You May Have a Destination, but the Paths of the Journey are Up to You

It seems to me that a lot of energy gets spent on trying to lock in on what our path is, but perhaps it’s not a path that is pre-determined for us. Maybe there’s a destination in mind that we set course for throughout our lives, but the journey there involves many different paths based on our choices in each moment.

I know that I got myself very frustrated with this quest for a long time in my earlier years and it actually kept me in a state of restraint because I was waiting for “the answer” when in fact “the answer” came through movement toward something that resonated and brought me joy, rather than attaching to the idea that I could only move if in fact it was the final destination.

I also see this as a form of self-sabotage that keeps us in a conditioned pattern, but there’s a level of fear and judgment that comes with it too. A fear perhaps of doing something wrong, failing, and stepping into more accountability and responsibility. And a judgment that if it’s not perfect or what we think is the right thing, then we may look stupid, be wasting our time, or receive criticism.

This is mental chatter that forms from old stories replaying themselves. We become a self-critic, even if this was conditioned from outside of ourselves, and our ego finds ways to nourish these stories and keep us away from freeing ourselves from them. To me, it’s an act of survival playing out and not really that it wants to hurt us, but it wants to be right. We prove it right when we give in to it.

The same seems to happen around listening to and trusting intuition.

When you receive intuitive and heart guidance do you find yourself immediately starting to question it, analyze and dissect it, do everything to discount it?

Or do you realize its value and clarity and fearlessly and directly follow it?

It takes practice to learn to hear the whispers of your “true” heart because you can easily project what you want to hear onto it. If things aren’t working and increasingly become more challenging, if things aren’t lighting and lining up, you feel depleted of energy, feel a loss of joy, and creating more tension and frustration in your life, chances are you haven’t supported that true inner guidance yet, unless you are in the process of change where things can sometimes increase before releasing.

Keep practicing to go into your stillness and ask for your truth to make itself known to you, but be willing to courageously support it when it does or it will hide from you even more.

We are brilliant self-sabotagers, but we are also reluctant magicians fearing our own power.

We need to nurture the parts of us that hold our true power and that starts with listening within so you can remember what they are.

Whether it’s answers you seek about where to go next, or answers about any question that arises in the moment, much can be discovered through an honest reflection and a willingness to take action in any small way that supports a feeling or nudge.

The rest will unfold from there and reveal itself as you move along.

I’ve laced the post with some photos from Saturday’s hike – my most favorite trail here that reflects my heart’s joy. For more landscape and magickal faery captures you can find a bunch more on my Instagram. These ones capture me in the environment along the 10 1/2 mile stretch. No matter which way you turned along the path, there were wildflowers and gorgeous vistas that filled my heart and soul with breath of life. Every time I thought I couldn’t find a different flower or be in greater awe, there popped up a new blossom, fragrance wafting through the air, and another perspective and hidden treasure for the present heart to see. The landscape of my soul’s essence was mirrored and reminded me that there are so many ways I can channel through my expression and bloom forth who I am.

I shared this message before about paths, but it seems to be coming up a lot again for people and feels important to share again for support right now, as the world undergoes transformation.

Here’s a little repost for anyone it might speak to right now:

There is so much angst and frustration out there around worrying about not being on path, searching, yearning, seeking out guidance to what exactly you “should” be doing, holding onto the belief there must be some idealized version and bigness around an end result of what this looks like, and coming up short on these expectations placed on it all by self and the messaging out there.

Interestingly, at the same time you worry and search, you may also be avoiding the feelings inside, your intuitive messaging, those subtle or sometimes loud nudges, are self-sabotaging with conditioned beliefs, ingenious inner dialogue, and avoidance tactics, or even creating every obstacle and energy drain on yourself, otherwise.

Yet, one perspective might be about surrendering to what IS right now.

Who you ARE this moment.

The intelligence within you ALREADY.

You miss the opportunities every moment to just be YOU and bring through the creative vitality that stirs within your spirit and heart.

