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Gentle Integration for the Courageous – Reiki & Other Frequency-Shifting Processes Can Make the Difference

cc17When I see and feel people go through really powerful releases and shifts with such ease and grace, like in yesterday’s Reiki session with a client, it reminds me of why I love Reiki so much and why courageous accountability can increase the effects tenfold.

What I love about Reiki is how it is a truth-seeker that penetrates to the core source and works on ALL levels, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, which I feel is so important in terms of the integrated healing I speak about so often as being integral to truly creating eternal depth to the new we are creating.

It is no wonder that Reiki was the modality that spoke to me most to incorporate into my life and infuse into the instinctual practices I already do, as not only is it so easy for anyone to work with and powerfully gentle (mirroring the current frequency of experience), but it is already something we are naturally attuned to at the Source of our Beingness, since Reiki IS the Universal Life Force Energy from which everything IS.

The old world is slow because of separation, gaps, and fear. The new world is fast because of interconnection. As we approach unity, life is more instantaneous. Our lives work by new rules based on the speed of the present moment. Shifting out of negativity and stuckness is often a matter of not exerting the old forceful willpower but “choosing what’s choosing you.” ~Penney Peirce

The gentle, the natural, the unconditionally loving, the integrative, and harmonious…these are elements I find to be of importance in terms of evolutionary processes of the new reality. But along with letting go of a grueling process, you must also let go of beliefs in it, as well as self-sabotaging stubborn ideas.

When fine-tuned and fully embraced, the more gentle processes can shift what once used to be an ordeal, into an epiphany of release. That isn’t to mean there won’t be a deep level of commitment needed, but if you’re real with yourself you can make the process more like sands slipping through the hourglass once you’ve flipped the perspective.

I’ve written several posts on the importance of integrative and grounded healing, being honest with yourself, allowing your feelings to move through you, and fully embodying the concepts into authentic experience. I believe there are a variety of ways one can go about this, but do find that processes that work on an energetic and feeling resonance level, getting us back in touch with our authenticity, to be powerfully transformative.

Ways that shift things with the vibrational frequency in a natural cycling way that mirrors a return to natural harmony and innate wholeness, are my choice go-to’s.

Sometimes it is the subtle frequency shifts and perspectives that can make a difference when you think you’ve done all that you think you can do. And it’s the allowing of truth and flow to take place, so that all the fear blockages can release into fullness of authenticity. Energy work, sound healing, music, encoded symbolism, crystals, aligning with nature, movement, feeling, intimacy of experiencing and expression, honest reflection, allowing…I find to all be so powerful and transmutational.

For emotional healing to prevail, we must enter fully into whatever is left unprocessed and ride it all the way through until the pent-up energy is drained off the issue. Then, it is finished, never to command your attention or psychic energy again. ~Jacquelyne Small

Life is a process of becoming, a combination of states we have to go through. Where people fail is that they wish to elect a state and remain in it. This is a kind of death. ~Anais Nin

When you become an active, willing, open, honest, accountable, and responsible partner in your journey, this is what will make the difference with any process you choose. I can see how this reflects in the Reiki sessions that I support clients with. The clients that truly are ready and courageously embrace the process on all levels, are the ones who experience the greatest and quickest results.

It’s not that there is any time-frame, other than the one YOU desire and YOU choose, nor is there a better or worse scenario.

However, if you truly want change, you WILL need to choose to BE that change in what ever way YOU are asking of YOURSELF to shift. You will need to ACTIVELY and HONESTLY cross the bridges of your fears into the love of yourself that awaits your embrace.

This Mantra and video felt aligned with today’s post. So here is my very favorite Deva Premal sacred piece offering a beautiful version of the Mantra that helps clear past, present and future, which was yesterday’s (the 9th) in the 21-Day Mantra Meditation. Let the visuals and resonance take you on an integrative healing journey.

The Mantra is:

Aad guray nameh

Jugaad guray nameh

Sat guray nameh

Siri guray deveh nameh

I bow to the Primal Guru.
I bow to Eternal Truth.
I bow to True Wisdom.
I bow to Great Divine Wisdom.

Inner Tuning: Guru means that which brings us from darkness (GU) to light (RU). As I chant this mantra, I invoke the protective energy of the universe, and celebrate new beginnings, both inner and outer.

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