Dream Drops & Dream Friends for the Life You Envision Ahead

Today is the day that these magickal, little ones have chosen to be shared and so the very small offering of curated crystals and crystal bundles along with the surprise essential oil crystal infusions I’ve been sharing about, are ready to step forward.

Like with everything, patience, presence, and peace have made these possible, as not only did I have to wait for some to arrive, then create a presence process around their preparations, but also had to anchor peace into both their creation and frequency before sharing them.

These days, it’s more rare that I have crystal offerings like I once did in the past, but just recently I’ve been listening when I run across a particular crystal that speaks to something energetically that may be supportive for someone out in the collective. So, in fact these crystals have been intuitively procured for others and within an affordable price range so that they can do their work where they’re needed most.

I’ll begin with the crystals first, then move on to the creations.

I’m calling these Dream Friends, as I feel they embody the energy signature to support individuals with many layers of intents or dream seeds you hold for yourself. From emotional and spiritual, to mental and physical, they have the ability to copartner in your journey of growth and potential.

Within the Dream Friends collection we have 2 amazing crystal skulls, a small crystal heart bundle pair, a tumbled stone bundle of 3, an incredible amethyst, and 2+ million year old petrified wood.

You’ll be able to read more details about each of them through the link below at the end of this post, but I’ll share a little bit here for now so you get an idea of who’s looking for a home.

To start, you may recall how I’ve spoken about my newer council of 13 skulls that came into my life recently. There’s actually 13 and then 3 others that include an interpreter and 2 bridge worker/guardian messengers. But while this was all developing, I felt called to 2 more skulls – not for myself, but to act as the bridge to get them to their copartners, as I felt that the energy coming through will be greatly supportive to others as well to tune into.

You read about my vision, likely, about the 13 collective crystal skulls while I was in the fourth door of the Temazcal Ceremony in Playa Del Carmen and how they were connected to mine and what would come through. Well, while I’ve been preparing these skulls, the 2 that I have as offerings today came into my experience and I felt called to have them connect with the skulls that are with me so that when they go out into the world, they will have extra channeling ability to tap into some of what is unfolding, along with connection to the original collective 13 skulls as well.

These 2 skulls include a beautiful Larkivite skull and Lemurian quartz skull. I was actually holding the Larkivite skull on the day both the garter snake and Frith appeared, as you may recall my sharing in a recent post and how potent that all felt. It was a day I was photographing some of the crystals and these two popped in to check out the energies that were emanating. You can see the snake (slithering over the rock border to the path) and skull in the photo below. Frith was just down the path in the grass.

If you’ve been feeling a skull was calling to you, one of these may be of interest to explore. The Lemurian quartz skull actually feels like a wonderful one if this is your first opening to exploring a relationship with a crystal skull. And although their sizes are different, it’s all about energy.

The smaller Lemurian is very sweet, but also crystal clear potent with rainbows galore inside at just the right angles when they’re ready to reveal themselves to the light. I get male energy from him, but very divine masculine. (UPDATE: SOLD)

The larger Larkivite is stunning and gives off female energy. It is also called Black Labradorite or Black Moonstone, but it is a Norwegian granite with labradorescent effect in the light with flashes of silver, silvery white, some golden and even subtle blue touches.

Metaphysical properties are at the link below, but aren’t they amazing?

The next Dream Friends up are the small crystal heart bundle pair.

Included in this lovely bunch are a golden healer quartz heart and a flower agate double skull heart. You may recall the flower agate double skull heart from before, but I was guided to remove it because of it wanting to be part of this pair. (UPDATE SOLD)

The flower agate double skull heart has also been communing with the crystal skull council here and so it is acutely attuned to the skull collective frequencies. The golden healer quartz heart was then introduced – first charging with a collection of high vibed crystals I had and then together, with the flower agate skulls.