There isn’t a perfect outcome you need to strive for.

You simply need to choose to walk in the frequency of your vibration right now and how ever that leads you, IS exactly what you are here to do.

Don’t wait for some perfect answer or precise conclusion to your quest.

Give up the quest and realize the truth of your journey that is a step-by-step unfolding of you being you.

The more we can merge our feelings and the voice within with our mental processes, we can integrate a conscious partnership that will support greater knowing of exactly what it is in each moment that would be the best possible use of our breath here on Earth. And that may be much more simple than you were led to believe, although without devising it, could very well turn into something much bigger.

But don’t judge what is and isn’t extraordinary or how if you only do “this,” you aren’t doing enough.

If you truly are embracing your spirit’s song and commit to expressing its voice in each experience you have, then you will come to experience the peace and harmony you seek…the next notes will become clear…and naturally you’ll have a symphony at work with your instrument in sync with the the collective orchestra.

I find that people create inertia because they dwell too much on the ideas rather than the feelings moving through. I’ve been there too.

You have and always will be messaged by your inner voice to where would most be in resonance and alignment to your vibrational expression.

We simply don’t listen and listening, nurturing, and supporting that voice is more key than how things need to look, as when we cultivate that, we naturally will be doing and being our best possible version in each ever-expanding and evolving moment.

So it won’t be about what big thing you “should” be doing, but truly about embodying your own bigness through being.

The less we listen and support that innate knowingness, is where we come up against the challenges.

And that inner voice will tell us when making changes would be much more supportive to our life and everyone’s lives we touch.

If you feel a loss of passion, it’s not because you don’t have any or you need to discover your passion, you may just need to tune back into you, as somewhere along the line a door was closed on your feelings and the connection and love didn’t receive the nurturing that other things instead did. The nature of you doesn’t go away, it simply awaits remembering and dancing with once again.

And yes, that does become important, if in fact you desire to live from that purity of your natural vitality more and find yourself frustrated and tormented all the time.

Loss of passion may also speak to your completing a cycle on your spiral of life and rather than continuing to repeat patterns that keep you stuck, or drag you backwards like a whirpool, you may just be called to get on the next spiral and create anew, integrating ingredients to bring forth continual alchemy of being.

Take an honest, deep, intimately vulnerable look within yourself and ask the really important questions. You’ll discover what the true “block” is to your having the very thing you say you desire…or in essence, to being more of who you really ARE.

It’s a very interesting journey we experience in our lives.

No right or wrong, nor timeframe. However, if you are feeling miserable or frustrated, that may very well be indication to try another way.

When we more actively engage ourselves as the truly empowered partners in co-creation, we can discover how to work with the alchemy latent within each of us to create.

How things evolve will be a beautiful spiraling of your nature unfolding her or his exquisite petals.

If you are feeling a squeeze on yourself, uninvigorated, and like you are suffocating, or ready to burst, then your spirit is messaging you to go bigger, expand, express, bring forth and wisely channel what is burning within.

If uninspired, this is your chance to choose to recreate yourself and do something that moves you, feels invigorating, and keeps your imagination and creativity engaged. Start inviting and bringing forth new elements to your life that stimulate newness and fresh perspectives to keep you thriving and challenge you to go beyond yesterday’s ideas and version of yourself.

That doesn’t always mean it has to be a huge outward change, but may simply be about inviting more of the little tweaks and perspectives to your current experience that inspire a natural unfolding from there.

You have the ability to choose completely new right now and to create something different, something more, but ultimately more you this moment.

This doesn’t need to be a do or die situation, but about really feeding your spirit’s song without any constraints on should’s and should not’s, nor about following patterns…but carving a new way that is more resonant aligned to you in the flow of energy streaming through that is simultaneously abound.

I feel that as long as we continue to touch in with ourselves, invite, and put into action ways to challenge ourselves to expand our capacity for creative expression and move into new areas of personal passion moving through us with expanding courage, we will find our lives enriched and continuing to unfold in amazing ways.

