Great White Owl ~ Return to White’s New Cycle of Sanctity

A recent dream is the prompt to this blog share today, as it made me recall how white owl has visited before, which included a time when potent white animal and heightened cosmic experiences were unfolding in my life. The dream feels to also have a collective message woven in, just as I felt the previous experience had, but also in part seems to be reiterating the theme from then as well because the now is more its time to be heard.

The part of the dream I’m sharing took place on the large, sprawling grounds of some kind of establishment that felt both indoors and outdoors and had an odd Twilight Zone kind of feel to it. I was walking the grounds filled with trees at what felt like night time, since it was dark. I then began to see tiny glowing lights in the trees and when I blinked to see more clearly I noticed that they were in fact shining pairs of eyes laced throughout the limbs of the trees. There were at least half a dozen or more pairs to each tree, multiplying out to hundreds, and I knew immediately that they were owls. Then, it was like I turned on the light and it was either daylight or bright light and I could now see what the eyes were connected to, revealing variations of white owls (snowy, barn, barred, etc. but all white) all looking down at me from the trees. I noticed that laced between the owls were a few exotic birds with rainbow colored feathers. An ethereal, enchanting, and cosmically mysterious energy pervaded. The owls and birds were much more than meets the eye. I then realized that there were big piles of feathers encircling the trunks of each tree that were both white from the owls and rainbow colored from the exotic birds. I went about gathering as many as I could before the cleanup crew got to all of them (they were on the scene already taking some away), as I felt they would just throw them away and not realize their sacredness and value…and if I didn’t get to them, they would be lost forever…this chance, that is…to receive this abundant and potent gift that was shed to reveal a purpose.

It then reminded me both of the old blog I wrote about one of my white owl vision encounters and the three special white owl feathers I have sitting on my desk in front of me.

The three white feathers you see above, with very delicate and ethereal markings, come from a rare white barn owl. They, along with several other sacred bird feathers including more from the barn owl, were gifted to me by my sweet friend and “sistar” as we call each other due to the cosmic nature of the connection, Desiree. You likely remember her from our magickal Winter Solstice last year.

I’ll share more about the connection with one of my other white owl experiences and some more around the messaging of these mystical creatures, but first I wanted to share a little around owl for myself.

While I am a woman of many animals and two of my main animal spirit guides are the rabbit and butterfly, I have a dozen or so other power animals that are with me a lot in cycles and are stand-outs for repetitive appearances. That said, the whole animal kingdom is strongly carried with me. I can recall a channeler friend of mine sharing how amazed he was by the amount of animal spirits he could see all around me, and how another reading confirmed I’ve lived more animal lives than most souls – both nothing surprising to what I know and experience.

And although my dear and magickal faery sis Laura is openly the one with owl as her totem animal, for me owls are more in the background and not overtly in your face in terms of speaking loudly to others about me. They are below the surface and just like the creatures of the night that they are, they work the other realms of my experience and support navigation of a different kind of world that lurks in the mystery, shadows, and cosmic depths. Rather than jump out all the time like rabbits for instance do for me, they punctuate heightened times of cosmic shifts and turning points.

They show up in dreamtime, feathers I find or are given, power jewelry I wear, and very potent and rare actual close encounters in person – most of the latter being great horned owl several times and a few fly-by barn owls across my driven path. And yet it is the hauntingly beautiful and extraterrestrial barn owl that strikes deep chords in my soul heart. I have always had more draw to white or nearly white owls because of the other worldly essence I feel from them.

It’s always been interesting to me that hawk and owl are strong guardians in my life – one much more visual (hawk) and the other mysteriously hidden between the layers (owl) – and show up as strong confirmation, but also as support and guidance involving both solo things and things with my rabbit familiars, despite their being predator to the prey. Hawk especially has been a protector around my rabbits when they show up in their highest spirit version.

Years back, some of the dots of this shadowy owl connection came more to light when a gifted reader in Sedona (one I’d touched in with several times over the years with and who recently made his transition on) expressed how alongside our both being Pisces that we also shared the same destiny numbers and similar journeys – that of the “Owl” life path. Another Sedona channeler some nearly 25 years ago shared the same.

But for purposes of this blog, I’ll just say that when owl shows up in very deliberate ways, whether in person, visions, dreams, or through feather gifts….it has heralded a change of direction in my life, more bleed through of cosmic integration and support coming in, as well as opened doorways to what used to be hidden within me to be remembered and accessed.

