behind the scenes. Astrid has been laying low in the background, much like myself, as we both pull back more these days. Yet, as I shared, the pulling back isn’t a hiding or diminishing, but rather a way to shine brighter and focus on the inner landscape where the power lies for creating change with longevity and rippling reach.

So, while we both seem less active, we’re in fact more efficiently using our energy reserves to be more active in other ways than how others have seen us engage previously.

Astrid has been intricately working, preparing, and supporting a lot of the upcoming focuses we will be navigating together, and this has also included getting things ready here with our crystal collective, as well as being very engaged in the “dream” planes facilitating the truer realities than our limited vision allows us to see and experience in the so called “waking” planes – and then working at merging these more in unison.

This has involved welcoming in new arrivals, but old friends, and doing the bridge work that will assist the channeling process about to begin.

Here you can see Astrid with some new Fascia Jasper human and ET skulls from our sweet friend Lisa, as well as in meditative trance while she tunes in on many planes.

These skulls contain key threads to the integrative evolution and expansion we are journeying through – an upleveling in both embodiment and experience, as we learn to bridge duality and adapt to the changes being initiated. Combined with the rest of the crystal collective here, it’s going to be explosive in terms of information channeling in and Astrid and I, both, need to be strong in wellness on all levels in order to handle the vibrations getting ready to stream through. We’ve also needed to tend to fine-tuning our frequencies to do this, which is also why stepping back has been important.

And here she is with old friends, doing what she knows is also key – self care and replenishing – as not only is it important to do what we feel called to do, but to also make it a priority to nurture our own needs and recharge.

She slows down, tunes in, listens, and receives….because all of these are even more vital these days to engage in.

And of course there is a lot of relaxing after very full days, taking her time not to rush things while also luxuriating in being in a body.

All the while done in the good company of old friends who see her for who she is and support the authenticity she chooses to embody. After all, those who really love us, accept us as we are and do this from the truth of their own chosen expression.

These old friends are also bridges of key communication and support to assist facilitation with the new crystal beings that have come together here from across the globe.

So much has been in motion, but the timing could not be rushed.

And in the meantime, the last several months have offered room for expansion, as invitations to explore potential upcoming realities made themselves known.

Astrid uses the literal things in her realm, as a way to demonstrate life as an adventure and work of art she curiously explores and creates, moment-to-moment.

The following photos are of some of the new things that came into her life over these months of more silence, which have helped her integrate a process of stretching her imagination and trying out new ideas to see which offered the most expansion and ability to move beyond anything she’s previously known before.

Some also reflect her true essence and hold the space for a future self to merge in the here and now.

The above collage showcases the expansion of her tower and castle system of tunnels and look out points, bridges, and resting spots both in the light and the dark.

Little by little it grew until it expanded into this:

Astrid uses this space to reflect and take literal journeys. She also embraces times of being unseen, as well as stepping up and into the full light, away from the usual, closer-to-Earth places rabbits might find comfort in.

There’s a time for both and to be both without judgment is to embody one’s true and unified power.

Even when she’s in those higher realms and very seen and more vulnerable spaces, she doesn’t forget to nurture herself and stay grounded so that she can stay there as long or as little as she likes, while not giving up her other parts. She trusts and knows that she’s always safe no matter where she chooses to be or how big she allows her energy to emanate.

Astrid also received this rabbit maze and new cottage that have been a true joy for her.

I turned the maze upside down after first introducing it to her, so you can see how it mirrors not only an underground rabbit hole system, but an exploration of paths life has to offer – or that we have available to create by choice.

This is a short video I took of her just starting to explore it – again with it upside down to see inside. This was her first attempt at it, but she went crazy after and it’s been her favorite thing since. She’ll often just hang out inside, or run through it in different versions of her creation in the moment.

When I can’t find her, I know she’s down this rabbit hole immersing in all the richness there.

I love the energy I feel from her when she’s in this maze and the symbolism she’s enacting in the moment when exploring it.

She LOVES the journey and isn’t afraid of exploring the dark passageways that eventually lead to the light.

They are connected through the heart of curiosity and wonder – no more or less than the other.

They are a merging made possible by the presence of imagination.

They are where creation lives and springs forth in new exuberance of expression.

She is never lost, as she knows her center.

Round and round she explores the possibilities of entries and exits…the potential of love in motion.

And then there’s her new cottage that sits beside her maze of possibility.

Rightfully, it displays her embodiment in bold declaration.

The Magick Rabbit, indeed. And the glint of light in her eye reflects confirmation embraced.

This was an interesting space for Astrid to explore upon first introducing it. While it feels resonant, it also holds the space she’s merging more visually and courageously into, much like many of us are.

The first story has been easier to fully immerse into.

The upper story has been a curious invitation she’s integrating with occasional dips in an out.

And yet they are both here and now, as The Magick Rabbit she already is.

