Incubating & Reimagining Dreams ~ Essence Creates Alchemy

Like you, I’ve had many dreams over the course of my life….many, many dreams. And while it may seem that they didn’t come to pass, if one interprets them literally, in fact many have. They’ve just taken on the form of the essence of what I imagined and desired, rather than the exact specifics I had limited their scope to be.

There’s no harm in being detailed with your visualizations, as in fact this helps you to imagine a reality you want to create and inhabit, as well as stretches your capacity for creative energy in action of opening multi-dimensional possibilities. Yet, when you tune into the specific qualities you would love to feel and experience from that reality, rather than only the specific way that needs to look, and drop into the embodiment of your essence and allow the nature of that to magnetize things, then your frequency will draw in the perfect vibrational match that fulfills that essence. This can result in quite a different form than you might otherwise have restricted it to being if you limit your focus.

For example, there was a time, years ago, when I came very close to purchasing land and forging a monumental architectural and creative undertaking to develop a spiritual wellness and creative healing arts center. I was literally a decision away from making an offer, but I stepped back to look at the wider scope and realized that this vision didn’t just have one way it could manifest. It turned out, my decision not to move forward saved a lot of challenges that would have come up after a divorce at the time and in terms of dropping myself into a container that was ahead of myself, but also supplied me with greater liberation to not be tied to and manage this huge undertaking. I went forward in a different direction, but came to see that the way that life choice directed me (having multi-faceted avenues I channeled my expression through the creative and healing arts) ended up providing me the ability to still do all the things I wanted to do, but with greater freedom that reflected my essence.

I became the center, rather than having to build a center.

This isn’t to say it would have been a wrong choice to go the other way, as every choice leads us down connected branches of our life path, but by surrendering to what it was I truly was looking for in terms of feeling and essence, I then manifested greater alignment that matched my vibration at that point in life.

Sometimes you just need to step back and be curious and vulnerably honest about why it is you are wanting something, hone in on the essence qualities you would like to experience from it that match the frequency of your nature/or essence, and then surrender to all the possible ways you could create this feeling match for the highest good.

The act of being curious will open an interesting dialogue of reasons to flood in. You may even discover that some of the reasons for why you limited the scope of how your desire can manifest might be related to things like wanting to prove something to others, having been conditioned to think there’s only certain ways to go about things, being afraid, or confused with how, to forge a new path if there currently isn’t a category to fit you yet, or trying to emulate others you admire and either glamorizing what they have or not yet establishing your own identity so you easily empath and take on what others are doing because they make it seem like the right way.

Been there, done that. 🙂

Stepping back and checking in with yourself can help course correct things for greater personal fulfillment that results in greater outreach fulfillment through that full well you experience.

There are times to allow the incubation process to go through its cycle so that you can bring forth the core elements that will help match essence to essence.

This will help reveal some truths and support you in reimagining even greater possibilities.

Why limit yourself to just one direction when you are innately a creative being of unlimited potential?

What if there was a more fulfilling and naturally easier way to receive the same feelings and quality of value than the one path you’ve been struggling to try and make work and make yourself fit into in order to work?

I’ll give you another of my many examples I could draw upon for this post to share, but this one I think might speak to some of you just like the last one.

In more recent years I was drawn to creating an animal sanctuary – more specifically a rabbit sanctuary. Again, I got very close to this going into motion and had things lined up to make it happen. Then, like the last time, something said to step back and dig deeper, listen, and receive. A download of information flooded in and I was shown another way that matched my frequency right here and now. As always, I can tend to get ahead of myself or ahead of things in general, because I both receive timeless information without designation of “timing” on it and I have a very optimistic and highly exuberant, motivational streak that believes in all things being possible – which they are, but this doesn’t mean I need to prove that. By releasing any attachment to this idea and the specifics I developed in my mind, I opened even more layers of fulfilling ways the essence of this idea could take form. One of which happens to be how right in my own backyard, the Forest Portal has become a sanctuary.

Our home became the natural sanctuary, rather than having to build a sanctuary.

Do you see a pattern here?

I’ll share more about how the latter has organically manifested and what it has become today, but first I want to reiterate that there isn’t a right or wrong choice. There’s simply choice, but we can fine tune our choices for greater alignment and highest good fulfillment in the now moment. It also doesn’t mean that at some point I couldn’t still choose these options at a later date in my life, but by being present, curious, and opening up to more, I manifested something better suited that optimizes my unique qualities and speaks the language of my creative desires.

