Sweet Magick & Majesty ~ Choosing Our Experience of Life

20160411_165528_resizedEach day and moment offers us an opportunity to choose how we want to create our experience. We can ask ourselves what energy we are needing more or less of in our lives and we can listen to what calls to us or what is yearning for us to let go of.

Yesterday I was feeling a need to balance some of the more rugged, raw, and deep energies we had been experiencing with sweetness, flow, and grace.


I do this tuning in each time we decide on what we want to explore each day in our new environments, not to mention when I want to find out what is most important for me to invest my energy in throughout my day.

And so I chose our hikes yesterday that reflected this energy desired, after I worked on my inspired painting project I’ve been called to work on recently.

That led us to explore Goosenecks, Sunset Point, and Fremont River. An easy 4 miles of enchantment.


The Goosenecks Overlook is like a mini Grand Canyon with 800 foot high viewpoints above serpentine Sulphur Creek, which continues to shape the dramatic canyon. This canyon has formed tight curves, known as the Goosenecks, over millions of years of downward erosion.

Goosenecks is adjacent to Sunset Point, so you can quickly hop across and take that short mile round trip hike to panoramic views.

We’ve had rain in the distance, which has been creating beautiful skyscapes and lighting that makes these vistas incredibly majestic and mystical.


This trail has a couple of benches at ideal spots to just take it all in, which we did, enjoying our solitude with the grandeur around us and soaking in the sweetness of nature, life, and love.


Most of the time it’s like we’re in our own world and in a space and time that is its own reality we have been invited in on to experience like welcomed guests.


After our time at these grand vista points we went further in to find our next trail along Fremont River.

The river is right by the Gifford House, which we had wanted to stop by anyway, as we’d seen the signs for fresh pies, hoping they were vegan. 😉


So, we stopped in there and explored the small museum and shop and then I asked about the pies. Luckily they had a list of the ingredients and to our delight the pies without crumble tops were in fact vegan so we picked up two – a peach and cherry pie.

These are locally baked pies you can get while in Capitol Reef National Park at the Gifford House, which is surrounded by beautiful orchards.


You get to meander along both the river and the orchards on the trail, which was just lovely and blossoming right now.

The Gifford House used to be the heart of the small Mormon pioneer village of Fruita settled in 1880 and these historic orchards are the largest in the National Park system.


Anyway, it’s a lovely central area and we explored the amazing trees on the beautiful grounds here, saw our Marmot friends again – I believe they are a couple that live here and scout their tunnel entrances – and enjoyed the rolling river that is lined with more lovely trees next to the orchards.



The blossoms were so fragrant and the trees so magickal….I loved this stroll along the river, listening to the water flow, feeling the breeze blow, and discovering little wonders along the way including this little Faery door.


There are two giant Fremont Cottonwood trees called “Silent Sentinels” that are incredibly amazing.


As saplings they witnessed the arrival of Mormon pioneers in the 1880’s. In 1918, the largest tree by the road became known as the “Mail Tree” where mail was transferred from a carrier in Torrey to another carrier downstream. Later mailboxes were attached to the tree to give settlers a convenient location to maintain communication with the outside world.

I love these trees!


Anyway, after our pie collecting, stroll with our tree, animal, and Faery friends, and journey up the river, we then took the more strenuous, short uphill Spur Trail to some more vistas above the river overlooking another canyon to end our day.


There was a huge dark pending rain cloud ahead, which I used Reiki to direct it to go around rather than upon us for this hike, as the steep climb and edges of the cliff would not have been fun with a downpour of rain. Happy to report that worked. 🙂


Our day was just the right blend of energies and experiences we were both needing.

And upon returning home to our beautiful pastures we look out upon from where we can watch the cattle and horses grazing and the horses rolling and laying in the grass, we were reminded of the simple life we’ve chosen where time doesn’t exist except the moments we embrace.

I love the quiet of our lives, the abundance of nature time, and limited connection other than with the natural world, the few exchanges with other nature enthusiasts along the way, and touch-ins with loved ones.

Days like this are the sweet nectar of life that reiterate why we’ve chosen this path at this time to move the energy in our lives and to deepen our connection with what truly matters and is of most value to us.


Our experiences in nature mirror everything we need to know about life and reflect to us the lessons that presence and stillness open us up to.

There are days of both bitter and sweet…but like nature, we can be assured it is all just a natural cycle inviting us to flow in dance with rather than try to own each moment with some sense of needless and wasteful attachment.


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Creating life as a work of art with a magick rabbit by my side. I remember my song. Do you? Artist, Author and Reiki Master Teacher with over 25 years' experience in creative healing arts and metaphysical studies. Tania inspires people globally to return to natural harmony, draw forth imagination to manifest dreams, embody creative empowerment, and live more magickally and abundantly from their most natural frequency – in essence, Tania helps you to remember your song.

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