Synchronicities, Spirals, Manifestation & the Coming of Frith

I’m sure many of you continue to notice an uptick in synchronous, full circle, and instant manifestation experiences taking place from small to large. Although the world scene increasingly becomes a wild display of dramatic and chaotic explosions, there’s simultaneously a lot of incredible experiences people are having on a whole other spectrum that just don’t go as noticed.

I hear from so many people in the latter grouping and although they are quite aware of the rest, as am I, it all points to options we have available to create within the field of experience.

There isn’t just one way life has to play out. There isn’t even just two ways.

There are multi-levels of possibilities we are able to creatively manifest.

I focus more time and energy in that field of possibility, as I know the power of wonder, love, creative vision, and hope.

And like all the people I hear from that are experiencing other kinds of openings, including supportive resets through temporary downtime or setbacks, I can’t keep track anymore of all the alignments popping up throughout these interesting days that keep opening the succession of doors that have been closed for so long.

When we start to invite our innocence back into the dance, we are able to more easily maneuver through, and find greater peace with, the chaos.

Innocence brings out the wonder, which stirs the creative cauldron of possibility.

Fun and miraculous synchronicities happen to all of us in some way, although we may just not notice them because we’re much more focused elsewhere, or we dismiss them as random and coincidence.

From the phone calls that happen after you think of someone, to the exact words and phrases being spoken immediately after you just thought of them, to an item showing up that you were wanting or looking for, to a song playing that you were singing in your head, to even a check or credit coming in that was the exact amount you needed for something.

Synchronicities come in many forms and these are just some of the little ways, but even big ones you can’t so easily dismiss are as well and overall, these are increasing as we continue to rapidly go through vibrational shifts along our creative evolution.

Do you take notice of the synchronicities that show up?

I feel like the more present we are with things like this, the more we open ourselves to other experiences and increase our ability to move beyond the limiting constructions we’ve erected. When presence is in motion, we transcend the boundaries…we even transcend the ego controls…and step into being. And where there is being, there is essence and magickal flow.

I know I’m not alone in saying I notice subtle nuances, but while my antennae picks up details, I feel and see in energetic imprints. In fact, although many things I share are detailed, it’s only because our minds look for understanding and if I were to just shoot you a telepathic snapshot, we’d never be in contact as we’ve come to know it, and there wouldn’t be a bridge for converting information into experience.

So for the sake of communicating bridge experiences, here are a few fun, little synchronicities I’ll mention that recently popped up that include a couple around the White Owl post and experiences shared, a few literal specific themes that showed up without communicating about them, and some sweet appearances. I mention these ones because they point to larger themes with collective connection and symbolism, and as a reminder to take notice of what evolves in your day as way showers and markers, punctuating confirmation, and support of flow.

In terms of White Owl, I received this card in the mail several days ago and was floored by the image that was on the front. The chills continued on in greater waves when I read the card. It was sent to me by a very dear friend and fellow bunny mom who happens to have a white rabbit. She shared that while grocery shopping, after reading my blog post about White Owl just minutes before, she was reaching for some dill for her bunny and right above it there was the card you see here…the only one left.

She said, there I was looking back at her (the woman in the image does indeed share some resemblance), which was a super-chills-kind-of-moment highlighting another of those wild synchronicities that underscore there’s something more at work…believing is the key to seeing.

A day after receiving the card I also had too many down the rabbit hole connections lead me to something I hadn’t been able to see before, nor was drawn to, but now was so clear as daylight and shifted my magnetism. This brought in another White Owl manifestation that’s on its way to me and will help open a door. I nearly smacked my forehead with an incredulous jokester hand. It had been sitting there in front of me, but it hadn’t made sense until this other White Owl trigger acted like a key code for it, and then I was ready. I’ll probably share more about that in a future blog, as it has to do with something collective coming through.

