Facing New Terrain Head On & Ready to Shine On

Today I sense a more fuller share flowing through, as I keep feeling like I’m being called away and never know for sure how long of a break it might be until the next time I pop on. As I edge closer to my big shift birthday the feeling of my presence being guided elsewhere for some ungiven time, feels more imminent. Time will tell.

There’s a strong “reinvention” energy that continues to echo persistently in my heart and inviting stronger commitment from me. It’s a deepening experience that repetitively whispers, “things have come to a natural ending” and with that letting go, surrendering, and allowing deconstruction to ensue, is what I embrace.

I can’t tell you the countless ways I walk in spaces that reflect this message and offer me opportunity to strengthen my conviction and sense of knowing that “it’s okay” and “I’m in alignment” with what I understand. There have been, what I feel to be, little tests and great teaching experiences to all help me to feel solid with the release and to give myself permission to not only feel relief, but to know I deserve to move on and truly enjoy this terrain I’ve worked toward and landed in.

I experience days flying by like liquid lightning more than ever. It seems like I hardly do much in the 3D world and it’s already bedtime. However, I do know that so much is taking place in the other realms, as I cherish my sleep for that refresh from it all. That said, dreamland is always quite active, so although my body is recharged by morning, I feel my crown in overdrive. It’s not an overbearing experience, but more of a constant motion that breaks through the partitions to become more fluid – hence a bit of mushy mind takes place while I drop details in favor of an overall essence feel of things.

Speaking of dreams, I did in fact have yet another bear dream several days ago. I’ve lost track of how many bear dreams I’ve been having over the last couple of years, but it’s wild! This last one had a group of large brown bears (grizzlies) that seemed to be occupied with something on the side of a road, gathered together in a huddle and very focused while working on it. However, when I drove by in a car, one of them immediately broke free from the group and made a dash toward me to get me to stop the car and redirect my attention away from just driving in the direction of the road I was on. It was evident that he did not want me to leave without acknowledgment and in fact wanted me to stop, redirect, and join them in this new terrain. He definitely got my attention and I feel I understand his message.

Anyway, some super cool and magickal things have been popping up around the bear energy – including a wild synchronicity that brought through some rare, golden bear crystals (and more) that mirror my Golden Bears Dream through my amazing friend Lisa I’ve mentioned before whom I’m constantly tuned in with (excited to see how that unfolds). And of course, bears always link me with Arcturian energy. So, there is both an Earth and Cosmos essence that they embody and connect very much with messages regarding highest path/potentials. Just like rabbits connect me to various planets, including Orion, these planetary connections speak to the Cosmic multi-dimensional aspects within my being – and that we all encompass. I like to be aware of the layers that are streaming through and not just focus on one particular point of reference, as that feels to me like missing the bigger picture potential.

Where was I going with all of this? Not sure, other than to relay pieces of the ever-unfolding and interwoven tapestry that may speak to some of your own current experiences. So, in that vein, let’s see what else wants through.

My life is becoming increasingly organic and seamless in terms of stuff just happening and flowing without these hard returns between synchronous experiences and connections. It’s only when I stop to share something that certain threads pop out like when you pull something tight and the pieces sometimes go “boing,” but otherwise remain fluid and smooth if the balance is maintained.

I know it may not seem so, but I actually experience things much more simply than it sounds, as it’s only when I stop to write something that the details come out like this. Things happen really quick and like a telepathic snapshot that encompasses a lot in just one feeling. When I decide to relay that in communication, whether verbally or written, I then have to unwind it all and find many words to express that one blast of energy.

That said, I feel like the majority of my life is rolling along and isn’t caught up in details so as to support a smoother and more open channel for things. In that way, also, balancing out a part of my life that IS needing ultra focus and detail even more soon. Being on high with all of one way just isn’t healthy for me at all times, so there’s a definite partnering going on of flow and focus – perfect, considering my personal, astrological placements. It took me some time to figure out how to embody these in partnership, but I’m getting it!

Living in new terrain takes a bit of an adjustment period, especially when you’ve spent most of the memories you consciously recall, being in a similar role over and over that varied only by small degrees. So, I’ve been embracing being okay with enjoying the in between and nurturing the things that feel good to me – even if that is the golden state of pure enjoyment alone.

