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Adrenal Fatigue ~ Messenger of a Return to Natural Harmony & Balance Needed Now

Adrenal fatigue seems to have reached epidemic proportions and affects so many people, aware or not and many people I know, including myself. Many healers, sensitives, intuitives, creatives, and visionaries are just some of the people that experience its effects a lot due to being so empathic and open to feeling energies so easily. But anyone who has an overload of energy coming at them, little to no boundaries, and a predisposition to overdrive, high levels of endurance, sensitivity to others and the energetic environment, a lot of emotional stress, etc. will experience this if haven’t already. And those are just some of the things that can contribute.

Other things which can be one or a combination of many or all of these include diet (whether or not you get high quality foods in), vitamin deficiencies, toxic overload (environmental, chemicals, pollutants, energetic), inefficient quality of sleep leading to fatigue, stress (perceived or not and especially emotional stress), going through integration of major changes in life, upgrades being assimilated, trauma, chronic diseases that place demands on the adrenals, isolation, overworked, over-driven and overachieving, pushing yourself, living in the future and not the present, worrying, living outside your means or trying to support a lifestyle you think you need to have, operating on old patterns and conditioning you’re battling, confusion, unclarity, not fully loving yourself at the core, fighting your path and gifts, forcing something, running yourself ragged and all over the place without focus (too many irons in the fire), challenged with boundaries, being in martyr or victim roles, trying to change others, trying to prove something, being out of balance…..all create an inability for your adrenals to cope with the load.

And for some, our endurance levels are higher and so we can go for a long time thinking everything’s alright, but then suddenly crash. That’s the more sneaky, challenging kind of adrenal depletion because we easily mask the symptoms and messages with our abilities to overcome, sustain with our other gifts, and fuel ourselves with energy from other sources, but never really building ourselves up, but maintaining us at a coping level that is spiraling and soon to be out of control or worse.

I’m not a doctor, medical intuitive, or any practitioner of medicine whether western or naturopathic, so my share is simply from personal experience and observation, but I have suffered from adrenal fatigue and have turned my predisposition to it into a gift.

I have, like many others, adrenal sensitivity which I was born with that will always need to be high on my radar or major crashes can, and have happened.

I lived with the symptoms of it, not knowing what it was, but did become aware in my early twenties of my having a very high level of nervous anxiety and stress that was both a symptom of my extreme sensitivity to energies I absorbed all around me since infant stage, and to my personal challenges around that, not to mention factors playing out around performing at a certain level, trying to appease others to create a harmonious environment, which was something I learned also very early on as a child to do while I observed how dynamics worked out and how I could “fix” them.

The thing is, that wasn’t a fix. It was only masking the issues.

I also had the high endurance and strength levels that carried me forward and kept pushing on.

But it came at the detriment to myself, always feeling acidic in my stomach, going through bouts of acne as a result throughout those years (now completely gone), fatigue, and then crashing.

The crashing came after years of it. So yes, you can go on for a while, but why would you want to? As by the time you crash, for those with high levels of endurance, this really means you’re in a very depleted place and the adrenals will need a long time to rebalance and readjust in order to fully recover again.

And adrenal depletion will result in so many symptoms and a spiraling effect of other health challenges if not tended to.

And unfortunately, for myself, and I know for others, once you feel you’ve recovered, you tend to go back to the same way of life again, unless you decide to stop the spiral once and for all and focus on how to correct things at the core.

I’m happy to say that I no longer experience the effects of adrenal fatigue and it’s been because of a lifelong journey and commitment.

I’d been told by naturopathic doctors that it would be a lifelong battle, and I would have to manage and maintain it with herbs constantly.

I came to accept that and believe what they said, which only put me further into a victim role and that I could never really be in control of my health. Used it as my “excuse” in a way, or keeping me from fully being whole. And although I accepted that and learned to love it as a gift, I felt still that I could go beyond this and not define that as part of my wholeness, but simply a part of my story to wholeness that I was rewriting.

Each time I went to a naturopathic doctor and they gave me a protocol, while also discussing underlying roots, they were surprised at how quickly I turned it around. But then I’d fall back again after a couple of years.

Until, I really got it at the core.

Everyone will be different, but for me, the difference was in the commitment to myself.

Changing my lifestyle, changing the way I thought, felt, and acted as a result.

Focusing on living only from pure expression of my essence integrity and what I “needed” as the breath of life to me to bring forth through everything I did.

Learning how to create and have stronger boundaries…saying yes and no very clearly.

