July Midway Update & Check-In

As Lee mentioned in his July Energy Update, this month has indeed felt very Yang in energy, at least in my experience. This, for me, has included a lot of action, doing, outward focus and taking care of multiple things at once. At the half-way point of the month, I do feel half-way done with what I set as goals to accomplish, so things are on track. But it’s also been a good test of my abilities to juggle many things, approach surprises and constant influx with deep breaths and release, and continue implementing boundaries and healthy balance. Now and then we get chances to put to practice what we’ve learned, so rather than be upset about it, we can see it as opportunity to be the change.

Weather has remained mild here getting into the low 80’s now and 40’s at night, but Summer is definitely in full gear. I’ve been able to start playing afternoon hooky sometimes at the beach to ground, relax, and soak in some water and sunshine, but there’s definitely a lot of energetic movement, more to manage, and longer hours being put into things. This mirroring the season’s longer days.

We’ve been getting in our bigger hikes and bike rides on the weekends these last couple of weeks, due to both of our work ramping up, with shorter walks when possible during the week. At the least, I get in garden watering time, sun bathing, or late afternoon beach time for nature nurturing. July has the potential for a lot of closure and opening for things with us, so we’re adjusting to accommodate.

It’s all good, as I knew this was coming for the month and will start to wind down as August approaches when I will be pulling back from some things to start streamlining my energy focus again.

Oh those ebbs and flows! 🙂 It’s become a regular part of managing energy and projects, for me, in literal inward/outward mirroring ways.

As mentioned previously, I’ll be stepping back from client sessions starting August and plan to only focus on the Reiki classes for that month and putting more time into my writing. I’ll open things up again later, but need to take some time off for now.

In terms of the Reiki classes, although I did open up to taking more students than originally intended, I do now have to close registration for Reiki Level 1, otherwise I’d need to open more days of training than I currently already have done. And that’s more than I can manage. These are taking place in mid to late August.

We have a confirmed group of 14 awesome souls, which made it necessary for me to be flexible with my teaching approach and break up the class into two sessions, of which the second session will be split into two groups for.

Rather than be rigid with things, I embraced a different approach, but one that feels good and supportive, without cutting corners.

That means only Reiki Level 2 (which will be held in October) and 3 Master Teacher (which will be held in December) are available to register for, although there’s 11 in each of these classes, so there’s really only a few more I could do there to make it work out like Level 1. Eleven is also a great master number, so I wouldn’t be surprised if we stay there too. 🙂

Info and registration can be found here: Online Reiki Classes

Other than that, I’m just trucking along with things. Astrid is doing well and has been such a great copartner with everything. She’s also going through shifts, as her fur begins to molt. She’s shedding a lot and it’s making interesting patterns on her back, including bringing through her underlying silver for the first time there.

Dream time has been interesting, to include a lot of continued bear dreams (which I discovered have ET connections), Astrid and wild rabbit dreams, Gaia (my tortoise) dreams, and telepathic dreams involving people I know that reveal psychic messages that pan out true in real life. So, it seems there’s even a lot of activity (Yang) stuff going on at night. Makes sense why I sleep even more these days. 😉

I feel like things are on the precipice of bigger change and even in waking life, there’s a lot of messaging coming through even more than usual. I’m seeing also that my clients are undergoing huge life changes for the good. That makes me super happy!

I heard from a magickal, dear friend of mine in England yesterday, which always seems to mark something important in motion. The last time we spoke was in February, just before everything hit, and hearing her update was refreshing, resonant, and a hopeful energy reflection from another side of the world.

So, while things in the wider world can be a bit daunting, there is evidence of transformation coming in from all of this. Endings and beginnings are bookmarking life, as always.

How are you all experiencing July so far?

Does it feel more Yang to you as well?

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Creating life as a work of art with a magick rabbit by my side. I remember my song. Do you? Artist, Author and Reiki Master Teacher with over 30 years' experience in creative healing arts and metaphysical studies. Tania inspires people globally to return to natural harmony, draw forth imagination to manifest dreams, embody creative empowerment, and live more magickally and abundantly from their most natural frequency – in essence, Tania helps you to remember your song.

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  2. I haven’t noticed any patterns Tania. I’m glad you’re so well-tuned to your inner and surrounding energies. I’m more in maintenance and day to day mode. Hugs…