It’s not that this or the other example were wrong choices, but by taking a step back and not pushing, this has allowed a more organic unfolding and authentic reflection to reveal itself that ultimately aligns with my essence and supports the now experience I find myself in where liberated flow and a natural way of experience, weaving itself as my way of life, speaks to me.

In terms of the latter – our home becoming an animal and rabbit sanctuary – I’ve mentioned before that when we moved here I made a promise to the land and the faeries and creatures of the land that I would take care of them, cultivate beauty and enchantment, as well as reinvigorate the Earth grid by activating a portal of anchored connection and harmony here. And since, I’ve been working my “wild with intention” visions to nurture the energy and make this place a safe space for all beings to share here, as well as act as an energetic channel to communicate to other areas, animals, plants, and Elementals. The latter creating that ripple effect through embodied example of what is possible.

And over the years we’ve been here, I have seen this come to fruition. But it’s been in recent weeks that the realization of it all anchored in fuller embodiment.

Every time I go out into the garden and yard I am met with the experience of all of this and I literally feel like a real life Snow White. You may have recalled the time I painted on my garden bench and the chickadees were flying all around me and trying to land on my shoulders and hands, while little ones ran around me on the ground. It’s truly surreal to even try to explain what takes place when I go out. Every little creature comes around and welcomes me, shows off how happy they are doing their thing and enjoying the space I’ve created for them, and they have increasingly been interacting on more and more intimate levels. Interspecies communication is at an all-time high and a beautiful synergy and harmony is anchoring, just as I’ve always dreamed it could be since I was a little girl.

Not only is Frith coming around every single day, multiple times a day, but loves to be around when I’m out and enjoys listening to me. He’s a constant companion and having this daily wild rabbit interaction outside, alongside the daily Astrid interaction inside, is truly a bridge between worlds. And since Astrid has always felt to me to be more wild rabbit than any of my rabbit companions, there’s the experience of something bigger we are creating together both in our interaction and the way she connects to the outside realm of wild animals (not just rabbits, but all wild animals).

And through Astrid’s Reiki and other energetic abilities to communicate across realms, even off-planet, this actually has wide reaching effects for the kind of work we can do together. It’s opening connections with other species, as well as rabbits, and we are able to do some pretty magickal shift-frequency work.

The idea of a rabbit sanctuary has taken on a whole new level of manifestation that isn’t limited by just one form. Could we still do this at some point? Sure. Yet, right now, this feels more aligned and allows the freedom to move in and out of different focuses with how we want to work with the energies.

Circling back to the Snow-White-effect and what happens when I step out into the enchanted garden and yards…the little chipmunks will run over to the sunflower dish I have on the ground filled with water for them and the other ground dwellers while I’m in the garden and sip water just a couple of feet away from me, as if to say thank you. The squirrels also zip about playfully…some of them frisky and happy to stop for a chat and others very wise and human-like, with extreme desire to both impart things to, and learn from, Astrid and me.

All varieties of birds, including the robin family will sip from the larger, high bird bath and chatter away to say hi and thank you. The chickadees and nuthatch cuties sing me serenades, while Steller’s Jays like to test if their assertiveness intimidates me. When they see I’m not swayed, there’s a mutual respect gained between us and enjoyment of each other’s company. The robin family sticks close by and is extremely grateful for the hydration I provide, as well as the comfort they feel that their home and babies are protected.

Many times the birds, chipmunks, and Frith will all be fluttering and running about together and all around me.

Then there’s times like this last Sunday…while Dave and I were doing some major front yard work, I went to the side yard to get some soil and a lizard was on the path. Seconds before, a male lizard looked to be trying to court her and she was running away from him…not as interested as he was. He ran off when I came by, but she stopped to listen to me and didn’t run away as I came closer. In fact, she cocked her head and invited me to pet her. I gently did so, rubbing my fingers on her beautiful, dragon-like scales down her back and tail and she just gave me sparkly big eyes. She actually let me do this twice, each time I went in the side yard. She seemed to wait for me and would even follow me when I got up to continue with my tasks. In some ways it seems I charmed her more than her potential suitor, hehe! Or, at least, I felt less aggressive and she welcomed the tender approach. 🙂

That same day, after leaving my lizard friend to get the soil under the deck, my big frog friend greeted me. As I reached for the bag he hopped into sight, hanging on to the side of it. I put my hand out, worried he might have gotten hurt or was scared, and he hopped onto my hand. He actually stayed in my hand and wouldn’t leave. I called Dave and he came to see. This was the same big guy we found on the upper deck. He was so sweet and his underbelly and legs were a lime green underneath.

He listened to me talk and eventually I needed to get back to work, so I put him on my Garden Tower.

He immersed into the mint, shooting me a big smile.