Not only does the flower agate skull pair speak to the inner harmony and integration of divine feminine and masculine parts within, but these two hearts also carry that frequency as a pair – quite the embodied wholeness energy.

More about their metaphysical properties can also be found at the link below.

Then we move on to the small tumbled stone bundle of 3 Dream Friends. In this synergized group we have lapis lazuli, lepidolite, and rainbow moonstone. Mmmmm! (UPDATE SOLD)

These 3 are gorgeous and magickal little tumbles and the perfect trinity of energies, as well as perfect size to pop into a pouch to carry with you, place in your pocket on any adventure, and hold as you sit at your desk, meditate, journal, or journey with before dream time.

Upon their arrival to me, they’ve also been getting charged with a high frequency group of crystals here with me and have received activations. This trinity includes some of my favorites, and perhaps may become yours too if they aren’t already. I was drawn to bring their energies to others, as they feel supportive for processes people are navigating. Tumbles are great for every day easy access to make working with their energy a natural part of your routine. The smoothness and size are also very soothing and a perfect fit for holding.

You can read about their metaphysical properties at the link below too.

And of course there’s the incredible amethyst Dream Friend. This one has been shared before and is the only one of the past grouping that didn’t find her cocreator – another surprise to me, as this one is one of the most amazing beings and has received quite the activation process while being with me.

The day I was taking photos in the garden and Frith and the snake showed up, I had just finished a reshoot with this beauty, as she felt the other photos hadn’t captured her essence. Perhaps she hadn’t been ready to reveal more of it until now, but we noticed that the garden energy brings out the best in these crystal beings nonetheless.

More about this incredible being can be found at the link below.

And that leads us to our last Dream Friends bunch – a large group of 2+ million year old petrified wood that was found by yours truly on Spring Equinox during what was quite a hiking and explorative adventure. I was led to and gifted quite the energy packed into these little ancient pieces of amazingness and Astrid and I would like to share some with you.

After working with the petrified wood we’ve discovered how potent it is for current energies, as well as assisting with new goals and dreams, and the group we have available have been along for the journeys here since Equinox – that’s one full cycle up through Solstice.

I like to keep some in a glass vase that anchors the energy of a grid I have, and for the house at large. Others I have out on a selenite slab and I can hold and work with individually.

We’re offering 4 bundles from this group you see here and that Astrid is loving on – 3 the same size and one larger one.

This way you can create your own intuitively guided way to have them in your experience. Perhaps create grids, have them out as a powerhouse group in a vase, dish, clear jar, keep some in different parts of your home, create jewelry with, add to a succulent mini garden, or who knows.

We’re actually going to throw in a clear jar for you to start you off, and then you can go from there.

You’ll be able to read about their metaphysical properties at the link below as well.

And there you have it for the Dream Friends – at least at for now. You’ll understand more of why they have this name when you read about them. All of them have come through for you. All of them have been lovingly prepared for you. And all of them have shared time with both the crystal frequencies here and the enchanted garden and Forest Portal energies outside.

Now we move on to the next collection – our Summer Solstice Dream Drops!

I just LOVE these!

These were not on my radar either, but I followed guidance to create away and this manifested 11 bottles of magick.

What we have in this little collection – a one-time-only creation I won’t be repeating – are a blend of essential oils and crystal infusions that were all charged and activated during the Summer Solstice portal.

We have nine 10 ml roller bottles and two 2 oz spray bottles available in the group – making 11 total. (UPDATE: 5 REMAIN)

I prepared the essential oils myself – some of which I made combined with some very special essential oils I have been saving. I used one of two carrier oils for the base – an organic fractionated coconut oil (hexane free, cold centrifuge, refined) and an organic apricot kernel oil.

Then, over a period of 11 days, I made my oils from dried lavender and rose petals from the garden.

The lavender in the coconut oil carrier base and the rose in the apricot kernel carrier base.

These both solar and moonlight infused over the 11 days with the addition of 11 raw Tahoe smoky quartz spread between the two jars.

