Amplifying the New with Heightened Vision

Two mornings ago on the last day of July, heralding in the most incredibly potent month of 2017, I received a powerful visit by Hawk. The arrival of this sentinel messenger was nothing short of “wow” and truly was as if she descended from the Cosmic realm to bring her gifts of wisdom. Today also happens to be the 2 year anniversary of our Magick Bus RV arriving home to us – an event that changed everything into the most authentic and highest version of reality yet – and I find myself utilizing the same processes I did then to manifest that entire experience with what we’re/I’m working on manifesting now that will create another big reset.

But back to Hawk.

It was morning and I was sitting at the table facing the beautiful view of Lake Tahoe’s portal when suddenly from above and beyond I see a large bird descending and soaring directly at me. She came to land on the banister of our deck, directly in front of me and peered through the sliding screen door no more than 20 feet ahead.

For the last 4-5 years Hawk has become prevalent in my life as an animal spirit guide. This isn’t to say they haven’t been my guides for longer, as I have a strong connection to Horus that transcends lifetimes and a special one-of-a-kind statue of him from Egypt (away in storage currently) that has been with me since 2007 (10 years now).


Hawk always shows up at very key and important times in my life, when I’ve been contemplating or anchoring in a new venture and direction, and even when I’ve first taken home my bunny loves when adopting them (onset and arrival home), as well as each time I’ve taken them to important vet visits (watching over them and heralding a green light). One time was specifically connected to Joy’s eye doctor visit when I was concerned about her eyes and discovered she was blind in one, but now had incredible inner vision.

On this morning of Hawk’s arrival, I was in awe with chills, as we are already up so high here like a tree house in the sky, so it is an awe-inspiring sight to watch the birds soaring on air streams directly out front and many times right at level of our deck. Has always made me feel like a bird, myself, soaring along with them. So seeing her powerful presence come right at me was breath-taking.

She then sat there peering directly at me from different angles of her ever-watchful eyes, moving her head to catch all perspectives. I didn’t want to move because I knew she would leave if I did, so I sat for a bit (about 1-2 minutes) just watching and receiving. Luckily my cell phone was right next to me so I was able to snap two quick photos from where I was (capturing one of the magickal moments that takes place in my life and isn’t just me writing about it) through the sliding screen door and was able to gesture to Dave who was on a work phone call, to look. He hadn’t noticed her until I got his attention and then he, too, was amazed.

We see all types of birds soaring from here including Eagles, Turkey Vultures, Ravens and a variety of smaller birds like Steller’s Jay, Robin, Doves, Wood Peckers, etc. Normally only the Ravens and smaller birds, along with Squirrels and Chipmunks come onto the deck (peering in the door, playing, getting my attention), so this was quite a gift and blessing to have Hawk arrive, which felt especially meaningful and potent right now for me.

After connecting a bit with her, I a slowly got up and she opened her wings and leapt up on our roof. 

I’ve written about Hawk Spirit Symbolism before, which you can read in greater detail at the link provided.


She was beautiful. I’m sure it seems odd that I would resonate so much with Hawks since I am a Rabbit person, who are prey to these predator birds. But my experience, as shared, with Hawk has been supportive with my Rabbits. So, there seems to be an incredible synergy and linked dynamic somehow to the connection between the two for me. And, of course, they are one of my animal spirit guides.

In the last months of living here I have seen SO Many. Some days within a half hour counting upwards of 44 sightings one after another.

But having Hawk two mornings ago come seek me out seems to be an invitation to a higher experience and new dimensional reality being embarked upon where deep and clear inner vision – the kind that sees inside out – is streaming in. For me, this feels more to be a vision of the higher heart and knowing that “sees” me through everything upcoming.

I will need to continue to see beyond the veils and what seems to be, in order to know how to navigate what truly is. (Astrid just peeked from within her Magick Carrot House as I wrote this – she’s been sitting in there very quiet and meditative for a while).

The collective is going through mass shifts, which continues to include extreme experiences across the board.

Personally, I have also been experiencing a major transition, although has felt very peaceful and harmonious.

I write about the greater majority of shifts and experiences here, in order to be transparent and support or inspire in any way that others might also connect with and/or help make you not feel like you’re alone in what you’re going through.

Some small portion of my personal life remains more intimate to myself and Dave, however, as we all do need a little space of sacredness to remain in tact.

That said, we have recently shifted from renters to owners of our Tahoe Tree House, which has been and continues to be an evolving piece of the entire pie. And this has all been coinciding with a lot of major energetic/literal moving pieces in our life right now, anchoring in a new era.

