Pulsing Stillness

Having just ignited our Aquarius New Moon on the 21st, followed by the Lunar New Year of the Black Water Rabbit on the 22nd and planets going direct recently, I have been feeling a powerful click in the energy field and noticed not only things moving differently in my world, but big time changes happening for others around me.

Some of those changes I noticed in others were bunny leaps of clarity and faith finally being taken after laying low and feeling unsure. And some of those changes being things people deeply desired yet were afraid to do, taking form supportively. So they happened to them because it was for their highest good, but came as a result of very strong intentions even if there was fear around action.

I also had some pretty cool manifestations and alignments happen in the last few days, and my own clarity around things. I imagine similar has been taking form for others too.

And in the midst of it all, I continue to feel the brilliant stillness so alive and potent, as she walks with me further yet. This, of course, continues to be both mirrored in Nature’s landscape around me and read aloud to me by the greatest storytellers, Earth and Cosmos.

This was sunset on the New Moon, which in person was SOOOOO different.

It began like soft magenta mirrored both in the sky and water, but then shifted into crimson red…so red and filling the sky and water so much that it looked apocalyptical and as if the sky was literally bleeding into the water.

It seemed perfect as an ending/beginning of worlds and realities.

The photos were taken near the start of the sunset by me (when we were at a lookout) and middle of the shifts by Dave (while I drove), since we didn’t want to keep stopping. And although the photos are beautiful, they shift the colors to more orange rather than the magenta and crimson red that literally looked like someone put on a red film deliberately across the lens of your eyes. The red eventually filled more of the sky and water as well by the end, but we just took it in as it was too hard to photograph.

It’s interesting to me that the colors didn’t want to come through on film, but it was so incredible that cars were stopped at every snowy turnout along our half hour drive home along the lake, with cameras snapping away at the sight.

Needless to say, the quiet of the scene and still waters were alive and pulsing.

You could feel the red liquid energy running through your veins.

I didn’t have much more than that, that I wanted to share today, and the video below.

It was created by the incredible Gordana “Nanshee” Heyden whom I’m grateful and honored to have connected with via Instagram, and her husband Christoph Heyden. Together they are an artist couple “heydenspace and “Nanshee Spirit” sharing their sacred connection and vision of Nature and Cosmos through their creative souls and the shamanic path they live.

In their words, “We have captured the peaceful beauty of Earth’s winter wonder near our home, and made visible what we feel, when we connect with the threads of our souls and the living spirit in all that is.”

The potency of stillness I described feeling is so tangible in this creation.

I’ll let their beautiful work of art and the key codes within each thread of it speak to you, as is your experience to have.

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Creating life as a work of art with a magick rabbit by my side. I remember my song. Do you? Artist, Author and Reiki Master Teacher with over 30 years' experience in creative healing arts and metaphysical studies. Tania inspires people globally to return to natural harmony, draw forth imagination to manifest dreams, embody creative empowerment, and live more magickally and abundantly from their most natural frequency – in essence, Tania helps you to remember your song.

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  1. Powerful post on all levels sweet T. The sunset was amazing you captured yet it had to be even more special in person. The video you posted from the couple , kept speaking to me as I watched it of a few things, the vastness of the void of creation, the underworld, then as above so below, then all the animals I could see and forms of beings as well as the galaxy. Profound times. Things are definitely moving. Clarity has congealed, and is continuing to do so with much joy and excitement with each step. Love you and Astrid.

    • Thank you D!!! It’s super sweet to read your messages here again. So fun that the new energies have freed up commenting for both you and Laura it seems. But yeah.. the sunset was wild! Even Dave said so and was taking photos which he hardly does unless something really moves him. It felt really potent and like we were on some different planet. Perhaps cosmic energy was streaming in for the new earth. So happy you were able to view the video and your words are perfect reflections of it and what I felt too… no need to add to that! And even what you said about movement and clarity bringing joy… I’m right there with you each step of the way… without need to know more than that. Love feeling your energy dear D from recent shifts! Extra fresh and free! We love you and Mir so much!

  2. Definitely feeling the new energies! This New Moon conjuncted my natal Moon within minutes. I completed most of the portal yesterday and Saturday–just need to glue one thing today for a 1/23 finish. I also started a fun new angle of my work on Friday. I’ll share details when I have more ready. Hoppy Year of the Rabbit! ❤

    • YAY! That’s awesome about the portal! I felt you working away for some reason and now i know why. 🤭 can’t wait to see! One thing that took place here was an incredible large crystal being found me over this new moon energy with things solidifying on 1/22 with 1111/ 22 messaging. We love all things Aquarius! I had another bear dream last night too. Love hearing your excitement on the new work angle. So much wonderful change in motion for us both!!! Looking forward to hearing about that too! Astrid was in extra regal mode yesterday. Rabbit year excitement all around!

  3. Thanks for sharing this gorgeous sunset and stunning video. I’m sensing that I need more time in stillness and nature. Very little sense of clarity or movement for me, but hoping they might come. 🌳

  4. Desiree Bergeron

    This was sooooooo BEAUTIFUL.
    Even with the colors of the captures you and Dave got not being able to show their ‘full glory’ I can assure you, that the effect they had on me was still very very potent, felt keenly, and special!! I am so glad and grateful that you posted them 🫶 SO grateful!!!!!
    I loved this New Moon…..like DEEPLY. For me, it’s been an added marker of support as I am very soon embarking on my Sacred Skin journey~ No extra words needed!!
    The video you shared paired perfectly~ it was a seamless continuation to compliment those powerful liquid light portals…..further opening my heart and soul!! I saw lots in that video and enjoyed every moment of immersing in this post!!
    I love you!!
    You’re the bestest……..EVER xx

    • Sooo love that you felt the energies nonetheless from the photos we did capture. It was out of this world wow in person. We’ve never seen the whole sky and water all red like that before. There were no other colors. Really glad the essence came through anyway..it may have in part been because these photos were taken at the start of the shifts and they captured perhaps the frequencies that were in play behind the scenes…then when it all came to full show at the latter end, it was something else. Anyway, you’re so welcome! Happy to hear you also loved the new moon energies. It’s been really an interesting few days and Astrid has definitely been part of the shifts, as you know. It was incredible how regal she was on the lunar new year day…and it’s almost like another aspect of her stepped in recently…just like for us 😉 Can’t wait for your sacred skin to begin! Well, it already had, but you know what I mean. It’s going to be HUGE! Happy you loved the video too. I’ve watched now several times…so meditative. I love you too! in estest ways lol!

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