Now that I’ve provided a framework to the personal connection, let’s move on to the white owl message, which made me revisit my 2014 blog: Soaring Through A New Shade Of White.

So much of what I wrote about in that blog, during another profound time in my life hinging on soul choice and when we got to experience the sound chamber healing bath in the Integratron of Joshua Tree, resounds with such resonance for the now. Again, like cycling back to something that was years ahead in messaging, but now makes even more sense. The message echoes and expands, but the one owl has become many – and I can feel the presence of ancestors both on and off planet…those that are watching, supporting, and hoping along with me and so many of us.

So that you don’t have to go to that blog to read it all if you don’t want to, I’m copying and pasting in some of the parts that stand out below. It’s uncanny how so much of it also reiterates messaging from my last blog share upon return from my time away:

White symbolizes purity, cleansing, innocence, clarity, new beginnings, wholeness, truth, sacredness, enlightenment, awakening, protection, is traditionally associated with death more than black, and connected to male/yang energy.

Along with embodying all of the general owl symbolism, White Owls are also considered messengers of the gods or underworld, messengers of change and transition, appear as a sign of things to come, are guardians allowing us the ability to see with clarity past fear and illusion, to see in the “dark”, and see what is hidden to others, and can mean that you’ve attained more wisdom recently and that you’re evolving/maturing.

There are legends of the White Owl for many ancient peoples, but to the Maya it is a messenger of warning that things are far off balance in the world and change is imminent and necessary now. The need for spending time communing with Nature is not a luxury, but a must in returning things to natural harmony and to transcend the dominance of fear, damaging ego, and imbalanced male dominance.

One of the main messages of White Owl that stands out to me is that of personal evolution that she seems to herald. 

Owls message change. The White Owl, sanctity.

“I lost my innocence in place of a new-found, undefined purity that is anchoring from my explorations and which I didn’t realize existed, but is even more precious and empowering to me.”

I feel like the White Owl is a reflection of a deep, subtle, but most essence part within me that is voicing itself and wants a voice. It feels to be an inner knowing, something I’ve hidden from myself but no longer is contained out of fear, is being freed and released. She also feels to reflect the inner perception I blocked as a child, but is now being welcomed despite how raw, dramatic, and clear the truths I see are and this has increased my ability to smell out any subtle form of deception or manipulation, conscious or unconscious.

I think she mirrors that silent observer I’ve mentioned becoming more and more of these days, who is highly engaged and present, but does so through energetic embodiment. (Wow, if you read my last blog. It’s almost as if I wrote that, and truly this whole message, for the current me…perhaps my vision then was a window into my future self/now)

The White Owl that is present within seems to also bring news of something to come that is in process of actualizing, reminding me/us to trust our intuition, and is there to help us learn about ourselves in the deepest sense. Awareness and openness to the message without fear is the best approach, as Owls are magickal, protective, way-shower beings (some connected to extraterrestrials) that can help us to navigate the “winds of change” and to remember we are the ones we’ve been waiting for. (Side note: it’s been extra windy the last few days here)

White Owl also represents an ability to see past deceit and illusion, providing guiding support during confusing times. When they appear, they bestow an ability to see beyond what others perceive and to see the things usually hidden to others, and ourselves, which includes the true motives people have.

Since Owls see in the dark, the White Owl brings a piercing illumination that can only be experienced if one has merged with the darkness to such a degree that you gain a totally new perspective that is spiritually endowed.

Definitely a period of greater maturity that feels to have taken root in my life and is anchoring the power and greater stability of “emotional intelligence” or “emotional wisdom” that has been a lifelong cultivation.

White Owls have also been known to guide people from life to the otherworld. Traditionally, Owls are messengers of physical death, but also symbolic of major and important life transitions and change that are currently happening or about to happen.

And this does not feel exclusive to me either, but collectively we are in the midst of something new and the kind of change that will take place through intentional, creative action.

Since symbols are not solely personal, but also impersonal and collective, Owls offer us insight about the experiences of transition at hand or that are needed. This could mean personal transformation, but since all things are connected, it is tied into collective transformation.

So their presence assists us in being actively, co-creatively, and presently engaged with the process, rather than having things happen to us.

There is a definite presence of creative potency soaring through, I sense.

While white may be one half of duality, it, like black, also feels to be like a blank slate from which to create from when one has cycled back to reclaim what they symbolize, but from a new perspective.