It is part of the next phase we’re navigating here with the crystal collective and new landscape we’re ready to place both feet fully into.

The cottage’s second story has been written and the pages are merging together through alignment of coded frequencies we’re creating.

And then there’s her new Mandalorian chair.

It’s been moved around quite a bit, as many of her things do, before settling in the extended new space and room where her maze and cottage reside.

This chair is a reflection of Grogu, known as “The Child,” who is a Jedi-Initiate and Mandalorian foundling having connection with Jedi Grand Master Yoda.

You can understand why this chair came here for Astrid and how it reflects the journey we are all on to remembering, reclaiming, creatively training, and empowering the truth and wholeness of our being.

And so you can see how deep the rabbit hole of Astrid’s focuses go, even without laying out all of the details. To think that these are just pieces of what she’s been up to behind-the-scenes, is amazing to wonder of the possibilities.

This is true for all the things we are each involved in, behind-the-scenes, even though we aren’t consciously aware of every single detail…some of it is taking place in that “dream” landscape we think is merely symbolic…some of it is percolating in between the things you’re conscious of…the multi-dimensionality of our experience is mind-blowing.

And yet at some point, it will no longer rest in the unseen.

To sip of the enchantment is to welcome in the wondrous unknown.

It’s a declaration of trust when we follow the nudge.

Expand or contract?

Drink or eat me?

Alchemy is blurring the lines of division so that everything vibrates in the same beat outside of time and space.

The invitation has never been more clear.

We just have to be willing to surrender to it without trying to understand every twist and turn of the journey.

The nature of reality and the nature of who we really are will be a welcome mat to a new frontier.

It’s always tea time in Wonderland.

A quick note….The One-of-a-Kind pieces page is no longer on our website, as of yesterday, but we are leaving the Dream Drops & Friends up just through end of today because of feedback that came in from people who found their forever friends over the last few days.

People shared that they had received the nudge on crystal friends and special items, but hadn’t acted for a variety of reasons. Then it became clear they really wanted and were getting the message about them, read the information again and it clicked, so most of the pieces were claimed.

If for some reason this speaks to you, I’m leaving the page up through today since weekends can be time for breaks from platforms like this. There is just one last Dream Drop remaining and only the ancient petrified wood jars. If they’re yours, thank you for hearing the call. These crystal beings are ready to journey into the wondrous new realms of creative expansion.

(Just in this morning, an additional, very beautiful reflection about the Dream Drops from Edie Summers, Author of The Memory of Health & Wellness Coach. She already shared about these, but sent me a quick message exclamation about the continued and increased support she’s receiving: “Your Dream Drops are helping me so much!! I’m so grateful for all of your healing gifts and energy.” I couldn’t be happier to hear this.)

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Creating life as a work of art with a magick rabbit by my side. I remember my song. Do you? Artist, Author and Reiki Master Teacher with over 30 years' experience in creative healing arts and metaphysical studies. Tania inspires people globally to return to natural harmony, draw forth imagination to manifest dreams, embody creative empowerment, and live more magickally and abundantly from their most natural frequency – in essence, Tania helps you to remember your song.

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  1. I’m glad you and Astrid are taking time for being, self-care, and integrating Tania. Hugs…

  2. Thank you,Tania Marie, for taking the time to share your and Astrid’s Magical Journey with us. What a Beautiful Love Story! To love and be loved like this! It makes my heart sing, my world brighter, hopeful for all Humanity. Heaven Blessings! ❤ ❤ ❤

    • You’re so welcome! I’m really happy (and Astrid’s hoppy) to know you enjoyed the share from our hearts. I am so grateful to have her in my life and your oh so sweet message is a beautiful reflection to read! We thank you dearly for the loving words and heartfelt blessings! Sending you lots of love and sweet heart songs of hope and joy!

  3. “Astrid uses the literal things in her realm, as a way to demonstrate life as an adventure and work of art she curiously explores and creates, moment-to-moment.” -TM

    I LOVE this beautiful thought!

  4. Desiree Bergeron

    I adore you both!! Thank you for sharing these reflections…..the light and love and wisdom….Auntie D especially got excited to see you Astrid, with your crystal friends!! And your new ‘add on’ spaces etc; how perfectly perfect and fitting!! 🙌🏻💞

    • As do weeeeee you! You’re so welcome and hoppy birthday once again! We hope you’re having a beautiful day in all the ways you deserve! Sending magickal wishes from our hearts to yours ❤

  5. Love your interdimensional bunny story Tania❤️ How Sovereign and rich she lives and shares her journey with you and us all! It makes my heart swell in great expansion as I imagine all the self care and work we are doing now on the sidelines to bridge our 2 worlds❤️ Such an exciting time we are living now🥰💃🏼 much love to you x

    • Thank you so much Barbara for your beautiful reflections and for seeing her. I agree! There is so much potential we are unraveling and weaving before our eyes. Exciting indeed ❤ big hugs and much love to you as well ❤

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