I also just completed my last Magick Crystal Wand (I haven’t shared them all, but will share this last one shortly), which opened my writing to move into full time once again – perfect timing alignment of course. This currently on short hold until Monday, as we have an incredibly busy next few days with things at our home to make a clear transition of the previous owners’ things to be removed since we rented fully furnished and have been living in a transitional phase. This bringing me closer to the 8/8 Lion’s Gate, which feels perfect to be working on its conclusion.

New decisions are being made and intentions set for the next leg of the journey and it’s so fun to watch them evolve with each step taken.

I amped things up big time with a Reiki Healing Attunement recently and it really kicked things into gear. I did the same with the Magick Bus at onset, without knowing the rest of the story and all fell into place. Taking a step forward gets the ball rolling.

Seems to be the name of the game in general. Sure, it’s about riding the energy waves and evolving with that, but it’s also about anchoring in intentions with steps and not sitting idle like a helpless person unable to move unless you see something happen before you do.

You’ll see it when you not only believe it, but act as if it’s happening by moving forward and then making adjustments along the way.

Hawk has arrived at onset of this heightened time period bringing me gifts of higher vision possible that will lead me on a potentially greater destiny than I was on track for before. Definitely like jumping train tracks into a parallel, but different timeline. She also seemed to be amplifying and acknowledging recent decisions, reminding me of the support around, and to stay connected to that clarity of vision despite the “noise”.

And this speaks to the collective energy present as well and available to us all.

If interested in the energies of this gateway month of August, here’s a link posted by Linette you may enjoy listening to on a Forecast of Energies this month:

August 2017 Astrology & Numerology Forecast The Great Leo Eclipse


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  1. I so enjoy the unfolding or maybe the unwrapping of the package ribbon by ribbon, tap by tape and wrapping by wrapping. It’s a wonderful thing yo behold. For you and us as you share😘

    As I shared with you before on your hawk post I saw a hawk that same day. It was when I was returning from a month long RV trip. I immediately felt it was welcoming me home. I saw it around the 7000″ elevation as I started to descend. I realized in these past few days with all the issues with my sweet Miracles health and how everything felt super challenging or hard like wading through mud that it was also a heads up on the energies I w I was encountering. Not so much the energies of where I live but the energies of the month of August and to try to remain elevated no matter what. Even if I may have a mini breakdown here and there they are ultimately break through to a new perspective. Much love to you.

    • i agree dawn, it really is not only fun, but a real adventure to see all the pieces reveal themselves one by one. interesting you saw the hawk around 7000 feet since we’re at about 7500 here – very similar! i love the insight and perspective as well of that heightened way of seeing things and keeping your energy above it all despite what’s going on around…also that element of being in things, but not of it too. wonderful teachings from hawk. love to you too! ❤

  2. Oh one more thought that came to me was that it was a symbol confirming that being back home was a good place to be for the month of August.

    • that feels on it to me too D! a lot of amplification and anchoring will be taking place with the heightening of things…and miracle perhaps was also helping to make this known through her experiences, that home was most supportive for what you would both be integrating. ❤

  3. Congratulations on your tree house! Sweet blessings!

  4. Yep, big shifts here as well, just ahead of the eclipse. I feel like I broke through some kind of barrier on July 31st, a wall that I could sense but didn’t have the means to punch through, resulting in a different perspective. I didn’t even get 5 minutes past that forecast to know how scary accurate it is.

    I’m just done, finished and “over it” with so many things right now. Tossing out junk, cutting things out of my life that aren’t serving me, or donating stuff I don’t want or need anymore. Curiously, trying to sell tangible things isn’t working at all. It *never* works out. I’m starting to find it funny, perhaps meaningful. Must not be time to make money off my old stuff. Oh well!

    • ah, you too! yes seems many of us were/are in preparation for it all. there’s been a continued amplification and influx of heightened energies since the 31st. lots moving out for sure! we’re in process of packing and having furniture removed from this place between now and saturday…so a lot of reorganization and cleaning like you. how interesting about not being able to sell the old…that has significance symbolically 😉

  5. Tania, congratulations to you and Dave on your beautiful Tree Home. It’s a beautiful area up there – I used to stay on Quaking Aspen in the 80s. I am trying to work through old energies no longer serving me, and sending any physical things I no longer need to their new homes where they may be needed more.

    • thank you dearly!! oh how awesome you’ve spent time up here as well. i know quaking aspen well…on the other side of the mountain top here. 😉 sounds like you’re on a mission to clear out and make big shifts!! fantastic! lots of love and blessings for the journey ❤

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