One Starfish at a Time ~ Cosmic Gateways & Earth Keepers Keying Up

I saved a starfish, or two, or twenty-six, or fifty-four.

It all started on the 8/8 Lion’s Gate, which is a yearly cosmic gateway when the brightest star, Sirius, rises into Earthly alignment during the Sun’s home return in Leo. This creates an activation portal streaming star intelligence that not only magnifies manifestation, but amplifies ascension.

Is it any coincidence, then, that I found my very first, perfect sand dollar on this auspicious day? AND saved a starfish?

I think not, but that’s just the story weaver me.

The photo above is of both of these cosmic beauties that I found in an area with strong indigenous energy and history – a place that has proven to have heart connection for me with potent intersections of soul gridding.

I have written a few blogs in the past about starfish you might remember, which I’ve included below.

I Kissed A Starfish ~ Birthday Thoughts & Beyond

Starfish Fun

Starfish Symbolism ~ Exploring the Magick of these “Star People”

The first immediately popped into mind, as I did kiss many of the starfish I’ve been saving. So now I saved AND kissed a starfish. I like also that the first link was on my birthday and I mention being on my journey to 50, as I was turning 41 and now I AM nearly there in just 6 months. Feels like an addition to the full circle symbolism I’ll be sharing a bit on shortly.

Although there’s been many encounters, messengers, and adventures since last I posted and even merging with the ones in this blog on the same day, I’m feeling called to focus on threads of the tapestry for now and sticking to the theme of star beings – starfish, sand dollars, and starlight – for today’s story.

While the external macro continues to reveal intense collective chaos, I have focused a softer gaze on my micro world to experience the type of alignment that my watery essence is native to. Even though I have a balancing of other elements powerfully placed in my chart, the Pisces me is a guiding torch that mirrors the ocean I find myself surrounded by. It’s no surprise I’m here at this time soaking in the codes coming in on each high tide flow and wave, as well as beaming out energetic ripples across the low tide retractions. The life force of our world ocean and the cosmic waters of our essence are moving through me and revealing a much different story than what originally seemed to bring us here.

Returning to this story, however, you likely remember my mentioning the hundreds of starfish we saw the first week on a hike with Lynne, but they were in the kind of habitat I normally see them…tidal pools and rocky shore areas.

On 8/8 we went on a long hike up and down the spit and that’s where I found the sand dollar and starfish. We were actually nearing the end of our adventure and had already seen a couple hundred broken sand dollars. Then there it was – the lovely gray sand dollar I mentioned in the previous post and shared above.

To say I was excited was an understatement and of course I kissed it when I picked it up. We had already walked the full length down and hadn’t seen it, so it must have just washed up right before we returned back on our path. Or, something like that.

I remarked right away how cool it was this happened on 8/8 and immediately felt that something had opened, making this manifestation alignment possible. In fact, it gave me chills, as there was both the visceral feeling of dimensional intersecting and a tangible one.

I also had this sense of the “past” and the “future” reaching through at once…the different parts of me placing this sand dollar there at that exact moment of the now.

I said to Dave once that if these were actual “dollars” we’d be rich in finding so many. Thousands of the ones I previously found and continue to, have just the star removed at top from prey eating the insides, so they are still solid sand dollars with these inner starbursts revealed at their centers.

Since this first perfect one, I/we have found 26 more. This doesn’t count the thousands of broken pieces laced across shores and the others I just mentioned. These 27 are whole sand dollars of which 18 are 100% perfect and 9 are 99% perfect, having just a tiny hole that doesn’t take away from their integrity, nor their designs. I love that each of those numbers equal 9 (2+7=9 and 1+8=9 and 9 on its own). Nine symbolizes divine completion and both the end and beginning of one cycle into another.

The energy of sand dollars feels perfect too, as they teach about transformation and how to flow with, trust, and accept life shifts since they surrender themselves to whichever way the tide takes them. They’re also great stones of creative artistry and stimulation of new ideas. Both of these being great messages and energy for the current times. I love the intricacy of design on such a simple disc shape, including the flowy petaled star at center. It feels like blossoming and eternal possibility, just like the vast Cosmos reflects.

A few other things that stood out to me while reading about them are these:

They connect both Earth and Water elements that makes the feeling essence of dreams coming true, possible. Their Root and Sacral Chakra connection also speaks to me and current energy focuses that feel both personal and collective. I learned about their being attuned to Virgo and Pisces, which reflects a lot for me as well about the energy dynamics at play. And many other symbolic connections of mythical history that are soul reflective, including that they’re believed to be coins, weathered by time and dropped by Atlanteans. Some even say they are tokens forgotten by mermaids. These latter two go along with my mention of being rich, to Dave, from finding so many. The “many” and this coin connection point to abundance as another message of reflection.