Releasing myself more and more from past patterns I’d identified from past life, childhood, genetic predisposition, and DNA conditioning.

Letting go of the word service and just being me.

Not pushing myself, relaxing into divine timing, trusting that what I do is enough and is perfect despite devised ideas of what I “should” be doing or performing as.

Finding my own definition of success.

Living a balanced life and immersing fully into nature.

Taking time for me so I have a deep fortified well to give authentically and responsibly from.

My diet has always been good and clean eating 100% vegan for nearly 11 years now, but changing from even being tight and strict with it in terms of only eating the cleanest of these types of foods, but rather living more flowing and by my intuition (continuing to eat 100% vegan, but whatever I desired including fun vegan goodies). This to include eating in a more balanced way that helped decrease my sensitivities because of ONLY eating clean, plus eating more relaxed and naturally, drawing me to a balance and not living in a mindset of if I dirty up my diet that I have to make up for it. No pushing or punishment. No binge and then deprive….Just pure flow.

Fully loving myself and not just saying the words.

Following my passions and singing my song.

Flowing with life and aligning with it rather than trying to control it.

Seeing everything as a gift and turning triggers into alchemy.

Knowing what is my stuff and what is not.

Being honest with myself, learning to live more from pure observation, and more by example.

Embodying my beliefs and nurturing what strengthens that.

And so on….

I’m grateful to say I’ve been able to stop taking the adrenal herbs and am still balanced and without fatigue or any symptoms I used to have, but instead live with increased vitality and inspiration and finally have that peace inside and out – alkalinity of mind, body, heart, and soul has returned.

I tried it as an experiment, as I do believe that if we thoroughly work from the core, we CAN find our way back to balance. And it has proven my theory, at least for me.

That as long as I continue in this vein, and put balance and harmony of being at the forefront of my life, then my body will find its natural balance.

And if ever something slightly shows up, rather than wait until it gets worse and ignore it, to pay attention, be ultra present, and immediately make the adjustments where needed and this can change it around instantly. As our bodies are simply messengers with gifts to reveal to us a remembering of our true nature and of the balance required as its innate foundation.

A return to natural harmony is always available in our daily practice of choice and widening perspectives.

I don’t recommend doing anything without your own doctor’s approval, as again I’m NO doctor.

I just constantly am working with energies at the metaphysical level and finding my way back to me.

If you suffer from high levels of stress, perhaps you may want to add into your protocol, a thorough visit into your own patterns and work from the inside out to rebalance mind, body, heart, and soul as a holistic way of being.

Adrenal fatigue is your ticket to you. Remember who you really are.

And as a result, the more of us that remember and embody that, the world will reflect it in greater proportions too.

Cherish Your Life…Cherish Your Body ~ Holistic Living From the Inside Out is Not a Luxury


Today’s lunch: spring mix of romaine, swiss chard, mustard greens, arugula, and radicchio with sweet grape and heirloom tomatoes, avocado, cucumber, sunflower seeds, coconut bacon, and Japanese miso horseradish kimchi, sprinkled with ground black pepper, collard greens powder, and a splash of shitake sesame dressing with a side of carrots with chipotle hummus – all organic…all delicious!


The more I embrace and flow, rather than resist….the more I feel grateful and embody the ideas I’ve come to personally learn, cherish, and believe…the more I find beauty, magick, and grace in the simple, but oh so potent things.

I don’t particularly lead an extraordinary life or have an extraordinary level of “things” by some people’s standards or ideals, but I feel extraordinarily blessed and I feel my life to be an extraordinary and abundant gift.

I was just thinking yesterday about the sweet simplicities in my life that move me so, when I randomly stopped in at CVS to pick up some quick pens I desperately needed and some cotton balls and randomly found some $5 jammie pants with cosmic moons and stars and owls on them – oh how that tickled my heart with a smile.

I find it is the smallest of things that move me most greatly like the smell of my pillow, a hot shower cleansing and massaging my back, the velvet kiss licks of my bunny loves and the love they reflect to me in their eyes, the way Cosmo falls asleep on my chest like a newborn baby and how Joy watches over us all like a guardian, the sparkle of my crystals when they catch the light on my desk, the fragrance of tangerine blossoms and jasmine outside my window, the smile that returns my own when I pass someone along my day, the amazing taste of a ripe avocado eaten straight from its open cradle, my morning smoothies I crave, the sound of waves at the beach, music reverberating deeply in my soul, seeing cosmic nudges of support in every day encounters, cuddles with my love, giggles turning into uncontrollable laughter that make me snort and cry, and simply the silence and expansive freedom of being by myself with any choice available to make in that moment.

