Change is in the Air ~ Online Reiki Classes & Spiraling New Directions


I write this from the Forest Portal’s surprise Spring snow day, again reflecting how things shift moment-to-moment. Yesterday was special because it marked what would have been Cosmo’s (my sweet rabbit boy) fourteenth Earth birthday and on his day, as I do always with all of my dear ones’ special days, we communed through nature. Our adventure hike in Washoe Indian area was a revisit of one we only introduced ourselves to part of a couple of weeks ago for the first time with intention to complete it.


We decided on a picnic hike (above photo in a field of blooming bitterbrush was our chosen rest spot) for the nearly eight miles of exploration, which not only graced us with a solo journey without seeing a human the whole time, but proved my words before we left to be foretelling of the gifts Cosmo would bring forth for us.

I said out loud to Dave, “I wonder what Cosmo will gift us this time? What messages does he have? What animals might we see, what feather might he leave?” Well, the wildly windy day (feeling like 50 mile an hour winds at times) with a mist of faery rain drops keeping us cool, but never wet, spoke of their own purposeful, timely messages and nurturing alongside the unusual sightings.

The only companions were coyote crossing our path with a black tipped tail, raven flying overhead with a snake in its mouth, and a huge pile of the most gorgeous feathers from a Sooty Grouse with peacock tipped iridescence in gold, bronze, green, blue, purple, and pink but no body, bones or blood around – just stunning plumes. Minutes later I found a longer feather you can see pictured below with the others from a different bird – maybe hawk or osprey?


I knew each sighting was a gift and omen that I was to receive from Cosmo so I honored the bird and wrapped the ones I was called to, gently in my shirt. Being an area the Washoe Indians frequented, created extra reverence for this bird, and the gift Cosmo had brought through the Universe to me. Many Plains Indian tribes used to honor these birds with a Grouse Dance. My dance will be a sacred ritual of intention and creation this week onward, lighting each step with newly infused perspective and energy.

The photos don’t do the colors justice when the sunlight hits them, but I was told I’ll be creating something sacred with these at some point and they are a gift for imagining and manifesting that beauty.

They carry a message of personal power, protection, purpose, centering, grounding, harnessing energy for clearly defined goals, the sacred spiral for vision and enlightenment with the Great Mystery, sacred and rhythmic movement and harmonized dance within Earth’s cycles for higher awareness, creation of selfless beauty, ceasing external movement for inner life realization, and new rhythms, teachings, creations, and rituals to lead you into new dimensions.

Once abundant, grouse are now less prolific, but its feathers sure speak to abundance, beauty, and rituals that bridge Cosmos and Earth. This beautiful being somehow feels like an extended hand of clarity and connection to help me integrate the new and bring through what I’ve struggled with expressing.


And lastly, right before the hike ended three very cosmic-like deer crossed our path and just kept watching us without fear. I thought at first they were all female, but one walked out before they leaped gracefully away and it had tiny antlers growing about three inches or so – a boy! I knew right away this was Cosmo, Joy and Nestor – my rabbit soul family has often showed up in deer form when no one else is around.

In Glacier National Park, two cosmic deer had shown up after Joy’s transition – they were Nestor and Joy, as Cosmo was still with us. Yesterday Cosmo joined the girls and their showing up through the portal of unusual energies and signs felt like they were opening a new doorway for me. There may be some twists and turns as things transform, but a promise invites me – both a new one and a reminder of the old one I made. There’s that sacred spiral that grouse speaks of.

Much of the day reminded me of the adventures we had with Cosmo and Joy while in the Magick Bus for 1 1/2 years – similar vistas, memories popping up of favorite places this reminded me of, that in between-worlds energy, nobody else around, similar sightings including grouse and cosmic deer, and strange but interesting weather.


I’m still reflecting on the messages of these signs he sent, as there feels to be a story he’s sharing through them of things upcoming. A spiral dance in motion of bringing me back to center.

I also received clarification yesterday around another change. Cosmo has a very clear way of coming through since he departed on Halloween/Samhain when the veils are thinnest.

Although I won’t regularly be teaching Reiki anymore, it came through that I can and will offer just one class per each level of Reiki this year.

It might be an ongoing, once yearly offering, but for now it’s something I’ve opened to because of the state of things in the world where energetic upgrades would be beneficial, and due to inquiries both spoken and unspoken. I get a lot of messages from people on the energetic levels, so I’m putting this out there in case it speaks to you.


I’ve created a separate page with some information and how you can register.

I’ll be opening the Reiki training to online availability only, likely via Zoom, but maybe Skype to only 6 participants for each class.

These will not be starting until August, as I need time to focus on current and new projects, as well as the new changes in my life upcoming that Cosmo is also hinting at and conveying importance in timing of.

I have a very busy few months of client sessions, book cover painting for an author, writing, wedding details, record keeping for our side business, and channeling new information coming through in an anchored way. I feel some large changes on the horizon that my current projects are stepping stones toward, which makes them integral to complete.

So, the page will not have specific dates in the months proposed. That is something I will finalize once I see who actually commits to and confirms their participation, as I will then be able to communicate with the group and customize and optimize days and times for the whole.

You’ll have the ability to register with deposit, or in full on the page below.

Please contact me with any questions, to discuss your unique path, and/or individual specific needs at the contact link on this page too, so I can know how to support you best:


FYI: If you contact me and don’t hear back from me in a day or two, please check your spam folder because I’ve had a lot of people find my emails there for some reason. You can also check back with me again in a couple of days if you don’t hear from me and I’ll message you a different way if needed. 

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Creating life as a work of art with a magick rabbit by my side. I remember my song. Do you? Artist, Author and Reiki Master Teacher with over 30 years' experience in creative healing arts and metaphysical studies. Tania inspires people globally to return to natural harmony, draw forth imagination to manifest dreams, embody creative empowerment, and live more magickally and abundantly from their most natural frequency – in essence, Tania helps you to remember your song.

