Spreading My Wings in the Field of Potentials

And so like that I turn over a new pair of wings.

How many of you feel life is becoming a whole new world of potential that you previously had not imagined it could become?

While there’s definitely the intensities and frustrations circling about, there’s never just one experience playing out at any given time since one form gives rise to another. Contrasts live together and from these spring a well of possibility beyond both.

Collectively we’re all sharing a transformational experience and this may look different for how it weaves for each of us and what frequencies we choose to play out. Especially since our creative expressions are unique and at this point, more than ever, are the ticket to unexplored realms where we have yet to experience.

All I know is that the fresh terrain feels inviting and liberating because it’s where the tethers have dropped, making it easier to fly to new adventures without being weighed down. Hence, creativity becomes more fluid and we realize its vital role even more.

It’s an invitation to bring all of our parts with us, but to do so by sharing a new relationship to them and supporting an evolution rather than eradication. In this way threading together strengths, nurturing new ones, and transmuting the rest to blend the aligned alchemy for a refreshed and equally more fluid embodiment mirroring the ocean of creativity.

Some key shifts that come to mind in my personal experience, but may speak to what others are moving through as well, include:

  • A new experiential immersion, like an identity shift or frequency activation that draws from the larger well of multi-dimensionality
  • Having new dreams – both as experiences in dream life and in terms of magnetization and passions
  • Reckoning relationship imbalances – letting BE those not reciprocal or reflective of the vibration I am moving into with least resistance possible at any given moment
  • Extra unconditional detaching, observing, listening, and receiving
  • Releasing of past feelings in regard to responsibilities, roles, and sacrifices, as well as accepted definitions, collective belief systems and judgments
  • Giving AND NOT FORGETTING receiving, as the marriage of both EQUALS ABUNDANCE in the field of All That Is that we are
  • Now enhancements (some may call upgrades) taking place sooner than later, placing implementation at the forefront because they’re connected to liberation

And I’m sure I could have the list go on.

I share these to put some context to things if you were feeling similar.

Something I had no idea how it would ever come to be, is emerging….and other things I hadn’t yet in my soul history experienced full circle during one cycle, are in motion of coming to fruition.

It’s no surprise that on the New Moon great blue heron appeared, underscoring much of this and also pointing to the immediate journey ahead of the next two months.

We saw him on a hike where many ducks and geese are always prevalent…but not on this day. Not one of these other avian friends were there. Just the lone great blue heron. We rarely see heron up here and the last one at this lake was a few years ago. Mostly I see them down in the valley.

Just before our journey, I was feeling an initiation take place – that’s the only thing I can describe it as. I could feel myself in between worlds and not wanting to speak much. I was also in a high state of observation like I’d just landed from another planet and was curiously watching with a different layer of myself.

But of course I continue to find many messenger gifts, as you can see in the following photos, all culminating around the New Moon as well. I’ve mentioned before that for me, Nature’s messengers are the way that Cosmic messages are streaming through these days.

Steller’s Jay is speaking quite loudly, hawk including red tailed hawk, Northern Flicker (woodpecker), Western Tanager (songbird) and then the wild find of what appears to be part of a deer’s jaw with molars in tact.

The timing of the latter was uncanny and deeply telling, as teeth speak to the root and interconnected influences of things. They are a gateway to deeply transformative inner work and spiritual development that reveal the complexity of emotional energy that we’ve been holding onto in distorted and suppressed ways. Teeth are part of a structure system and alert us where changes in our life are becoming necessary to our well being.

I also found this incredibly tiny, but ever-so magickal little rainbow infused raw citrine on the beach – so telling of the creative potentials we may overlook and the gifts that go unnoticed all around us.

After our first day of travels, I had to come back to add the potent sightings along the way of transitioned animals by roadside that included some unusual ones – bobcat, two foxes, and again raccoon were among these. And in fact, upon touchdown I opened the car door to get Astrid out and a Steller’s Jay feather was right at my feet and then we had a raccoon visitor hanging out on the side of our cabin while we sat outside to unwind from the road trip.

To say that the interweavings of late have been rich is an understatement, but they are being made possible by our willingness and readiness to consciously coweave the connections and dive deeper into the creative vortex.

We are artisans of vibration creating a frequency elixir for a new way of being. A theme I keep reiterating because the depth can’t be expressed enough for its inviting implications.

