Field of Stardust Dreams

This post from summer of 2016 was beckoning to go back up after a dream I had on the night of 6/22 and after the Dream Drops & Dream Friends for the Life You Envision Ahead: and the Incubating & Reimagining Dreams ~ Essence Creates Alchemy posts went up:

There’s a lot of messaging coming through around dream work importance, in terms of having the courage to envision what you want and then taking steps to create it, as well as opening to more than meets the eye, while being open to simply knowing without need to understand.

My dream that night I mentioned of several days ago echoed the message in this post I shared from the faeries that day in the field of stardust.

In the dream I found myself walking in what felt like a place between worlds…a time out of time. It was very unusually still and quiet. There was no sound, no animals, no birds singing…only fields of trees surrounding me and the sound of leaves crunching under my bare feet.

The ground was very thickly carpeted in bronze-orange, dried leaves, giving off the feeling of Autumn, but nothing else in the experience felt like Autumn necessarily.

Then the trees spoke to me telepathically and led me to these giant old stumps with very clear, deep rings naturally etched into them that reminded of giant ringing Siberian cedars. I began to trace my fingertips along the rings slowly, reading them, as if they were in braille. These rings of course tell the age of a tree, so are like a historical account, but in the case of my dream, the rings also acted like record keepers you find in crystals and as I traced the circles of each stump, I received downloads of information that transcended all boundaries.

An embodied sense of knowing washed through me and the trees said, “That’s it. The knowing is all you need.”

Ego wants to explain, analyze, and understand things, but it’s the knowing within your own experience that is your power.

And in that moment, just like in the field of stardust when a rich truth without need to understand was awakened, I was home again….to the essence of All That Is within me and the knowing that needs no explanation.

The trees welcomed me back and I knew to pass this message along.

There are other realities available than just the ones you are presented with from other people’s stories. It takes courage to see from a different perception and a willingness to slow down and reframe things from the core of your own inner rings of knowing.

Wishing you a heart-filled Cancer New Moon tomorrow that inspires you to lean in to the vulnerable truth within.

Tania Marie

Cosmic puffs of dandelions consumed me in wondrous inspiration.

Like whirling dervishes of eternal magick, they enchanted me into the dance.

The portal to a field of stardust dreams was opened and enchanting mysteries invoked alchemy within.

A rich truth was awakened without need to understand.

Any wish I had, I could command.

Welcome back the Faeries giggled.


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  1. They’re like little galaxies swirling with thick clouds of stars 🙂

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