Creating peaceful harmony as one’s life purpose is purpose enough! πŸ™‚

Synchronously, we are edging toward the Leo Full “Snow” Moon of the 5th – 5’s have been showing up on all-time high for me, even more so than they already do in repetition – and there’s a nudge toward owning that sparkly energy within and having fun with things that make you feel like the special person you really are. It’s not about shrinking back, but arising and feeling a surge of confidence in what ever decision, direction, and stand you feel reflects your authenticity, as that dynamic powerfully supports others to do the same. There’s a dynamic creative surge that you may feel ignite and help to motivate and direct the momentum of your desires, passions, and as a result, your highest path.

Personal integrity has enriched, collective impact.

That bold, forward-moving, and courageous energy has been prevalent and I’ve seen it reflected even in my chestnut plant babies, as well as my skiing realm.

I now have an eleven inch miracle, mini chestnut tree that has just taken off with the encouragement of the others to shine and reach! It looked like all four were actually going for it for a while, but some twists and turns took place bringing some to what appears may be the end to their greatest potential, and may result in only have one or two going strong in the end. Time will tell!

Some had shorter life paths, while others would go on much longer – each doing the best they could for the time they had. In many ways they also feel to be supporting the greater good, knowing who had the most resiliency and courage, while the others nurtured that. And overall, all of them encouraging each other to simply “do the best they could for as long as they felt was in them to do.” Rather than take away from others, they would give their best to the ones who could reach to new heights for them all. No competition, simply mutual cheerleading in recognition that “other” means “me” and vice versa.

And on the skiing front, I’ve noticed a giant leap take place this season – most recently in the last couple of weeks.

It all started at the onset of this year’s skiing adventures. I found myself suddenly wanting to upgrade my ski attire to more colorful and bright clothing. This was a totally new thing for me in this realm, as I’ve had more muted ski clothes and matching pant and jacket outfits. So much so, that I kind of blended into the white, grays, and icy blues of the landscape. I made no conscious connection to it all until recently.

Ski clothes can be quite pricy, so I opted for second-hand, nearly new or never, or hardly worn, pre-owned pieces I found at huge discount at one of my favorite online shopping platforms. In this way I was actually able to get a bunch of pieces for nearly the price of one outfit that could be cross-matched to other pieces to fit my mood or the temperatures of the day.

But more so, I was able to match my ski clothes to who I really am – someone who enjoys creative, bright colors and sharing her individuality and sunshiny outlook.

It made sense why the shift happened – I was becoming comfortable in this new “ski skin” and anchored in who I was with greater confidence. In no way did it mean I’d become an expert skier – NOT AT ALL! LOL! But it meant I had established a happy zone with who I was on the slopes, felt confident in my ability to navigate things, and wasn’t afraid to shine my unique way even if it wasn’t like others on the mountain, as I have developed my own style of skiing that simply works for me. I’m sure it will continue to evolve, but it’s a recognizable “T” way.

It made me realize that in my process, I had actually shied away and hadn’t wanted to bring attention to myself in the beginning. Now I had built myself up from the inside out with a lot of diligent, committed, repetitive practice, to assure myself the hurdle of this new terrain and innate fear were no longer insurmountable. I had arrived to a new comfort zone and therefore ready to shine on within this new realm for the first time.

It was a huge realization I had recently and an empowered embodiment I was grateful to integrate.

And so, some colorful, more fun ski apparel found their way to my days. I also like the fact that the bright hues make me “more seen” on other levels too, as I feel it adds to safer skiing to have people “see” me. I know far too well how my ability to be invisible has been both an effective and not so effective thing, as I used to have extremes of this in my past to the point of people not even seeing me in my car driving and wanting into my lane. If not for my awareness, many an accident may have happened.

I so don’t want that on the slopes, so this is a good change on many fronts.

It also brought bunny support and magick to me too!


Well, a couple of the pieces I picked out “just happened” to have rabbit energy in them. What more perfect way to kick off the Year of the Rabbit AND to know that bunnies ALWAYS “have my back.” The latter now being literal, as the back of one jacket and the back of one pair of pants have bunnies “on the back” – MY back! See what I mean?

LOL! I mean, “come on!!!” Uni (my loving name for the Universe) sure has a cute sense of humor. You can imagine my face when these pieces arrived and I saw these tags.

