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Healing Dreams – My Lioness Friend

lionessWow! So last night I had a very mirroring dream to the one I had with a dolphin, which I shared about in my July 1st post: Dolphin Dreams. Only this time, the animal spirit guide and companion was a lion. Well, a lioness to be exact, and she was a young one at that. She wasn’t a cub, but she was about my size in length – 5’5″ – perhaps slightly bigger, and had a child-like essence, although wise.

I can’t remember all that was surrounding the front and back end of this dream, but a lot was. However, I do very much remember the part where she and I were connecting. And it was so much like the dolphin and I. So much so, I would have to say that the two souls are one in the same, but coming through in different animal bodies. This of course would mean that she was my beloved Nestor in disguise, once again. 🙂

I was walking through some open area when she (the lioness) approached out of no where. There did seem to be others around, but at a distance. She came out of the darkness toward me and I wasn’t sure at first what to make of this lioness coming to me, but I was calm and not afraid. She was then right upon me and literally then on top of me. She had gentle/lovingly knocked me down, like a large dog may do when he/she is excited to see you and runs at you to greet you. And then, just like in my dolphin dream, she and I laid there together for a long while.

She was mostly on top of me, with her back into my right side, my arms around her, and our heads nestled touching each other, while her left front leg wrapped around my head and her large paw held my face. We hardly moved from this position. We just laid still and her big, plush paw stayed on my face the entire time. I realized she was giving me healing energy from that enormous paw of hers and I remember how amazing to have this powerful creature that could easily take me out with one swipe or bite, but here she was like a kitten, with claws retracted and only a soft pillow for my face to be cradled in by her touch. We communicated telepathically and energetically.

I just remember a beautiful communing between us and like we were one, as we laid there in this position. And some people were calling out that I should get away because a lion is dangerous. And I told them to please stop worrying about me and to stop yelling out, as I wasn’t going to leave her and I was safe and happy.

Anyway, at some point our time was complete and her work was done. She got up and slowly walked off back into the darkness from which she came.

The energy of the connection was the same. Very sweet, tender, loving, and like a best friend. But we were not as sad, nor tearful this time upon parting, but simply embraced the time we had and fully enjoyed it. I did sense this little cub inside of this large animal, but it was more like a human in animal clothing. And likely because of our last connection time, we did not have to be so sad, as there seems to be a window of opportunity for us to have more connections right now in this way. And because of the understanding we both have in where we’re needed right now, there was no need for the sadness.

But of course I immediately was interested to look at lion/lioness symbolism to see what she was bringing to me in added message this time, alongside the beautiful healing and connection.

As with all symbols, the meaning is relative to you and should be personal and individual. There are general collective meanings that things can symbolize, or have come to symbolize, but how something translates for you, is your experience alone.

We all have different ways of interpreting things and the more we practice looking deeper and understanding ourselves, the more we are able to interpret more clearly what the meaning is for us.

You determine your own relationship to symbols.

That said, I found some information I’ll share, in case the lion is a power animal for you or is showing up. The interesting thing was that all the dream symbolism and much of even the symbolism in general that I found, all talked about the lion coming in a threatening way, being fearful of it, it biting you, and so on, and what that symbolism meant. But I couldn’t find anything really talking about a gentle and loving encounter. I found that interesting and wondered about what that means in terms of the collective accepting certain group symbolism and ideas about things.

Anyway, I read that the lion has often been a symbol of the Sun, which I knew, but being primarily a nocturnal animal, also symbolizes the Moon and being an authority over subconscious thought. Hunting is mostly done by the lioness at night and therefore she is a Lunar animal. The lion would be more the Sun symbolism, but this all speaks to the lion being a symbol of balance.

In my dream, it was a lioness and she came from the darkness. So I feel her Lunar quality, which is also Nestor’s and my own connection.

But the lioness can also represent Solar Feminine Power and the power of Diana the Huntress. Lions live in prides, so they can symbolize the group or community and working in cooperation and respect with each other. The lioness is also the best hunter that does most of the work, and so this is an assertion of the Feminine and the rising of Feminine energies.

Since the Sun (the bringer of the dawn and a new day, and of life, and nurturing of life) has not always been associated with Male energy, this lends to the Feminine energies bringing in this new birthing of power in the world when it is integrated into our lives more. A time of new awakening that honors the Divine Feminine and her imaginative creativity and intuition.

Some of Lion’s wisdom includes strength in overcoming difficulties, letting go of stress, strong family and community bonds, personal power, assertiveness, self confidence, ability to lead, courage, energy, wisdom, self fulfillment, authority, justice, dignity, and royalty.

When a lion shows up it may be supporting you to have more courage and faith, to come more fully into your sovereign power, to remember your birthright and live from the integrity and dignity of who you are, to support yourself and what you need with all of your heart, to lead with your heart, and to be your own authority.

As mentioned, most of the information I found talked about being frightened by the lion that shows up in your dreams, in which case it may be telling you that you need to look at your shadow self and bring the truth of that to the surface to integrate, not reject or stuff for any reason. Since my lioness friend came from the dark, literally representing this shadow aspect, and my not fearing her, I feel it is a representation of my integrating my shadow self in a deeper way and this is very healing for me, as represented by the healing energy she provided out of that “embrace” we shared in unity together.

Always, these animal spirit guides bring forth aspects of ourselves to integrate and bring to resolution, so that we may understand ourselves more and live with more empowerment.

I feel that there was twofold meaning in this dream, including connection with my beloved and her healing gift she came once again to give to me, as well as bringing to light aspects to continue to cultivate within myself, as these things are actually things I’ve been working on, and this will continue to provide me the balance I seek.

Again, words can’t express my gratitude for these kinds of experiences, but my heart-full thanks goes out nonetheless to this beautiful soul that merges with me in the twilight hours.

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