When we forged ahead with our desire for spiritual enlightenment, we left behind parts of ourselves that we didn’t want to face, denied or hid from ourselves, or that we weren’t capable of working with then. Yet, in order to move beyond things currently, these need to be addressed and are the very things we keep seeing/feeling as harsh realities around that affect us deeply.

A new white is needed…A new black as well. And from our exploration of them fully, we will be able to realize the value within them both, and how we can utilize their fundamental empowered ingredients to create the new alchemy necessary to transmute to what’s available next.

I am feeling how I’m able to bring in and continue integrating the productive aspects of the white/yang/Sacred Male into the black/yin/Sacred Female now to hone in on their powers in partnership and reverence of one another. All of this white showing up, to me, is signifying this transmutation taking place.

It may appear to others as the “same” white, and yet it is not at all. It’s kind of like the Fool Tarot Card who “appears” as the Fool to most, and yet is quite something else instead. That is the ironic joke, as he/she is and is not the Fool at all, depending on the perspective.

When I was a little girl, it was white horses that first drew me. Then they became black for a greater portion of my life. And recently I’ve journeyed to white again, but it is from this new perspective of revisiting and reclaiming that which I left behind, in order to embody my wholeness and most authentic power. This comes from having ALL of our parts present and honored.

This white is not the white of before, but a transmuted white that takes the old and is alchemically creating something new. And as it transmutates with the new black, there are limitless, empowered shades one is able to explore from detached perspective and boundless things one can create.

But it is in the clear energy that we will recognize all of this. Be able to be in any of it, but not of it. Move in and out. Experience and explore. And do it all without attachment, and the most unconditionally loving energy we have yet to know.

In essence, the things we create will be of both and neither white or black, embodying the most potent, clear, diamond essence energy in their harmonious merging.

Do you feel the call to something more…something expansive and don’t know why?

Are the voices and inner promptings becoming louder for you and getting harder to push aside?

Are you exhausted or perhaps exasperated with the way things are out there and feeling more ready to at least change your relationship to outer things while you channel energy into creating an impactful change within?

Then perhaps this is the fuel behind today’s fire for sharing my dream and recycling back to 2014’s message that I feel is even more pertinent today – perhaps written for the now, as back then things were still under the surface and didn’t feel as pressing.

I was led to this wonderful blog, written in January of this year by the incredible Chloë Rain – Founder of Explore Deeply:

Snowy Owl’s Medicine, Meaning and Spiritual Significance

Some excerpts that personally resonate and jump out to collectively highlight, in relation to the white owl connection and Chloë’s shamanic experience, include:

“As this pertains to Owl Medicine as a Messenger, different owls represent different roles as Messenger. For instance, the Snowy Owl is the Animal Spirit that is a messenger who is responsible for carrying wisdom from the Elders and the human with whom the Snowy Owl resides will have the gift of channeling the words of the elders via inspired written words or intuitive channelling.

It is said that if you meditate with the owl, the answers to your questions will be revealed. Listen to the voice inside of you.

Snowy Owl’s ability to navigate in the darkness makes her not only a master Spirit Guide for soul retrieval and the reclaiming of lost parts of the soul, but she is also the guide that helps us go into the void of the Great Mystery to call forth ancient wisdom, knowledge and secrets that have lain dormant for ages to help us remember the fullness of our being, and create the new earth.

You have to see to know. You have to know to see.

White Owl people, are seers of divine wisdom and are said to be oracles of secret knowledge from the Elders or the Wisdom Keepers.

In fact, Owls are Medicine Messengers, and each Owl has a different medicine message. Snowy Owls, in particular are the carriers of the Wisdom from the Elders and if the Snowy Owl is your spirit guide you have the gift of channeling the words of the Elders via inspired written words or intuitive channeling.

Had I understood that channeling was a gift that had been imparted to me, and furthermore the gift of writing wisdom from beyond, not necessarily from me, but from a place of knowing, I might have felt a lot more confidence in the coming months as my life began to shift in strange and irreversible ways.

This understanding certainly would have been enlightening information for me to receive at that time… but it would not be until years had passed that I would fully understand and completely receive the medicine that came to me in that first vision ceremony.

I have learned from my teachers, the ones in this realm and the ones beyond, that nothing is conceptual, especially when it comes to animal spirits, and the messages they bring to us when they appear in our lives, and the medicine and wisdom they impart to us when they walk with us in this world.