These are some of the things I cherish…and there are so many more because every little thing often taken for granted by most, is magick to me, and is truly special if you believe it and experience it as so.

And then all of this always comes back to realizing that none of this magick and these simple, sensual pleasures would be possible to experience in their totality, nor possible to share with others, if not for having my health and well being, which keeps me alive and strong.

While we are expanding our conscious awareness and spirituality, we mustn’t forget our temple bodies.

They provide the integrative ability to merge the supernatural and natural into an exquisite experience of the senses, emotions, and elation of spirit, as experienced through the physical.

This is why I have come to realize that the most important thing is to take care of your body and your holistic well-being. Creating and regaining balance and being mindful of what we allow into our bodies are cornerstones for health, longevity, and vibrant living.

I hear people share how much they want to do this and that, be of service, take care of their families, and have these amazing goals and dreams…however, none of that is possible if you do not have your health. Which is why what you put in your body, not just in terms of ideas, thoughts, beliefs, emotions, but ALSO what you eat, is crucial.

This conversation came up while we were in Peru actually. The way I ate, while I was away feeding and nourishing my soul, provided the body nourishment to undertake everything I set out to do and to do it with greater ease, clarity, and vitality. Which is why I never change my eating habits no matter where I am. If I need to bring snacks, so be it. But I’ve found that it is always possible, if you desire to simply ask, to eat healthy and keep to your needs no matter where you are. I also happen to find simple, whole foods to be amazing. So, I’m never feeling deprived.

If you don’t stand up for your own health and well-being, who will?

I always say that the one thing you CAN’T have luxury to skimp on is your food and nourishment. Cutting back on other things in life in order to eat healthy and get the good organic freshness into your body is an important choice to really consider making and actually incorporating into your life. There are many ways we can make adjustments in our lives in order to be able to incorporate more organic foods into our diet. One must decide if the every day Starbuck’s coffee, dinners out every night, cable tv, or name brand, status-evoking items (for instance) are more important than organic goodness in your and your family’s meal plan, which will have an impact on the longevity of your life, as well as cut down on medical costs.

And this goes for your animal companions as well. I say, if you wouldn’t eat it yourself, why would you feed it to your animal babies? I buy my rabbits organic veggies, as well as rinse them before feeding. I also give them things like Goji juice in their water and it’s also why I go to all lengths to provide holistic care for them, and am trying what ever I can to help Cosmo with his disability.

These are the things I find important in life to spend my money on, and there are things I’m happy not to have in support of my long-term well-being versus instant gratification, because life, and the quality of it, is invaluable. I will do what it takes to embrace and provide the most out of this life experience I and my loved ones have chosen, because that’s the least I can do to honor the gift of my body I’ve been given.

And in the meantime, I know that my choices are also honoring our Earth Mother, Terra.

Two days ago it was the 12-year anniversary of when my beloved Nestor gifted me her physical presence in this life. Her life was very short and through my experiences caring for her, and what she taught me about the value of my life, I have learned the importance of doing all that I can to ensure living a balanced, conscious, healthy, and aware life, as well as how to support the same for my beloveds. She is a constant reminder of many things for me, as my greatest teacher – one of those things being to honor my temple body.

Life is fragile and so are our bodies if we don’t nourish and love them, as they deserve. We can only go so long before our resiliency will no longer bounce back. That may not mean much, if you don’t cherish your human life or find instant gratification to be more valuable. But if you do cherish life, or in fact you must since you’ve chosen this experience, then you may want to consider how you can honor and have more gratitude for the life you live, the Earth that provides you a home, and the body you reside in.

Spring is here and Spring cleaning is always a great way to renew our lives on all levels. Perhaps you may, like myself, find it beneficial to do some actual cleaning out of the old in your life, or releasing that which no longer serves you. Some also enjoy the freshness of an actual physical cleanse or detox at this time of year.

Whatever you feel called to do, I wish you renewing vitality and deepened respect for your life and all that you do have and can’t see.

As we experience the building energy of this Saturday’s total Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Libra, which also happens to kick off the Buddhist New Year, let us be vulnerably open to a healing opportunity through honest self-exploration that can lead to greater freedom and invigorated renewal.

Your body is your greatest asset to carry you through the life, and life aspirations, you hold dear. Let these not be separate ideals, but a unified force that can bring you into more alignment and balance with all of life, and in effect, bring you greater connection to understanding and feeling the simple joys and pleasures that make life magickal on a daily basis.

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