You are an intuitive being whether you think you are, or not.

When you reteach yourself to trust what you’re feeling and relax into a more peaceful state of presence, then you can be more mindful, discerning, and understanding of how to navigate the energy streams in healthy partnership of heart and mind where unnecessary risks, but invigorating challenge will meet in your always being exactly where your spirit desires.

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Creating life as a work of art with a magick rabbit by my side. I remember my song. Do you? Artist, Author and Reiki Master Teacher with over 30 years' experience in creative healing arts and metaphysical studies. Tania inspires people globally to return to natural harmony, draw forth imagination to manifest dreams, embody creative empowerment, and live more magickally and abundantly from their most natural frequency – in essence, Tania helps you to remember your song.

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  1. So lovely, and a good message for all! For some reason, the photos remind me of my portal Door Number 16: UR ~ “Not all who wander are lost,” which is another reiteration of your message. 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal.

  3. Desiree Bergeron

    This WHOLE entire post/share resonates and on so many/multiple levels— too great to put it all into words here. But I know you know. And I can’t thank you enough, for it’s a huge dose of added energetic support for all the beautiful new I am currently (joyfully) integration/assimilating. I am moved to feeling an even deeper gratitude for all you share. 🙏🏻💞😌 love you. xx

    • you know it makes me smile to hear that these shares that come through speak to you so much too. i can definitely see how this has evolved for you in your life as well as my own – it’s all such an incredible gift! love you too!

    • btw, i just noticed your comment came in at 3:33 here 😉 lots of repetitive numbers and my birthday numbers continuously showing up. everything is is flow and supported

  4. Expressed with clarity and sound reasoning. Nevertheless, it is challenging, when we associate disappointments from others as we can’t trust ourselves. Therefore, the natural man gets in the way of the spiritual man that has received the truth. For me, it is to challenge the fear after getting the direction in meditation. Great post with a lot of nuggets, I couldn’t gather all of them. So I will return to this post again.

    • thank you so much tony! i so agree with you…these things do take time, gentleness, and patience on our parts to lovingly put into practice and see them become an organic flow in our lives. it sure has taken me a while, but everything in divine timing i believe. i’m grateful for your reflections, vulnerable and honest as they are, and for your words of support in finding something of value to explore here. hope your week’s off to a great start smiling light! 😉

  5. Thank you Tania! This post is filled with so much wisdom and helpful ideas for where I am. I went down another rabbit hole of conspiracy about the virus today. I don’t feel good when I do it, yet it feels important to help people question the mainstream narrative. I will sit in the silence and ask questions. And I definitely need to relearn to trust and follow my intuition.

    Thanks and hugs!

  6. Allison D Jacobson

    Thank you! I needed this! You are so appreciated. 😘😘😘

  7. This is timely. I’ve been wrestling with selling my house for the last 3 years or so, but it seems with this new Moon, something shifted and I noticed that I am now psychologically ready to go from here and took steps to re-start what I began 3 summers ago. Fortunately I am much further along in terms of the physical set-up, having used this period to get rid of “stuff” and had some things done to facilitate selling.

    Where to go next is still being figured out, so some of your remarks and reminders are, again, very timely. Thank you. And I’m a fan of wildflowers, so these are lovely to see, especially the lupines. What a fantastic shade of indigo!

    • Sounds like beautiful alignment! Excited to see how it all unfolds for you and where will call to you next.
      I love wildflowers too! They’re my favorite. We have a variety of lupine colors here from white to pale lilac, lavender, purple and deep indigo grape!

  8. i’m copying my comment to your post here as well: a beautiful poem and extraordinarily beautiful rose brad…thank you for sharing your reflections and heart. like the gardens you’ve tended, i see life also as a garden that you are cultivating and nurturing with a vision in mind. no matter how you choose to unfurl your petals, i know it will always be done with integrity and love and i support that fully ❤ thank you for sharing the link to my feels like a perfect companion to your share. team work in motion ❤

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