I love the star blossoms etched on these little planets. It’s as if they were cast from the night sky as kisses to Earth from stars upon clouds that turn into solid, but delicate discs when entering this atmosphere, in the reflection of their creators.

Anyway, not long after finding my first perfect sand dollar ever (within minutes actually) I then stumbled upon the lone starfish pictured with it in the above photo just sitting there in the middle of miles of sand in all directions. This was low tide and the water was very far away.

That’s how I found him, looking like a star being standing there on two legs with one arm open to greet me and the other waving, “Hello!” with great enthusiasm.

I placed my sand dollar with him, as this felt like a momentous moment and then proceeded to save the starfish.

Again, this took place on the 8/8 portal and continued to reflect to me that stargates are opening and these little ones were gatekeepers or travelers between the stars and Earth. In this case, they were messengers dropping in to let me know things were gearing up and not to lose hope. This connection was made possible because the perfect key code frequencies were reached between us. I’ve often shared that my animal encounters are the way those from beyond communicate with me the most these days. Manifestation windows are heightened at times like these and channels are getting clearer. So while tiny, these two carried potency.

I also heard celebration in their presence, which has been echoed in the sand, surroundings, and wildlife inhabiting the grounds we’re staying on and exploring the most here daily. A return, a welcome back, and a “you’ve come this far so now let’s venture a little further,” were all part of the message.

I gently picked up my starfish friend and told Dave I needed to bring it to the water. He’d been washed up with the tide, but left there vulnerable as it went back out. Many predators around and sunshine were not on his side.

So, I started my long walk out to meet the water and ventured even further once I did get to the water, as it was continuing to go out. I didn’t want to leave him stranded on the beach again. So I made sure to place him in a few feet of water so he’d be safe.

Of course I then realized I was the embodiment of the starfish story in action. You know…the story about saving one starfish at a time that shares how one person’s opinion of the pointlessness of putting one back in the ocean, since there are so many in need, contrasts another person’s opinion that it makes a difference to that one starfish. The latter opinion makes a point that no matter how small, every action and choice has impact. And I’ll add to that – the ripple effect is one we’ll never know beyond the immediate point of action.

Regardless of which opinion one feels drawn to, I felt warmth in my heart for the experience shared with this one starfish. And grateful that we each had something to give to each other.

Starfish speak to regeneration, purification, healing, and ancient, mysterious, and celestial energy. I’ve seen them as star beings and this one’s appearance in the middle of miles of sandy beach on 8/8 indeed reflected to me a drop in through a stargate.

Synchronously, starfish are connected to Sirius (there’s the 8/8 link) and Isis. These reflect personal connections, including that I wear an Isis and Osiris sacred tattoo on my back that depicts the regeneration and eternal life she bestows upon him through her love)

Avia shares this about Symbolic Starfish Meaning:

“In Egyptian legend, starfish meaning is connected to the goddess Isis. Isis is a mother goddess who had a Salvation Army motto: “Befriending the friendless”. In other words, Isis is the mother and friend to slaves, the impoverished and those in dire need. Her connection with the starfish deals with being a guardian to troubled seafarers on the Red Sea and abroad. Isis and her sacred starfish are also associated with Sirius. Sirius is sacred to Isis because it appeared annually at the rising of the Nile – which was a time of abundance and renewal for the Egyptians.”

I also love the following that Avia continues to share:

“When I think of stars in the sea, I’m reminded of that awesome phrase by alchemist and philosopher, Hermes Trismegistus. He said: “As above, so below.” This is a metaphysical concept. He’s saying that what happens on an energetic, cosmic level – that action is mimicked on a mundane/earthy level. The concept of “law of attraction” illustrates this. What happens in the mind (‘above’ or energetic realm) is manifested in the physical (‘below’ or earthly realm).”

This was the experience between me and the starfish – mundane and earthy, alongside energetic and cosmic.

I’ve had more interactions and experiences with starfish on this journey than I have in any of my past. I saved some more of the starfish images from that first day to share in this post. Their abundance reflects the stars across the Cosmos – again reflecting as above, so below.

And these stargate keeper and star traveler encounters, as well as starlight treasures and cosmic love continued.

