Super Rabbit’s Message: Emerging Bolder in the Role You Were Born For

Do you see what I see in the above photo flying through the sky?

Everyone has different messaging systems and symbolism that speaks to them, so perspective will reveal things relative to each.

For me, there is a very clear super rabbit soaring above Lake Tahoe – I can clearly make out the face in the front, white, puffier clouds with large eye and head, little button nose, and open mouth, ear flying back, front arm stretched out and back like a wing, and body angled slightly down with legs extended back and up as well. The more subtle cloud burst behind the figure creates a brilliant, emanating energy to this super rabbit.

It’s like an anthropomorphic or extraterrestrial rabbit descending from the stars!

I didn’t actually see this cloud when I took the photo. I just felt called to snap one when we reached the first high point to the hiking trail we climbed.

This appearance meant several things to me, but one reflection I’ll share includes the reiteration of a message that keeps coming through – how the roles we birthed into are lighting up finally and people are starting to experience the hints of what they may have felt deep down since a child, come alive. Many are, and will be, stepping into more seen ways, as their roles grow to match the times we are upon.

This super rabbit reflects the superhero within.

You may be surprised when certain abilities pop on the scene that weren’t highlighted before, your appearance shifts, or perhaps even you find yourself communicating in a different way. Life as you know it may flip a switch in incredible directions.

In the meantime, you might be learning more about the dynamics of showing up in the world. For many, conditions used to support a need to be hidden and now this is becoming more of a choice to move in and out of at will – to be seen or not, that is. There will be a point in the not too distant future when this won’t matter and showing up will simply unfold as a way of being. For some, this is already in motion.

If you feel a stirring within, as you read this, don’t be afraid…for the moment any revealing takes place…you will be ready and supported.

I love the coded gifts that show up along the way…to me, they are seeds we ourselves once planted that wait for the perfect moment to birth just like a cicada does. Many of you have been hibernating until the time on Earth is ripe to reappear. From the ancient world into the now…you, too, are learning to come out of your skin and emerge bolder than ever before.

Thank you.

The same day I took the photo of the super rabbit soaring through the sky, I also found a white bald eagle’s feather…somewhat mottled by the dirt and elements. Actually, I found it within a couple of minutes of taking the photo. I held it in my hand for the continuation of our climb, being guided to absorb the gifts of its energy, and then upon our descent, I placed it in my deep pocket so my hands were free and alert, but I could still receive its wisdom for as long as was needed.

As we neared the bottom I had a feeling to look in my pocket and discovered it was gone. Dave had been behind me and said he saw nothing fall from it.

Regardless of its reasons for disappearing at that moment, it returned to where ever it came from, but not without having left its energetic impression and message upon me.

Feathers are powerful symbols signifying honor and connection between the person who receives it, All That Is, and the bird from which it came. When feathers fall, they are perceived as a gift with purpose.

Native American warriors were traditionally awarded an eagle feather for notable bravery or battle victory. With eagle representing the strongest, bravest, and holiest connection to Great Spirit, there is that resounding message again of emerging bolder than ever, as you came for these times to do.

Interestingly, the day before this I’d been gifted a beautiful raven feather from a magickal friend, and the day after I found these two large twin goose feathers and blue Steller’s Jay feather all together. A certain curious kitty was wide-eyed about what mom was doing peering at her triple feathers between two wide-eyed sunflowers.

Raven feathers represent transformation and change coming your way. Native Elders believed raven had the ability to assist one to change their outlook and give them the courage to enter into new realms. Since raven feathers are iridescent and change colors and shape, they message us that we, too, can have the courage to change as well.

Goose feathers remind us to never forget our roots and the equal sized large twin feathers speak to me of harmonized inner parts that anchor greater wholeness to emanate. I also love this from “This Native American animal symbol represents a soul on a quest for inner victory. The Goose is an Unyielding Adventurer. He/she is never satisfied in the life of adventure that they lead. Their motto is, ‘reach for the moon and you might grab a star.’ “

Steller’s Jay feathers symbolize bold, fearless energy, and the power of presence and how to use personal power effectively. The crest on their heads connect them to the sky and above, drawing energy and wisdom through the crown and reminding us that our true power needs to be applied in a balanced way that integrates both spirit and body, mind and heart. Since they are very resourceful, they too symbolize adaptability and how to do so more efficiently. They also symbolize a great amount of talent, but a talent that needs to be developed and used wisely. In this way they mirror to us that this is a time in your life where you can begin to support the inherent wisdom within you to mature and come forth in a bigger way.