Friday evening I sent out the link to the Transcending Duality class recording to people who registered and then Wednesday, Laura posted her Full Moon blog that mentioned two exact theme descriptions I was guided to share in the class recording information. We hadn’t communicated about this, nor messaged until that day after I read her blog. She mentions “repotentialization” that includes “the process of ‘becoming like a little child.’ ” Of course inner child wonder and reconnection was something I spoke about in greater detail during that class, along with an exact quote that was echoed in her post as well. Laura and I both, independently, referred to the same quote – Nietzscheโ€™s โ€œchaos that births a dancing star” – I was guided to delve into this analogy more deeply in the class. Both uses of the quote coming through the collective language we were each channeling. And just before I started writing this blog, I received an email from an association that has nothing to do with any of this where they “randomly” highlighted Willy Wonka. Of course, he also played a role in something I shared in the class and sung a snippet of.

That’s just a tiny glimpse of constant synchronicities that unfold minute-by-minute and day-by-day. These ones in particular weren’t just “me” related, although I’m not going into detail about those connections, but were synchronicities that tapped into wider messaging for the collective.

Then there’s the constant increase of spiraling experiences that feel to be full circle ones, putting closure to something, while integrating it at a different layer of awareness. We are spiraling back through things that help us to revisit them in order to retrieve what we cast aside with triggered reactions and transmute it into the alchemy that will move us forward in greater wholeness.

This one is a bit too much to share here, but on the symbolic level, not only have I had these simultaneous mini death and birth closures that take me to a return from a different perspective that can put something to peaceful rest, but I’m also seeing others having these full-on transformational slates being wiped with beautiful potentials knocking. It seems that the more challenging part is what to do with this when it does happen, however.

Sometimes it doesn’t always come easy, as they see it as a loss or punishment rather than opportunity, but this state of shock feels temporary and compounded with how much one isn’t ready to let go of that foot stuck behind the threshold they’ve not only begun to walk through, but literally invited and asked for. That immediately reminds me of the time several years back when I broke my pinky toe walking through the threshold of a doorway. My pinky toe got literally stuck – a reminder not to leave any parts behind.

If we desire change, there is a metamorphosis that comes with that and it takes on the forms of the process that support it getting there. If we could see the caterpillar inside the cocoon while it changes into a butterfly or moth, we would be privy to this kind of awkward transformational process. Ours is more out in the open, so it seems different or more dramatic, but in fact is the same – simply the nature of things. A molting bird, shedding animal, or seasonal shifts in nature are some of the more visual processes we can look to for this. They all just do it and don’t put up a fuss while it’s in motion.

The more present we can be with the process, see change as natural, and remind ourselves of our accomplishments along the way, the more things click in and lessen, or even transform, that feeling of disempowerment so that greater empowerment is experienced. The awkwardness of the in between can then become the wonder and excitement of knowing a new reality is within reach of our creation.

We also start to realize just how much we actually ARE manifesting, moment-to-moment.

Instant manifestation is becoming a way of being. This isn’t new, but it is increasing. Manifestation is simply the process of creating something or turning something from an idea, intention, vision, or feeling into a reality.

Manifestation is also connected to synchronicity.

Just this week I had a triple experience of synchronicity, manifestation, and spiraling when I found a long snake skin – it happened to be 33 inches long (cool number right?). I took a photo of it on one of Astrid’s rabbit hole vortex rugs with the White Owl card, as the alchemy of them all together spoke to this energy.

I had just used an argan sugar balm body scrub on my legs to reveal fresh skin, as the darkest layer of tan from our recent trip had started to gently flake. I removed that and put on a rich body butter that left them moisturized and golden glowy, then mentioned to Dave my legs were fresh and new, as was another layer opening from what I’m letting go of. This revealed a transformation and literally walking forward in new “skin” – something that I mentioned keeps cycling through in spirals of experience after experience coming full circle and anchoring more peace.

We then went on a hike down to the lake and discovered the snake skin that had recently been shed. A direct synchronous reflection, a manifestation of my saying how I had just shed skin and was transforming once again, and the confirmation that something had come to full spiraling conclusion. I have a strong connection with snakes and dragons, hence they show up often in dreams, waking life, and messengers like this…I also wear one dragon and two snake sacred tattoos that include the Auryn symbol from the Neverending Story on my solar plexus, which is a double ouroboros amulet.