In the unfolding days, Dave has become my star finder, as I call him. And I’ve continued to be a star saver.

The day after 8/8 he found me 3 more full sand dollars while we rode the 12 miles on the spit and again on the 15th found me a bunch more. He will often be ahead of me as we bike, because I’m exploring and singing away. So he’s like a tracker, pointing out the treasures for me to collect as I approach.

I found #5 myself, which was divine since 5 is my magickal number and I continued to find several alongside Dave. He purposefully stopped pointing all of them out, but I was telepathically tuned in and picked up on the message.

I often will create art in the sand with things we collect, or will place them in new spots after receiving their energy. I only bring back with me those that speak to wanting to work with me for the longer journey ahead.

Then on 8/11’s Full Moon, some more amazingness happened.

When we got down to the sand to enjoy a beach day out front, I found myself this dried up starfish that was missing a couple of legs.

I felt immediately that he had been caught on the sand by high tide and likely nibbled by a seagull, and even perhaps dragged up higher while becoming a meal. Then dried up without ever reaching the water again to have ability to regenerate. This was strongly impressed upon me. I tucked him onto my beach towel.

Later, while exploring during low tide along our beach, I found my second agate (the first was on the hundreds-of-starfish-day with Lynne). It seems that these gateways and star beings have ignited quite an opening for more to come through, as you’ll see.

This second agate was golden and heart-shaped, but what stood out to me about these agates was that they glowed in the water at just the right angle of setting sun.

They are starlight housed in crystalline form. They twinkle like stars just appearing in the night sky. And scattered in hidden spots across the shoreline, to find them is like the rareness of seeing a shooting star.

And within the same super shallow, very warm water pool area I found this incredible, tiny blue starfish within seconds after!

I couldn’t believe my eyes, as I’d never seen one so small and never blue! Blue has direct cosmic being/family connection for me and the fact that I even saw this little one was extraordinary. Definitely divine alignment and Full Moon portal action in motion.

It had been sitting in the very warm sun and a super shallow equally warm water pool that was about to completely dry up, as the tide continued to go out. I knew it was time for this star saver to go into action.

But first we shared our moments together. I’d never seen anything like her. She was pure wonder and divinity in my hand.

She was a reflection of a birthing star and so much more. The Cosmos was sending so many travelers through the stargates, as a reminder we have not been forgotten and they are but a heart beat away.

We must invite these parts of ourselves in and openheartedly ask for divine guidance…then be ready to receive, trust, and believe.

After our exchange, I then proceeded to walk out into the deeper, colder water so that I could find her a safe place to continue to flourish. I placed her on the bottom and covered her with seaweed and waved farewell for now.

Word got out that the Cosmic gateway through my heart was open wide (indicated by all of the heart rocks I kept finding, including the golden heart shaped 2nd agate and the perfectly etched green heart in the rock below too) and the star energy continued flowing in.

The very next day of the 12th my third agate was discovered and ANOTHER tiny starfish, but this was smaller than the first, if you can believe that! It was mini as mini comes.

If I thought that finding the first was amazing, finding this one was incredulous. It was partially concealed by sand and kelp, on top of being less than an inch in size. Being so young, its color hadn’t fully emerged, but I could see a subtle blueish purple peeking through.

This one I found laying upside down and again with missing legs like the dried up one. This one was so tiny that it appeared to be still forming from birth and then had gotten washed up on shore during low tide. So my tender heart took him in my hands and brought him to deeper cold water where I covered him to keep him safe.

Little did I know that my star saver hat was about to become permanent and large, as the days following have brought more starfish my way in challenged predicaments. First, in tiny groups of two and three and then just yesterday multiplied tenfold the amount I had saved in total until then.

This brought the total to 54 and again there’s that 9 divine completion/beginning energy, as 5+4=9.

There’s definitely more at work and now the-making-a-difference-for-one had grown to many “ones.”

I could have left them, sure, and let what may be, be. But in the case of the ones laying upside down so far from the water vulnerably exposed to heat and predators…my heart wouldn’t let me. On top of that, because we’d made an intimate connection and I was receiving a stream of communication, I wasn’t able to ignore the invitation. Since this has never happened to me, but was happening now, there was something more to it. Part of it being why I feel I was called to the ocean at this time under the guise of a different prompting at first.

