Pure Delight!

I just love this sweet share from dear Laura about her magickal mini rabbit garden that floated into her life. There are many beautiful tie-ins with the one she chose that make it meaningful and we couldn’t be happier to hear how its tickled her heart, as it has ours. She has a great link in the post also about Sacred Decorating – something she and I both feel strongly about and the mention of the Blue Quartz, Arthur, also ties in with all of the recent crystal activity that continues. We (Astrid and I) are so moved by all of the wonderful words and experiences we’re hearing as feedback from our creations that are finding their way into people’s hearts and homes. It means so much to us that they are doing what we had hoped, inspiring creativity in others and sprinkling some joy, inner child wonder, and enchantment into people’s hearts. One of the things I love most is inspiring others to tap into their creativity more, especially when they feel they aren’t creative, have a creative block, or feel they don’t have time, and part of why we created these mini rabbit garden wonderlands. I’m so happy to continue hearing feedback that reflects this is actually in activation. Thank you so much Laura and everyone. And for anyone else who feels drawn to a little extra magick, you can still bring something sparkly home at discount today at https://www.etsy.com/shop/TheMagickRabbit

Laura Bruno's Blog

This past Valentine’s Day marked some very special transitions. David and I held our own lovely celebration, but that day also opened a new era in my personal life, especially related to writing fiction. Always in eerie sync, my sweet friend Tania Marie opened her new Etsy shop that day. She had texted me previews of the photos, but clicking on The Magick Rabbit shop link brought new levels of delight.

As I sat at my writing desk in my blue office, staring at the waterfall tapestry with a blue velvet “watery” chair beneath, I just knew I needed a “Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea DIY Rabbit Fairy Crystal Garden Kit in Tortoise Finish Indoor Planter Pot Seashell Conch Fairy House.” How could I resist? This precious little bunny in a boat makes me smile every time I see him:


I love all of Tania’s whimsical creations. If…

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  1. Thanks for sharing, T! I’m sure these are delighting many people. Lots of love to you and Astrid. ❤

  2. My, my, you’ve been busy rabbits! 🙂 Creating more whimsical decorations for home and heart. This nautical one is wonderful Tania, and I love the idea of sacred decorating. I guess I’ve done that but not quite so intentionally.

    • hehe!! we love us some bunnies! ❤ i'm so happy you feel the sweetness of this little nautical bunny on a deep sea adventure! it was so fun to imagine and create. i bet you have done the sacred decorating, by following your intuition on things and what feels good 😉

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