This same day, just before our hike, I had been talking to Dave about ideas for the front yard that we’ve let go of in terms of the lawn. I decided, for now, to spruce the beds up a bit with some perennial, drought tolerant plants and after researching, settled on two types. I called the nursery just down the street to ask if they had any and the woman said, “We just got both of those in this morning. We have new really large plants that came in and also last year’s smaller ones that got through the winter.” There you go for instant manifestation again. I had envisioned large plants and they just arrived. I got both and added a third type that she got me excited about as well that also had just arrived in.

The day before this happened I had been drawn to some other things that were calling because the energies had shifted with my changes and I sensed that this changed the frequencies needed for what was in motion of happening soon. I know I’m being kind of cryptic with some things, but I’m getting it’s not time for a reveal yet. Anyway, it was a process of tuning into the subtle energies to see which things were in alignment. I then knew which I wanted, but said to myself, “I wish they would go on sale, then I’d really jump on it and know it was feeling the same connection.” So I let it go and that afternoon after the snake skin, plants, and other synchronicities, I went online to look at them again and there was the first one on a new 15% off sale. To add to that, the other things I wanted went through the same process. One went on 40% sale and the other two I contacted the person about and she told me she’d give me 10% off.

When something is really meant to be and you’re in the flow of that presence, belief, and energetic alignment, yes some really cool synchronicities and manifestations can and will take place.

And as I get to the next part of this share, the clock says 5:55….no coincidence there since this is a tale about rabbits and my rabbit kin and soul family that once inhabited rabbit bodies always message me with that sequence.

Now that we’ve touched upon synchronicities, spirals, and manifestation, I think we’re ready for a little story about “The Coming of Frith.”

On 6/6 a new rabbit friend made an appearance here at the Forest Portal. I’ve since named him Frith.

You may recall there was sweet Blueberry and his mom, then the magickal Hope came along (with chipmunk Strawberry in between the two), and now Frith. These are the Forest Portal our Treehouse in the Sky condo before moving here, there was of course Fiver, the incredible mouse.

Blueberry was around at the start of things here in our home. He and his mom felt like a welcoming committee from the wild rabbits here and appreciation that they recognized I’d come to care for the land and create a safe sanctuary for them and all of the forest creatures. They also were well aware of Astrid’s presence, as she, like my other rabbit companions, communicates with the animals here.

Hope showed up in the Fall of 2019, just before the world scene hit some of the biggest challenges. Her presence inspired and promised hope for us all. Every time she showed up, which was rare, but deliberate, it punctuated our need to keep believing. She continues to be around, all grown up now, as I mentioned her greeting me upon the two mornings after I returned from our trips away recently. Her identity is undeniable by those cosmic depth eyes that give her away. I was convinced that Hope was Blueberry’s daughter and now I’m convinced that Frith is Hope’s son.

Frith is like no other wild bunny I’ve seen. I first caught sight of him on Monday 6/6, as mentioned, and have now seen him every day – morning, afternoon, and evening. This is highly unusual, as the wild rabbits here are usually hidden and only come out in twilight hours mostly, with the occasional surprise, deliberate visit for messaging and connection.

Frith hangs out mostly in the side yard where I have the majority of my plants and have created a magickal sanctuary and garden experience. I have learned he has a tunnel entrance in the evergreen hedge and under a little wooden bridge. In fact, his favorite hang out is surrounded by the bridge, hedge, slate stone step, and four tree stumps I have sitting there as faery stools. He will sit here for long periods and even lay down, with the protection of the bridge to his back and all his warren entrances in close proximity. He also has tons of yummies to nibble on and I watch him at all hours doing so. He also comes near my office and nibbles on some plants growing between the cobblestone pavers.

But what adds to Frith’s uniqueness is how at peace he is and the way he demonstrates all the same behaviors Astrid and my domestic rabbit companions do. Normally, you don’t really see these behaviors in the wild…and for me, I have never seen it until Frith.

