Private Reiki Classes and Reiki in Bimini?!

For those that are not aware, I continue to teach Reiki classes, but by request only. What this means is, I don’t post class dates for sign ups, I just create custom classes around requests from clients and am able to offer both private or group classes depending upon the request. I have found this to work well for my style of teaching and for the students that are drawn to me.

I like to provide versatility and flexibility to the classes, so that they can be custom to the people/person that requests it. Having a flexible schedule, I am able to offer classes any day of the week, as long as it coincides with a mutually open day for each of us.

For the most part I teach at a private home in Orange County, California, however, I am available to come to my students if need be, usually in the case of a group of people that request a class together at a specific location that may be more convenient to the group. For out of state requests, a large enough group, as well as non-refundable deposits are required. Details of such requests can be emailed to me to work out.

I really enjoy intuitively tailoring the classes to the needs of my clients, whether private and personal class or group-requested, drawing upon all of my experience and individual gifts and perspectives in synergy with what each person brings to the table. While I teach the fundamentals of Reiki, I find that especially in our current times, during my classes we explore deeper understandings of collective things and how they relate personally, as well as how to tie in Reiki energy and its utilization to empower each individual’s needs that are currently being explored and challenged, with understanding. I always trust that each class will flow as is meant to and just allow the classes to take form as they may, always being brought back full circle to the core teachings of Reiki. I love the way things just flow divinely and synchronously.

My style of teaching is very casual and relaxed, like friends gathering to talk and explore together and we each walk away both learning and teaching each other – a co-creative and mutually shared experience. It’s a beautiful unfolding process of being present with each other and allowing, through a mutual trust and genuine love of being supportive to one another.

I may in time post classes again, but for now, this way of taking requests, I have felt to be most mirroring of the energy right now and where things are at in my own life. Those that are led to my classes, synchronously show up.

Bimini dolphins from my last trip

The one experience that I may be posting here shortly for this year 2012, could be Reiki classes taught in Bimini. Yes, you heard correct. I have been given the opportunity to offer this at a new center called Atlantis Rejuvenation Center (ARC) which would be magical, to say the least. Having been on retreat there a few years ago doing my own integrative healing, I have been wanting to return again and what better way than to offer Reiki in such a powerful and beautiful sacred area – one dear to my heart and soul. As empowering as I believe it will be for others, it will also be a gift to me, as a very personally empowering soul experience.


As Above, So Below

Being so deeply connected to Atlantis and the dolphins, and being dear soul friends with the Founder of the center, I feel a heart calling to provide this service. I have been awaiting things to click together with my current timing and focuses, as to bringing it into fruition. But it has been percolating in the background, while things all come together naturally, as they always do.

Another beautiful part of the story is that one of my paintings has just arrived in Florida and will be headed over to Bimini shortly where it will find home in the ARC. The piece is “As Above, So Below” and the story of how it came to Yemaya, my friend and the Founder, including the story behind the ARC, is no less than majorly M-A-G-I-C-A-L!  Talk about manifestation powers! I am so honored to have this piece on the walls of the ARC and look forward to being part of the beautiful energy she is sharing there and to creating more art for the center.

For those interested, the journey in Bimini would include a spiritual retreat consisting of swimming with the dolphins, raw vegan food, Reiki, yoga, massages and healing sessions, and opportunity to explore the Atlantean vortexes and beaches around the island. Talk about amazing. I don’t know about you, but that’s just what Tania’s heart ordered and needs for herself right now!

If this is of interest to anyone, I’d love to hear your thoughts, as they may reveal more of the solidification of things, as well as help me to tailor the journey to the unique souls that are called to join.

More info to come on this, but I felt that now was time to reveal this exciting news.

Meditating with my conch on my Heart Chakra on my last trip in Bimini

If you’d like to request a private or group class, you may contact me at I’d love to hear from you with any questions, feelings and thoughts. We can discuss where you are at, your intents, and any previous training you may have.

You may also visit my website for more information about Reiki and what I offer in terms of classes and treatment sessions by distance or in-person (for local only): Reiki

If you’d like to hear other’s feelings on what they’ve received from my classes and treatment sessions you may visit Testimonials (just scroll down to the Reiki section).

Love and Hugs!

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