The Ocean Whispers Ancient Innocence ~ Dropping into the Frequencies of Being

As the Aquarian Sturgeon Full Moon approaches – the last Supermoon of the year – energies may point you to focusing more on things you want to get done and how that supports both your uniqueness AND the way that integrates with the communal good.

This last week, which is our first away, has been more unfocused for me, so that I can honor the natural changes that are anchoring. I didn’t really have huge motivation to write a blog, but was guided to share an update along with windows, as seen through my eyes, so you can receive your own story, inspiration, igniting, and frequency shifts. I know that what I’m shown is captured not just for me, but all who wish also to receive and feel the connection.

Also, my family reads my blog and so it’s always a way for me to journal experiences to share with them, as well as deepen the movement of energies that I go through.

Yet I feel like surrendering and letting go is where I’m needing to be so that all of the ocean and coastal frequencies can do their rewiring thing without my human interference.

I haven’t the desire to jump into anything at the moment, except the ocean and plunging my feet in the sand each day.

The animals here are all whispering their messages and it’s felt like a grand celebration of my return oceanside through the unspoken experience.

I have no desire to analyze and dissect, nor try to wrap my brain around details that come to me from others, as I feel the unfolding is speaking volumes without all of that…I just want to experience and be.

And that’s just what we’re doing…being…immersing…feeling with all of our senses.

Two water signs by the ocean makes for a lot of feels and deep explorations.

Even though I have a few books with me, plus my projects, the moment says, “Not now.”

And so I continue to receive.

The only crystal friends I brought along for the journey are two potent singing skulls and one powerhouse Phantom Lemurian Root Alta Scepter. They sit bedside on an altar with all of my messenger treasures, so I imagine they may be part of the activations rewiring within throughout dream travels. I know my dreams have been full of collective stuff…so many souls and people I know showing up in them.

And so many aspects of All That Is, through me, traveling the dimensional gateways.

The ancient and innocent me continue to join in the Oneness that they are and always have been.

I feel and see the layers converging without needing to explain it.

And this is happening across the collective.

Explosions of every kind are the threads undoing and weaving at the same time…tearing open the fabric of our being and recreating a new tapestry from the Cosmic core.

And here that Cosmic core is bursting alive, as every day has been a new adventure filled with more amazingness than I could ever describe.

Plenty of green and tree portal goodness for the faery me.

Yummy blackberries just starting to pop, sweet bumble bee friends, blossoms, clover carpeted forests, moss, mushrooms, and incredible wild foxglove add to the Fae enchantment. They grow like something out of Dr Seuss, long and drapey sometimes reaching an amazing 9 feet long. I’ve never seen anything like it, and I love it!

Waterfalls, rivers, sun beams, lush canopies, mists, fog, sprawling clouds opening to portals, wildflower hillsides illuminated by sunset, sweeping views for miles…all make up the perfect ingredients to ignite inspiration and shifts from within.

Isn’t Mother Earth awe-inspiring?!

Terra is nirvana for the senses and daily immersions speak to expansion unfolding even if that hasn’t shown up fully yet in other ways. I’ve been soaking in all of the energy and just allowing things to unfold. I know the timing of things is aligning when I trust.

Our choices and growth cycles come with times of contraction, in order to create huge spurts of expansion.

Being here this past week has been a simultaneous contraction and expansion of experience asking me to go with the flow of each moment. I see and experience contrasts daily and love the seamless quality weaving itself as One.

I’m mostly summarizing so that the photos can do the rest of the storytelling while also providing the frequencies and answers that may find you at the perfect moment too.

What I will say is since onset of this trip I can tell that a crown chakra activation and rewiring has been taking place, as I’ve had this on and off residual, low-grade ache in the background at the very top center of my crown – the kind of feeling you’d experience as the after-effect of hitting your head. It comes and goes once to a few times during each day. Not surprising given things I know are in process of being woven.

It seems to have stopped since the day before 8/8.

The cycles keep coming full circle, though, with me finding many transitioned beings and deep layers interweaving and building one upon another.

