Sacred Initiation with the White Mountain Wild Horses of Pilot Butte, Wyoming

This magickal experience is wanting back up – I shared it 2 years ago, today. Doesn’t seem that long ago, but also lifetimes ago. One of the incredible experiences of our life-changing Magick Bus adventure I’ll always remember vividly. I miss that journey, but also so grateful for the new one I’m on that it made possible.

Tania Marie


On our last day in Green River, Wyoming before our lovely guests Janet and Daisy moved on ahead before us, it was the wild horses that were calling. We just happened to be staying only a few minutes away from the 24 mile Pilot Butte Wild Horse Scenic Loop, which is home to the White Mountain Wild Horse Herd – the best place to view wild horses in Wyoming. So of course Janet and I, who both share a bond with them, were led to go and ended up being gifted with a powerfully sacred experience we won’t forget.


Pilot Butte Wild Horse Loop provides opportunity to view a variety of horses, including black, spotted-paint, appaloosa and sorrel (chestnut-colored) breeds, and more. It also has many panoramic views of the Wyoming Range to the west, the Wind River Range to the northeast and the Uinta Range to the south.


We didn’t…

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  1. Two years? Whoa. Love them so much. I long to get out in wide open spaces (or the forest even better)…just out! Free. Not confined to home. Not confined in a disabled body. Just free to roam, move, experience without confinement. Their free spirit has me longing for the same. Some days are just harder than others. My soul needs a magick bus trip! 🙂 😥 xo

    • i know!! it’s incredible the way time moves. it definitely was one of my most memorable experiences. very special. i am holding that image of your spirit being free to roam nature as you love again ❤ i know that it's up and down, but you're doing amazing. when i was a little girl, i got consistent stomach aches every single night for a couple of years and it the wild horses that got me through them, as i imagined them in my mind running free…and it helped me get past the tough points and fall asleep eventually. imagination is powerful!

  2. I cried. Reblogging to sister site “Timeless Wisdoms”

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