As you can see, the messaging around emerging bolder, going bigger, having the courage to change, and showing up in more seen ways was reiterated over and over.

The day after the New Moon, I also found a big pocket of quartz – both clear and smoky – and the very next day it was all about a pocket of clear, golden and even rosy quartz.

These were incredible, sparkly, and with many flashes of rainbows at just the right angle of perception.

Each cycle, these days, and doorway I enter, seems to have me finding those seed gifts I once planted, now ready to birth. They also seem to be magnetizing the fine-tuned energies for assisting that expanding emergence.

And speaking of emergence, I mentioned finding a nest upon returning home from our sacred renewal journey in Playa Del Carmen, which I did in fact add to the growing nest mobile, nature art I created. I also added some more branches, as it feels to be taking on an expansion of its own and turning into quite the tree of life. These branches will help showcase any other nest gifts that find me.

While I did this, I heard a Robin couple chatting away under the eave of our front door for days. I just knew they were planning to nest here once again and they did.

This is their new nest when it was in process. It’s hard to tell, but the top is just a mud structure surrounded by some twigs, which they first molded and carefully secured to the wood, and since then the mud has been carefully wrapped in twigs, dried grass, bark strips, and pine needles.

It’s so sweet to know that we have a resident family of Robins and their descendants that keep returning every year to raise their family. They have established this is a safe and love-filled home and their birthing new life and nesting here is a gift indeed.

Life goes on.

Death and birth are two sides of the same coin.

And while all of these transitions are in motion, I have continued to nurture the cultivation of new life both within and without as well, through the closing of doors.

I mentioned that I finally got my mini greenhouse containers ready and seeds started, also when I returned, and that felt significant. I have four containers in all and the seeds are sewn straight into soil bags that sit atop the container lids with the bottoms used on top for the greenhouse effect. I can have them sit more snug on top, remove them, or keep them slightly propped up, depending on moisture and temperatures.

I love how versatile they are in being so easy to move around, so I keep creating new configurations so as to optimize sun exposure. I’m just starting to see little sprouting green babies pop up so that’s exciting!

Astrid likes to keep an eye on them too, as you can see. She dreams of all the yummies we will get to share.

See her in her bed where she can view the garden and watch her greens grow?

Meanwhile, the garden and potted plants are doing beautifully and quite happy with their drip line system. It’s going to be a vibrant, blossomy summer for sure, if the abundance of emerging buds along with rose and purple foxglove flowers already profusely popping, are any indication.

I’m so happy that the perennial sunflower plants I ordered and planted have taken so well, too. In the meantime, while I await them to expand and emerge more boldly in their own time, I couldn’t help myself and purchased a bouquet of giant ones for inside.

This is my favorite sunflower time of year!

I guess I’m already embracing that “bolder emerging” message.

I’m also enjoying watching nature do the same, as the back forest is covered with yellow and lavender flower carpets and hikes keep gifting a variety of happy wildflowers reaching for the light.

They all seem to beckon, “Open wider, beam your colors more boldly, and dare to stretch your hearts more courageously.”

Don’t be afraid of change, for it can transform a seed of hope, to a flower, to a dream seed of potential once again.

Water energy is mutable and easily flows with change, too.

Water energy has been extra supportive these days for me and whether its been the alpine lakes, rivers, or ponds, or the coastal ocean waves, the frequencies they carry are key codes for accessing greater depths of being.

Not only is water an invaluable resource for life, but I feel that water is one of the fundamental energies we have overlooked in our strive to move forward.

However, it will not let us forget.

It’s the most suppressed, avoided, and misunderstood energy, as it rules our emotions and unconscious parts, hence our shadow energy as well.