This included the above most perfect, precious little chipmunk on a side trail we were drawn down on our way to finding the official trail for a hike. I have never seen anything more precious. Not a sign of trauma. This little one just slipped away peacefully and of course I buried her. I deeply felt our timely colliding and that she was still present, but on a parallel dimension – portal invitations have been strong to cross over at will.

The day before this I found the seagull wings on the beach spread out like angel or butterfly wings. Again I was moved by this vision and remarked on the uncanniness of my wearing these earrings that day.

Larimar angel wings with a tiny butterfly stud earring on my upper hole.

And yes, that’s a bunny stud in between!

The crown activation hasn’t affected my days…just makes me aware that things ARE in motion that I felt coming.

I just continue on, fully enjoying our experiences here that have included over 5 – 6 mile hikes and walks daily, early morning kayaking (evening to come), biking, beach and deck time, and lots and lots of wildlife encounters and soaking in the energies of lush forests and cliffs, rivers, waterfalls, and ocean abundance.

We brought our bikes and kayaks, so we could immerse in all the explorative possibilities.

We even got to become the “Goonies” for a day spending adventures and mystery with our sweet friend Lynne who took us on a fantastic hike – one of her favs – that had everything including walking through beach caves, climbing rocks, dodging waves across the sand to get to more beaches, hiking forests and cliffs, and seeing through her eyes all of her special, secret things.

I say “Goonies” because this took place right by the site of One-Eyed Willy’s treasure that the 1985 movie was filmed at – a favorite my brother and I have watched countless times together. So, of course, I sent him these photos so that he could immerse in them with me.

The drive to meet up with Lynne and this area was well worth it!

It was on this hike that the most starfish I’ve ever seen (we estimated at least a couple hundred and that didn’t include the ones we couldn’t see) appeared with the low tide and live crabs were surfing the waves.


The sea anemones were vibrantly saying “hi!” too.

It was all so incredible and she and I were little kids on Christmas morning, wide-eyed and excited with every single seastar and treasure friend we found.

There will be a solo, upcoming star beings blog, as I have so many photos and so much they bring up within me. But I also have a sweet and sacred story to share as well about 8/8.

Their rainbow of colors were spectacular and from tiny to massive, it was candy land for us two banana sisters.

I love sharing adventures with kindred souls who experience the same kind of wonderly along with me.

And in fun, I ended up winning the “Who can find the starfish first?” and received a hug from Lynne as the prize. Win-Win!

Friends of a feather bring out the best in us.

This day is also when I found an incredible little Oregon agate gift.

Looking forward to more adventures with miss Lynne while we’re here.

But yeah, the explorers of life that we are have been enjoying the daily excavations of experience…and I’m simultaneously welcoming in the gifts and energies.

So far we’ve seen a banana slug (I moved him off trail so no one would step on him), western terrestrial garter snake (tan color), garter snake (black with green stripes that we usually see), a deer, sea urchins, crabs (small and large), starfish galore, jellyfish (one in particular that I swore felt and looked like a water immersive spacecraft with control chamber at center that even had a star being inside!), bald eagles – adult and juvenile, golden eagle, pelicans, great blue herons, egrets, cranes, seagulls, cormorants, black oystercatcher, sand dollars, and more.

Just from our place we can see many of these – all the sea birds I just mentioned flying by, as well as harbor seals popping up in the water each day. These same seals swam by us on the kayak and it was so sweet to see their curious little heads checking us out.

There’s an area straight out from us I call Pelican Point because a couple hundred pelicans all gather there each evening.

And another area to the left where a large group of another couple hundred harbor seals gather that I call Seal Spit.

We also have some of everything right out the back door including this little waterfall oasis.

We are also graced with stunning sunsets like these.

One evening, from our deck, we watched a bald eagle across the way, feasting on his ocean catch. We’ve seen this same one flying above a couple of times, including while we kayaked. That same morning out on the water we also saw a juvenile bald eagle on the spit with ravens not happy about his being there.