It’s like the rabbit collective wanted to make sure I knew I was covered and had “bunny senses” keeping a keen eye, ear, nose, thumper, whiskers, and instinct to what’s going on behind and all around me so that I could feel supported with my broadening ski horizons.

And that’s exactly what I in fact also do on the slopes…I turn into a rabbit and all of my senses go on all-time high. I never skip a beat between starting the ski adventure off with a full Reiki and Cosmic energy ritual, and then making sure I’m on highest awareness alert within and without, always checking in with myself and always activating both parts of my brain. I also maintain full, conscious coordination of my parts working together, since it’s not second-nature yet, because if I for an instant don’t, I can see how I could easily lose it. This is likely why by the end of the day I’m really ready for a deep sleep, as I’m exercising ALL of me and am “ON” for the entire time I’m skiing.

Not everyone may be like that, but it’s how I operate in the ski world to keep safe and to help myself gain that courage, ability, and make something that is not second nature, become more normal. When you don’t grow up skiing, it’s definitely been my experience that it takes more effort.

Anyway, I was floored by the rabbit energy showing up in my clothes and I’ve been amazed at myself for the pioneering energy this season has brought into my ski experience. I still only stick to intermediate blue runs or more advanced green ones, but I now follow my intuition and flow each day, as to which runs and just what I might find myself doing. I tap into the energy of the snow, the landscape at large, the energy of the people that day, the weather, how I’m feeling, and how my body, heart, soul, and mind are working in unison that day. Then, moment-to-moment, I let that guide me to which slopes I ride. I used to just stick to one section that encompassed three different runs. Now, I started exploring, adventuring, braving, and even “weeing” myself through runs and terrain that once were scary to me. I even do it on my own and get around half a mountain if the moment moves me.

I like to tell Dave, “I’m a freak without warning!” (like the line from 2 Live Crew’s song from the 80’s, but meant in a silly and endearing way – we actually say our cat Boojum is the same lol) because I just randomly show up, go places, switch gears, and do things not in my usual protocol – minute-by-minute. Dave will see me popping up all over the mountain and be surprised when I do. I’m no longer predictable. πŸ˜‰

Nothing extraordinary to any seasoned skier, but HUGE to someone who had to work through fears.

The amazing snow powder this year – best we’ve had in years – has also been a huge partner in my expansion, as really amazing snow supports my flow. I have a perfect partnership with the snow, knowing when it’s in the space I’m in or not, and I make my decisions accordingly.

I’ve even found myself recently in situations that again have me helping others who are just beginning and have fear. Divine alignment places me in the right space where we come together and I’ve been able to offer my support to help get them through the hurdle of facing a steep slope and getting down safely. I recognize and understand fear, therefore I am able to say and do what is needed most in those moments. It humbles me greatly to be there with them, as I know what it would mean to me.

I do have to say how proud I am of myself and that’s all that matters. I don’t think anyone else would recognize the growth in this department, which is much more than skiing itself.

To face a steeper slope without trepidation.

To feel myself filled with courage in knowing I can manage the unknowns.

To actually try something new on my own without need of support.

To repeat harder, perhaps even ungroomed runs with moguls (piles/bumps of snow on the slope) and still say “wee” when I go around them.

Yeah. Did I say this is, “HUGE” ???

It’s all brought me to a new level and navigating new terrain.

Skiing has become a metaphor for so much and a guiding force for the fresh path I want to carve.

For me, growth isn’t about the climb up the mountain, but how to get down. This equates to the deconstructing process in order to rebuild. There are fears and unknowns to journey through when you are removing the comforts of what you’ve always known. The steps aren’t clear, therefore the way down is one turn at a time.

To go further asks for a total flip of perspective on progression. Rather than finding the positions of accomplishment to be defined by “higher,” they are simply new positions that might also require going “deeper.”

How you work alchemy is not always in a straight line, but just might be found on a parallel one, operating on a different frequency level of experience you get the opportunity to tweak.

Climbing to heights hasn’t been the challenge for me, as I’m really good at nose-to-the-grind and chipping away, a step at a time with patience and perseverance.