With every star being I locked sights on and cradled in my hands to be returned to the ocean, I was strengthening and nourishing the cosmic streams of connection, communication, and regeneration within and without. I was merging spirit and flesh and affirming that life on Earth is worth saving and valuing, as well as recreating from the vortex of our hearts. I was also acknowledging that assistance is all around us and when we’re in flow, harmonious alignment is possible to create the perfect experience at the perfect timing.

There was one particular moment that was profound and moving to me yesterday while I was saving groups of starfish at a time. It took place with two of them. I held one in each hand and walked them out to the ocean. First I placed the larger down, as the water was moving in and out. Then I placed the second one about two feet to the right of it. I lingered to make sure they stayed upright and as I watched the water move in and out again, it pulled the starfish together. It felt like more than just the water’s flow, but a magnetic energy at work as well. The starfish came together perfectly, side-by-side, with the tip of one of their arms touching the tip of the other’s arm. They were holding hands! And the water pulled them out together, linked as one. It made me so happy.

I did actually see two seagulls pecking at two of the upside down starfish I saved yesterday. My approach sent the seagulls away and I returned the starfish safely back to the water turned right side up. After having found the dried up starfish with missing limbs my heart made a commitment to save any I found in similar situations. While it is part of the circle of life, there’s always room for other potentials besides black and white to be a part of that. Or, at least that’s how I see it. While there’s perfection in the way things play out in the circle, I also feel that the circle is changing into a new form or inviting us into creating a new form. Perhaps it’s the innocent me who envisions more and desires to try different ways to create impetus to that. 

Unbeknown to me, Dave captured these photos of me on one of my star saver missions.

I would stop my bike, get off, take my shoes and socks off and proceed to gather the starfish and take them out into the water. Eventually, I stopped taking my shoes and socks off, and just walked right through. Sometimes I did a quick and hoppy walk/half run into the water and back. It’s rare Dave takes photos and I realized later that it was the innocence within me that moved him to capture these.

But back to the part of me that envisions the possibility, I do have a story about a wild rabbit I saved from a coyote once that speaks to this feeling and idea being within me for some time, but I’ll save it for now and just say that everything can learn to adapt and change just like the 100th monkey effect. New equilibriums, new roles, and new trajectories can and are being put in motion.

There’s a Cosmic rearranging in momentum. 

On this day of saving so many upside down and stranded starfish, I also found an agate pocket and so several more drops of starlight were discovered.

Mostly golden and icy clear or snowy white in color, but one blue one just like the little blue starfish showed up.

These hybrids were also in the pocket that have a mixture of opal, sparkle, and even jasper-like blends creating beautiful planets and celestial bodies from across the Cosmos.

I’ve also found quite a few stones with amazing little druzy crystal caves, bursts, and even with tiny opal embedded.

Dave found the first of these with a big pocket of opal that began the stream of more starlight in these forms to come through.

And this incredible one in a pyramidal shape with perfect opal doorway.

Although this next stone doesn’t have starlight glowing from within, it feels like the perfect mirroring doorways that were revealed by it cracking open, as double access points in and out from beyond. One would not have known the doorways were there had the stone not been opened.

Sometimes what lies at the center of it all is not easily seen or known, but can only be felt by the heart and traversed with trust.

And if it wasn’t enough to feel the starlight frequencies pouring through these little manifestations of amazingness, take a look at these next ones.

A starship and little planet or star system appeared so clearly to me. I drew the lines on the first image to trace the essence I see. Each of these above two stones are encrusted with crystalline sparkle and opalescence in silver, icy white and blue. Contact indeed is being made and in many ways we’re receiving assistance with the massive evolution that Earth is cosmically a part of because it’s all interconnected.

I feel that all of these bits of starlight within these Earth drops have been coded with frequencies to assist the transformations ahead.

As I mentioned, so much has been experienced since last I wrote, but the energy frequencies and messaging of this thread felt to be the one to share for now. I’ll feel into what if any of the others comes next.

There are times I feel far, far away, while simultaneously closer than ever. So, my sharing comes on streams of starlight and through cosmic gateways. I never know when, how, or if I’ll show up. I just know that honoring the ebbs and flows of the tide is where I’m at.

One thing for sure is this…I’ve been aligning even more so with the Cosmic ocean that runs through us all and I feel the primordial waters in process of creation again.

The gateways are opening and a part of each of us is not only being activated into more remembering, but are in process of regenerating. Maybe even the Earth keeper within you may realize your version of “one starfish at a time” in the creation of a new Earth, as well as a new formula of being and creation at large.

I hope you can feel the starlight frequencies streaming through or at least can open your heart to receive it.