May we all embrace the depths our waters run and allow them safe passage of acknowledgment and expression.

In doing so, we will find ourselves capable of bringing forth greater richness of embodiment.

I’ve done a lot of exploring in this life..many journeys that have taken me to varied destinations across the Earth including many sacred sites and temples. My call these days is more about exploring the sacred temple within me.

The Great Mystery is in every cell of our bodies and in the life force and consciousness that resides in the vortex of our hearts. While my journeys always revealed more about myself that aided in retrieval and integration, life has deepened in richness knowing and experiencing that my power has always resided in my heart.

And so it does for each of us.

Brief Update:

With the noisy bathroom renovations having come to a close, and my moving through things, class recordings have been in motion of finalizing, one-by-one. If you were waiting on the Transcending Duality class, you should have received your link Friday evening. That said, the full Empowerment Series that includes Everyday Reiki and Transcending Duality is completed, so if you register at any time, you’ll receive your link immediately to immerse in.

I’m moving right along and the alignment of things coming together feels so good and expansive. I have a little Summer Solstice surprise in the works, to merge all this beautiful energy into a sacred mini offering. And something else has been emerging as well, but it’s too soon to say. Just know that I’m embracing super rabbit’s message and I hope he has inspired you too!

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Creating life as a work of art with a magick rabbit by my side. I remember my song. Do you? Artist, Author and Reiki Master Teacher with over 30 years' experience in creative healing arts and metaphysical studies. Tania inspires people globally to return to natural harmony, draw forth imagination to manifest dreams, embody creative empowerment, and live more magickally and abundantly from their most natural frequency – in essence, Tania helps you to remember your song.

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  1. I’m glad you continue to explore, expand, and share your gifts Tania. I love the nest mobile you created and the sunflowers sing with happy vibes! May you and your garden thrive. 💕

  2. Gifts abound for you sweet T. And I like to see that as gifts abounding for all of us as well if we are aware enough to see, hear and feel with mindfulness. Wonderful nest collage. And you look like a maiden nymph,
    so lovely and mystical. Love you

    • Aw yes! And I agree so much with just what you said…I always feel everything as a shared experience and what is possible for us all. That’s why I feel guided to share and because the reflections mirror the messaging I keep hearing. Thank you so much! The nest tree of life is so special to me. Loving creating it. ✨️ love you tons!

  3. PS I definitely saw super bunny too🐰🐇🐰🐇

  4. karenjamison5

    I see Dumbo! 😉

  5. Desiree Bergeron

    I saw your Super Bunny straight away!! 😃
    I love how you describe all the details you see and your angles of perspective— Your Eagle Feather experience was especially special…..🫢
    I never see a Sunflower without thinking of you!
    Thats so awesome your drink system is all set up, and your seeds coming up, with Queen Astrid’s watchful eye over them! 😆
    Raven and Blue Jay feathers…….stupendous! Remember two of the girls just gifted me with a Raven and Blue Jay feather!! Geese feathers soooo bee-u-t-full
    Today after being by the Beaver Pond, I was deeply pondering on the power of how all beings are connected through and with water…… so I really enjoyed what you shared about water too!!
    LOVE YOU 💛💛

    • hehe!! weeeeee! it was such a powerfully fun appearance! goes along with how things don’t have to be so serious…in fact playfulness is key and reminding us how we have lost the wonder and excitement for the dance of life. thank you so much! that’s one of the ways you and i are alike…our descriptive multi-perspectives! 😉 i love that sunflowers have become synonymous with me for you…that tickles my heart. when we got home today, Astrid was in her bed again watching over the seed containers. it was sooo cute! i had left the tops off today to give them some air and sent reiki to protect them while we were out all day. Astrid knew! so she was keeping a watchful eye again! and just now a little bunny showed up near them. i’m not sure that it was Hope because this one looked a bit smaller. It was a quick sighting, so I’ll keep an eye out if more bunnies are emerging. ….and ohhhh! that’s right about the girls’ feather gifts to you! lol! gotta laugh about the synchronicities. thank you for the confirmation around the water energy…and for sharing your amazing activation photos! sooo much is happening out there and IN here…love you too!

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