Eyes That Reflect Depths You Can’t Shake ~ Tomorrow is Here Today

It seems fitting that on Ask Astrid Fridays spot, a blog about animal communication would pop up, as of course Astrid is a huge supporter of deepening the bond between humans and animals. You might recall her message from last January in this post, Animals Understand, where she shared:

“We are here for a purpose in your lives and while we communicate in nonverbal ways and demonstrations of reflections, we can also understand clearly what you say and feel, as well as have the ability to relay messages. I only ask for you to be open to this idea and try it. It may feel weird or silly at first, but then isn’t everything kind of silly if you think about it a lot? Many people talk to their unborn children while they are growing in the womb. Some talk to their family and friends who have journeyed to the other side. Others talk to God or other forms of unseen Sources that you believe in. So why is it so strange to think you could talk to animals AND that we could actually understand and communicate back? Think about it,” says Astrid.

This message had unfolded from a visit with our niece, Violet, and was a story about how one Big Faery taught one Little Faery to remember who she is and how to harness her abilities via communication with Astrid – the guiding light in my life and everyone’s lives she touches.

Well, Sunday’s beach time brought another layer of deepening with the wild kingdom and beyond, during another meaningful unfolding with the Canada Goose.

The geese spend a lot of time here in the Summers, but I tend to see or hear them a lot during other seasons as well. You already know from many of my shares that I have a special bond with animals and geese have increasingly, over the years, taken a prominent place as spirit messengers, guides, and in my heart.

Goose symbolism is quite inspiring, contrary to maybe some of the ideas people have about them. It includes that of loyalty, forging ahead with bravery and confidence, teamwork and comradery, protection, clear communication, determination, dedication, fellowship, fidelity, fertility, and the balance of knowing when to lead or follow. They also symbolize compassionate keepers of the community and embody the sacred circle and sanctity of the cycles of life.

They are also extremely gifted in navigating, so they assist us in discerning our own paths in life and the choices that we’re presented.

One really cool thing about Geese is that they never leave one of their own behind for any reason. They will stay with the sick and injured until they are either well again, or to support them as they transition. They have amazing communication skills that they use in teamwork to help each other and protect one another. This protection quality also shows up in how they will fend fiercely for their young. I love this example of loyalty, compassion, and commitment they embody.

When I’m with them I feel a great sense of family and desire to protect them. It’s very strong and makes me feel that I am one of their clan. In fact, Dave told a story during our wedding ceremony in his vows about how I surprise him in wonderful ways. Although a few of the details he had remembered slightly different 😉 the moral of the story was still the same – that although I’m usually quiet, I will rise to the occasion if I see an innocent being abused – and in the case of the situation he relayed, it was a goose I took action for.

It feels that with recent things in the world unfolding as they have, we’ve also seen how nature has been flourishing more, returning where once things were depleted, and I hear about a lot more nature messaging whether from animals, things seen in the sky, light, or unusual plants and weather patterns that people are paying notice to more than ever.

There feels to be a calling that at one time was more subtle and is now becoming much louder. The animals and natural world are vibrating more profoundly than ever to invite us into a new way of relating, being, integrating, and envisioning in terms of creating more holistic and inclusive approaches to our choices and innovations to come.

In many ways we’re being invited into a new dance of life and it’s aligned much with the way of the Fae. And with this deepening faery energy comes greater calling to the innocence residing within our childlike nature that vibrates parallel to the natural world.

Faeries have always coexisted with us, but in different dimensions. As the collective raises their vibrational frequency, we are becoming more attuned to their dimensional frequency and, in turn, attuned to a new way of life they can more easily assist us with.

I shared recently with a client that I get the sense we are moving more into a “faery” state of being due to the shifts and peeling back of veils happening, and this brings us into more alignment with the playful, joyful, freeing energy the Fae embody. They can be 4th to even 7th dimensional and can be good bridges for us in these transitional phases since that’s where we are headed ourselves. They can help your inner child to come forth and help you to trust yourself more. And remember, faeries can also be mischievous and even dwell in the shadow areas, so they still carry a good balance of energies and aren’t just rainbows and unicorns.

When I think of geese, I see faeries and geese in communion. I see faeries riding the backs of their geese consorts, an armada of geese standing together with the taller faery races, and geese being guardians and loyal friends with them. I see a mutual partnership that reflects a unified experience of interspecies harmony.

I also see geese as hardy and incredibly advanced. I can feel these avian navigators, as more than navigators of the Earth planes, but I see a deep cosmic journey in their eyes of the long travels they have navigated across time and space.

And this was part of Sunday’s experience when one goose couple decided to be with us the whole time, peacefully beaching it next to my blanket.

We were accepted as part of their clan and there was an intense stillness moving between us that was rich with downloads.

The male in particular stood at the edge of my blanket for quite some time, never leaving my side. He just kept looking at me and out at the water, simultaneously through each eye on the side of his head. In fact, he hardly shifted his gaze and hardly moved at all.

He drew me in with his humble, but vast presence, beaming me with downloads I would be able to call up later.

He felt like my guardian and travel companion from another dimension, and I received his message through those deep soulful eyes of a soul who remembered and reminded me of where we come from. He was more than a soul in goose body. And I saw the journey we’ve been on through time.

This communicating takes place with telepathic transference or a form of projecting thoughts, energies, feelings, and full picture image stories from one’s own energy field into another’s.