I then blended them with the other oils you’ll see below and last, they were added to their designated crystal bottles and placed out in the garden (at the magick faery and rabbit crystal spot) for 24 hours over the Solstice.

The results are very subtle aroma infusions, but extremely potent blends.

Six of the bottles contain this blend: Rose, yarrow/pom oil, and Egyptian almond oil in apricot kernel oil base smoky quartz infusion. The rose is from my garden, the yarrow is the purest form I purchased through a friend who has access to yarrow essential oil in pomegranate seed oil and the Egyptian almond oil comes straight from Egypt and is super pure and potent!

Five of the bottles contain this blend: Lavender, orange blossom, and Egyptian vanilla oil in coconut oil base smoky quartz infusion. The lavender is from my garden, the orange blossom I also got through a friend who cultivates this, and the Egyptian vanilla comes straight from Egypt.

You’d think these are overpowering, but I only used the slightest drops and essence to create super subtle aromas, as it wasn’t so much about wanting something overly scented, as it was about the essence of these essential oils and their energies infused with the crystals. You can ready about each of these properties of oils on your own.

So again that’s 11 bottles, infused over 11 days, with 11 raw Tahoe smoky quartz. Weeeeeeee!

As mentioned, once the oil infusions were ready, they were then carefully poured into the designated crystal bottles before heading out for one more potent charging over Solstice. I hand chose the crystals for each bottle and you’ll be able to explore which combination speaks to you at the link below.

All of the bottles can be reused. The smaller roller bottles can be cleaned out once finished, and either replaced with another essential oil of your choice or essential oil perfume you love, etc. The crystals can be removed and replaced. You’ll notice that there are small crystal chips in the body of the bottle and then the roller ball that infuses your skin is also a crystal.

I love these for sacred anointing before meditation or any healing or intentional practice, Reiki Healing Attunements, before teaching a class or speaking before others, after showering or bath time, simply as a ritual to start your day with presence and added energy, a pick me up during the day, etc. Can be used on wrists, neck, temple, third eye, clavicle, or over chakras. Anywhere you choose.

The two larger, blue fine mist spray bottles also have crystals in them – each have a blending of two chosen crystal chip combinations you’ll see at the link also. These are great to use similarly, but spray on instead of roll. You may want to rub in after you spray. Or simply use as an invigorating mist to face, body, or a pick-me-up for any room or ritual.

And there you have it!

Astrid and I hope you find these Dream Friends and Dream Drops to be supportive partners in your increasingly intentional and present days and as a pairing with your current tools. Anything that helps to ritualize things as part of your day-to-day wellness routine, is a great way to practice consistency in your life and add cocreation as part of your process.

May they help you to navigate these challenging energies, add to the alchemy for new reality creating, clarify and support manifestation of dreams, and help anchor in greater embodied wholeness, grace, empowerment, and peace.

If any of these sound or feel potentially for you, you can further explore more photos and detailed energies at:

Dream Drops & Friends

And just a reminder that our Empowerment Series is going strong – this includes the Everyday Reiki and Transcending Duality classes – both great additions to your empowerment and mindfulness protocol to navigate these times. You’ll need to have received attunement and training in all 3 levels of Reiki for the Everyday Reiki class, but Transcending Duality is open to all and is a key to the next phase in our collective evolution.

In love and creative magick!

Tania & Astrid

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  1. That is a lot of creative energy Tania! The essential oils sound intriguing to me.

  2. I’d never heard of larvikite until now but I’m going to look for it because it seems to be where I am “at” right now. It reminds me a bit of the form of labradorite called spectrolite which is found in Finland. Since larvikite is found in Norway I would think they are connected. Very cool. thank you! 🙂

    • I hadn’t until more recently myself and I agree it’s very much like labradorite 🙂 I have a Larkivite rabbit that I love. A very special stone indeed! I’m glad it spoke to you in this now moment. You’re so welcome!

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