5/5 Kicks off Reiki Support & Portal Art Offerings – Tania’s Inspired Special of the Month

I’m a little behind on sharing “Tania’s Inspired Special of the Month” for May, but perhaps just also right on time 🙂

Time seems to be a theme of things lately, not just in terms of shifting our focuses on how we perceive it and relate to it, lessening up on our limiting and anxiety-producing ideas surrounding what it means and releasing our ideas on controlling it, but also in terms of actually shifting time and perhaps even (for some of you like me) jumping timelines and experiencing parallel realities.

I know that in the last couple of weeks I’ve had the experience of opening another portal here that created “slip-through” of an existing parallel reality that was quite interesting, but not less than unnerving for my little companion, Joy, who very much acts as guardian of this reality and our sacred space.

We worked to set boundaries and exercise grounding into our reality more so that there wasn’t confusion, but it is evident that alongside my creating my own new reality that exists simultaneously, yet outside of what others may experience, that some other factors of crystal shifting in my space and the latest sacred tattoo design activation that took place, clearly demonstrated how hopping through realities IS a reality and potential one can create, experience, and use when wanted or needed.

I happen to wear two black Jaguars on each of my ankles, and one that is woven with a Chakana, so I do “walk” this Earth in this energy and can tell you how powerful it is. I also have a Serpent, Condor, and Hummmingbird that I wear on my “Spiritual Skin“. 🙂 I always feel when I hike that I am able to move like a Jaguar with foot placing (especially down hill very quickly and precisely) and that each step I take is powerfully propelled. I also had experienced walking through a doorway not long ago, where I was very poignantly reminded of not leaving parts of myself behind (even the tiniest of old need to integrate – which was symbolic of my pinky toe that got caught on the doorway) so that I could fully move through portals when needed and access the new energy fully.


A Walk Between Worlds

The sacred tattoo design I helped create for a client, which is rich in potent energy, I titled in part as “A Walk Between Worlds”, mirroring a visionary painting of Inca sacred energy like it that I had once created bearing the same name. As I’ve mentioned before, these designs I create are not simply art, but are activation keys that shift experiences and open personal portals to wider collective experiences and more energetic possibilities.

I have also been working with my friend and Master Shaman Amaru to put together this year’s sacred journey to Peru in September, so I’m heavily immersed in this energy on all levels right now.

Working with the sacred Inca energy, the Chakana, and “time portals” became part of the this month’s inspired special, which will showcase the visionary painting I created, so that who ever feels called, may create their own sacred energy portal and space for creating the reality and intentions you desire.

So for the month of May, 3 more visionary pieces of art will be available to include an original and giclee of A WALK BETWEEN WORLDS “Hatun Karpay of the Nagual” (The Great Initiation of the Nagual/ Powerful Shaman) at special discount to support this energy.

I have sold all of the canvas giclees and fine art paper prints I had on hand of this painting except for one original sized giclee on canvas and the “original” painting itself. So you can choose from either of these to fit your needs, which are both 36″ x 48″ in size. The original is an oil painting.

Lemurian Dreams

Lemurian Dreams

And a surprise comeback piece, which shares in this energy a bit, will also be available this month – LEMURIAN DREAMS.

I thought this painting was sold and gone, but I discovered it recently when going through storage and was quite amused and delighted to find it. I do not have any more prints on it, but the original is available. This is a unique piece that had originally been created as a potential book cover, but then became a favorite painting of many, and is the only piece I have on hand that is done in pastels on canvas. It showcases the Chakana as well, along with Lemurian Seed Crystals and the energy/landscape of Sedona and a Full Moon. (Another portal opening and dimensional time gateway painting with interesting synchronicity, as I am also working on a sacred retreat in Sedona for 2015).

People shared with me last month that they really were appreciative of and loved my offering of 75% off, as they had been drawn to wanting very much to own one of my sacred paintings and now they felt able to bring the energy into their lives that was calling to them (the 3 featured last month have moved on to new homes and I couldn’t be more happy to see them appreciated and their energy utilized). So, I will continue to offer specials on my art, as I can, to support the current energy waves that are flowing through.

It can be hard for an artist to say goodbye to the babies we birth, but it is also so important to us that they do the service they were intended for, rather than sit idle. This is a way that provides opportunity for that to take place and if they don’t find their keepers, they will still be available via my website, after May, at regular pricing until they do.

That being said, May’s special on visionary art that support this months’ theme is 75% off through May 31st and reflects as:

A Walk Between Worlds – 36″ x 48″ Original Oil on Canvas – Regular price: $1999 – now only $500 + shipping

A Walk Between Worlds – 36” x 48” Giclee on Canvas – Regular price: $999 – now only $250 + shipping

Lemurian Dreams – 24″ x 30″ Pastel on Canvas – Regular price: $500 – now only $125 + shipping

* If shipping internationally it will likely be best to send rolled and removed from the frame. You can then have it reframed when you receive it, but it will cut down on shipping costs. An extra charge of $12 is added for this process.


The other part of May’s special through the 31st is energetic.

You can receive a 2 Reiki Healing Attunements package for only $88. Regular price of one is $55.

Two at regular price is $110. The $88 special for 2 is a 20% savings plus you get to receive concentrated support for any intention on any and all levels – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. 

A Reiki Healing Attunement amplifies the energy available for healing and helps dissolve any energetic resistance and blocks, so the Reiki energy can work more quickly and more deeply to promote growth and integrative healing, as well as aid the creation and alignment for manifestations to take place. Like with anything, the more of an active role in partnership you meet the process with, the more you will experience as a result. It also helps to cleanse and release the old that no longer serves, which means that if any uncomfortable things arise or intensify with this process, it is a sign that change is in effect, as it is calling up the old so that it can be moved through and let go of for the new to emerge.

I know everyone is going through some level of change and shift, some more intense than others, and this is involving some pretty big stuff that can knock you for a loop for a bit. So the Reiki Healing Attunements seem a natural fit to support rebalancing and to help move through the changes with more ease, as well as to help move through things quicker, if you so choose to embrace the process that is involved with that. 


A reminder that today is the last day to register for this Friday, May 9th’s Reiki Level 3 Master Teacher Workshop in Costa Mesa.

If you’ve taken Levels 1 and 2 and you’re interested in furthering your training, being empowered with the ability to work with accelerated energy and able to attune others to Reiki to enhance their lives, as well as raising your vibration to another level, then this may feel like the next aligned step for you.

If Friday’s workshop doesn’t work for you, but you’d like to move forward with your training, you can contact me to schedule another date.

You can contact me at tania@taniamarie.com with questions and to register, or to take advantage of any of this Month’s offerings.


gaia crystal energy gridA special shout out to Gaia on this 5/5 day that shares her birthday of 11 years. Since she seems to be off grid again and no where to be found (interesting since it’s been so hot here and not hibernating time), this photo of her working with a crystal energy grid I once had, seemed fitting. Gaia definitely seems to be “in tune” with the jumping timelines and realities theme. Wishing her so much love and supportive energy for where ever she may be journeying and being of service right now. 

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