I left and when I returned, I found him on the ground. I put my hand out again and he jumped in. I put him back in the mint to be safe until he decided where he wanted to go. Later I discovered him gone, but again felt a deliberate communication that he was wanting to impart since our first meeting. I had named him Morpheus from last we met and the two smaller frogs from the other years were Bloom and Root. I haven’t seen them for a while, but Morpheus is the new garden guardian who lives in the dark crevices of the deck underworld.

Friday night we had a very large raccoon visitor in the wee hours after midnight. The cats were making crazy noises and we discovered one mischievous raccoon was taunting them by the sliding glass doors. I’ve noticed indications of animals like raccoon, possum, ground dwellers, and of course we’ve seen many coyote, a few bears, bobcat, and some deer all using the paths around the house as their trails. There’s even been the pair of minks under our deck, various colored little mice running through the garden, and rubber boa and garter snakes slithering through as well. Returning families and friends of rabbits, chipmunks, squirrels, and birds of every variety – small to large. And now that flowers are blooming, the hummingbirds and pollinators are in full force. Even the sweet insects are happily immersed in the cycles of life and love that our safe little corner of the world invites.

It’s not unusual to have a bustling community of creatures where a forest is involved, but they all love to make our garden and yards their home, returning year after year because of the safety and energy we’ve created here for them.

And on top of that, not only do they live here with us, but they interact with me on a daily basis…making themselves known and desiring to share more intimate connection.

As I mentioned, I feel like a real life Snow White and just a couple of days ago this really took form as reality when I was sitting on the step in my garden taking photos of some crystals that will be available soon. As I sat there, Frith came hopping over from the back meadow area and stopped directly down the cobblestone path from me. You can see his ears and him peeking out here in the grass just behind the faery statue.

While this was happening and Frith listened to me talk to him, a garter snake started slithering from where my giant rabbit and gnome statue stand. I circled the garter snake and Frith in red to help you see this trinity of energy we were all creating together at once while I sat there with a crystal in my hand – I’ll share that photo next time.

The snake slinked over the rabbit and rabbit baby touching noses statue, and made his way across the cobblestones to the other side of the garden…just feet away from me.

He, too, listened while I spoke to him and I could sense both of their appearances were filled with excitement about the crystals and having me there – reflective indication of the potency of these crystals! At the same time, birds were hanging out in the tree limbs above, chipmunk and lizard were running around behind me, and bumblebee buzzing about.

Again, that realization hit.

I am the center.

I am the sanctuary.

Anything you want, you already have within and you already are.

The dance… the sacred… the beauty… the vital life force energy… the Great Mystery… this is you.

As I mentioned, the next generation of robins have made their nest and are starting a family again in the same exact spot they’ve been creating from under the eaves of our front door entrance – very potent in reflection.

Momma robin doesn’t leave the nest. She’s laid her eggs and they are now incubating in the warmth of her love.

I also just found a new, sweet, tiny nest on the ground (it will of course be part of my mobile) – and I honor this one and each of them as sacred altars and creative inducers. Nests are storytellers of woven love and devotion, holders of seed dreams, and cauldron containers for alchemy in motion.

Then there’s the first round of flowers in bloom and my plants all flourishing so beautifully – not one lost by our wildly fluctuating weather we had and late surprise frosts.

Only a single plant became a ground dweller’s delicacy…not to worry, as this is part of the balance here and give and take I heartfully signed up for between the wild and intention.

New gnomes (a foxglove gnome from my parents and a bee gnome from a friend) and a very content bunny have joined the garden jubilee.

And while life goes on with the unfolding seasons and Summer Solstice approaching, Dave and I decided to subtly transform our front yard. So we’ve had two big days of yard work so far with one more on the way, as we dug, planted, rewired some new drip lines, and created away. This wasn’t on our radar, but new inspiration hit and we seized the creative flow, which has our imaginations manifesting 1/5 of the cost that “professionals” quoted us.

Dave dug holes and dug up our rock bed so we could use the larger rocks to line a pathway. This opened room for plants and created a vision for others. You can see part of the work in progress in this photo collage.

I put in 18 new plants within the beds and yard (including Russian sage, gallery blue lupin, goldflame spirea, yellow potentilla shrubs, and catmint), enjoying literally laying in the dirt and getting my sweat pants filled with sap and brown kisses. My fingernails were so dirty I couldn’t get them clean for a few days and that was even with wearing gloves. And several times I reached into the soil my fingers were greeted with chubby earthworm sweeties, which is such a gift! Tahoe ground soil around homes is known to be tough and our neighbor said she’s never seen an earthworm in all the many years she’s lived here. I gently picked them up and placed them back in the soil and could feel the joy bubbling from each of them.