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  1. Cosmo’s presence coming through with the Cosmic deer, just like the ones from the Magick bus trip. How I remember those woodland beauties. How the deer always pop up for you as your babies, makes me smile in my heart. Deer have also been popping up allot for me over the last month as well. For some reason I remember us having a discussion of the cosmic deer not that long ago, I can’t seem to remember what brought it up. it wasnt my deer gift I don’t believe it was something and feels connected. If it comes to me I’ll let you know. What a wonderful ad venture for you and Dave, along with your babies. Love you

    • it was so sweet to see him manifest through the deer! i smiled huge when the male with small antlers stepped out ahead of the females to make sure i saw his little antlers and would know. then they all leaped away in that beautiful prance they do and it was just magickal! it choked me up. there are just some moments that slip through the veils that make time stop and everything makes sense. i know deer are so close to you too and it’s beautiful that they are showing up a lot more recently. do they feel connected with your sweeties too? i know they’ve been around you a lot lately as well. i do vaguely remember the conversation around deer popping up and can’t place what prompted it either! lol! hmmm….will have to see if anything comes through. but yes, please do let me know if you remember. love you so much ❤

      • As you described the you make deer stepping forward

      • So that you could see him brought tears. So loving and moving. And then bounding off with his long, slender, musvular legs. Gave me goosebumps. They could be but they haven’t been showing in person but more like posts show up here and there with deer all over. So much love to you 🐇🐰❤😘🥰

      • aw! writing it brought tears to my eyes too! lol! i always think of his graceful little legs (as you also have pointed out many times) and how they reminded me of a little fawn. of all of my rabbit sweeties he was always so connected to deer for me and i saw him as a little fawn…kind of like bambi who’s now all grown up and like my dreams that have shown his legs regenerating…he has powerful muscular legs, as you said that carry him freely to where ever he wants to go. ❤ hmmm interesting about your deer messaging. we get things in so many different ways. xoox!

      • Bambiesque. Definitely. ❤😘🥰🐇

  2. indeed, the title of this post comes exactly when we need it during this difficult times. The lines in this post provide a warm and energetic ideology for a new direction, bravo!!

  3. It sounds like you had a lovely hike and communion with nature and the spirit of your beloved rabbits. I love those alpine mountain vistas! 👀

  4. Those feathers are divine! Wow, I love them. My Grandma Van had a pheasant living in her yard. It was magical. I don’t know if those are pheasant feathers, but of all the birds who would sing to her and fly on her finger, the pheasant in her bushes was a most magical addition to the backyard menagerie. So sweet of Cosmo to send you signs. Love you!

    • i know! me too! i said to myself “holy mackerel!” lol! when i saw them. it’s obviously a male bird to be so colorful. i said it’s either a male grouse or some type of wild pheasant, but when i researched i couldn’t find much info or evidence of wild pheasants…although we know those rare slip-throughs can always happen. there are larger male grouse…something called a sooty grouse that is similar, but i’m not a bird expert. i just compare them with what i’ve seen over the years of finding feathers and then try to intuit. whatever the particulars about this bird being, it is definitely a gorgeous one. and male connects with cosmo too. will be interesting what i do with them eventually. ❤ thank you! cosmo is quite the manifestor and so close to this world…gives me extra love and comfort as he knows i love and need. love you too!

    • it’s also as if Cosmo was sending me these gorgeous rainbow feathers from the spectrum of dimensional cosmic rainbow realm he resides in…some might call it the rainbow bridge from which they cross over, but perhaps in this case an actual bridge between us infused with energy from where he is…also reminds me of Iris – the name i named my last female all white parakeet with aqua cheeks, after the greek goddess iris – goddess of the rainbow and messenger to the gods. definitely a “message” or communication bridge through these feathers that also appear like mini bridges at the ends where the colorful bands are..anyway! lol!

    • I confirmed it WAS a Sooty Grouse like I thought 🎉

      • Way cool! Did you see it?

      • i didn’t see in the flesh, but there was an information sign along part of the loop on this hike that stated the wildlife in the area of the trail you might see – and sooty grouse was on it. i’ve not seen a sooty grouse in person (at least not the males), but have seen several other kinds of grouse and females

  5. Desiree Bergeron

    Tania, how beautiful, and what a sacred share! Always so heart expanding and healing to read your words. 💫💓
    I am now reflecting/thinking deeply about your Reiki training….
    I would love to be guided (by you), and taught (by you), how to channel my energy! I have even looked online for teachers in my area many times over the years, but no one ever aligned! (He He He). Soooo, we shall see! xx 💞 all my love to you sistar!
    P.S. (Tania I am overjoyed to be standing even more whole, aligned and stronger in MYSELF as each cycle I experience opens me to greater levels of healing and peace… the processes ARE becoming more natural, as I continue to consciously nurture my self!) 🙏🏻😌

    • thank you so much for feeling and seeing the beauty and depth of what this day and its gift brought. ❤ i truly believe that intent, heart and alignment brings magick together and what's meant to be will unfold perfectly and divinely, as we've both seen happen so many times. it would be an honor and joy to guide that journey with you. looking forward to what uni (my nickname for the universe) has in store 🙂 i couldn't be move overjoyed to hear and feel you melting into yourself more and more. it really is incredible how that happens. at first it seems like work and takes a lot of focus and commitment, but as you said, then it becomes seamless, just as our conditioned patterns did. the difference being that these feel good! xoox

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  7. Beautiful photos, Tania. I love how you listen to those internal nudges and how open you are to messages from your fur friends. Inspiring!! xoxo

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