Most often the teachers will answer your questions with very few words, and almost no explanations are given in shamanic training, because nothing is conceptual or symbolic as we experience things in Western culture.

The Maestros didn’t answer my questions about my visions of the White Owl with grand explanations. To them, it was all very clear.

The Great White Owl, had come to teach me her wisdom and be a soul companion on my path.

As that all assimilates and digests, since I post less often I like to add some updates to the blog messages that tie in the energies weaving through my little dot on the Earth grid here.

The above and below grid collages are of two of my recent and last custom, magick wand channelings. Each of them were woven over the powerful cycles of energies last and this month – the bottom one over the New Moon Eclipse and concluding with the Beltane energies of the previous month and the top one piggy-backing initiation with the same powerful doorways, but then continuing on through the energies of the Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse and concluded in the window leading up to this next New Moon of the 30th – tomorrow. It will actually arrive to its new guardian the 31st, fully stepping into the openings of the new cycle.

Both were intricately involved and took patience for the alignments of energies to ignite, but they felt integral to the recent shifts and expansion I have been going through, reflecting the same in each individual they were channeled for – again demonstrating how we are all connected.

As I shared with one of the wand recipients, “The weaving of the copper wire was one of the most intricately involved I’ve ever done and this felt important…just as weaving braids in one’s hair is a sacred practice that symbolizes strength, wisdom, unity, and integration…it also is a process of weaving the storyline of energies and intentions into the entire creation. Every twist, turn, cross over, interlay, etc…has purpose…and so this was a very intentional process that took great purity of focus and presence…bringing much the same to your wand. It also reminds me of our sacred spider sister and the web of life she weaves for all of creation.”

And while that was taking place, I forgot to share about my indoor Reishi mushrooms (I always type Reiki everytime I try to write Reishi – lol!) They grew beautifully – taking the longest of the three varieties – but harvest time came right before we left to Playa Del Carmen and upon return I decided to blend the mushrooms. I am using it in smoothies and have an idea for baking, which is why for now I kept it not as finely blended into a powder.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Reishi is known as ‘The Mushroom of Immortality’ and some call it the Queen of Mushrooms or the Queen of Immortality. It has many medicinal uses and benefits to us humans who share 40% of our DNA with mushrooms. Its symbolism includes well-being, success, longevity, and divine power.

The grid collage below shares some photos of my Reishi and the journey it went through after harvesting. There was a lot more than I’m holding, as you can see in the blender, but these photos show you how beautiful and amazing it is.

And last, this yet-again-powerful Gemini New Moon tomorrow has brought a first wave of blooms in pink and violet to the garden here. Loving Nature’s choice of first colors popping in reflection to expanding heart and chakra consciousness. Out in the forest behind our house, however, it is yellow having its first dance of joy under the Sun – gotta love that solar plexus courage, joy and confident empowerment! The first forest blossoms are prolific, creating a yellow carpet like none we’ve seen so abundant before. Looking forward to the rest of the blooms to make their debut. Meanwhile, our drip system is in and the plants are happy, flourishing, and in vibrant revival mode from the May Winter setback.

Like my plants that had a short slumber, I’m coming into my own revival and feeling much more integrated back. Lots of changes upcoming, as I imagine for many of you too!

And to circle back in closure for today, to reiterate from my share above:

Since symbols are not solely personal, but also impersonal and collective, Owls offer us insight about the experiences of transition at hand or that are needed. This could mean personal transformation, but since all things are connected, it is tied into collective transformation.

So their presence assists us in being actively, co-creatively, and presently engaged with the process, rather than having things happen to us.

There is a definite presence of creative potency soaring through, I sense.

What will you create?

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Creating life as a work of art with a magick rabbit by my side. I remember my song. Do you? Artist, Author and Reiki Master Teacher with over 30 years' experience in creative healing arts and metaphysical studies. Tania inspires people globally to return to natural harmony, draw forth imagination to manifest dreams, embody creative empowerment, and live more magickally and abundantly from their most natural frequency – in essence, Tania helps you to remember your song.