UPDATE: Right after I posted this blog we went on our go-to 5 1/4 mile walk down the beach. It was right before the transition from low to high tide so a good portion of the shoreline was laced in small rocks rolling in and out. However, before we got to water’s edge what do you think was right on the path I was taking? Another TINY blue starfish. This one was perfect like the first, but the size of the second. It was laying WAY up on the dry sand, some 50+ feet from the water and not even on packed wet sand that the water had retracted from, but very dry sand. There’s no doubt it wanted me to find it, as this tiny half inch starfish would be nearly impossible to be found unless we were on the same energetic trajectory. This brought the number to 55 – double my favorite, magickal messaging number and bringing the 9 pattern to 1 now (5+5=10 or 1). One being new beginnings and unity. Not long after finding and saving this sweet little one, bringing him back to the deeper water and away from seagulls scouring the beach, I went on to find a handful of more starlight Earth drops of agate. This included the largest one yet, which was the first of the group, right after my star being friend. It seems that the days I find and save starfish are the days starlight gifts beam their glow to me. And about a half an hour later I found a live muscle covered with 13 barnacles that was lying completely out of place next to a cement pathway up off of the beach. I figured it may have been dropped by a seagull, or something like that. And again we took it back to the ocean. You can see all of these in the photo collage below.

These tiny baby starfish just trying to start their life, speak to me of creative sparks lighting up from potentials being explored. So much newness is trying to birth and I, for one, want to help nurture that to happen.

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Creating life as a work of art with a magick rabbit by my side. I remember my song. Do you? Artist, Author and Reiki Master Teacher with over 30 years' experience in creative healing arts and metaphysical studies. Tania inspires people globally to return to natural harmony, draw forth imagination to manifest dreams, embody creative empowerment, and live more magickally and abundantly from their most natural frequency – in essence, Tania helps you to remember your song.

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  1. I’m glad you’re having fun while connecting with nature and cosmic energies Tania. I enjoy how intimately you connect with nature like starfish, sand dollars, and crystals. May your joy continue to flow and bless others. I can’t really relate to your journey but appreciate that it is so full of passion and life for you. Hugs.💕

    • Thank you always Brad for such thoughtful and sweetly supportive comments. I so appreciate your loving heart that always finds your own appreciation and connection in things and always comes from a compassionate place of heart bridging even if someone is different in some way. It’s such a gift and that sort of kindness is one of the most valuable things there are in life to share and to be! Thank YOU! Warm hugs and love to you ❤

  2. Desiree Bergeron

    Ohhhhhh Sistar!! I was simply spellbound reading this share, and could both see and feel you saving all those starfish…….ooooooohhhh that blue one!!…….😱🌟🌟 the two holding hands…….oh my heart…….and all the exquisite crystals are indeed pure Magickal starlight!! There’s just no doubt when Star family communicates—Is there?? I was just so moved by the evident cosmic portals opening to you. This all brought me so much happiness and peace……..filled my heart to the brim with love— you inspire me always- always to every moment to be living in alignment with my Sacred Spiritual Authenticity!! Just think…..the day after to morrow we will be on the beaches of Maine!! So I’ll be sending all my love to you through the watery waves of the ocean!!
    Craig and I had an early morning desert hike while visiting out West, and I found so many sacred treasures right out where we were staying…..and as you, those pieces meant to be with me, just find me— and I’m smiling sooooo big because just like you, I set up those sacred treasures which do end up coming back with me, in a layout/sacred grid as I integrate the energies!! Craig even insisted that he take a picture of me by the one I set up this time!! Weeeeeeeeeee!! 🙌🏻🌟🌟

    • Awww! Thank you tons and it’s so good to see your message here, as you’ve been missed while on your wonderful journey away. I’m so excited for you to join in on the east to west coast beach portal ride hehe! I know it will be the perfect thing for you and your family right now, but especially all you are integrating. I just saw a text from you before commenting here, so I imagine there’ll be some cool photos of your treasures. I LOVE that we have been on some similar timeline trips recently, each in our own ways and in our own places. So special! And I love how much we share in those divine discoveries and honor of sacred things we are gifted as part of the navigational keys for the journey. Okay I just peeked and yes, fantastic amazing photos of your finds too! And love that we both had some crossovers with the agates for example. So happy to hear you could feel the little blue starfish…and guess what?! I just updated the post at the end with some photos and a few additions that happened right after this post went up…they included finding another baby blue starfish! Weeeeee! Love you!

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