And speaking of artisans…I was ecstatic to find this naturally carved piece of wood on one of our hikes recently to a new vista point.

I have several creative side projects upcoming in Autumn, but this is definitely one of them.

Can you guess what this piece of wood has spoken to me about its energy signature I will assist it into being?

I was floored when I received the message so clearly and how it points to the renewed opening of my path.

Moment upon moment it’s wild how much is coming to light for us all and how much we are tapping into one another in seamless ways – once again. I can’t tell you how many stories of synchronicity happen with people I know to the “t”.

The wisdom is embodied within everything around us and especially made clear through Nature as divine messenger of our Cosmic origins and sacred depth of layered connection and harmonic brilliance.

A recent reflection I captured one evening spoke to this explosion of life on nature’s canvas in the flow of a cosmic sunset birthing over Lake Tahoe.

This display felt like a reflection of my inner landscape, but also of the collective pool’s ability to paint new expressions of art over and over.

The dramatic bursts of color over the lake on one side of the sky and very soft cotton candy pink puffs rising from the mountain tops on the other side spoke to beauty in all expressions, unlimited potential, and ability for contrasts to live as One.

Recent outdoor immersions have been filled with incredible beauty. I find it fascinating that this year is drenched in ever-more enchantment and abundant surprises, alongside the contrasts in the world and even in contrast to what was experienced with the dramatic fire season of last year…and yet they live as One and speak to perpetual, creative renewal inherent within.

Take a look at the following landscapes where hope blooms and imagination graces each step with whispers of memories you might miss if you tread too loud.

Lush faery realms draw me in, as my heart flutters with delight. The ground is filled with cotton clouds that turn the world upside down, or perhaps right side up. One can feel themselves take flight into the green sky fields lining the creek. No matter what the world throws at me, I am content with unwrapping the quiet wonders that don’t need bells and whistles to earn my attention.

I am content immersing in Nature’s nurturing – filling my body with nourishment for thriving and my spirit with frequencies of essence.

Yellow bursts of mmmmmeadows infuse sunshiny vitality as golden streams of invigoration through my veins.

Lilac fields of lupine dreams and iris potentials are where my spirit finds harmonic resonance.

Their auric fields and fragrant alchemy are welcome friends, as I explore the opening of new neuron pathways and stretch into what’s possible.

Each year there’s a place where the wild irises grow that is a favorite enchanted realm of mine.

You must hit the timing just right to catch them in their glory, as the opening is so brief. This window shifts by weeks and days and we’ve caught it in several points of the process.

This year, alignment was perfection in my day of choosing to journey there.

And I fully saturated my entire being with it.

This kind of in-tune interfacing is becoming the more prevalent norm.

And the reflections are connecting us heart-to-heart.

Astrid continues to experience her own shade of lilac interfacing in deepening violet hues of amethyst inspiration.

See how she lovingly cradles her amethyst friend with her entire body, heart and soul.

I love her little silver tipped paws atop the royal amethyst points…receiving and giving…creating and weaving…together.

So much is taking place within the very fabric of our being.

And together with our little family, we are taking our current promptings on an adventure that was put into motion last year, but happens to align in supporting Orca’s call and the recalibrating of necessary ingredients to walk forth with.

As you read this, we are traveling and settling in, so our next touch-in will be from a different vibrational space we were called to.

I’m grateful that before departing, my garden gifted me a hint of new blossoms I was awaiting (and perhaps hints of what’s opening in my life) – knowing I would be sad to miss them in all their glory and also happy to add their frequencies to the igniting of new. I feel they reflect what’s unfurling within.

This included my first red and yellow lilies of the season, alongside a few more of my smaller daylilies, my first pansies and hollyhocks, and a lot of delphinium floating in the air like little blue stars. .

Loving the colors of red, yellow, purple, and blue that stand out in frequency.

I was also excited to see my very first Lamb’s Ear flower just begin to bloom before we left and of course I harvested my Garden Tower for Astrid’s breakfasts while traveling, along with lavender, rose petals and other beauties that will be drying for our return to use in baking and more.

I left half of the lavender because the bumble bees have been loving on them, as well as the hummingbirds who keep frequenting the garden along with the rest of the pollinators to sip from all of the blossoms.

Astrid and I got the message to move our “Hope” and “Dream” mushrooms from our Wonderland room (right before leaving) into the garden to plant these energies where abundance grows.