The first time I noticed it was the day he showed up. I watched him for a half an hour from the window, as he took a nap in his spot. It was the cutest thing ever.

He went from sitting in a ball to stretching out, to then rolling on his side with back thumpers out like flippers (just like Astrid when I call her a little harp seal) and revealing his white little tummy. He then laid his head flat on the ground, ears went back in relaxed position and his eyes fell closed. The next thing I noticed was his little twitching face, as he drifted off into dreamland.

I wasn’t able to capture all of the cuteness, but these give you an idea. He actually rolled on both sides and his back thumper/flippers were very clear at points, and his eyes did fully close as twitch land began.

This went on, as I said, for at least a half an hour and now and then one ear would perk up to listen to a passing car or dog bark, then fall back and away to dreamland he returned. He then got up in a little ball again, snuggly round and still relaxed…went about normal rabbit behaviors like grooming and eating his cecotropes, and just was calm as can be. You’d have thought he was a domesticated rabbit used to a safe life and all the comforts of a loving home and family.

He then hopped off to munch on grasses and plants. And this has been the routine daily…explorations, nap time, munchies, a little more exploring (I saw him going under the fence to the front yard), and then peacefully hanging out in his favorite spot for hours. He’s actually there as I write this.

His peacefulness and calm is not usual for a wild rabbit. He knows he’s safe here, but more so, he simply has this peacefulness of being. He knows the balance of when to be alert, but doesn’t overreact or get triggered easily, once he ascertains there is no threat. His nature is peace. And he exhibits such strength in vulnerability.

After the first day of watching him and receiving his message of peace within chaos and how he really reflects and anchors this incredibly as a tiny baby prey animal, I knew he needed a name to convey this. I also loved how he at times will sit with the sun glowing on him and it emanates his contentment, warmth, and embodied wisdom.

At first I wondered about Sunny as a name, but it didn’t click for me or feel expansive enough for this powerful being in a fragile body who had a big energy.

I went online the next morning to find a name embodying his peaceful contentment and was drawn to look at Norse or even Elven names, but within just a minute or two the name Frith popped up, which I loved right away because of its connection to Watership Down and the energetic vibration it had. And when I looked up the meaning, it was again that instant synchronous manifestation that reflected alignment and confirmation.

Frith has Old English origin. It also just so happens to be from Watership Down, as mentioned – a favorite novel of mine about rabbits.

Well, guess what it means?

Frith means peace, tranquility, protection, safety, security, and refuge. And as a noun it means a forest or wood, woodland, land in between forests or woods, or an enclosed or fenced in area like a forest or park.

If those weren’t perfect enough, the character Frith in Watership Down is actually the lord of the rabbits – Lord Frith. Lord Frith is the Sun and whom the rabbits see as God or All That Is in the story. He is the one that created the world, according to rabbit history. ๐Ÿ™‚

So, not only did I find the name embodying his peace and even the sanctuary he finds refuge in amidst the chaotic world, but the name embodies his largeness as this wise spirit and that Sun connection that seems to radiate his contentment and warmth.

For now he is Frith, but perhaps as he grows up, he’ll fill out his Lord Frith shoes.

To add to his uniqueness, I know Astrid has already discovered this about him as well. How do I know?

Well, Astrid has taken to hanging out in her bed next to the sliding glass door just a few yards from where he sits, at the same time each day. And when she does so, she’s in a different meditative state…so much so that she doesn’t care about her habitual evening yummies she’ll come running for, because she’s engaged in telepathic communication with him. They both lay in a relaxed ball, tuning into one another and Astrid won’t come to get her pellets until they’ve completed their talk for the evening.

Just yesterday I understood what has begun. Not only have they been communicating, but Astrid is starting to teach him Reiki so that he can add depth to the role he came to anchor. Yes, she knows what I’ve felt and seen…Frith is different and even at his very young age, is so very ready.