It’s a gift to be a part of nature in action…I love living seamlessly alongside all of it where ever I am – here or at home…and everywhere in between.

I can’t begin to share all the treasures I’ve found of shell varieties and sand dollars (all of which have a single hole punched out at top likely from feasting seabirds), including beautiful large oyster shells, sweet transitioned moths (another I held until she passed), feathers galore – Steller’s jay, great blue heron, raven, pelican, seagull, wood pecker, and the Oregon agate I mentioned, as well as what appears to be jasper. The photos below share only a fraction of these gifts.

I love the open topped sand dollars revealing the sacred geometry within and the great blue heron feathers were another full circle gift…since that one visited us just a couple of days before we left on this journey, in a place that we haven’t seen one for quite some time. He felt like the gatekeeper tying in our experiences.

Most of the crab shells are all very colorful and one I found reminds me of a galaxy with barnacle planets and swirling colors. But then there was this bleached out one from long sunshine hours, creating a ghost crab shell.

Except for maybe when I was a little girl, although I don’t have memory of it, I have never found a full, perfect sand dollar. There have been literally thousands here I’ve seen the past week, but all broken in some way…not whole, but beautiful and perfect nonetheless.

Until the Lion’s Gate 8/8 Portal when this one below found me.

There’s a whole story that goes along with this that includes a starfish. But for now, here’s my very first sand dollar…I love that it was gray in color – my favorite Middle Way.

I can feel the shift of energy and I’m sure from the photo stories you’ll be able to see that both in the environment around me, but also the inner landscape within me.

The ocean adds depths and layers, but also softens with vulnerable strength.

Both the little girl within and the inner priestess, water sylph, and oracle feel alive.

These are activations unfolding for us all…to be in the fullness of our depths and to reveal the layers of All that we Are.

Astrid and the kitty babies are having their own refreshing experiences too.

Check out Boojum on the couch behind Astrid in the first collage. Sweet Pea spreading out her princessness. And Astrid exploring away. She loves that I brought her Maze Haven, as it gives her the perfect place to explore and rest. In the afternoons the sun shines upon it and she loves hanging her little head through the hole, soaking up the rays.

Ocean sounds and sights are filling everyone with peace and providing the backdrop for soul-deep relaxation.

Check out that light, orbs, and rainbow whiskers around and on the Queen.

Activations galore indeed.

These days we’re all transforming so quickly.

The changes go unnoticed because of the speed to which they happen, but when we stop to be present and breathe in the moment, it’s more than apparent.

We don’t need to know how.

It’s a matter of being and nature truly is and will always be the best mirror for reflection on the rest.

For now, perhaps you can let these images wash over and through you.

Feel the cleansing refresh and abundant potential…encouraging, supporting, and nudging you back to the nature of you.

The harmony within is singing.

See, experience, and honor the journey you are on at this time in the world without attaching to outcomes.

The mere fact that you’re here, indicates how integral your uniqueness is simply by breathing.

The Great Central Sun lives within you.

When you view it, any other, or any thing it is made possible because it is you.

The vastness of potentials is at each of our hands to create.

So what will you mold from your Cosmic heart?

It needn’t matter what others are doing…the story has always been your book to write.

The dream life will one day no longer be in the shadows.

It will merge forth into the light of conscious being once again.

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  1. Gorgeous! And some familiar sights, too. Glad you’re getting a visit with Lynne, too!

  2. There are so many beautiful photos that my mind and computer are overwhelmed Tania! πŸ˜‹ I’m glad you’re taking a break from projects and simply being and soaking up the water energies and good vibes. It sure looks fun and beautiful. Enjoy some play and water for me too! πŸ˜πŸš£β€β™‚οΈπŸŸπŸŒ²πŸ

  3. This post is magical and beautiful in every way.

  4. Thank you for this journey of deep-soul relaxation. I was truly immersed in it and deeply surrendering within it.

    • Oh you’re so welcome Ka! I am so happy to hear and feel how it was received by your heart. I’m continuing with that deep surrender and receiving and it feels very nourishing at this time. Thank you for joining me.

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