We already had a “Grow” mushroom in the rock garden, so adding these two behind the faery and rabbit that mirror Astrid and me, felt aligned in connecting our vibrations and journey as an interlacing with the garden of life, no matter where we are.

I was able to put to closure everything I wanted to before heading out for this little away time, and plan not to immerse in the same ways of the past upon returning. I’m even recoding my “pasts” through some soul explorations along with new daily rituals and commitments I’ll be incorporating into my life in order to navigate by a new vibrational map.

I thought it was quite a send off to have a dream the night before we left about my having five little baby birds that seemed similar to parakeets that kept releasing themselves from some cage someone had put them in. I went to round them up, much like the little Robin in our garage, to make sure they were safe since they were still young and vulnerable. They were exuberant with curiosity to explore the world and very ingenious to outwit the cage. I was able to gently pick them all up, but one of them flew right into my mouth, preferring it there to my hand and feeling safe to sit cradled in it. Potent stuff indeed!

And while dream life often includes nature messengers, along with Astrid in two recent dreams, waking life continues like a dream I’m dreaming alive in my garden and on every adventure excursion.

This book gnome with rabbit and hedgehog friend were the last new additions to the garden here that face our room.

Their presence is especially meaningful as an immersion into weaving and rewriting a new story – one that knows no boundaries between realms and species, heart and mind, body and spirit.

I love imagining that they’re in process of reading what that story is and my imagination is the storyteller unfolding the words, moment by moment for them.

Day into night and night into day.

We write and weave and weave and write.

We are all creative storytellers doing much the same with the fabric of consciousness in the field of potentials.

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Creating life as a work of art with a magick rabbit by my side. I remember my song. Do you? Artist, Author and Reiki Master Teacher with over 30 years' experience in creative healing arts and metaphysical studies. Tania inspires people globally to return to natural harmony, draw forth imagination to manifest dreams, embody creative empowerment, and live more magickally and abundantly from their most natural frequency – in essence, Tania helps you to remember your song.

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  1. Another avian sync wink in addition to the twin hawk feathers: I saw great blue heron right before coming inside to read your post. I see heron a lot, so the sighting wouldn’t normally have been that unusual, except it flew from a different spot than usual. Also, when I look at heron, I thought to myself, “THIS sighting’s significant for some reason,” then came in to read your post. 🙂

    Enjoy your travels! xoxo

    • Weeeeeee! Gotta love it! The twin feather was super cool! When you sent it I knew you were going to get a kick out of mine.
      Avian energy is so strongly in my daily experience. Saw a half dozen large hawks on yesterday’s drive on perches, one dead one, another dead bird I’m not sure what it was, and what appeared like an owl flying. Then that Jay feather by my feet and the dream.
      Thank you! One more day of travels to go today.

    • Wanted to share that the avian and sightings continued… on our way out today it was the first time I see a vulture clear as day looking at me just sitting on the fence as we passed by. Normally i see them flying and only a few times over the years saw on ground in front of me, many on beach and ground close, as well as the one with you and Karen in Bodega (remember??) and condor in Peru the shaman had on shoulders. There was that unusual quality like your heron and strong feeling of significance. Then more transitioned animals – another fox, 3 raccoons, a skunk and several large rabbits.

      • Yes, I remember Bodega. Also, the vulture looking at you echoes a dream I had in early 2020. In addition to your own messages, perhaps a timeline marker for me. This keeps happening where an earlier dream experience shows up in someone’s life — and those earlier dreams all had the same message for me.

      • The vulture is definitely a timeline marker for me big time.. echoes how I’ve repeatedly said this trip would be the end and beginning and much more. All the animals echo. So if it’s the same for you, then a triple whammy wonder twin. The first night of our travels our raccoon visitor to the cabin came to our bedroom window and was chittering like crazy . This is how they communicate and I very loudly knew that communicating extended to me to cut through dream time.

      • Interesting because another of the life visions that someone shared with me was timeline marker for a July 2020 dream about a raccoon shaman.

        Also, I awoke from a dream this morning. Very little recall, but here’s what I wrote in my dream journal:

        “Tania, Forest, Cocoons”

        Long, processing dream about Tania. I don’t remember details. Something about people in pods or standing upright but high up, almost like in cocoons. It was night with torchlight in the forest. Not scary but unsettling. Awoke with The Doors playing, “This is the End.”