It’s about the exploration of new experiences that I can only get to by finding a solid way of maintaining equilibrium, exercising full awareness potentials, intentionally bringing every element together to work cohesively, and self trust, while still finding joy in each step regardless if I never have before – all reminding me of the Magician Tarot Card in a way.

I do that by flipping the usual track I travel upside down so that the familiar landscape is now made anew, challenging my brain to approach it differently, my senses to operate fully, and to understand that it only seems hard because those muscles haven’t been used in this way. But the muscles were always there to exercise and the track only changes in relation to the vibration we hold at any given moment.

Up. Down. Left. Right. Which ever you’re used to will make the others more foreign, but they’re all simply directional doorways the one heart within holds all the keys for.

I face the downhill with the same patience and presence the uphill climb involves, taking it in stride, with no pressure or time frame to fly at top speed. The snow makes the terrain a fresh journey layered over an old one, and this is how evolution looks – integrating old and new on a whole new level.

I continue to explore new runs on my own and even when I’m met with a surprise, I find myself with complete composure, knowing I can get down anything. Like what I experienced yesterday when going down a lesser known, steeper run on my own and discovering it wasn’t groomed, but I conquered it! And when Dave took me on what he called “one of the steepest runs of my career” that same day. That’s me, below, coming down the slope. I didn’t know he was taking a photo.

I just faced it head on, and knew I could do it. He actually told me I did great and that he was proud of me, as I would never have voluntarily gone down that in the past without freaking out the whole way.

I still may not look like a seasoned skier getting down, but I can get down and trust myself in knowing I can do it safely. In his words, he said I’m 25% better than I was 2-3 years ago. That’s saying a lot coming from him, as he’s such a good skier, but also was a confirmation of what I have felt for myself.

I no longer carry that fear when I look over the edge. Those edges used to create a very long pause for me. Now I just go, once I do a quick check in with myself. And so, other areas of new terrain can be met the same – with trust in myself I can carry myself through it.

I share this in hopes that it helps even just one person with their own fear journey. If you want to move through something it IS possible to learn how to manage your feelings, retrain yourself, and take back being the director of your life. And once you do start putting things into motion within one realm of your life, you’ll be able to exercise those skills and apply them to any others that pop up, as other opportunities are part of natural evolution.

I’m seeing this for myself and why skiing is so much more for me, especially at this time. The huge leaps I’ve made this season are timely to help me draw upon for the leaps upcoming in other offshoots of my reinvented life.

These days everything feels to be making a flip. In my own life, Dave and I reflect that perfectly, as our North Nodes are complete and perfect, complimentary opposites. What I’m leaving, he’s walking into. What he’s leaving, I’m walking into. It’s become SO clear recently, now that energies have anchored more for each of us. We are switching path roles and because I can see this, it helps me to let go even more and face the “down” slopes with greater confidence and anchoring of heart.

In other news, Winter keeps going strong here and temperatures have dropped to minus degrees at night, which hasn’t been experienced in years. I don’t mind it at all because we live in an area that gets so much sunshine even in the Winter, which is part of why we love it here and what makes this area unusual.

The snowy winterscapes invite my soul to embrace more, dream big, and believe it’s all possible.

On the recent New Moon, just the day before the Lunar New Year of the Rabbit, we were at the top of one of our favorite places with expansive views and Jack Frost’s realms all around us. It’s here that we stopped for a snack and I molded a little snow bunny in celebration of the fresh cycle igniting.

It was also here that my sweet chickadee friends were enjoying the warm sunlight and singing away. I so loved having them come sit upon my finger again. It’s such a gift when they decide to visit me on their own accord. I didn’t get any photos of them perched on my finger, but you can see them on the ground foraging for Nature’s yummies in between courageous and flirty fly-by’s and sweet encounters.

I am always so moved by these brave little, resilient beings and to feel their delicate feet and feather-light weight on my finger is testament to how hardy they are and that the only limitations that exist are the ones we believe in.

Perhaps I see a little bit of me in them and a little bit of them in me.

And speaking of celebrations, 2023’s have already begun, as we just concluded my mom’s big 80th with a sweet gathering of the family for a symphony performance, fun meal, and dad’s delicious birthday carrot cake creation.

My mom is a literal Earth Angel whose limitless heart, endless giving, childlike exuberance, astounding strength, and angelic grace is a gift to this world. I’m grateful for the resiliency she’s modeled so beautifully, helping me to know there’s nothing I can’t overcome.