  3. Desiree Bergeron

    For sure… LOTS of yang energy.
    Fast expansion/processing/strong outward movement and manifesting newness very quickly…. (That’s an understatement!! Lol) so staying balanced/grounded has been a high priority! Feel like I’m doing well with it all; (you’re aware of the strong personal healing cycle I’m Currently experiencing too….strong/potent. 🙏🏻😌💕) I’m so grateful for knowing processes that help me Navigate through these Experiences/emotions. And I’ve been able to be there for several people that were drawn strongly to me for very specific reasons… and be able to give them really strong support… (a young man in New Delhi had friend requested me on FB…. I don’t just accept anyone from anywhere, but felt deep in my heart to accept his request….he is the nicest upstanding intelligent young man—was bullied all his life….his only friend/older brother immigrated a year ago to Canada…and his dream is to get to America. He was shocked I was so kind/friendly. He respectfully calls me ‘mam’ and prays for me and my family, and I pray/send healing energy to him. He said no one ever, ever chatted with him, or took the time to even care…every one was so rude, and he just wants to make friends! He tells me it’s a blessing to him every time we get to chat, and I ask him about his hopes and dreams and interests etc; Turns out, he opened up to me while chatting one day that he never told his brother or parents about his anxiety, deep depression, and suicidal tendencies. He over came them by reading religious texts (Islam), and then, that I was also sent to him to help him….I lovingly talked him through one particularly dark day he was experiencing, and since then, a big shift happened—he’s been healing more and more, and feels well… so I check in on him! It’s a joy to be there for him. He knows someone knows his story, values him as a human being, and cares deeply about his well being….) An Elderly woman’s spouse passed away a few days ago-(not from Covid…), being there for her as she has no children nearby is a joy. She tells me how she cherishes me….it’s mutual. ( 🙏🏻😌) Another woman I had never met came up to me out of the clear blue in Barnes and Nobles… she had heard me face timing someone, apologized that she didn’t mean to ‘listen in’ but felt so much light and love, and knew she had to connect. Oh my… what she’s been through in her life… and she is a positive soul… but no friends. Dysfunctional relationship with her mom. Parenting her teenage son who had Aspergers all alone. Has lupus. Nurse by profession. Crying in my arms that first day we met because she could feel the love from my hands, and never experienced that. I Made her a special mala. Cried so hard that no one ever showed that kind of love or care for her in her whole life. Invited her to my home. Morning she’s coming over, she falls down and had a seizure.
    Ends up in the hospital. Has a stroke, goes into a coma….water on her brain. I’m the only one allowed to be updated… because, while still somewhat able to communicate, and before her stroke she’s telling everyone about me and that I’m like her sister (and this only after talking/texting and listening to her for a few days….) her mom’s whole energy shifting through the experience… directly texting me to thank me for being a friend to her daughter. And her nurses telling me how her mom respectfully placed her mala necklace I made, around her while she’s in the coma,so I can be with her. She was transferred to the Mayo Clinic in Boston. New nurses in touch with me. Major surgery. I’m asked to please pray, and anyone else I know… I ask some people I know… so we hold them all… nurses, Surgeon, loved ones in a circle of prayer and light. Surgery successful! Her nurse (Shyala), tells me the Surgeon is hugging her mom with tears— she comes out of the coma quicker than expected, a true miracle— everyone there thanking all of us who focused our hearts on them. They thought she might never come back. She’s put back to sleep to help ease the shock/confusion…. am waiting to hear more. 🙏🏻 Today, another elderly friend had major surgery…. she only wanted to be away from home for one day/night was so troubled that she needed someone to be there with her…. am going to stay with her for a couple days and take care of her. She lives on a beautiful lake, and welcomes with so much kindness and love, friends and families to come enjoy her lovely beach front and access to the gorgeous lake!! My oldest girls and I cleaned her floors, dusted and tidied when last over, she was in tears of gratitude… and that’s when I learned of her need for someone to stay with her. I feel so grateful for this months’ energies. It provided me with extra strength— I don’t feel drained at all. I’ve had plenty of energy to spare; while keeping balanced with yoga, hiking, swimming, art, taking care of my family, communicating on deep levels with my two married kids, tending greenhouse vegetables, and more…. the teens of my teen aged girls acquaintance love to come over and play games, have a big camp fire.., eat everything I make and that’s in the house… (!!!) And they feel so welcome and comfortable that it’s a regular/weekly thing….So, to be there for others, has been a truly amazing/rewarding experience. There is great need everywhere— and the smallest things/gestures can make the HUGEST difference. This afternoon, someone (🤗) was there for me, (😞) when I was going through a very deep cycle of painful yet healing energy… and she was there at the exact moment I needed her. And I will never forget it, nor take it for granted. I know how incredibly comforting and empowering it feels to have someone hold that sacred space and care enough to take time for you. It’s a blessing to do the same…pay it forward—give love and hold space wherever/whenever possible….
    So whoever reads this…. thank you!! It was in my heart to share…. 🙏🏻💞💞💞💞💞💞💓💓💓💓
    Tania…. I love you. You are the best. Truly my light! xx

    • wow what a share des! thank you so much for being so open and transparent with your experiences so that others can receive the gifts too of your message here. you have indeed had so much yang energy moving through your life and i love that you aren’t feeling depleted, but that’s because you are taking care of yourself, keeping balanced, doing the things you love, being there for your own processes and emotions, and following your heart. you don’t do things because you feel forced, or like it’s a duty expected…you do it out of pure love and joy and have an open flow of giving and receiving going so that it’s not overloaded in one way more than another. thank you for being such a loving light to others and making a difference. because you got yourself to a place of wellness you have so much more to give others…and that’s my take away from this, along with your last message about sharing acts of kindness daily, as you never know how that one small thing can change or save a life. i love you too! ❤

  4. Thankful for this space you’ve opened, Astrid and Tania.

    Excited to report:
    I did not ask for this, but for a few days last week, Astrid, Nestor, Gaia, Joy, Cosmo and The Grid sent forth visions and messages that all beings on Earth evolve beyond the necessity to eat each other! YaY!!
    Mother Earth will now provide all beings with an abundance of new yummy foods everywhere all year round!
    The tragic heaviness of stalking and preying upon each other in order to survive has evolved into a Joyous Easter Egg-like hunt for unbelievably tasty new foods!
    Bunnies free to be in the open whenever they want.

    That’s the short version. 🙂
    Snuggles and Binkies.

    • aw thank you so much Anett! so lovely to see you here ❤ we're so happy to receive your report from the family 🙂 what a wonderful message! thank you for sharing it…i can feel the bigger picture even from the short version 😉 lots of love and binkies!

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