So, again, this reiterates such a beautiful reflection of what is being nurtured here on the land our home resides. This, along with the immediate swallowtail butterfly who swooped in on the pink blossoms of the goldenflame spirea I was planting, spoke to the sanctuary cultivation that has manifested here. It’s incredible how out of nowhere this giant, gorgeous swallowtail came to the plant my hands were about to place in the ground, as if emerging through a portal to say thank you for creating this enchanted realm I’ve been waiting for.

But the plants are in, the drip line done, the pathway 50% complete. We will fill it in with gravel within the next week or so, some giant boulder guardians are being delivered today, and a finishing touch coming soon to complete our huge front yard space. We’re excited to see our creativity come to life and our teamwork yet again pull together a shared vision we allow to percolate until it reflects most alignment for us.

After letting the lawn the house came with go back completely natural, we decided to utilize my “wild with intent” motto and create an inviting scape from what we had to work with – one that would be welcoming to the creatures and beings living here and finalizing that sanctuary experience I promised.

In the meantime, I’ve been completing things on other fronts and preparing for the new passage of my life to unfold. All things always reflecting, from the inside out.

Like the robin’s eggs, I am incubating.

Like the times before with dreams I once had and with recreating our yard scape, I am reimagining.

All the creative life force that inhabits our home is supporting the new visions and reminding me that there are unlimited ways to bring these about.

They are also reminding me that everything I dream of is already here.

I am dreaming the dreams alive by being me.

Dream a little new dream…

Will you join me?

Summer Solstice is nearly here – a very special portal in my life for several key reasons. And in honor of this magickal gateway, Astrid and I have a few little surprise offerings upcoming. They will likely be shared on or near Solstice 6/21 due to their incubating cycle (more on that soon). These include just a few little curated crystals and crystal bundles that spoke to us to be bridge workers for connecting them with cocreators, a one-time only, small collection of new roller ball bottles of essential oil and crystal infusions, and a Summer Solstice Sale on all items available on our One-of-a-Kind Pieces page. Stay tuned!

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Creating life as a work of art with a magick rabbit by my side. I remember my song. Do you? Artist, Author and Reiki Master Teacher with over 30 years' experience in creative healing arts and metaphysical studies. Tania inspires people globally to return to natural harmony, draw forth imagination to manifest dreams, embody creative empowerment, and live more magickally and abundantly from their most natural frequency – in essence, Tania helps you to remember your song.

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  1. I love how you have become the sanctuary and the critters come to play and say thank you. You truly embody the fairie energy Tania! 🧙‍♀️ 💕🌏

    • Thank you Brad!! 😊 I just love my little family here and am so grateful and honored to be able to cocreate with them as well as help them to thrive and rise to their fullest potentials, as they help me to do as well. 💖

  2. Beautiful! Also goes with this song that blared through my head in Dreamtime:

    I didn’t know the lyrics except “A Night Like This,” but they are included below the video. As you’ll hear, it was impossible to sleep through, but the gist is that things are even better than she’s dreamed. ❤

  3. Such a beautiful article. Thank you for sharing your truth. It resonates so deeply!

  4. You are like an evolved Snow White Tania, enchanting , whimsical, and exuberant, one of my keywords for Sag.

    In response, to a comment you made to me earlier, your Sag moon is often emphasized at your blog. Their is a warm, generous, optimism that comes through as care-free, in the moment, and adventurous. Your examples here do resonate with me and inspire me to consider that maybe I am living my version of dream-flipping. I truly love your creations and your artistry is so buoyant and vibrant.

    Hope you like adjectives, lol!

    Much love,

    Linda ❤

    • Aw Linda! What a super sweet and “exuberantly” descriptive comment/compliment! I DO LOVE all the adjectives lol! So fun! And I feel a lot of playful joy through your message, which warms my heart ❤ Thank you for sharing all of this and especially how my examples struck a chord…I REALLY love that term "dream flipping"! How perfect is that?! I have a feeling that many of us may discover we are in fact living our dreams disguised in different colors and clothing! Bunches of love and big warm hugs to you!

  5. As above so below, as within so without. I just love how your inner sanctuary has grown into an outer sanctuary. It is so beautiful. Love you so much, Snow White T. And happy early anniv to you and D!! ♥

    • Aw thank you so so much beautiful T! 💓 your sweet words and energy always bring a huge smile and radiating heart beams ✨️ I so appreciate walking with you all these years. D and I thank you immensely! 😊 😘 love you bunches too! 💓

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