Like the sweet chickadees I love, my mom is mighty in a tiny five foot three inch body. I love that we get to celebrate both of our milestones in the same year, less than a month apart – 80 and 50 twin powers activate!

A couple of my dear friends have also just journeyed around the Sun this past month of January, my brother’s birthday hits in less than a week, and mine not too far off – as we share a month.

And of course today – the first of February – marks the birthday of my beloved twin soul in rabbit body, Nestor. I can hardly believe that she would have been 20 years old if she were still on Earth. Oh, the changes she helped to be a catalyst in my life for. I honor her deeply, as she, too, was a powerhouse in a fragile body – it’s still a mystery how one so powerful can squeeze into such a tiny form. I love that she follows my mom with their birthdays just a day apart and both of them in that window of Imbolc celebrated between 1/31 and 2/2 – the midway point between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox that denotes a time of change.

February just happens to also be “national adopt a rescued rabbit month” – again, how aligned is it that my birthday falls in this month too?

This is a full and exciting month for sure, including Dave about to go off on his own little adventure and my learning of a special surprise visitor heading this way for my big 50.

I’m not a party person, as I like more low-key things, so I’m only just starting to lean into some sweet ways I might want to enjoy my birthday weekend.

That said, I’m also taking a rain check on a trip for later in the year, although we put together a tropical escapade for March that definitely will provide some birthday energy activation to kick off the fresh cycle, since it just so happens to fall over the New Moon and Spring Equinox.

One day at a time though, just like I’ve been taking one turn at a time down the new terrain of my mountain voyage.

Everything is fresh when viewed through the heart.

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Creating life as a work of art with a magick rabbit by my side. I remember my song. Do you? Artist, Author and Reiki Master Teacher with over 30 years' experience in creative healing arts and metaphysical studies. Tania inspires people globally to return to natural harmony, draw forth imagination to manifest dreams, embody creative empowerment, and live more magickally and abundantly from their most natural frequency – in essence, Tania helps you to remember your song.

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  1. Happy Birthday to your mom, Nestie, Eric and … eventually … you! Your mom looks great on her 80th birthday! I can’t believe you and I are approaching the big 5-0. To me, that’s so wild, yet also liberating. ❀

    • Thank you SO much from all of us! πŸ’ž My mom is a constant cutie! Since she reads my blogs she’ll be touched by your comment πŸ€— Yes! It’s pretty wild for sure! It still doesn’t make sense to me lol but yes, does feel good and expansive!

  2. This is such a fun and empowering post Tania. Kudos on your continued growth in skiing and life. I love the analogy for facing our fears and growing new skills. And I love your new attitude, outfits, snow bunny, bird play. I agree with Laura, your mom (and you) look great. Happy Birthday to you both! Big Hugs! πŸ’•πŸŽ‚

  3. Desiree Bergeron

    Weeeeeeee!! πŸ’ž
    I love your processes and approach to skiing….it’s awesome!! Truly inspirational~and definitely applicable to everything. πŸ’• I well remember when you were working with me as my energy guide//coach, you telling me that I would be able apply new processes I was learning and integrating and each time an old layer would come up, I would get better and better at applying//using those processes to help release the old layers etc;etc; and IT IS SO TRUE!! πŸ€—
    I adore your Magickal bright ski clothes and how Uni sent you love notes from your buns!! 🀭 Always priceless to hear and so heart warming!!
    You and your mom are such priceless, beautiful souls, and you both look sooooooo SO amazzzzing!! xx
    Hhhhhhhmmmmmm surprise birthday visitor??
    How exciting!!!!! πŸ‘―β€β™€οΈπŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸ€­
    Your plant baby tree….!! 😱
    So special!!
    ~Love you~

    • Awww thank you SO much! 😊 It’s such an empowering thing to experience your own growth and realize how far you’ve come, as you know. It does get easier the more we put into place processes that are applicable and affirming to everything that crops up. It’s been a true joy watching you blossom 🌸

      Thank you dearly about my skiing journey and adornments, much like a certain someone’s path on different fronts but similar ways! πŸ˜‰πŸ€­

      Mom and I thank you so much! πŸ’“ So much specials all around! Love you too!

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