I received this from him:

The world needs all of you to step into all of you. Tomorrow is here today. You’ve looked to outside forces to bring what is needed, but they who you look to, are you. More and more you will encounter your family walking between the worlds that seem separate and step out from behind eyes that reflect depths you can’t shake. When you do it’s to remind you how close we are and have been, but more importantly how close you are to where you’ve been headed. Keep traveling the roads that tug at your heart. Their origins have far greater reach than where you stand now. We’ll be with you the whole way. Your being here now is no accident, but a will of love and bravery you are remembering.

He stayed until his partner honked to join her in the water. And gliding gracefully off they went.

A couple of times the rest of their clan swam through to check in, but would soon leave the couple alone with us again.

When I entered the water they swam around me.

When I left they came to the sand.

And after a couple of hours, our time was done and we parted ways… for now.

His message about, “More and more you will encounter your family walking between the worlds that seem separate and step out from behind eyes that reflect depths you can’t shake,” appeared again in a two night’s ago dream via a different version of soul in animal body.

In short, I dreamed about a large white bird (yes bird energy again – I have a lot of that around me) I was going to be bringing home with me to live and care for. It was a big white owl. I felt an unusual, but important partnership/connection to him. The odd thing is that after the initial seeing of the bird aspect of him, he then only appeared as a man the rest of the time with white hair and short beard and mustache. Very ancient feel and not fully Earthly embodied – perhaps a shape shifter. Any time I saw him, he’d be doing what the bird would be, sitting on a perch, on my arm, etc. and I knew both aspects of the owl and man him even though I saw only man from then on. He talked to me and told me about things he liked that I could get him and I opened the contraption he was being handed over to me in to release him. It was not any kind of cage or housing I’ve ever seen. And I wasn’t able to see who handed him over. There was a relationship about to begin with him, and the stage was getting set to make it most supportive for what was to come.

I recalled the goose’s message and how countless experiences in waking time, continue to reiterate that I’m encountering beings beyond the physical form the eye sees in every important animal experience I have. I know this extends past the animal realm, but for me it’s a messaging system that is prominent.

I feel we are close to something evolving and others are coming in to support continued opening and activation of our remembering why we’re here, what we’re creating and what is coming.

They feel to be part of an energy collective that is newly revealing themselves at this time, carrying a powerful vibration in their presence and messages to help ignite and lend hand as portals to a new frequency in creation on Earth. Yet, we are still the ones the change comes through and these portal messengers simply help us to align for maximum potential.

In fact, they may even be another version of ourselves reaching out, just as we reach out to our inner child or past life selves to reclaim and assist our parts.

At least that’s my experience and sense of things and I’m okay with sharing that even if not embraced by everyone.

When we open our awareness and soften our experience, body and mind, we open the communication channels to a more pure connection not just with animals, but with ourselves, each other, the plants, the sky, the water, the Earth, and Universe at large.

With this wider perspective and conscious awareness, we experience how we are all a collective family dancing with life and each other. Yes, being alive is a gift and when we connect our individual, signature frequency with the frequency of the natural world around us, we align with the Earth’s frequency and understand the importance of a return to natural harmony and treating the entire inner and outer environment as a whole. The Elders and Indigenous Peoples have been sharing this understanding with us for a long time and the meaningful impact it has. And so have the animals. We just haven’t been listening.

If we understood the message, the next question becomes, what will we do with it and how will we respond?

Interspecies communication is how our brains are wired. It’s only odd to think in this vein, engage it, or trust it because everything and everyone around us has told us otherwise. But the blueprint is there and can be reactivated with curiosity.

Change is taking place on our planet whether we like it or not. I feel that the parts that don’t like it are associated with ego survival and that’s natural. Animals and the natural world know that survival instinct well, too.

Any part of us or anything or anyone that feels it’s about to leave, will fight to hold on. The key is, that part is only being asked to evolve and integrate into something different. So the threat is only imagined. The potential is real.

I’m envisioning and working toward the potential because that’s what I came here to do.

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Creating life as a work of art with a magick rabbit by my side. I remember my song. Do you? Artist, Author and Reiki Master Teacher with over 30 years' experience in creative healing arts and metaphysical studies. Tania inspires people globally to return to natural harmony, draw forth imagination to manifest dreams, embody creative empowerment, and live more magickally and abundantly from their most natural frequency – in essence, Tania helps you to remember your song.

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  1. I admire your unique ways of living, being, and communicating with the broader world. Maybe we’re all wired for this, but few of us do it. Thanks for being you and sharing your beautiful perspectives. May we soften, communicate, honor, and dance with all life. 🌍⛅💐👯🐋

  2. Beautiful Creatures (all of you)

    When you get a moment go to a blog right here on WordPress called

    Wild Horse Education

    Details are on her blog about the round ups of our American Wild Horses and Burros

    And pass the information around … thanks

    Have a Wonderful Day 🧜‍♀️

    • Thank you so much 💚 I will definitely check out her blog. I’m very aware of the sad state of things around the wild horses and burros because it’s very close to home here in Nevada and Reno where much is taking place around this. I’ve had opportunity to connect with these horses up close. People I know are connected with Laura’s work and advocating for change on the front lines. Thank you for bringing it to the foreground here 🙏 so important

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