Ask Astrid Friday’s ~ The Rabbit’s Corner: Yield in the Face of Change


Ever since our Amethyst babies have returned home, the energy has been shaking up and redirecting here. Not in a new direction, per say, but into alignment with what I’d been sensing. The Universe, or All That Is, likes to reiterate things in reflection and with the types of astrological placements I have, much of the time my messages come in clear through an injury or fracture. This took place today.

I slipped on some ice, even after being told twice by Dave to be careful of it AND being cautious. My heel just hit the perfect angle sending me out of balance and falling in a way that overextended my knee. And this leaves me either with a strain or tear to my MCL. At least not a bone fracture, as my usual M.O., but ligament injuries are no fun thing and it will take time to heal.

And where does that leave me?

Only able to focus on my writing again. Go figure!

It was no surprise by me and it just seems that the Universe, or Uni, as I like to call IT has my back and knows me well – that to get into alignment with the momentum needed, there would need to be something put into place.

I’ve also sensed a lot of energy out there and my desire not to engage in it. There may be a part of that in this too, but also reflecting how I’m really ready to move forward with new momentum.

And, just like Astrid went through her little experience of moving energy through her solar plexus recently, I am moving energy through my knee – the place of flexibility, movement, and considered where we assimilate knowledge and learning on a spiritual and energetic level (think kneeling and praying – even being knighted back in the day). When you take into account that knees can also represent fears and humility, it makes a lot of sense.

It’s interesting that Astrid has changed her position of where she lays the last few days for her daytime naps. Normally she’s enjoyed being under the sleigh at center of our room or under the low meditation table in the exercise room adjacent to ours.

But I’ve found her now in the top level of her castle tower and with her body curved in positions where her bunny butt hangs out the window on one side or her legs do.


She seems to say with this that the peace in our hearts can keep us anchored and safe, even when we stretch parts of ourselves through unknown doorways.

That it’s about moving forward with a new approach to change, which is basically the unknown.

“You know, the unknown you’ve felt around your book,” she adds.

She likes to cut to the chase.

“Yes, you’re absolutely right,” I reply. “And you know that I’ve said I was going to get back to it full time after my birthday even though I’ve felt some fear around it.”

“Yes, and I’ve seen you clearing the slate and making room for it,” she says. “You’ve been feeling the tug at your heart for a few weeks now, while being presented with life options, and we’ve been waiting to see what you’d choose.”

She’s right. I have been feeling it in the background very profoundly and started getting the sense to jump full on in again, which is why on Monday I’d announced that Monday and Wednesday’s blogs would likely go dormant while I switch back gears to writing full time.

“Yes, and you know how powerful your words and feelings are. You then created the scenario to ensure it!” she says with a wink.

“I did indeed, because now I will need to rest my knee and lay low, which will keep me where I feel I want and need to be. It also ensures I listen to the messages so as not to create anything really terrible. I think the wind and storm, and now the knee, all point to new directions and their timeliness I’ve felt in my soul. Funny that I also was heading into a new form of painting with my side creative time to accompany writing, which all keeps me able to sit or lay on the bed while doing them.”

“You do follow your feelings well,” she says. “There are times you may feel vulnerable or even unsure about something, but you have never been one to resist the winds of change. That’s why you braved those 80 mile an hour winds without hesitation and stepped into them with determination to retrieve your things. Your knee is not a punishment or bad thing, but simply a reset and an opportunity to surrender even more and open to yet wider, even more flexible possibilities you have yet to imagine with your writing. Anything that feels overwhelming can be embraced through humility. I know that the next phase will likely be your hardest one yet with the book, but the wisdom of your knee is to yield in the face of change. Something I know you can do well, my friend. Remember where you’ve been and how far you’ve come. Now repeat that process. The parts and players may be different, but the game is still the same.” she says.


I wonder if any of you are approaching similar resets in your life that seem both exciting and overwhelming?

Do Astrid’s words touch a chord?

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  1. Sad you got hurt, sweet spirit. I hope you heal quickly and may this next chapter (literally and figuratively) unfold under grace and ease. You are loved.

  2. Sorry for the slip! I have bumped my knees often enough to want to take good care of them because they affect dozens of daily life tasks when you can’t use them. As for your question, yes: I’m planning a trip to New Mexico later in the year. I’d been idly interested in it for some years but all of a sudden it’s tapping me on the shoulder. I don’t even know why it pulls at me but I am responding by pulling together an itinerary and researching options, costs, etc. It’s exciting but overwhelming since it’s completely new and unknown, but I am hoping I will meet whoever I’m supposed to meet, and find myself where I need to be. I just noticed it’s kind of like my workaday life… I’m keenly hearing that it’s time to wind that thing down and do something else. I’ve been working steadily since I was 19 and I want to grow in some other direction for awhile.

    • thank you kieron! very true! each injury does make you more conscious about how your body is so interconnected. when you break something, depending where it is, it affects things like even laughing, coughing, sneezing, and yes, ability to do the little menial things that no longer seem so menial. 🙂 very cool about your trip to new mexico. i’m happy for you and glad you’re listening to that nudge. will be interesting to hear what evolves with everything and especially your work. all of that would definitely feel exciting and overwhelming. so once again we’re in a similar energetic boat 😉 probably the cappy stuff beckoning us on up the mountain.

  3. Oh, no, sorry you hurt your knee! Jason has been struggling with his for quite some time, now, but it truly has been a disguised blessing. I know just what you mean about the Universe slowing you down when you need to. Our only car recently went kaput, leaving me to learn to lean on others for support, and also to slow my roll on those 47 hour work weeks! I can feel the shifting, too, toward the plans I have made. Things just seem to be firming up inside me, energetically, so I can make the necessary shifts to support the projects I want to create later this year. Now, to deal with the self doubt and frustration of changes that seem to be happening far too slowly for my taste (that makes me giggle, as I know that things happen in their own right time, yet my inner petulant child wants them NOW! Think Veruca Salt from Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory). As always, I love Astrid’s perfect, lovely messages, and send you both oceans of love ❤

    • thank you so much linette! i remember about jason’s knee. it’s truly helped him with his art it seems too. everything always has a purpose. and speaking of purpose, i was just saying that this is my capricorn energy’s way of helping to tame my mars all in 1st house. capricorn rules bones, knees, joints…it’s helping them to merge together into that action with purpose i wrote about in a previous post. taking the best of each to fuse together productively. sounds like you are also embracing all of the hidden blessings too and making big shifts with opening to being more vulnerable, taking care of yourself, and strengthening your intents and desires. your inner child may want things now, but children also don’t have a concept of time and get over things easily. so there’s some of that to tap into as well for all of us. lol! veruca salt made me laugh. i so love that you use willy wonka and childhood memories of such fun as examples! my kind of gal! thank you for the sweet words about astrid’s shares. sending you love and warm snuggles from us here to you!

  4. I hope you feel much better soon. As always, Astrid seems to hit the right chord. I am spending this weekend clearing things (physical, emotional, mental) in order to get back on track with my schooling. It scares me, but I know it needs to be done. This storm we are having is giving me no excuses as I chose to stay home and indoors. I have my Magickal Bunny to keep me motivated, thanks to you. ❤

    • Thank you so so much RJ!! Astrid is quite the messenger between worlds. 😉 Sounds like you’re doing some courageous shifting. I’m so happy for you and understand how scary it can be. I feel that interesting contrast too. And definitely the storms and in between seasons right now feels perfect for this. I’m so happy you have your little magick rabbit orb to light and inspire the way. Makes me happy! 🌟🐇

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