Frith isn’t bothered if I go outside. The first time he hopped off and over by the foxglove plant, then turned around to listen to me and then came half way back to let me know he wasn’t afraid, and proceeded to hop to his munching zone and snack. He also didn’t care when I went out while he was communing with Astrid. They both just kept their channel going and both of them had that far-off look and stillness of transmitting from an altered state.

A new wave of energy is coming through and just like souls in human bodies are creating the new potentials, so too are souls in animal bodies anchoring in their contributions. There is no difference or lesser or greater value that each hold. It is equal and it is powerful. Spirit is spirit…the only variation is the form spirit chooses to come embody.

Hope gave us inspiration and nudges not to lose all faith amidst daunting experiences and unknown futures, reminding us that all hope is not lost, that we have unlimited creative ways to navigate the journey, and with a little heart and a lot of vision, we can reinvent, reimagine, and recreate anew.

Frith embodies our potential to be and anchor the peace amidst chaos, not to be governed by old fears and triggers, that we can create the change and balance we want to see by living it ourselves. He holds that center between duality and is paving the way for transcendence. Frith isn’t naรฏve, as he stays aware and alert, but he knows how to distinguish between real threats and illusions. He knows his power and will not be powered over simply because that’s the way it’s always been for rabbits. He is rewiring his DNA and healing his ancestral lineage. He is okay with being different and not following the norms. He is paving a new path and you can too.

The day Frith showed up, I received an addition to my enchanted faery garden at the door – a solar bunny.

I had no idea Frith was coming – or did I? His timing in relation to what I’m experiencing and channeling lately is beyond impeccably navigated.

But, regardless, just look at how this little bunny is so content, even has solar energy coloring, sits so anchored, centered, and balanced in peace, and to top it off, has a butterfly that lights up at night, resting atop the bridge of his nose. It’s as if the butterfly is reflecting the transformational power that embodying peace within can light up in the world.

I often find that the most powerful of guides and messengers can appear in the least likely of ways and places. And definitely in the littlest and unexpected forms.

Spend more present moments throughout your day and I know that you will discover a yellow brick road of synchronicities lighting up, experiences spiraling through with greater ease, and manifestations becoming a way to creatively engage life as art.

I may not know or be a lot of things, but I know a powerful presence when I see it…The Coming of Frith speaks volumes to me and I, for one, am listening.

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Creating life as a work of art with a magick rabbit by my side. I remember my song. Do you? Artist, Author and Reiki Master Teacher with over 30 years' experience in creative healing arts and metaphysical studies. Tania inspires people globally to return to natural harmony, draw forth imagination to manifest dreams, embody creative empowerment, and live more magickally and abundantly from their most natural frequency โ€“ in essence, Tania helps you to remember your song.

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  1. What a beautiful story and experience with your new wild bunny friend Tania. You are creating a magical kingdom there in your home, garden, and life. Thanks for your loving example of living your values with an open heart. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿฐ๐Ÿง™โ€โ™€๏ธ

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed Frith’s story, Brad! It’s so special to experience him and all the little creatures here. ๐Ÿ’• I can literally spend hours just watching them all. Very early this morning, still in the dark, raccoon came through too! I love them all! And I know you love the animals and plants too kindred spirit.

  2. Oh how I love Frith!! ๐Ÿฅฐ

  3. Desiree Bergeron

    Oooooooo I love Frith!! And hearing about ALL your amazing synchronicitiesโ€ฆโ€ฆ๐Ÿค—
    I have been experiencing one after another here as well!!!!! Powerful, beautiful, incredible experiences big and small interconnected and showing up in a constant flow!! LOL Sometimes I โ€˜m like WWWHAAAT???(!!) and stop short and just have to pause, smile, then radiate and beam gratitude from my heart out to the universe because itโ€™s so miraculous and unbelievable and fills me with so much happiness!!

    • Aw thank you for sharing your love with him. He’s here every day and it’s the best show in town hehe! Soooo knew you were continuing in that bigger flow of synchronicities too. Thank you for sharing this. I’m so happy for you on so many levels!!!! ๐Ÿ’“

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