        END of dream journal.

        I don’t remember other details, but it had something to do with you. We were both in this really dark forest with cocoon like pods hanging from trees or standing on wooden platforms in tree branches. Torchlight in the background and then Jim Morrison singing over and over, “This is the End.”

        Metamorphosis at hand…

      • Yes, I remember you mentioning the raccoon shaman when I posted something else about raccoon recently. This chittering raccoon went on and on under the window…this youtube shares the sound: https://www.youtube.com/shorts/7ddY73OoxGA

        Very interesting dream…the pods tie in with my orca dream and the orca hybrid and human pods too. We drove through dense forests and will be exploring. But yeah, metamorphosis in motion…keep feeling the edge. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Desiree Bergeron

    First things ✨FIRST✨ (!!) The energy surrounding you is undeniably more exquisite (if that was even a possiblility— but somehow, it was…..Hehe!!) and I can feel just by seeing you, how deeply you’ve re-birthed……re-embodied……fluidly, as a continuation of your experiences in Mexico!! It’s so so so beautiful. It’s so so so inspiring. It’s so so so strong. It sends waves of supportive power and energies to MY pivotal opening and re-birthing processes (biggest of my life as you know—🫢) And though I can’t put it all fully into words, there’s really no need, you already know!! (There’s that telepathy connection through heart and soul that’s just there.) I am ever grateful for you!! The messengers and gifts and dreams you share always make me reflect. I love that!! And the synchronous connections ARE wild!!
    Red Tail Hawk, Blue Jay, and Great Blue Heron, ALL have shown up in potent, messenger ways, in these last few days over my way!! LOL. It’s soooooooo incredible, sometimes I just can’t get over it!! 😱🤗
    The sweet connection of those Wild Irises and you, are super special. Feels like you, in your Star Being Wisdom, seeded them yourself—on purpose, for your own enjoyment and pleasure, as you knew you’d experience part of your Earth incarnation in that area of Mother Earth!! 🫢🫢🫢💜💜
    I LOVE the special piece of tree being that found you for a special project too— it makes me smile because I can’t help but feel that certain sacred things literally ‘throw’ themselves in your path because they sooooo want to co-create with you!
    Much love to you and Dave on your nurturing get away!! LOVE YOU.
    x x X x x 🙌🏻🌟🌟

    • Beautiful share. Enjoy your travels and hope to see you soon 🌊💦

    • Hehe!! First things first! Thank you SO MUCH! It’s wonderful that we can share all of this and understand on equally shared levels. Your rebirthing is a story many would be inspired by to hear but even without sharing it is rippling out to the world in grand effect and reach. Can’t thank you enough for the bravery you have embodied for yourself and others. And I agree.. the way the messengers show up is astounding… stuff no one can make up, but few may understand. And it’s so funny but not surprising you said that about me in star essence seeding the irises… as I didn’t write it but almost did.. how this place reminds me of my off planet visions tucked away in a dream zone I journey to.
      Lol! It IS like that and I know for you too with how things pop in at just the moment.
      Fun that we piggy backed trips with you returning and us going. This is a long away for us that feels part of the ingredients for change. Love you too! I’m sorry I missed wishing Phyllis happy birthday on her day… we’ve been so busy preparing which is why I sent stuff ahead of time

  3. You live in an incredibly beautiful place and your amazing attitude and attunement make a beautiful life you’re living/creating. Kudos Tania. I admire your dedication to growth, but don’t seem to have any interest in conscious growth the last few years.

  4. Such a gorgeous post! I journeyed with you the whole way! You are indeed a faery! So much to love and cherish in the vibrations and creativity herein and throughout. Yes, there is more and more the norm of being one with nature and synchronicity. I feel your title here is so perfect. The imagery in your magnificent world is so vibrantly shared! I am dancing with you in my heart.

    • Oh wow! Thank you so much Ka! 🌟 it’s such a joy to hear from you and with such beautiful things to share that touched my heart so much. I love hearing that you are feeling the same about being one with nature. I could feel your exuberance and shared thread of connection so deeply. I love dancing with you!! And as I shared in my comment on your post recently, I’m so happy to feel your thriving heart.

  5. Light as a feather 🪶 spoken to….
    Messages received…

    Astrid on the amethyst….


  6. Oh, I saw a hummingbird in your natural found sculpture

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