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  1. You’ve been busy Tania! with dreamtime, processing, creating, and harvesting. Growing your own mushrooms sounds wonderful. 🦉💕

  2. Desiree Bergeron

    Mmmmmmmm…..what a potent powerful dream!!
    You’ll smile because yesterday, I was refreshing/reading up on owl symbolism, (not kidding—LOL) and here you have this amazing compilation of awesome significant info!!!!! 🤭😆 WOW!!
    They’ve been showing up for me right now too, assisting my huge life shifts— not so much in dream, but rather calling out loud and clear in mid daytime (on point, as direct confirmation of me embracing new energies and creating new patterns!! It’s so supportive and anchors in the clarity with more depth!!)
    I’m pretty sure I told you, the day after training my first person in Reiki (Reiki Master Level) the next day I went hiking up a mountain to integrate, and there found a Snowy Owl feather!! 😱Double confirmation of this being a very very big opening/shift in my life……AND, the woman, after receiving her attunement asked me in tears, if Snowy Owl was perhaps one of my Power Animals or Spirit guides…..when I nodded my head yes with teary eyes, she described seeing Snowy Owl round me, (though her eyes were closed for the attunement…..!) So finding that Snowy Owl feather the next day was such a treasured gift!
    But like you, Although I treasure all Owls, my top two medicine bringing kinds are Snowy……and Barn, but I must say, Barn Owls truly are my deepest love of all the Owls….. !!!!! The most potent life changing dream I had YEARS and YEARS ago, which I NOW understand completely all this time later— was when Barn Owl revealed herself to me, and she has never left my side since!!
    Your Reishi grew so beautifully!!!!!! I just love the bright saturated colors of Reishi mushrooms! And your flowers sweet energy, always bring me such joy! Your wands are pure pure Magick…..I have most of the ingredients to create mine with that piece of heartwood……🤗 It’s wanting to channel through soon! x x X x x

    • Yes! It felt inter-dimensional and connected to the star council of my ET family 😉 Always love to hear the inter-woven synchronicities you share…so happy that this info was timely for you! Hehe! And yes, I remember the snowy owl feather after the RMT attunement, as well as our both having the connection with snowy and barn owl – but in both our cases, barn owl being the most essence match – not surprising with our cosmic connections since they, to me, speak loudly of ET communication. Owl didn’t show up as visually until later for me in my life…pre to that, it was more direct ET experiences. As I’ve written recently, this has moved more into the animals embodying the cosmic essence – I feel as a way to merge Earth and Star elements more together and to create an easier way of communicating since it takes a lot to project cosmic presence/form. Anyway, I’m going off on a tangent of cosmic stuff…all to say thank you so much for sharing this and for your sweet compliments about the reishi, flowers, and wands. I look forward to seeing your wand birth! I actually created one for myself in the last batch I made. I have one more piece of beautiful pine wood that could just manifest as well into another! Happy New Moon to you! xoox

    • Oh! And thank you again for the sacred feathers! I love them all so much ❤

    • OH! I was just reminded of my portal painting Air! I completely forgot that I had painted a barn owl there beside me in the painting and one in flight in the lower energy that contains also Nestor, faeries and so much more…that is a powerful piece and to know it was painted in 2008 is telling of the journey..past…present…and future as one

      • Desiree Bergeron

        You know I eat up the Cosmic tangents!! 😆
        Totally resonates about Owls showing up in form for ET family……I know that’s definitely happened for me too—in dream realm with messages, and real life supporting comforting and watching over me! 😌

  3. Interesting, indeed. I know mushrooms, wild mushrooms which grow in Latvia. Here, in Canada, they’ re all afraid of wild mushrooms and don’t risk to eat them. The ones you have are completely different. It’s interesting what color powder you’ve got. The features of it are amazing.
    White owl seems like a good guide through darkness. There’ s way too much of darkness at the moment.
    We can only see colors when there’ s light and light waves can get through. So, I always prefer spaces with light waves and colors. When the white light passes through triangular prism and is divided into its components, the white light becomes colors we all love, I think it’s important to stay in that light.
    You’re so lucky since you get to visit places. Well, I am ok, but have been in one spot for more than 3 years now and rarely leave house. However, we must be fine with whichever place we are.
    All the best to you!

    • Thank you for sharing these insights around mushrooms from other areas of the world. Yes, I was so enthralled, especially as an artist to view the beautiful colors and designs of these Reishi mushrooms, which I know you can appreciate too. Very inspiring…just like the recent coral reefs I saw were…I could definitely get lost in painting and creating so many beautiful visions from what they all inspire.
      I agree with what you share about white owl indeed and how she can help us navigate the shadowy blankets that are around. I love your share about the white light. You always have wonderful insights and the world of an artist I believe definitely aids through times like these to journey when one physically can’t. Much love and blessings to you!

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